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Found 27 results

  1. hi all,we're new to this site.Just happen to see the pics posted by skippy about Illawara and other areas.We got our PR visa and hoping to be in Oz by end of August.We don't really know where we are going.Our first choice 2years ago before we apply the visa is Adelaide but house prices seems to have doubled since ,then we thought about Melbourne,and was put off with the stamp duty you have to pay when you buy first house;sydney's very little and so as perth.When we looked at the sydney thread last night,illawara just sounds a very nice place to raise a family;the lakes,the beach,and lots more looks gorgeous.We got a 4 year old boy.What is Illawara like?Is there opportunities for us?Me ICU nurse,hubby mental health nurse.Is it multi-cultural too,I'm originally from Philippines,hubby is english.I will contact agencies tomorrow about jobs;I would like to hear your views about the place please,thanks..
  2. hey! Does anyone know a good place to do fruit picking around cairns... maybe kuranda, mareeba, innisfail or even tully? I know there should be places, but i cant find any contact numbers etc for the farms and where is best?? Thanks!
  3. Hi to all. Been trawling the net and thought i may get the truth on Poms in oz. Continue with our lovely but stressful dilemma about where to go and are very drawn to the sunshine coast. Have been looking at all the usual areas but wondered if anyone lives around there? What is it like? What area's should we avoid. Is the job situation as dire as it has been said? We are myself, my partner ann-marie and our three kids under eight.We would also be interested in schools and anything people may be able to advise! Thanks. Judy
  4. do's anyone know any good childcare agencies in the illawarra region. we are an irish couple moving to shellharbour in next few weeks and will need to organise childcare/babysiting for our 8year old son at times.any info much appreciated :biggrin:
  5. Me and my partner matt moved to auz on may the 18th. I am 21, matt is 32. I am training as a medi and spa beauty therapist, and matt is a mechanic. I have been really home sick and have considerd going back to the uk. But getting a job has helped, and i think meeting other people would be good 2. We have not not really met any people out here. Hope to hear from some one soon thanks becki and matt x
  6. Guest

    Which region of Wa?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so forgive me if this has been asked before . We are filling out the WA state sponsorhip application and we have to say which 2 wa regions we are interested in settling, we are dead set on Perth so that is number 1, but not having researched many other areas what would be a good 2nd choice? Cheers Linda
  7. Hi We have been looking at northern nsw, and would appreciate advice off any one who knows anything about this area, can anyone recommend any specific area, for a family with children, good schools etc.,& close to nice beaches. Thankyou Rebecca:smile:
  8. Guest

    Keep Safe in Karratha Region

    Old Cyclone Carlos has come down to the Pilbara Karratha, all on red alert Cat 2. Keep safe girls and boys. Susie x
  9. Big shout out to any of the guys that hopefully got out of karratha at 4.15om hopefully your pilot got his foot down before that T-storm came in . As for me can i legalally hit the person who decided i was essensial staff and will be in a cyclone shelter at some point tonight/tommorrow
  10. Guest

    St George region NSW?

    Hello There Anyone familiar with the suburbs in the St George area of NSW? We fly out to Oz on 30th October on a 457 Visa. (Me, hubby and 3 kids). We have family in Connells Point and my job is in Bexley. We want to rent our own place as soon as possible and wondered if anyone was familiar with nice places in the area for families with a community/village feel and if anyone knows what the secondary schools are like? Julia x
  11. Guest

    migrating plasterer, any region

    Hi Brand new to this site, so please bear with me. Currently working as a pharma machine operator (10yrs) 37 yr old, 39yr old partner and 3yr old son. At the end of 2012 i will be being made redundent. So the time has come to make a serious change. (hopefully) I have been doing my own, family and friends plastering for some yrs now, so not new to it. So i am looking to officially train for this, I am close to booking a course to obtain city and guilds and NVQ qualifications, but at present dont have any "in demand skills". Q, Is it going to be possible for me emigrate with little actual work experience. Or am i dreaming?? Hope this makes sense + any help or advise would be much appreciated. thanks steve.
  12. Guest

