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Found 37 results

  1. Bobbydazzler

    186 Visa employment history question

    Hi. I'm filling out my 186 temporary employment transition application and when inputting my employment history (previous 10 years) there is a tick box asking: Is this employment related to the nominated position? Does this mean: Is this specific employment related to my nomination as in the one I have been nominated for as I am currently working for the employer that has nominated me? Or Is it to do with experience gained/ability to do the job of the nominated position? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have had my skills assessed by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord as Electronic Engineer as that was what my degree was in. My work experience however fits into the category of Telecommunications Engineer. Is this classed as a "closely related occupation" to Electronics Engineer as I need to claim some work experience points... Anyone had any similar experience? Thanks!
  3. Guest

    education related

    What are the catholic schools like in hobart for senior students? Are they better than the colleges, like hobart rosny etc? Many thanks
  4. Can someone please let me know where I put my IT Qualifications in on this form? I am not sure if I need to add them in the 'Overseas Qualification>Trade Qualification' section (for MCSE, CCENT, Comptia A+, Network+, etc) or I just list these in the next section 'Applicant other training and qualification specialisation' or if it really matters which? Thanks to anyone who can help
  5. Hi I am a Permanent resident and trying to apply for a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course and hopefully, work is paying for it. According to 3 TAFEs and 1 uni, I qualify for the lower fees as my UK qualifications and degree count for anything so technically, I have no qualifications! I didn't need my O/A Levels or degree assessed by VETASSESS for my visa but to do the short course, Vic Uni insist that my degree is assessed by Skills Victoria (which is free). This whole situation is laughable given that I have never had to prove my qualifications to get a jobs in 3 years! Has anyone else applied to a Uni or TAFE/training provider to do a course having previously done non-Australian qualifications? Cheers Mark
  6. Guest

