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Found 23 results

  1. Okay so. - Restaurant manager, NSW. 187/RSMS 17th May 2016 - RCB Approved 14th July 16 - Submission documents for Visa waiting. ... Waiting ... Agent requested police checks to update file - (Not Immi.) 1 st Feb 2018 - Visa Rejected. reason: The employer had stopped operating under original ABN (Mentioned during time of application) Although business was still running - had changed the ABN in Jan. Immi had contacted place of work requesting for documents during Jan 18 requested for documents/reason for/inline with reason of changing ABN # Employer had not submitted docs within allocated time frame (14/21) days. Visa rejected - giving me 20 days to appeal / withdraw (notification to agent 01st Feb) My agent got back to me on the 5th / Feb (5 days in) Now I have been told that I have till the 20th to appeal - or it will be a permanent rejection. Cost of appeal 17xx odd dollars so around 1800/- ++ this is addition to previous "paperwork charges" 2 years 7 months .... and again I am waiting. with all this patience and calmness - I may ascend at some-point. Lets all wait it out ..
  2. Hi all, hope whoever is reading this is well, Has anyone had their 417 Working holiday visa denied? I applied for a 417 Working Holiday Visa (I'm a pommie) and on the form it asked if i have ever overstayed my visa in a country, which unfortunately i have done, when i was in Taiwan 2014 (obviously not meaning to- forgot to renew my visa so I went to renew it and turned out I had to renew this visa outside of the country and i had actually already overstayed so I flew home and paid a fine at the airport before leaving). My visa has not been approved/denied yet but I know Australia is strict on not wanting possible overstayers and I've read in many posts people (Brits) getting their visas approved in minutes. So, I am wondering if I'm going to end up waiting the 36 working days to find that my visa will be denied, because of my Taiwan overstay! Anyone been in this position before and had their visa approved (or denied), albeit in the 36 working day processing time frame? I've been granted a student visa before when i studied in Australia for 3 years (2010-2013) and didn't breach any rules on my visa there, so hoping that counts for something? Thanks in advance for any insight on the situation- I'm just very excited to get started on my aussie adventure but now worrying my visa won't be granted! Naomi
  3. Hey, I need some help please, I have just got back to the uk from oz. I had my 2nd yr working holiday visa rejected on the grounds that I didnt supply enough evidence for my regional work, so i had to leave after my bridging visa expired.my bridging visa is up in a few days. I have my family not long arrived out in oz and I want to go back on a 3/6 month holiday visa to see them. Is my visa rejection going to effect my new application and if I get to the border in australia are they going to want to no any information about my farming or about any thing? please give me some advice. thanks
  4. Not a happy bunny today....... VIC have recently updated their SOL and added ICT vacancies back on, so my OH applied for his ACS skills assessment and passed. We then applied for VIC SS 3 weeks ago and it was going so well..... until this morning! We have been rejected on the grounds that his skillset doesn't match exactly what they are looking for at the moment. Very frustrating, however, a 175 visa was our original plan, so back to that it is. We will only go and live in Melbourne as a lot of my family live there, so cannot apply for another state. I've tried looking for timeline threads for 175 visas and can't seem to find any up to date ones. Does anyone have any of their own recent 175 timelines to share or/and does anyone know roughly how long they are taking? I know the DIAC website says 18 months, but everything seems to be so much quicker at the moment - having said that, 12 months would be absolutely fine for us. If we had been going down the 176 route, I know most of those are coming through within 3-4 months at the minute, so it would have come upon us v quick! Positive, positive, positive...... Anyway - feeling a tad better now I have written this down! I like to share positive stories, but I also appreciate we are all going to get some setbacks along the way - it is not set to be plain sailing otherwise everyone would go! Thanks for reading
  5. G`day Guys, First off, I have to say that this forum is a great idea. I just got news today from immi.gov.au that my visa is unlikely to be granted. I had applied for my 2nd year working holiday visa. Details of problems are listed below I made a mistake on my initial application which stated that I only worked 87 days instead of 88 days The department got back to me and asked for further information I sent them an employer verification form (Form 1263) that correctly stated that I worked a total of 97 days in regional areas of Australia. [*]The department got back to me today stating that some of my regional work did not qualify under the "specified" regional work. (they had got this information from an email that I had sent them) I feel that I could argue that the work did in fact qualify under the specified work. However, I am reluctant to argue with them too much as it might hamper my future application for a visa under the skilled migration programme. I am a qualified geologist and had previously worked in Australia for 2.5 years. I had initially entered the country on a working holiday visa but got sponsored on a 457 visa after 3 months of working with a company. My work consisted of Mineral Exploration and unfortunately, "Exploration" under the ANZIC Mining Division web-pages does not go into much detail about what is Mineral Exploration within the mining industry. I do intend on applying for permanent residency within Australia in a few years but had hoped to do some touring around on a working holiday visa before I did this. If my 2nd working holiday visa gets refused, will it hamper the progress of any future visa that I apply for? Can I withdraw the application so that my name will not be flagged in future and, do you think that I should argue my point with the department?? What other options do I have for living and working in Australia (I had hoped that I could do some traveling on the working holiday visa) Any ideas/ help on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. No doubt I will be on this website a lot over the next few years.
  6. Guest

    e-status if Visa is rejected?

    Hi, my girlfriend has applied for a Student Offshore visa, she has since been emailed around 4 weeks ago to provide further income evidence which she has done. A couple of days ago she received the following: ** 03/05/2011 e-Mail sent to you She never got the email and the visa office is closed. She is convinced she had been rejected, if this is the case would it not say STATUS Rejected or similar?? Please help Thanks Ben
  7. Hi, I had physical job verification and there was conflict for few of answer between my answer and my boss's answer. I was not present at work place during verification. what are the negative effect on my application???
  8. Guest

    Previous Visa... HELP please!!

    Hey lovely people. I need some help... :biggrin: I am in the early stages of sorting out a visa for me and my OH and helping my brother sort his. Mine and the OH is easy.. By brothers however is not. Stuart (my brother) is a chef and lived in Oz for a little while before. He moved out on a working holiday visa with my Mum and Step-dad (who gained PR) in Jan '09. He gained employment at the end of Feb '09 working for a restaurant. He got on really well there and looked at getting them to sponsor him. It all gets a bit hazy from here. My little sister who was 3 at the time suffered a terrible accident in the Nov and suffered brain injury as a result. We are having a hard time working out what actually happened with his visa (he is really bad at form filling etc and keeping on top of things) but the short version of the story end with him having to come home last May. He believes he had a bridging visa but I think he may have broken the terms of this and worked too many hours. He was told by his agent that DIAC were going to reject his application and that they would be best off withdrawing it and getting him to apply again offshore. How can we get a disclosure to find out exactly what happened? If there was a chance you would have a visa rejected so withdrew it would this stand against you in the future? Im sure you're thinking that the best thing to do would be to contact the agent doing all this for him in Oz but Stuart was pretty pi**ed (as he wasn't made fully aware of the rule etc surrounding the bridging visa) and didnt end things very well with him. I have emailed him today but i dont hold out much hope on information. Thank you soooo much if you can help. Its very messy. With everything that happened with our sister keeping an eye on the visa was the last thing on our mind. Stuart was working to help support my parents who had to stop work as Maddie was in hospital for over 4 months! x:spinny:
  9. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone can help clarify something for me please ? I have seen some information on another forum (which by the way is nowhere near as good as this one) Now I am in a panic, when we applied for our visa my son was 17, he is now 18 but his course is due to finish in March and they do not have a date for the next part yet. He is totally dependent on us ,he works in a part time job 9 hours per week, I don't think there will be problems showing that he is dependent on us, however if for any reason this is not accepted by DIAC then he would not be granted the visa as part of our application. But someone else says that if 1 person is out our whole visa application for everyone would be declined-Is this true? Don't get me wrong we will not be leaving him and we do not know what his circumstances will be by the time we get a CO, he may even be working full time by then and in that case he would not be classed as dependent,we thought he would be able to get a WHV and then we could apply for a Child visa once there. I didn't think that all of our visas would be in jeopardy!! please tell me this is not the case and hopefully the information I have read is wrong-that would serve me right for looking at another Forum. Anyone been in a similar situation Please put my mind at rest.:confused:
  10. Some are saying that 90% of rejected Afghan claims for refugee status have recently been upheld on appeal -seems Julia Gillard has not been mentioning this though when she's been stating that a high percentage of Afghan refugee claims this year have been rejected. Many rejected Afghan refugee claims upheld on appeal
  11. I've just received advice directly from a workplace health and safety inspector that apparently blue/white cards done by online training providers are being rejected as evidence of generic induction as there's no proof as to who actually sat the exam with them. Queensland is not being affected, according to the inspector WA is the most stringent, they have also been rejecting cards done interstate inspite of the new white card supposedly being country-wide. That would be too simple! Also, technically under workplace health and safety regulations, the old blue card is invalid as the regs state that it needs to show your birthdate; the blue card didn't, the white card does, so if you have a blue card, easiest thing is to tell your RTO that you lost it and they'll replace it. There'll be plenty of people here that have had no problems, but they're beginning a crackdown on them. So if you have the choice, go to an RTO in the state you intend to work, it'll save you hassel long term by the sounds of it.
  12. Guest

    visa rejected?

    hi! We have been sponsored by an Australian company who employ foreign staff regularly and are a recognised sponsor. We have all paper work in place for visa (just waiting for kids passports to come back from passport office). My husband has just told me his friend has just been rejected for his visa 457 and this has made me panic. He was told that the government thought the post could still be filled locally! Is this likely to happen to us? Crikey!:confused:
  13. Guest

    HELP !! De Facto Visa rejected.

    In a daze. Trying to stay calm and think rationally, but struggling. De Facto visa rejected as insufficient evidence of joint financial affairs. Can I go to an agency (went direct) and try again ?? Is there an appeal process ?? Can it be changed to a fiance visa ?? Any help greatly appreciated. Phil
  14. Hi there, new to this forum but hoping someone can help. Husband is awaiting his job offer and we will be completing our visa application but think there might be a problem. We have twins who are 15 months old and have something called obstructive bronchitis - they can't call it anything else because they are too young to test for asthma but take the usual inhalers that asthma sufferers take. It could also be that they will grow out of this by the time they are 3 years old. Do you think their condition will affect our application. Is there anyone out there who has had their visa application accepted under similar circumstances. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi all, This week, 5 months after lodging it, my 175 visa application moved to the "further processing" stage. I was wondering... aside from police checks and medicals (and barring any further changes to rules/priorities), is there anything else that I can be rejected for at this stage, or is it reasonably safe to assume that if the police checks and medicals go well, it'll be plain sailing?
  16. I am currently looking for all expats in the Brisbane area who have come across the same kind of discrimination I have. If you have had the usual....too qualified, not enough australian experience, under-qualified (to pack Xmas hampers for example :confused:), not "local" or no responses at all to your applications, drop me a line. I am currently looking for a position myself and have received almost 300 rejections and had only two interviews. This just isn't right and I am willing to do something about it! I am looking at setting up a special association in Australian with a view to potentially setting up a Recruitment Agency for Expats...letting Aussie Employers know that just because you don't have Aussie experience doesn't mean you arent the best person for the job! Please email me for details Thanks and good luck! Changing the world...a day at a time :smile:
  17. Hi, We have applied for a 457 visa but at this stage it does not look like we are going to get it granted as they have asked for additional info they we cant provide. What happens if our application is rejected? How long do we have to leave the country or get another visa application in? Also we are wondering if it is better to withdraw the application before it gets rejected and try to find another sponsor? How long would we have in this instance? We are currently on Briding Visa A. We have about another week to try and gather the necessary evidence together. Advice please? We are currently going through my partners company, I have asked if my company will sponsor me instead but am waiting for a decision and need to give them as much time as possible.
  18. we are now at the stage of having our medicals and pcc's done and i feel like a deer caught in the head lights all of a sudden.. can we be rejected at this late stage?? and would they of requested our meds and pcc's if we were unsuccessfull?? im sure they could make a decision based on our application form and attached docs without the torture of meds etc and the expense.. is this fear realistic?? or is there cases where people get to this late stage and then get rejected... we should be ok with our meds are we are all well i hope!! I do have a criminal record but it was over ten years ago,, and nothing dishonest or violent and no jail time,, but ive fessed up to that in our application.. so am i being nuts :wacko: and getting stressed for nothing..:confused: please help.. rgrds dizz...
  19. Hi, i think my defacto will be rejected as they have emailed me 3 times now asking for more financial evidence. If i get rejected will i stll be able to apply for a working holiday or fiancée visa thanks so much X:sad::arghh:
  20. Hi! I have applied for a defacto visa to move to Oz from uk, my partner is already there, i think its going to get rejected as we have no letters with our names on for about a year when we were in a house share although we have been together nearly 2 years now and have SO much other evidence If it gets rejected am i allowed to apply for a working visa? the embassy keep sending me letters saying they need further evidence for finanial and household evidence any advice? thanks so much:sad:
  21. Just had an email from my agent this morning with the news I had hoped would not happen. My application for the 457 sponsored visa was rejected. My son has down syndrome and the MOC stated Jake did not meet the health requirement. The state the medical opinion is based on potential costs of health care and community service to Australia. Im absolutely gutted and so low right now. Going on the 457 we knew that we had to cover all costs for us as a family as even though we would have paid taxes we knew that everything was for us to pay. Our sponsoring company declined to give a written undertaking to meet any medical costs etc if they were to arise, even though Jake has had no medical condition or need for medical attention in years. He has had no more than a need for calpol in the past 4 years!!! anyway, hope those of you applying for visas with any kind of health condition or disability dont go through this as its the worst feeling you will ever get. Gollywobbler - I know we discussed this before, if there is anything you can add it would be appreciated, but Im not clinging onto any hope here as I imagine if the sponsoring company rejected the undertaken then thats it. Is it worth contacting Dr Goodall again to find out what he said etc?
  22. Economic stimulus package cuts reduce your payout by $50 | The Daily Telegraph THE Rudd government's $42 billion economic stimulus package has been rejected by parliament. The Senate voted down the government's legislation, implementing the package, after independent senator Nick Xenophon voted with the coalition. The Australian Greens and Family First's Steve Fielding voted with the government, tying the vote at 35-35. The Federal Government had earlier agreed to reduce cash payments to eligible taxpayers by $50 to $900 following negotiations with crossbench senators about its $42 billion economic package. It would also reduce by the same amount, the one-off payment to single-income families. The federal government will now reintroduce legislation advancing its $42 billion economic stimulus package later today after it was rejected by the Senate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told parliament.
  23. immy21

    just been rejected!

    My wife is a teacher of the deaf (a specialist skill) and a primary/secondary qualified teacher. We have passed the skills assessment we have a relative in Melbourne and are taking around a million pounds sterling over to put into the Australian economy. But they don't want us! We see some far less qualified people on the tv programs get in on a wing and a prayer, with no skills and a couple of grand to their name. The world has gone mad But most of all after a year of anxously waiting we are gutted