    State or Region Sponsorship

    Am a Nigerian, Male, Unmarried waiting for my Assessment skill to be assessed and results dished out by ACS. I hope to get an YES, but now my worry is the IELTS (Reading 6.0, Speaking 6.0, Writing 6.0, Listening 5.0). I Intend to go state or regional sponsporship. Which state or region will accept my application against Systems Analyst and sponsor me?Am tired of writing the IELTS but won't mind the third one if that is the only bulwark. Please comment, forummates!
  13. My husband and I along with our two boys are moving to the Peel region next year. We got the visa on my occupation as a teacher and fingers crossed, I am hoping I will be able to find a job pretty quickly. My husband is a supervisor in a factory over here. Unfortunately he doesn't have a trade so we were wondering if there are any factories around Rockingham where he might be able to get a similar position. The other idea he is toying with is training to be a locksmith. Are there any locksmiths out there who could advise on job opportunities or salaries? Any information or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks x
  14. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has been north of perth - up to Geraldton, Carnarvon etc. Looking at some of the tourist stuff there, it looks like paradise, but unless there is a good job, a decent house and a good school for the kids.... We are still only researching at the moment, and are willing to go to wherever the jobs are, but the area looked so nice. Any info would be appreciated Emma:cute:
  15. Guest

    Teachers in Peel region

    Hi, we've just been granted permanent residency and are planning on moving over next summer. We are coming this summer to do a reccie but I think we have decided on moving to Secret Harbour or Waikiki. I am an English teacher so was hoping there might be some teachers out there who could give me some advice. How easy is it to get teaching jobs in WA? Can you apply whilst still in the UK? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi all,:notworthy: Could anyone please give me any info. on what areas are nice in the Wheatbelt Region that are reasonably close to Perth (1 hour away ish or closer). Things like parks, school, shops, traveling distances, what is down the road from what etc...? Any help would be great we are looking for areas that a child friendly (12,10,4) and would appreciate your personal thoughts and experiences. Many thanks Ley x:cute:
  17. Guest

    anyone in nsw mid west region

    Hi there - looking for anyone in nsw mid west region - mudgee, bathurst etc - we live in Kandos/Rylstone area. Been here nearly two years now - will never go back - although it took a while to settle. Would be good to meet similar for chat etc Caron and Rod
  18. Does anyone no of a 3 bed plus study or larger home coming available in any of the following areas - Subiaco Cottesloe Sorrento Iluka Ocean Reef Hillarys We want a pool, a modern property or one that has been renovated. Close links to transport. Must also allow a small kitty cat. Will pay upto $650 for the perfect property. Any other coastal areas considered or a property very close to cbd but must be in a safe area. Any help would be great Thanks Emma x
  19. littlem

    Bundaberg region whats it like

    Anyone been to Bundaberg or surrounding areas. We are going on a family sponsored visa and have been told that we will have to live in this region which is Bundaberg, Burnett or Isis. Our family sponsors are on the mature side so looking for a younger point of view, we are late thirtys with 2 young kids. Hubbie in Finance is there much work anyone know? All help appreciated. I have searched lots of sites and there is plenty of attractions and it looks beautiful but scared we wont be able to work and wont have an evening social life?? Also worried there wont be many people emigrating there to make friends with?
  20. Guest

    Nowra region.

    Hi to all. Does anybody have any knowledge of the Nowra/Kangaroo Valley/Berry/Shoalhaven region? We hope to go on a recce visit later on this year with a view to maybe settling down in the region in the future. We are a family of three with a six year old daughter. Cheers...
  21. Hi there Just thought for anyone heading that way it would be nice to get a list of people and maybe arrange a newcomers get together. You can put down your name if you want to come from further afield too. Hope to hear from some of you Georgie
  22. We have a few regions to choose from in WA to settle in .. Peel, South west and Goldfields/Esperance. Peel and Southwest seem to be calling us!!! I'm a painter and decorator and my wifes a hairdresser and would like to know where am i most likely to find work also 3 teenagers coming with us they need a social life [so im told]:twitcy: and 2 of them will be looking for work? patiently [not] waiting for visas and house sale ! hoping to be there about dec/jan
  23. Hi had our hearts set on Joondalup area near Perth however just found out that the only state sponsorship area we can get is the MID WEST region or Queensland, any one know what it's like up there Geraldton etc, areas to avoid, etc etc any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  24. Guest

    Region 3 given by Case Officer?

    Does anyone know what this means?? Are there lots of regions? Are some quicker than others?? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Mo
  25. Hi we are new to the site so hello to you all was just wondering as we are seriously considering moving to Wollongong or the Illawarra region (are they the same?) We have a visa and are planning to be there by end of August. We have seen that NSW health contracts 3 main agencies to look after employment. As of yet we are unsure of the job situation there waiting to hear back from Healthstaff Recruitment!!! Can any of you shed any light for us is there jobs going there my wife is an ITU nurse and i am a mental health nurse. We are prepared to travel too but not to far 1 hour tops. Cheers me dears Dan