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Found 26 results

  1. OK so this is our situation. I met my partner gaming and we've been talking consistently over ps4 chat in this time and voice chat for over a year. We don't have much in terms as evidence as it stands. We met for 3 wks in April this year. He proposed and we are engaged and very much in love. Ive applied for a 2 year college course as this seems an easier way for us to be together whilst I can work to contribute toward living costs part time as well as gather evidence for immigration. We are very intent on beginning a family together as this is a goal of ours if all still goes swimmingly after a year of living together I'm Edging on my mid 30s I fear time is running out for me and my partner to go through the lengthy immigration process to begin a family together.. If I was to apply for a 2 year student visa which I'm also looking forward to a change of career could I submit my onshore de facto after a year of study or would I have to wait for my student visa to run out? Being South Australian we can register our relationship which takes off a year off the 2 year period for the 2nd part of the defacto relationship is this correct? Potentially taking the end goal of residency 4 years to complete if successful? It's all very over whelming hence coming to this forum. I don't digest lengthy information too well.
  2. Hi I've four years experience in London and want to move to Sydney in January, I would love to register before moving. I seem to have difficulty registering before moving as I don't have the working with children cert. has anyone been in this position before? Also is there teaching jobs in syndey?
  3. Guest

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    There seems to be more and more Poms returning to the UK so I thought it may help to have a register of us so others know who we are and who to talk to if they need to talk.
  4. Just thought i would share this site with you as we have found it very helpful this last couple of years. You choose 2 ways to be contacted , we personally choose e-mail and text (text will work even if we have no power) and if a BAD storm, flood, anything weather related is headed your way they contact you to tell you so you can either take precautions or get out. This is the link to their website - http://www.ewn.com.au/ Cal x
  5. catherinedarbyshire

    to register as a nurse in australia

    Hi guys. We are planning a move to victoria via state sponsorship.. Does anyone know if you have to have worked 25 hours a week for 2 years as a registered nurse in order to get registered in Australia???? Thanks for your help. catherine
  6. essextoaus

    e health - how to register?

    Can anyone let me know how to register with e health? I have my medicals in a fortnight which participates in e health. The instructions I've linked to states I'm to fill out the questionaire etc. Where is this located? Many thanks! Agents Gateway – Online Health (eHealth)
  7. Hello, I'm currently on a Working Holiday Visa from the UK and currently looking for IT work in Adelaide. Now there haven't been many jobs on seek, probably due to Xmas+ new year hols etc, but I applied for one via Hays the other day and registered with them 2 days ago. My Hays agent advised me to not apply with other agencies ( :wink: ) and that work will come in a couple of weeks. I have looked on their site and there's still not much on there, (it's only been a few days of course) .....but I there a few more jobs on seek via other agencies, that I want to appy for. And so I'm being conceded... Is registering with Numerous recruitment agencies a negative thing? or posative? I am aware that the agent OF COURSE will not want me getting work via somewhere else. I am also aware that some jobs posted on seek are duds and are merely fish nets to obtain a job seekers registration. So can anyone share there experiences? And advice? If so, please state what work you were looking for as i feel that helps.... Thank you :notworthy:
  8. Hi all, My wife and I are hoping we will get our visa and move out to Brisbane area in summer of 2011. Claire got her skill assessment in august 2010 which allowed us the lodge the visa. I believe she now has to register with the AHPRA? But not sure? A few questions if you don't mind: 1) is it defo the AHPRA she has to register with? 2) can we apply for registration without having a visa and before we arrive in queensland? 3) how long does it take? Just want to be organised before we move, any further help would be much appreciated? Many thanks! Martin
  9. cjscjs

    Tradies Register

    Hello I want to start a register of UK tradies if anyone else is interested sign up here and we can all help each other out I am an electrician - with full contractors licence covering Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast area - carrying out all electrical work - PM me if you require any electrical work. Kev
  10. Hey guys Have read some really helpful replies so hoping I can get some advice! My girlfriend and I met in Australia shortly before I had to leave as I was on a 1 year working holiday visa. We stayed in regular contact and she came over to me for a year, we applied for a de facto relationship visa which we had to withdraw as we were informed that the time spent living in my parents wouldn't count as we didn't share a bed-room. Is it possible for us to register our relationship with the australian government if I go out there on a tourist visa? Or does anyone know of any options other than spending 12months in New Zealand? Thanks John
  11. Guest

    Please help!!! de facto?

    Hey I've been trying to figure out the best next step because everythings going Pete Tong! I met my girlfriend in April '08 while i was in Australia on a working holiday visa (not sure which number) Quiet soon after we met i had to leave as the visa was up, but we stayed in touch and met up in europe just after christmas and spent a month or so together. In June '09 she came over to spend a working holiday visa with me and lived with me in my family home (seperate bedrooms) while she looked for work etc. We moved into an apartment in October and lived together until she went home in May when we applied for a de facto visa on the basis that we made the decision to really try to make it work in January. Now we've been apart for nearly two months and have been told that our visa will be declined as we didn't share a room in my family home! I'm guessing that this seperation wont help our case but what should we do? Can we register the relationship or anything? Can we argue that we didn't share a room as a result of my parents wishes? I've seen a lot of well thought out answers to peoples problems and i'm just hoping someone can do that for me and point us in the right direction! Thanks
  12. Guest