    PR and RRV related

    Dear All, Pls help me in clarifying some doubts related to PR and RRV: 1) PR related question - Even after the first 5 yr visa term expires, the Permanent Residency remains valid and one can continue to legally stay in Aus indefinitely in normal circumstances, right? - As and when one has to leave Aus and return as a Resident, needs to have a RRV to re-enter, right? 2) RRV related - One can apply for a RRV even after the first 5-yrs Visa term has expired, right? - Criteria of getting a 3 months RRV is to have stayed in Aus at least for 1 day in last 5 yrs - and Criteria for 5 yrs RRV is that one has stayed atleast for 2 yrs in Aus in last 5 yrs and compelling reasons of being away from Aus 3) RRV related - My PR 5 yr visa term expires on 4th-April-2012 - I have visited Aus last in June 2007 - I plan to visit Aus in Dec 2011 for 3 weeks for a vacation - Can I apply for a 3 months RRV say in Feb 2013 from offshore and get it FOR SURE because I had stayed in Aus for atleast 1 day in last five years? - If I get a 3 months RRV and enter Aus in Feb 2013, can I still stay in Aus indefinitely after that? Me and my wife want to eventually migrate to Aus in long term but may not be ready to do so by as early as April 2012. We may need another year or so to settle some current medical matters and then move to Aus long term. Had some clarifications related to above questions sometime back from couple of the members but have put all my doubts once again on a single page for ease of understanding. Would appreciate reconfirmations, clarifications and guidance. Thanks & regards.
  7. Dear All, I am currently out of Aus and hold Skilled Independent PR Visa. Have couple of queries: A) RRV - 5 yrs 1) My PR Visa expires on 5-Apr-2011 - Skilled Independent 2) I have been in Aus to validate the PR in May 2007 for 3 weeks 3) I have my brother-in-law and his family (PR holder) and cousin sister (Citizen) in Aus : can this be considered as strong family ties? 4) Could not return to Aus in last 4+ yrs due to ongoing medical treatment for wife and self : can this be considered compelling reasons? 5) I have a bank account and medicare registration in Aus Query A : Can I make a 5 yr RRV based on the above data and what are the chances of getting one? If they do not approve 5 yr RRV, will they automatically consider for 3 months RRV and grant it in turn reducing my overall time left in hand to return to Aus? B) RRV - 3months and future travel to Aus Query B: Can a previous PR Visa holder not living in Aus keep on getting a 3 months RRV and keep on travelling to Aus anytime as far as he/she visits Aus at least once in 5 years? Explanation: My 5 yr first tenure of PR visa expires Apr 2012 and I have been in Aus say in Apr 2010. Does that mean I can apply for 3 months RRV in say Apr 2013 and get is for sure as I have been in Aus atleast for 1 day in last 5 yrs? If yes, can I continue to do so for the next 10~15 yrs i.e. visiting Aus once at least in 5 yrs by getting a 3 months RRV? Really appreciate your help on this front as my clock is ticking to take a final call of being in Aus long term and being a citizen eventually. There is a lot at stake in terms of career and personal front for me to take this decision. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I don't quite like the way it's stated: Required X years' job experience in a nominated occupation or related one. My boyfriend has 3 years' experience in Software Testing (at this time he was doing his BA at IT) + 3 years Software Development. Altogether over 6 years full-time. He has ACS assessment as Developer Programmer. The question is - can these periods be combined to get 10 points for >5 years job experience ? I suppose many IT guys may have such situation, as they often started as Testers. Any ideas?
  9. Hey guys, i'm new to this forum :cute: I'm a young music composer who writes for film, TV, games, ensembles, and orchestras who wishes to move and live in Australia in the future. I'm not sure how visas and all that stuff works yet but I'm doing as much research as I can. I was just wondering if a job like this is in demand in any state and if so which one? Thanks you :hug:
  10. Hello all, long time lurker first time poster... I'm just starting out and am looking for some advice about skills assessment. I am a structural detailer/draughtsman with 10 years experience but i was trained on the job and have no formal further education. I have since become qualified with the Institute of Structural Engineers although i don't think that this counts as an approved qualifiaction. I emailed Engineers Australia and they gave a vague answer saying i may be better off speaking to Vetassess, but the Vetassess website seems to suggest i need a formal qualification. So my question is this does anyone know if it is possible to have my skills assessed by either Engineers Australia or Vetassess via a work experience route or are further qualifications my only option? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi there; I am about to apply for the 175 Migrant Visa as a Secondary teacher. In the application under previous Australian work experience it asks to list work experience that is closely related to nominated occupation. I worked for just over a year as a Primary School teacher in Oz..... do you think that would be considered as closely related? Thanks
  12. Hi all , i just want one information regarding 475 visa. My friend" " is on 475 visa. he got his visa approved in 2010 and he stayed in Australia for 6 months now he is back. His visa expiry date is 2013. He knows that to get PR he has to live in Aus for 2 years atleast and has to work at tfn for 1 year. But due to some reasons he may not go for next 18-20 months (1.5 yr - 2 yrs). and after that if he will go, Can he get visa extension because he may not having much time to fullfil his 2 yr condition? if yes How he would apply for this? Should he has to apply for new visa or which visa type he has to apply? If there is provision of extension then how much time he will get extension on his visa? Please answer some of these questions. and also give some suggestions regarding his case if he do this? Thanks for helping my friend. Sagar
  13. Hi mates, my OH is Civil Engineer Drafts Person (professional occupation under vetassess) applied on 11/1/2011. Could anyone tell me the processing time in your exp?
  14. Merxi

