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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, Myself and partner have finally submitted our de facto visa (subclass 309 and 100). He is from Australia and I am from the UK. Prior to meeting, I had obtained a place on a 2yr radiotherapy course in England. As I planned to live and work in Australia for a yr, this course was deferred and then deferred again due to the situation with my partner. Although course fees are paid in the UK, living expenses for 2 yrs would not be and so we decided my doing the course was not affordable (he has a yr left on a UK work visa, but we were quite certain if he managed to obtain work that it would be difficult to pay rent, bills etc with me studying) and so we went ahead with the de facto visa. However, the day I posted off the visa I had a call saying I could now be given a wage to complete the training and so this option has now become feasible. My question is that if granted the subclass 309 visa, what would happen to it if the majority of the next 2 yrs were spent in the UK completing my course? I know I have to enter Australia to validate the visa if granted, but I am assuming if I don't reside in Australia for the majority of the 2 yrs then my visa will be cancelled and I couldn't gain PR on the subclass 100? Once the course is completed and I have worked for a year, we would hope to return to Australia. Is there any rule that states that you cannot apply for a de facto visa again if you have previously had one that you did not use to reside in Australia? Any advice or anyone who can point me in the direction of answering this question would be appreciated. I have been googling and getting myself more confused! Thanks!:huh:
  2. Hi , I have few queries relating to ACS skills assessment and applying for PR(Permanent Residence) with the new rules with effect from july 2011 . I am from India . I am 25 yrs old . I have done my four years bachelors degree in Information Technology from a reputed university . I passed out in 2007 and currently working as Software engineer (Java Programmer ) with a reputed MNC . I currently have a total of 3 yrs and 6 months of experience as Java programmer . I have planned to apply for Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 175) or sponsored skilled migrant visa (subclass 176) . First , I have to get my skills assessed by ACS(Australian Computer Society) . I came to know that I need to have these requirements , * 4 yrs study . * 4 yrs of work experience in relevance. With the new rules change with effect from July 2011 , points are being awarded for those who have 3 yrs of overseas experience . My question is why is 4yrs of work exp required by ACS when there is only 3 yrs mentioned for PR in points calculation . Is 4 yrs of work experience mandatory by ACS even now ? . Any rules changed with ACS related to work experience ? . And calculating points with new rules from July 2011 , points are no more awarded for sponsored by family members . I have my sister living in melbourne who is holding a PR . will I get the 10 points for being sponosred by eligible family member with new rules ? I am planning to land in aus for 1yr Masters to further sharpen my skills in feb 2012 .Will there be any issues in applying PR ? Will I be able to apply as Onshore candidate once I come there ? . My aim is to pursue my career to the best level and settle down there at the earliest . If you have any other smart ways , Please let me know . Your assistance is much appreciated . Regards, Syed Imran J Email : imrancrest@gmail.com
  3. Introduction of Public Interest Criterion Relating to Fraud from 2 April 2011 On 2 April 2011, the department is introducing a new Fraud Public Interest Criterion (PIC) that will be applied to certain visa subclasses in Skilled and Employer Sponsored Migration Program. The affected visa subclasses are as follows: Subclass Type of visa Title 175 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 176 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 475 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 476 GSM Skilled – Skilled – Recognised Graduate 485 GSM Skilled – Graduate 487 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 885 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 886 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 887 GSM Skilled – Regional 880* GSM Skilled – Independent – Overseas Student 881* GSM Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student 882* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student 883* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Residence) 495* GSM Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) 496* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) 457 TES Business (Long Stay) 119 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 121 PES Employer Nomination 856 PES Employer Nomination Scheme 857 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme * While these visas are closed to new applications on 1 September 2007, pending applications remain. GSM – General Skilled Migration PES – Permanent Employer Sponsored visas TES –Temporary Employer Sponsored visas Transitional Arrangements Your application will be subject to assessment under the Fraud PIC if you have lodged an application for a type of visa listed above and that application is yet to be decided as at 2 April 2011 either by the department or is under review. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/fraud-pic.pdf
  4. Hi, I am lodging a partner visa off shore and wanted to clarify when it is your temporary residence is altered to permanent residence (provided the application is successful in the first place!). I know it takes two years, but is it two years from lodging the application, two years from when they grant a partner visa or two years from when yo first enter Australia on your partner visa? Also, once the visa is granted, how long do you have before you have to enter Australia? I am just thinking ahead, as now processing times are pretty long in the UK I plan to go back and work and want to know if I could commit to a long term job, or if I would have to re-appear in Oz the moment they grant the visa (fingers crossed!). Also, say I had gained a long term position and had to re-enter Australia before I was ready to do so, can you enter for a few weeks i.e a holiday and then return permanently a few months down the track? Thanks for your help! :smile:
  5. Hi Basically, we'll be moving to Qld in August/September this year. I'll be 18. Brother will be 16. My intention is to do a Diploma in IT and then carry on to Uni, but my brother wants to work with animals. I've found a list of stuff that he could potentially do... - TAFE Queensland All over the TAFE website it mentions stuff about Certificate 2/3/4 in Captive Animals and stuff like that which sounds like it's quite similar to something he was hoping to go on and do after GCSE's here. So he'll be of school leaving age by the time we get there anyway and will have finished year 11 (GCSE's done) here. So is there anything in particular that will stop him doing one of those kinds of courses and will it matter which level he does i.e. Cert 2, 3 or 4?? Any help (pleeeeease) Luke
  6. Hia can anyone help with regards to the timescale of validating a visa, I've got it in my head that you have to validate your visa within 1 year, but when does the 1 year start ? I've read some threads in the past when people have been abit stressed that the validation date is earlier than what they thought it would be is this date on your visa ???? thanks Tracey x :unsure: :twitcy:
  7. Can anybody clarify this area. My wife and I have full residency parent visas and would hope to move out to OZ early next year. I've read that you have to transfer your occupational pension fund to an Australian Pension Provider, but what if you are already receiving your occupational pension from your old employer ie. its been consolidated and forms a contractual agreement between the company pension fund and yourself. My pension along with many others is based on length of service as well as contributions ( value of fund ) Must be someone out there who's in the same situation and already sorted this out, or is there an OZ gov web site explaining all. No probs with the state pension my enquiries with the UK Dept Work and Pensions confirm that it can be paid in AUS$ to any OZ bank so that's easy. Best regards to everybody..........Alan Race
  8. Hi, Rather a strange question to ask. Does anybody know if Stress looks bad for you when you have your medicals, i know the majority of the medical only relates to Hosptial treatment but wondered if stress could be perceived as mental health (very long winded i know) and go against you when you apply. Cheers.