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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everybody, First time posting here and wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation. My partner and I are currently on a BVA for a DE 187 application which we applied for in February this year. However, the sponsoring Business is listing the business for sale. We’re not sure how soon it will sell and if it will keep the same ABN, but obviously, we are concerned. My partner (main applicant) has been approached by a different restaurant that is willing to sponsor her and start a new nomination for the same position as a restaurant manager. After speaking with the Department, I was informed that two nominations can be lodged at the same time, however, as an applicant it can be tricky, as the 2nd employer would need to have completed the required advertising, received RCB approval and lodged a nomination before we could withdraw the 1st application and apply for the new application. What mainly concerns us, is that if we were to apply for the new application on our current BVA we would be placed on a BVC. This is what is uncharted territory for me, as we would want to avoid going on a Bridging Visa C due to work rights (which can be appealed) but most importantly the family hardship of not being able to leave the country for almost 2 years while waiting for a decision on the new application. I think a workaround would be to apply for a tourist visa after withdrawing the initial 187 application and before applying for the new 187, but then we run the risk of receiving a No Further Stay condition on that 600 visa. After explaining our situation to an agent at the DHA, he suggested contacting nsw.pse@border.gov.au and request priority processing for the initial 187. He said don't mention the business being for sale, but have a reason to request the priority processing. That seems like a long shot to me, and I wouldn't even know where to begin. It all seems a bit too overwhelming, and while hiring a migration agent would be the next step, is it really worth it when 75% of DE applications are getting denied? Also, does anyone have any experience with requesting a refund (form 1424) because of a situation out of the applicant's control, such as the nominating business selling? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Cheers, Alexander
  2. Hello, I'm very new to this site so hope I'm doing this correctly. I was hoping to get some advice from anyone who is in the know / has had a similar experience. I have been employed with my employer for 2 years and 5 months. My employer completed a nomination for me for 186 visa In May last year. I submitted my application in October last year. It has only recently come to my attention that the department are disputing the validity of my visa and it sounds like it won't be granted because the nomination was put it too early. ( My concern being my money for visa may be lost despite them not even looking at my part of the application yet ) We have received nothing formal yet - but communication / response is proving very difficult. Im just wondering how likely it is that the nomination and subsequent application would be approved given it was submitted early ? Even though that time frame has long been surpassed? And I made contact before I submitted my application and feel like I have been given misleading information? Also, if it was to be refused - what would my options be? Or is there anything I can do now before it gets to that point ? I have been trying to access some advice from certified migration agents and waiting on call backs/ appointments but my anxiety regarding this is getting the better of me so thought I would post here to see if there is any other advice. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanking you in advance.
  3. Juniper753

    WHV tax NO tax free threshold

    Hi all - new to forum, signed up especially as hit a new low following the ATO's WHV tax rebate rules. looking for people in similar situation. As per the ato website WHV holders who have earnt $18,200 or more between Jan-Jun 2017 will get essentially NO TAX FREE THRESHOLD on any income received Jul-Dec 2016.Say you earnt $18,200 in Jul-Dec 2016 and $18,200 in Jan-Jun 2017: this means you pay 15% on WHV income which also in turn erodes the tax free threshold on earlier income resulting in paying 19% tax on $18,200 PLUS 15% tax on $18,200. This can’t be right surely?????? I've gone from overpaying my Jun-Dec 2016 tax by $2-3k (pro-rata threshold / previous tax rules) to not only having that eroded by income earnt in 2017 but I now owe tax apparently, even though I've been consistently paying 15% tax in 2017. (FI I earnt approx $24k 2016 and $15k 2017 paying $7k in tax in total)
  4. Hello everyone, I am not the Payer (used my brother C.C), the problem is on the last page, they ask (form 1424): 1: " You must provide a clear and well-supported reason for requesting a refund " and then they also 2: I declare that: • I am the original payer named in Question 1 or, if the original payer is deceased, I am the authorised person named in Question 18. ** [sIGN]** Problem is i am filling the form, It's perfectly good if money goes back in my brother C.C, but it seems i need to get the sign from the Payer (which i can) but the "reason of Refund" i need to enter is of mine, and there is no where I have to sign (applicant) It's quite confusing for me. Is it ok if i fill the form, and get his sign? or should i sign myself?
  5. Paula and Jay

    Tax Refund

    Hi all, i wonder if anyone can help? I've heard off a few people that after your first year here, once you lodge a tax return that you're usually entitled to a refund? Is this correct? thanks in advance, Jay and Paula
  6. Hi everyone, Has anyone managed to get a refund out of DIAC yet, I followed the instructions of a post that was "Stickied" (although it isnt there now) about emailed them and then waiting for the reply which should be a no and then complaining to the ombudsman. I had a reply on 17 Oct, saying my request would be expected to be dealt with within 10 days, I've not heard anything since! I agree with the reasons behind changing the immigration criteria to best suit Australia, after all that's one of the reasons we wanted to go, however I'm totally disgusted with the service they have provided to people who now have little (NO) hope of now getting a visa and refusing to refund VAC. I'm going to email them again today and complain that they have even failed to deal with my complaint within their guidelines and I'm not a happy bunny! Rob
  7. Hi Guy's, Hope someone can shed some light on this one.. I was living and working in Australia on a 457 Visa for 2.5 years. I left Australia and terminated my 457 visa last year. I also claimed back my superannuation as I had no intention of going back to Oz. I have now been offered another 457 with the company I was working for in Oz previously. What legal ramifications (If any) would there be regarding my claimed back super? Would I be allowed to come back in and work again? Would the fact I've claimed back my super affect the visa process in any way? Bit of a sticky one...:confused: thanks!
  8. Guest