    closely related occupation

    Hi, do you have experience with closely related occupation? I have my assessment for position as IT teacher, but currently I'm working in IT as Developer. Do you think this is closely related? I need working experience for my visa and I have experience only as Developer. Thanks for help
  15. The following* new (and some existing) trade and vocational related two year programmess are mostly available in Melbourne and SE QLD which may lead to permanent residency opportunities as advised by institutions: Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade)/Diploma of Engineering (Manufacturing) Certificate III in Furniture Finishing (Cabinet Making)/Certificate IV in Furnishing Technology (Melbourne & SE QLD) Certificate III in General Construction (Bricklaying/Blocklaying)/Certificate IV in Building (Melbourne & SE QLD) Certificates III and IV in Graphic Arts (Prepress)/ Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital Production) (Everywhere) Diploma of Dental Technology (Most States) Certificate III in Electrotechnology Refrigeration and Air Conditioning/Certificate IV in Project Management and Diploma of Business (Most States) Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management Commercial Cookery or Patisserie (Everywhere) Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology/Certificate IV in Automotive Technology & Diploma of Business Management (Melbourne & SE/N QLD) Certificate III in Horticulture (Wholesale Nursery)/Certificate III in Production Horticulture/Certificate IV in Production Horticulture & Diploma of Production Horticulture (Everywhere) * NB This list is not comprehensive for specific requests ask. There are slight differences between similar programmes, especially start dates. Private institutions tend to have multiple entry dates, city based campuses, specialised and good industry linkages versus state TAFE. On other hand state TAFE have dedicated and very well resourced campuses in suburbs including recreation facilities etc.. Any mature (21>) candidate is eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) under the Australian Qualifications Framework for (related) experience and/or previous training. AIEC is accredited representative of all these institutions, for more info get in touch. You do not pay any fees for our services
  16. On the new points test it states points for occupation or closely related occupation. what would be a closely related occupation for an accountant? Thanks Emma
  17. Hello All I have lodged my CDR assessment with Engineers Australia 10 days ago ; they provided a Client ID on the e-mail Does this Client ID help to check the progress of the assessment online ? Thanks in advance
  18. Hello, was reffered here by another forum, hopefully someone will be able to help.. Ive been given the opportunity to apply for a 457 visa. My field is IT, and the nominated position is Systems Administrator. The position has been approved etc, I just need to apply for the visa now, however I am unsure if I require a skills assessment. I have been working in this position for this employer for the last 12 months under a previous visa class if that makes any difference?
  19. We're at that stage now where we need to sort out our finances prior to moving to oz and would really appreciate people's experiences. We've sold our house and the proceeds are in a savings account. So what do we need to do next? I presume whilst we're still in the Uk we open an Australian bank account and then transfer money to it as and when we need it or when the exchange rate dictates? Many people use a money transfer company, why is that? Any info greatly appreciated, thanks.
  20. Hi, I am a 1.5 yrs postgraduate diploma in accounting +0.5 yrs graduate diploma in financial management, I want to know what kind of document I need to hand in to verify they are closely related? Or do I need to write the summary by myself? Then is there any example summary like this for course closely related explanation for me as a reference? Thanx,guys!
  21. I've got a site i started to build and develope last year but have kind of lost intrest in it and could really do with some cash right now. Its in the search engines and ranks quite high for search terms, i.e. number 5 in google for search term british expats australia. The name still has ove a year of reg left and i think the hosting is paid till may. It has alot of potantial to be developed and a few ads added to generate an income from it. Looking for $300.....EDIT $100? Mods can i post the domain name here? if not pm me for more info Got the all clear to post the name... http://www.britishexpatsaustralia.com
  22. I've been living in the UK for nearly 8 years, and I'm heading back to Adelaide on tuesday, starting Uni next month. Just curious as to whether anybody else has been in a similar situation, and knows how Uni fees work [what benefits are available, or whether I have to be back in the country for a while], and the asme with healthcare. How much am I covered? Thanks =]
  23. Hi , Im just waiting for my nomination number and then i can apply for the 856. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long this visa is taking at present? Also we all had x rays for the 457 visa and the kiddies and i all had a full medical, and i had blood taken as i am working in a hospital. My hubby only had the x ray, dose he need to go for a medical and bloods before i submit the visa application, or should i wait and see? Thanks kris:chatterbox:
  24. Last Sunday i was told I was related to David Starkey who I had never ever heard of, his mother was my grandmothers sister Elsie Lyon,googled this guy and he seems quite well known, anyone met or heard of him?
  25. Hi all, I'm new here but I've been using these forums as an excellent source of reference and help for some time. After much struggling to pull together paperwork and postal services I got my ACS assessment through a few weeks back, in the right category (and with the right wording) to get me on the MODL and CSL lists. So a little over a week ago now I applied online for an independant GSM 175 visa. There are a couple of things that confused me about the attached documentation - 1. I was confused by the need to attach certified documents electronically. Surely an electronic scan of the original is as trustworthy as a scan of a certified copy? My birth certificate and passport were not certified, should I get them certified and upload new copies? 2. Should I attach a scan of my reference multiple times? It asked for documents proving relevant work experience and proving recent work experience, which were different categories. 3. Is it worth getting the police and health check organised now? 4. I looked at the timeline website and it seems that people with my category and CSL seem to be getting visas in 2-3 months. Is this a realistic expectation? Any help, as I say, is appreciated. I'm a little unsure of it all... and I really want to be there ASAP (I'm sure you all do too). In return I can offer advice and experience on the ACS process if needed. Dave.