    NSW Relationship Register

    Hi All, Just a little heads up for all those in NSW applying for a de facto visa, the NSW Register of Birth, Death and Marriages has just started opening up registrations for relationships. I just put in my application for it, all you have to do is go to their website and fill up the application forms. You will be required to sign a statutory declaration, and provide certified copies of your identification information but other then that its pretty straightforward! Just though I'd let people out there know if they are interested. Not sure if registering your relationship with the NSW register will allow for the 12 months cohabitation rule to be relaxed like the VIC, ACT and TAS registers though. If anyone knows, would you be able to post it here? Thanks!!!
  13. Hi All - im a newbie and this is my first post! Im also a boomerang pom:twitcy: (or hope to be - long story, perhaps for another thread!) its taken us 5 year to pluck up the courage to try again! When we were last in Oz (2005) :unsure:our kids were too young to start school, so I didnt really look into schooling. any help - much appreciated Our 2 children, will be age 7 and 10 by the time we plan to go out in Jan 2011 (we hope - house and visa pending!) please can someone tell me when do you need to start applying for schools (primary schools) both state and private? Also what is the processes for applying for high schools - is it like the uk here, where you apply in Year 5? Also do a lot of schools have before and afterschool clubs as we dont have any family and if we get jobs it would be easier if we knew they would be ok.
  14. Hello everyone, I do really need an advice because I am hitting my head into the wall.:wacko: My partner and i met 3.5 years ago on the internet, I visited him twice in UK and he came 3 times to Australia. He stayed for 2.5 months the first 2 times, and now the third time he is with me for 5 months alread. While we were separated we maintained the contact all the time, we have pictures with friends and family, we have emails, we talked all the time on Skype. Now that we want to get a defacto visa , he went to an RMA, and she suggested that we don't meet the criteria to be able to apply to a defacto visa since the departament of imigration might consider the time that we stayed away more as dating period. In that order, we are thinking to probably wait some more months to be able to register our relationship under the new Relationships Register http://www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/lawlink/Corporate/ll_corporate.nsf/vwFiles/230210_relationships_register.pdf/$file/230210_relationships_register.pdf I have some questions about that: 1. Since we live in NSW where the new legislation has not been introduced yet, is it possible for us to travel to Victoria and register our relationship there, and apply for the defacto visa there? How long will it take? 2. He is planing to get a 676 visa to stay longer to wait for this new legislation to be applied, is the immigration departament might apply a 8503 a no further stay condition on this visa? And I made some investigation and I found this link, but it doesnt look really valid to be able to apply to a defacto visa.:GEEK: I am courious if anyone knows about this: Relationships Declaration Program - City of Sydney I appreciate very much your answers, thanks thanks 1000 thanks , Maria
  15. Help - I have been told by Emirates that if i book using Moving Planet i can get additional luggage allowance as we have visas which state 'indefinate stay' - the only thing is i can't access the website- can't find it and would really appreciate some help from onyone who has used them - I believe you have to enter a promo code and be registered with Moving Planet??? Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Carol:arghh:
  16. Does anyone know if operating department practitioners have to register with thier council in Queensland like nurses have to before they can work?
  17. hi everyone! could anyone help us please! we are arriving on friday 18th september (so excited!) (adelaide) we have already organised to purchase a car once we arrive and have put a deposit down etc. we are hoping to pick it up on the saturday. however we obviously need to register the car in our names. the garage has said they need a rental agreement with our name and address on and then something like a bank statement or bill also with name and address on. heres where we hit a problem as we obviously dont have an address yet! we are staying in aldinga beach for three weeks and looking for a long term rental during that time..... how has everyone else managed to register a car in their name before living in australia? how do you do it?! any advice would be greatly appreciated! or ideas of how to get round this! (garage has said could register it to them until have permanent address but then we would be buying a 'demo' when we come to sell it on as would have been registered to two owners , rather than one owner (ie us) from new) many thanks
  18. Hi All The latest version of the above is here: MARA - List of registered migration agents I want to know which Registered Migration Agents (if any) currently claim to be associated with Global Visas in London. So I cllicked on the link to the G to M section of the latest (and now only) version of the Register. Within about four entries the thing offered me names beginning with S. If it is searchable, I do not understand how to search it. Can anybody help, please? Many thanks Gill
  19. Hi all, I posted a few weeks ago about the fact Whingeing Pom Magazine are giving one WA Ex-Pat the chance to bring four friends or relatives over from the UK. The comp goes live on August 1st but you can pre register your details at www.westernaustralia.com/expat if you are interested in participating. Could be good for some of the East Coast Poms as well if they fancied a trip into the Wild West to catch up with folk. Good Luck if you are entering. :wink: Andy
  20. Im sure iver read somewhere that you can register for your TFN number on line prior to arriving in Oz as long as your visa was electronically linked to your passport??? Is this correct and if so, does anyone know the website? Many thanks Emma x
  21. Or should we wait until we arrive there to check them out in person? We know the areas roughly where we'd like to live.
  22. Hi Just arrived in Melbourne and want to start work - plan to do supply first. Would really appreciate any recommendations on best agencies for primary teachers as well as any tips on best websites for teaching jobs. Thanks Laine
  23. Hi All ive searched the net and cannot find anything that relates to my situation After gaining my Aussie permenant residency last week:jiggy: im now looking at getting my baby girl dual citizenship. Hopefully someone out there has been in a similar circumstance Our baby girl was born in Aus 9 months ago and has a british dad and an Australian mum. She is regarded as an Australian citizen. Im hopeing to get her registered as a British citizen so in a few years she could get a passport etc to make it easier for us when we go too and from the UK. Is this possible and roughly what do i need to do and can i do it from over here and not the UK? :arghh: Thx
  24. How long can you be living in Oz before you have to register your children in school? Are you tied down to a time scale, Many thanks!
  25. Can anyone tell me how i register with medicare and even if i can as im only here for three months? Im really unwell and need to either go to hospital or see a doctor but i stupidally havent registered. Any help would be great Thanks