    UK Tax Refund

    Hi Guys A few of the removal companies have mentioned that OH and I are able to get a tax refund from HM Revenue and Customs as we are moving to Oz half way through the tax year. I can't seem to find anything (but it is early and I had a late night last night :SLEEP:) on here. Does anyone know if it is true and how we go about it? I presume that we can only do it once we leave the country?
  9. Visa Cancellations (Question No. 17) Mr Morrison asked the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, in writing, on 30 September 2010. In respect of the Minister’s announcement of the cancellation of about 20,000 visa applications made prior to 1 September 2007: (a) what is the estimated total sum of the value of application fees that will be refunded; (b) what total sum has been refunded as at 30 September; and © by what date are all application fees expected to be refunded. Mr Bowen—The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows: (a) The estimated total value of applications to be refunded is $14.4 million (b) $156,625 has been refunded as at 30 September 2010 © the completion of the refund process is dependant on the Department receiving from clients their correct current bank account and contact details. The Department has requested this information, but has not yet received responses from all the clients.
  10. The DIAC refund the VAC for invalid applications and ceased applications. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer. The Ombudsman (paper tiger) has no powers and can only make suggestions. If an issue has not attracted the attention of the press, as in: deporting Australian citizens, imprisoning permanent residents of Asian appearance and children, there are unlikely to be any suggestions to the DIAC. The Ombudsman can do nothing about a ministerial decision, notwithstanding that the minister is not mentioned in a complaint.
  11. Guest

    Withdrawl & Refund VAC?

    Hello, Has anyone or does anyone know someone who has successfully received a REFUND on a Visa Application Charge? This is our situation & reasons for seeking a REFUND: I submitted my GSM 175 in February 2009. I am a bricklayer. At this time my application was in the priority processing category. (CSL) When the processing priorities changed we looked at other options. Our only option as we wanted to move to regional QLD was to apply for State sponsorship for QLD & submit another visa application this being GSM 475. We eventually gained State Sponsorship for Regional QLD on the 25th August 2009 after a 16 week wait & submitted our GSM 475 application on the 1st September 2009. This putting us back to priority processing once again. Sadly for us & many others, the changes of 23rd September put a stop to this again. With the SMP coming out & it looking like there will be no hope whatsoever for the 475 Application. It has been a non starter from day 1 with the 475!!!! Currently, my partner has a nomination approved for ENS 856 but with the GSM 175 looking like it MAY be processed we have not submitted the 856 Application due to the cost of another visa application charge. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IS IF ANYONE THINKS WE MAY HAVE GROUNDS FOR A REFUND or a fee transfer to the 856? Many Thanks.
  12. Dear Pre September 2007 applicants, I have asked DIAC to stop processing my VAC refund on the Cap n Cease bill. I request all pre September applicants who have asked for a refund to write a email and also send your request by registered post as well. This advise was rendered to me by a migration agent and also by a Accredited Migration Lawyer. So, please come together. The bill of Cap and Cease has been lapsed in the parliament. Cheers
  13. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer.
  14. Guest

    can i refund if im in CAT4

    im one of the ICT recent grad victim, my degree actually can nominate other occupation, but i have selected 2231-79, now being effected. but i'd like to know can i ask DIAC to refund my currently application for the reason that i want to nominate other skill, because my degree can be nominated for engineering technology, and i have already done the skill assessment, will they allow me to to a transition?
  15. hi, I'm due to emmigrate to Oz in September and I've read that some NI contributions can be reclaimed and placed in another pension, but I'm unable to find the form on the government website to do this, although there are plenty of agencies offering to do it, which I would like to avoid. Also, on my QIS form for customs it asks about items bought within 1 year as I will have to pay duty on them. Will it be my responsibility to prove that all items were not purchased within a year? I've kept many original boxes for stuff I bought in the past 2 years or so, knowing we were off to Oz, but I don't have receipts for them. If I do pay duty on some items, can I claim the UK VAT back and where can I find the form to do so? I'm guessing that the fact I may charged duty on some items in Oz (on the basis I may not be able to prove when I bought them and therefore must be less than a year old-if this is the case) wouldn't be enough to then prove the case for claiming the VAT back in the UK. So will I be taxed twice effectively? Many thanks for any advice and info
  16. Hi, does anyone know if you buy a return ticket from the UK but decide not to fly back can you get a refund for the return part of the flight? Thanks J
  17. Hi all , Please share your views regarding the following points. 1) Refund all the visa fees, since there seems to be no hope at the end of the tunnel. All the promises and rules when we applied for visa before September 2009, have been broken by DIAC making our life hanging and frozen. Moreover, the faith is lost and broken by these kinds of retrospective changes unique to Austealia. OR 2) No, we will keep on waiting till 2012 AD. We do have hopes. We trust DIAC, Minister. No problem with life being kept frozen and in limbo. No problem of putting off Childs birth or buying a new car etc. There in Australia has better scopes than USA or Canada. We trust minister and his rules which are for good and in accordance to what was promished when we applied for visa. