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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, hopefully you can help me! Me and my boyfriend are looking for somewhere to do our three month regional work for our second year visas, preferably staying in a working hostel that provides transport too or from the farm/work and that pays too, we can't afford to do voluntary work. If any one can recommend a place they know of or have worked at that would be great. Were looking to do it in Queensland but would relocate if needed. Hope to hear from you soon, Dani
  2. Hi there, I am almost halfway through my first WHV and have started researching farm work etc today. I am finding it difficult to find jobs posted which I can rely on - I have heard many horror stories where backpackers have been exploited or have had to hand over accommodation money before finding work. I am a young girl planning to do the farm work on my own, hopefully in the Bundaberg area or anywhere along the Queensland Coast...and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? Or know of any areas/farms/employers who are safe to work for? Any advice would be appreciated thanks!
  3. Hi, My name is Tracey and I am hardworking traveller from England. I am currently looking to complete my 88days regional work on a farm/property in Australia in order to obtain my second year visa. I am a dedicated and efficient worker who is able to work well as a team and also independently. I’m also not afraid to get my hands dirty! I am willing to move anywhere in Australia for the right opportunity. I am currently in Melbourne and would be available for work ASAP. Please feel free to contact me via pm. I look forward to hearing from you. Tracey
  4. Victoriak

    second year visa helppp

    I have just completed 3 months regional work which was vvoluntary. I have been asked to provide further evidence, a bank statement and a confirmation from my employer. I have the employer confirmation but I was using my card in a place a few hours away on the same days I was working which makes it look like I wasnt working but in the other place when in actual fact I just drove to and from while still completing my work But I am very scared they will look at my statement and assume I wasn't working as I was using my card in a place hours away. What should I do? Should I explain when I provide the evidence that I was using my card else where while I wasn't working, I am really afraid of how this looks Would appreciate some helpful advice thanks Vicky
  5. Hey guys, 23 year old Irish girl, thinking about doing my regional work from December 2014 and as I will be doing it alone I wondered if anyone else was in the same boat ? i am currently in Sydney and really flexible location wise as to where I do it . Please let me know, Katie.
  6. Hi, I'm new to Oz and looking at doing my regional work asap. Has anyone got any contacts or advice for jobs? Thanks
  7. Hey, im cutrently in Melbourne and quickly running low on money. It seems a good time (considering I've only got 6ish months left) to get my farm work done for my second year visa. I attempted a few months ago in Innisfail,QLD only to get ripped off by a working hostel so has now made me abit nervous about trying again. Can anyone help me out with any good regional areas to work this time of year? Has anyone had good experiences with working hostels and getting work? Would be really helpful and would appreciate it!! Thanksss
  8. Hi all, I have found myself in an unfortunate situation. The company I'm working for said that they would be happy to sponsor me and discouraged me from leaving to complete my regional work. A month before my 1st year visa ends I get a call saying that they have been prevented from sponsoring any more people by immigration, at least till the new year(whether this is true or not, I don't know, personally I think it's because they have gotten quiet (construction) and do not want to commit to hiring me for 4 years). The problem with this is I had only one month left on my WHV1 and hadn't completed my regional. I was encouraged to apply for my 2WHV regardless. I was assured that they never check and they only catch 1 in 10. I was happy enough with these odds, I had no choice, my visa was running out. Anyway, I applied for the 2WHV and a senior-ish member in the company said they would verify that I had been working for them as they also had projects in regional Australia. I filled out form 1263 and emailed it off. I then receive an email from DIAC requesting more information-bank statements, pay slips etc etc. It also mentioned that fraudulent information would result in 3 year ban from country. I am now on a bridging visa until 30 Dec. I don't know what to do. I nearly qualify for skilled independent visa but I'm 6 months short of local experience to get a positive assessment from VETASSESS. (26 year old, Honours bachelor degree, proficient english etc etc) I now feel I have 2 options: 1) Submit incomplete application without the bank statement and see if they accept all other documentation 2) Come clean and plead my case in the hope they might allow me to do my regional work as I was genuinely hard done by and subsequently given bad advice Getting someone to sponsor me on such short notice is unlikely, especially since it's coming up to Christmas. It's a pity that I don't have a further 6 months local experience as I would be able to go it alone on my permanent residency! The thought of a 3 year ban would just ruin my career plans!! Any help, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Is mise le meas
  9. Hi all, We only arrived in cairns a few days ago and things here are much like home (Ireland)...tough! Employment here isn't looking good but hopefully something will come up. We are both graduates, I'm in Business and my boyfriend is in Marine Science however as we are on working holiday visas we know it will be hard to get work in these areas. We are currently trying to find regional work, although we have only been here one month (time has flew) we want to get our regional work done early (especially when this is an oz winter-summer will be terrible for us irish lol). Also we are finding it hard to get a houseshare as apparently cairns is very demanding for house and they go quick. We have tried gumtree, real estate, domain etc but because we are looking for our regional work we don't want to commit to a long term lease and most short term's are for a month at the minimum. Hostels are also expensive for a couple even in a dorm therefore a houseshare would be more suited. Has anyone any advice on jobs, regional work, houseshares or just general info for us. Would also be great to meet some new people if anyone is in cairns CBD region. Thanks in advance Terri and Conan
  10. Hi everyone! I have been in Australia for nearly 6 months and have quickly realised that just 1 year here isnt enough, so I need to do the regional work to extend my visa. After looking at the list of jobs that qualify as regional work, I can see that I would be best off going into the mining industry as I can work within my trade. Can anyone point me in the right direction on who to contact? Iv spent hours looking, and every time I think im getting somewhere it turns out to be a third party company who wants 1000's of $ before they even trying to place me in a job. Any advice would be great! Thanks, Marc.
  11. Richie Mitchell

    Starting Tourist Visa after WHV

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum after many visits reading the threads over the past year. I am hoping to get a bit of advice on my situation as after numerous calls to the IMMI info line, and being kept on hold for 20 minutes their advice wasn't a huge help. My first year WHV finishes March 15th and I still need to complete 32 days of work, after that I am looking to finish my stay in Aus with a tourist visa to travel. I have some work lined up but it means working quite close to when my WHV ends. I was told that I can apply for a tourist visa but I need to do this 2 weeks before and once that is granted, which could be anything from a few days after, my WHV stops and I go straight onto the tourist, meaning I can't finish my work. What I would like to know is the best way to do this? And what tourist visa should I apply for? Can I apply for a tourist visa longer than 3 months? My plan so far would be to continue working and say a week before, apply online for the tourist visa extension, and if my current WHV ends before the tourist visa is granted, I will be placed on a bridging visa. If you understand things this far, thank you ha! I have enough money to fund my travels in Australia after my WHV so I am hoping my application will go through. I would really appreciate any help. I am trying to make an informed decision on what to do but it can be quite difficult when you're out of the city and with just a phone on your own!