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Found 27 results

  1. 1997 Toyota Camry; 182,000Km; Rego July2014; RACV RWC $3500 ONO. Automatic, 4-Cylinder, Petrol-Unleaded, Air-Conditioning. - RACV approved ROAD WORTHY CERTIFICATE - VICTORIA REGO to July 2014! - 182,000km - LOG BOOK - 2 previous owners - Recently new tyres – good tread Reliable Loads of storage space Good fuel efficiency Darren
  2. Hello, my partner and I have been living in Sydney for a year now. We're looking at buying a car very soon and wondered if anyone can spell out for us what you need to do in terms of rego, insurance, pink slips, green slips etc. We've done a lot of research so far, so have some understanding of the basics, but it seems to be very complex compared to the UK. Is rego like the UK's MOT, or is this simply a registration of the car in your name - and is this the pink slip? Green slip I understand to be a basic third party type of insurance, that covers you for injury and/or damage caused to the other vehicle. Then you also need to get further, more comprehensive insurance, is this correct? Also, do we need to have our licences converted to Australian licences? Hope someone can help us navigate the motoring minefield. Thanks in advance. Kate and David
  3. Guest

    Car Rego

    Hi guys, does anyone know if i can register a car using my uk license and 12 month visitor visa...oh and insure it ? thanks for any feedback :wink:
  4. Am absolutely floored to learn that the road tax / rego for the $900 bomb we bought on arrival in Oz is $805 for the next 12 months. Eek! :jiggy:
  5. ed1105

    Car Rego

    Hi all, I'm in the process of buying a used car but am getting confused about the rego process over here. The car has 7 months WA rego outstanding on it. Can I just transfer that to my name, or do I have to re-register it in QLD? Do I need to sort separate insurance as well or does that come with the rego? Thanks, Ed
  6. Guest

    cars, rego

    So we're off to Adelaide soon and we're just looking at the costs of cars. We will initially be looking for anything (within reason) to get OH to and from work. (2nd hand and cheap!) Can I just confirm at a dealership the price is all inclusive and then we will have to pay rego (is this monthly or lump sum? dependent on car engine/age?) and insurance and thats it? Trying to work out initial outlay costs
  7. Can anyone help please? I can't get to the bottom of how much and what "rego" is and is it the equivalent of our tax disc? I know there is a compulsory 3rd party insurance requirement, so is this what rego is and then you buy fully comp on top? If anyone can give any other details as to how much it costs to actually get in that purchased car and drive away (taxes etc) that would be great. We'll prob have a second hand 2.5l Suburu estate or similar (in Melbourne) if that helps. Cheers
  8. So we're off to Adelaide soon and we're just looking at the costs of cars. We will initially be looking for anything (within reason) to get OH to and from work. (2nd hand and cheap!) Can I just confirm at a dealership the price is all inclusive and then we will have to pay rego (is this monthly or lump sum? dependent on car engine/age?) and insurance and thats it? Trying to work out initial outlay costs
  9. Guest


    Hi We bought a car a few months back and paid the rego fine etc, but we are now selling the car and I've suddenly thought there's no documents like a log book, all I have is the recipt from paying the rego and the recipt back from the government, is this all you get ? Just worried that should have a log book or something! Cheers
  10. libbysmum

    Car rego

    Is it true that car rego includes third party insurance? If so would I be right in thinking, if we buy an older car, which wouldn't be worth insuring comprehensive, rego is the only requirement? and we would not need to get a further insurance policy on top?
  11. PositivePixie

    Car rego in each state

    I'm trying to research buying a car when we finally get there, and have trawled each state's website, but not sure if I have the correct information (in case they are just not making it clear etc ie - I think SA you only have to pay rego, and no pink slip, but not sure) so wondered if kindly people in each state/territory here could chip in with the regulations where they are/what they did when buying/selling a car? I've also tried searching numerous websites to see if there is a round up of this info anywhere, and can't seem to find it, so thought it might be helpful.... I know there are differences between having a car inspection/road worthiness/pink slip etc etc and not in different places, so if anyone could reply and say: 1) What area you are in 2) If you brought from a dealer or not (I believe all dealers everywhere need a car inspection when selling?) 3) If you had to have a car inspection when you rego'd your car 4) What the cost was to register your car to you 5) How much rego was (and for how long). 6) anything else you think needs saying about where you are (ie, its a pain/easy/anything else :biggrin: ) Many thanks - sure it will be helpful to more than just us.... (Just to add, I know its best to buy a car where you are going to be living, but we are going to travel round the country for several months, and then sell it afterwards and buy something for the long term where we are going to settle, so in this way we are flexible with where what we first buy is registered)
  12. http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-Cars-Vehicles-Motorbikes-Parts-cars-Retro-BMW-535i-Enthusiast-owned-Immaculate-9-Months-Rego-W0QQAdIdZ278914126 :biggrin:
  13. I just wanted to share some info for all the nurses and other healthcare profs that are being assessed for rego with AHPRA. Im sure the person im writing about wont mind. I offered a qualified RMN a job last year who then applied for rego in December. She was due to start at end of Feb on a Grad program. She was still not registered by the start of Grad prog, despite AHPRA telling me that all Grads would be by the time they started with us. I spoke to AHPRA about the UK nurse, and was told that she would not be registered for a long time as they are only just opening up and looking at applications from Sept 2010 - 6 months ago.:arghh: Totally diabolical I was also told that any UK nurse who was registered as RNMH/RNLD/RN Children would be scrutinised even more as according to the new DIV 1 they are not trained appropriately. Please consider this when planning coming over especially on a 457. Get your rego first before you apply for visa as it may take a while. Also please tell your employer that rego may take some time, just incase they withdraw contracts.
  14. PommyPaul

    Transferring rego in NSW

    So probably a really dumb question..... If i buy a car in nsw and it has rego till june 2011, all i need to do is go along to a nsw rta and i can transfer that rego into my own name? I don't need a rwc? i have checked the nsw rta site and couldn't see where it said anything about needing a rwc to transfer rego, only to renew or for new rego.
  15. JuliePaul

    Car Rego Fees

    Just been looking at buying a car in QLD, does anyone know how much the Reg fees are and if there are any other charges to pay....??
  16. Hi Can someone please explain to me in simpleton language about rego and insurance for cars?:swoon: We are buying a new car as soon as we get there so what do we need to get it legal? JOHN
  17. mrfordy


    Please can somebody please explain the basics of vehicle rego! , what it is, when you need it?. I believe it includes a basic vehicle insurance??? Does Australia have an equivalent to the UK MOT?... Thanks!
  18. Hi, we are moving to the Gold Coast from adelaide at the end of March and would like to know where we go to change our rego, driving license and Builders license over to Queensland ones. We are looking at living around Pacific pines/helensvale/coomera areas. Also does anyone have an idea on how much is costs. Thanks.
  19. Guest

    rego etc...

    hi what do i need to know about rego..cost, how long does it last, all i know is about the 3rd party insurance...i think..? what is involved in a new car purchase? what is involved in an old car purchase? also what are the expected costs..? i have got some fully comp costs for a car, but not sure on the rest involved cheers for the help... ad
  20. Ratchet

    rego for cars

    the 3rd party comp notice post has prompted me to ask. when i bought my car from a dealer in september a form was completed for change of ownership etc and it was left with the dealer to send away. Am i supposed to receive anything back from transport people (??VICROADS)? Ive moved house but did redirect mail so it should have followed me to the new address.
  21. Hi, We have recently started looking at buying a car in Queensland as we have been hiring one up to now. Im a little confused about rego, insurance, MOT??. At this stage we still havent got our licences exchanged for Qld ones - is this a problem? I have seen a lot of vehicles advertised as having rego??? what does this mean? Also what is their equivalent to a MOT? Do vehicles come with a log book as in the UK? If anyone can give me an idiots guide to buying, registering, insuring vehicles in Qld and anything else I might need to know, then theres a Tim Tam in it for ya?? xTinksx :err:
  22. Guest

    car rego

    please help!!!! we have just bought 2 second hand cars from a dealer. he has told us we need to go to vic roads to change our license from uk to austalian because until we do this he can't transfer the registration to us? looking at the vic roads website it makes out that it is our job to do this anyway and far as i knew and read on other posts because we are on a temp 457 visa we did not need to change our license and could drive on our uk one for the duration of our time here. also i can't get my head around the insurance rquirements do i need to take out a seperate insurance, the cars are worth about $5000 each so did not understand whether i needed to have 3rd party as well or if this is included in the rego anyway. or would you recommend having fully comp? another thing is should he have given me a road worthy certificate because he didn't and i am beginning to worry that we have been done a bit.....sorry for all the questions i just want to get out and drive but knowing my luck i would trash it straight away
  23. Hi all Just wondered if anyone could help? We arrived in Perth on Monday and are in the process of buying a vehicle. We have put a deposit down yesterday on a private sale and are picking it up on Monday. Will we need to provide proof of address for the rego? A friend of a friend has said that we can use their address but obviously we will not have any proof of living there. When we were in Australia a few years ago we just went to the local office with the owner of the vehicle and transferred it there and then without proof of address, although that was in NSW and I know it differs between states. I have looked at the transfer form but it appears we have to post it. Can we just go into our local office and show passports etc? Thanks Bell
  24. Mongrel

    dog rego

    Hi Been to the beach wiyh the mutt and in a short story lost his collar in the sea , does anyone know if you can get a replacement rego tag ,or do you have to fork out again Thanx Mally
  25. PommyPaul

    Transferring rego in queensland??

    Am i right in thinking that if i buy a used car which has a current rwc and 6 months rego i then have to do the following... Both me(buyer) and the seller have to sign a transfer of vehicle rego application form, Who provides the form? If i buy from a dealer will they have the forms? Do i bring the form if its a private sale? Then i have to go in person to a queensland transport customer service center with the following. Above form. RWC. Forms of ID, i was going to take passport as one, the visa ticket in the passport as another and my uk debit and credit cards as two others, is this ok?? Proof of garaging address, i was going to take my rental agreement/receipt from the caravan park that i'm staying at, is this ok?? Then pay all the relevent fees. Thanks for any advice :err::unsure: