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Found 4 results

  1. Right i knew this was coming but it was put on the back burner until now, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 17 , (18 in January) she has been subject to a residential order almost all her life and has always lived with her paternal grandmother (long story) we get on great but she is happy and settled in a relationship so much so she is refusing point blank to have a medical even though she is not coming and knows why it is needed etc. Her answer, she has always lived with her Nan and if anything happened to her Nan she would go and live with either her boyfriend or her mother (ex-wife) and that she has no desire to live with me and my wife not now or in the future. I have asked her to have the medical to no avail but she has said she would be happy to do a stat dec confirming her stance on this. Has anyone had this situation before? Any advice or help would be appreciated as we now have a Case Officer and i dont want to mess this up having come so far. Thanks Chris :dull:
  2. What do I do now? I have asked my boss to write me a reference so that I can register with the australian nursing board she is refusing saying that the trust policy is to give a reference when an employer asks for it. She is unhappy that I am leaving and has made things pretty difficult for me since I advised her I would be leaving. I am so fed up, if I can't complete my application what am I supposed to do. I hate the bloody NHS and all its policies. Has anyone else had the same problems and how did you get around it?:cry:
  3. Hi I've read a number of the threads about teenagers and their foibles. We are fairly early down the road to migration, and due to age it has to be on ENS or 457. Our extended family is not very close so our move may not have a great impact on them. However it's the children who are the problem. Our 18 yr old daughter is going to uni in September and doesn't want to come. As she's effectively leaving home we don't have much issue with that, and she's even starting to try to be less dependent on us for the basics such as cooking and cleaning. Our son is 15 and although 2 years ago he was more than happy about a move, is now refusing point blank to consider it, saying we must wait until he's 18. Normally we wouldn't consider a move for him at this stage in his education, but although he is very bright and capable of excellent grades, he doesn't see the point of school, and the school has done very little to dispel this. He also doesn't want to leave his friends behind. The opportunities for migration will become less as we get older, so to wait another 3 years to meet his "demands" is unreasonable. However are they just demands based on teenage uncertainty or is it really a bad move? His nature is such that he seems to be popular in lots of things he takes part in, so I have no worries about his making friends, but since the education system in the UK seems to have failed him, is the Australian system really that much worse? There are lots of things done or not done in life that we regret, but I don't want to resent any of them. I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks Pete
  4. Guest

    16 year old refusing to come

    Our 16 year old son is driving us mad by refusing to come to Oz - we went out on holiday to visit family in Adelaide and when we said about coming to live out there he was all for it and keen to go. At the moment he says he does not want his life to change, he wants it to stay the same - which it won't anyway - he will be leaving school after his GCSE's and has been accepted to train as a hairdresser based in a salon & training academy. (which would not have happened without guidance and nagging from us - the evil parents) He has in fact already started at the hairdressers one night a week after school (he did his work experience there and they offered to take him on) Hairdressing is what he really wants to do - so working on the basis that if something went wrong with getting our visa and also the fact he will more easily get taken on as a trainee in Oz if he has some work experience we thought it would be best to get something lined up for when he leaves school. (At the mo we are hoping to get to oz sometime in Sept/Oct) Anyway now despite the fact l have told him that Oz hairdressers are the best paid in the world (apparently) and even having contacted a couple of hairdressers in Adelaide and being told that yes they are always looking for trainees. He is adamant he wants to do his training here and he doesn't want to leave his friends. He refuses to believe that he won't see most of these friends once they all leave school and go in different directions. I am getting so sick of him and his attitude (he is being ****ty to his sister now - possibly because she is starting to get a tiny bit excited and has been checking out courses at Adelaide Uni) I am starting to wonder whether we should call his bluff and say fine stay. He has been telling everyone he is not going anyway, he thinks my mum would let him live with her because she has been one of the loudest opponents to us going, but l know my mum and the reality of having a stroppy teenager under her roof is not one she could really tolerate (and she would not give up wardrobe space for him!) One of his friends mum has already said he can live in their converted barn (this particular friend does not get on with his own parents and spends as much time as he can at our house!) I suppose my main worry is that we force him to come, buy the ticket and he does a bunk the day we are due to go. Or that we call his bluff and let him stay, who knows what might happen then???? He does not even want to be part of the family at the moment, he is acting totally selfishly in a lot of ways, wants to be treated like an adult while acting like a child (can't believe l am saying that as l seem to remember something like that in my distant past as well) At the end of our tether and can't take much more, what with all the visa stress,house selling stress, etc etc Sorry to have bored you all to death, but some outside perspective would be good?? Mel :arghh: