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Found 13 results

  1. I am having 176 sub class visa of Western Australia. Is it possible for me to live and take a regular study in any other state universities like Adelaide, Brisbane etc before the completion of the 2 years restriction in WA? cheers:cute:
  2. Hi All, I have been talking with our agent and she said that the code that Vic SS use for Registered Nurse is different to the code that DIAC use. DIAC are not recognising us as priority 2 because of this!! Is anyone else having this problem? If so what was the out come.. Thanks in advance!
  3. hi as title states i am a midwife with almost 2 years post reg experience. I am hoping to be in australia by the end of this year. we have applied for a 175 visa based on oh trade (boilermaker/plater). when we eventually get there i want to be able to work as a midwife, will be either nsw or perth area. i havent applied for the ielts yet. numerous posts that i have read state conflicting information. some say you dont need it if you trained/worked in uk. THEREFORE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLARIFY ONCE AND FOR ALL. do i need to get this booked and passed. or would it be better to wait until we get our visa, get over to australia and apply for it over there. my second question is when is best to apply to APHRA. now or when i get over to oz. i really dont know what to do for the best. please help before my head explodes. thanks nicola
  4. twinkletoes35

    AHPRA reg and GCSE certs

    hi all trying to get my papers together for my nursing registration, after 20yrs I cannot find my GCSE certificates, contacted AHPRA who gave me a long list of other possible options. Has anyone else got there nursing reg with APHRA without producing there GCSE certificates and not done the IELTS test? thanks TT
  5. Hi guys, New to the forum, looks a great place to get some good info. I'm a sparky in the UK and have NZ registration from an aborted attempt to emigrate there 4 years ago. My marriage split meant I ended up back in England. I'm hoping to move to Oz in the next year or so (probably Brisbane) and was wondering if I could transfer my NZ registration to QLD? Thanks, Dave
  6. Pozz

    Reg plates in Oz

    Could anybody tell me how to get a personalised car reg plate in Victoria? Its not something ive really been bothered about in the UK, but quite like the look of them here.
  7. twinkletoes35

    New Nursing reg forms

    Hi all I am now turning my attentions to starting the registration process and have been looking at the new application form and what is required In the work experience section it mentions submitting a copy of your CV with the previous job validated by relevent HR dept for 5 years Has anyone done this yet? and if so how? did you get different trusts to validate one CV or do it on individual sheets? I am a little confused on how to go about it Any advice much appreciated TT xx
  8. Hi all, This is my first post . I have applied for 2231-79(SAP) and its under process. Recently I wrote to them nominating ANZSCO code Developer Programmer 261312 for my application and I got the following mail as reply. The letter states that I can't provide more docs to support my case for ANZSCO code, I might not be eligible for the same with the docs provided and that I might have to pay for reassesing if opted. This is what is confusing me now 1. What if I don't proceed with nominating any ANZSCO code and let them to do the mapping for me. 2.With their mapped ANZSCO Code assesment letter, will I get a chance for free reassesing. 3.The Pros and Cons of proceding with nominating a ANZSCO code myself. Thanks for your time. Any Comments Welcome. Experts your opinion are highly regarded. Thanks in Advance:cool:. :daydreaming: Rpkbuviki Oz Day Dreamer
  9. We are planning to submit the applicaiton for partner visa do we have to submit form 80 and form 1221 ..? or it has to be submit only when requested by CO. please give ur suggestions please
  10. mr luvpants

    Got QNC reg in 2 weeks!

    Sent off the app 2 weeks ago and got a letter yesterday asking for another payment. We called them last night and paid it by CC. Got this E mail this morning: Hi Lisa, Your credit card details went through fine, you are now active as a registered nurse and eligible to practice in Queensland. Due to the postal strike in the UK I am sending this email to inform you of your registration as the documents could be delayed in reaching you. You can view the public register on our website (address below) to see that you are active, as can any prospective employer. Kind Regards, :chatterbox:
  11. Hi, As part of the documents that need to be certified, i need to provide the nmbwa with a 'transcript of nursing education or copy of syllabus from nursing regulatory board'? a bit confused as to what what a transcript is? just qualified and have an award letter for every single module i have done over the 3 years, would this be a transcipt of what the course consisted of? take it my degree cert is not what they mean. thanks, in advance michelle
  12. debbie.rn

    help with reg for NBWA

    hi all you nurses aready registered with NBWA i was going to SA and advised the ANMC to send my file to them but have since decided on WA:err: can i have my file sent to WA from ANMC or will i have to start again...web site not clear on this also SA didnt want english test from nurses trained in the UK is this the same for WA should i still register in SA ($20) and then do a mutual exchange or just go for WA as that is were i want to settle thought i was sorted and now confused again thanks for any advise given debbie
  13. Hi all, Good news for all of us nurses out there that are not reg. I am a Health Care Assistant and if you have read some of my posts in the past you will no I am qualified in alot of nursing fields.I also have my NVQ 2 and 3.Anyway I will get to point my OH went to the Expo in London today for sponsorship on his job,I also asked him to give my CV into some places in there (thats if they take them). ANYWAY one stand he gave my CV to ,asked him to sit down.Steve had to ring me,she said she would sponsor me tomorrow and asked why I had not come to Expo (didn't apply because they where only asking for reg. nurses) she has taken my CV and email address and will contact me in a few days.So as well as steve being sponsored they will sponsor me as well.She did say I would have to work full time for two years with them but after that I can move where I want to,she did say if I was not interested to let her know as she does not want to start all the visa process if I do not want the job "YER WRIGHT"of course I want it. So all you health care assistants out there that want to go to Oz,they do want and need you :spinny::jiggy:Luv Gwen xxxxxxxxxxx