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Found 7 results

  1. So, I've read a similar thread starter to this several times. Like it says on the tin, my 16 yr old son refuses to come and says he has arranged to live with his 15 year old girlfriend and her family we leave. My god I am in pieces. He left school this year and has spent more time with them than with us since then. He is at college and has no job or means of income. To be honest, he never has been that keen, but we got his visa anyway and crossed our fingers. Now our dream is in ruins because there is no way on earth I can even consider leaving my child here on his own. We have family here, but we aren't close emotionally (albeit geographically quite close). Today I had the conversation that I have been putting off for a while now. I've been trying to avoid backing him into a corner where he would actually say "NO" and then feel that he can't back down. I wanted to leave him room to manouvre and change his mind without having to admit to it. He sat there trying to be all hard and said "well you are the ones who are f..ing off over the over side of the world and leaving me on my own" he sounded so lost and young. I told him that I had never thought it would come to this. I always thought he would come. It never occurred to me that he wouldn't. We have another son of 14 who is keen and had hoped to get over before January so he could start his final years of school over in WA. Well that's not going to happen is it? So three of us do want to go and the other one is stamping his feet. Ok, why should he have to do something he doesn't want to? But why the hell should we have to give up our hopes? Dammit, he hasn't even given it a chance. We wanted to do this for their flippin benefit as well as ours. Why wont he try it for a few months and see if he might actually like it? So now we've sort of decided that if we do get a buyer we will sell our house and downsize to a smaller one, maybe a fixer upper and free off much of our capital, so that when we are in a position to leave we wont have to wait for a buyer again. When second son finishes his high school education in two years we will look at it again and see what position number one Son is in. By then he will be nearly 19. Still not old enough to be left alone but maybe not so much of a child and he may have grown a little by then and have come to the same conclusions that we have about the prospects in England versus Aus. If not - well, he will be an adult and will have to make his own decision and still have another couple of years before the five are up.
  2. Johnson Beharry, Victoria Cross hero, refuses to shake Gordon Brown's hand - Telegraph I remember saying in a previous post about Brown and how dis- interested he was at the ceremony. I hope this could be another nail in his coffin. Now the a*sh**e has written to the guy expressing his respect! ELECTION YEAR!!:arghh:
  3. Its becoming very apparent that my ex will not let my son undertake a medical in relation to the visa application even though he will not be included on the visa. I've noted that a statutory declaration can be obtained to overcome this, but can anyone provide input on the content required of the declaration as i wish to get this right first time. Any help in this matter, or advice from persons in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for all your help and assistance. Best wishes, Chris.
  4. Help Please Urgent, Non Migrating Dependant's Mother Refuses Medical Happy as a pig in "S**T" last week as I got my Case Officer and as i had had front loaded all of the information (family medicals, police Cert etc) requested on the DIAC website, my expectation / hope was for a quick decision. However last week my happiness was somewhat shattered when my case officer requested that my daughter from a previous relationship undergo a medical as she is a "Non Migrating Dependant" , which I knew was going to be problematic as my daughters mother wants to put "pins in my eyes" to put it mildly. For once in recent months I was correct and my ex, point blank refuses to allow my daughter undergo the medical. No reason just bitterness. I have read threads about issuing Declarations to DIAC, stating that my ex will not allow my daughter to have the medical and I guess I am wondering if: 1. Do Declaration's actually work? 2. If so, will such a declaration delay the final processing time? 3. Is there an alternative to a declaration etc. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. Hi All, We have had a case officer since the 23/09/08 My husband has a child that is 15 years old but hasnt had any contact with in all this time. When we submitted our application we was aware of the fact that they would require him to undergo a medical so I contacted my husbands exwife and explained the situation she then called us back saying that her son refused to take the medical. I then called australian house and asked what I should do they suggested a letter from the child and exwife stating the reasons for refusing. The exwife and son agreed to sign a letter stating that he refused due to having no contact for 15 years. These letters where uploaded with all our other documents. But our case officer is still requiring him to go for a medical:arghh: Has anybody else been in this situation or can anybody offer any advice of what to do now. It states that we have until the 26th december to supply the medical and if they dont receive it by that date our application will be decided without it. But I need to do something now as I wanted to be gone before christmas?????????:unsure: Please Help Thanks Rachel
  6. Hi everyone! hope you can help! i'm a divorced mum of three (13 mth twins) and a 2& 1/2 year old! i divorced husband because of his adultary (my youngest two were six months old). i also have proof of his alcohol problems. he has moved away from where i live to a new job four hours away. consequently he only sees them for two days over 2/3 weeks. he chose to move that far away. I have duel nationality (oz/uk) and am thinking of returning to Australia in the next two years, with my new partner(electrician) my parents are also seriously planning to return, as is one of my sisters. I'm terrified that my ex will be able to stop me going to live in oz. i know he wouldnt give me permission. what would happen if we went to court? if a court agrees in my favour, would my ex just have to go along with that? would the court be likely to agree? I would be going to oz with quite a lot of money and would be happy to agree to bringing children back to uk every other year for 3 plus weeks, plus phone/email contact etc.... could anyone give me advice? does it help that i am already an australian citizen? i know i could successfully apply for my children to be oz citizens too....:unsure:
  7. HI all My friend Lisa is in strife and I am hoping that we may be able to help her. Lisa has recently migrated to Adelaide with her husband and children. They paid a remobals company in the UK to pack and send a container to Adelaide. The container has reached Adelaide but the company there refuses to release it, claiming that the UK company owes them money. The UK company is not answering the phone or responding to faxes and e-mailes so they might be about to go bust, I fear. The container contains all of Lisa's husband's certificates confirming his qualifications. His new employers in Australia are demandng proof of his qualifications. It also contains all their furniture, crockery etc and they have agreed a rental of an unfurnished house from 24 October. Can the Australian company hold Lisa's container to ransom in this way? Can anybody suggest what she ought to do? I have absolutely no idea about shipping and international removals, so I haven't got a clue what to suggest and would be very grateful to anyone who can suggest anything. Many thanks Gill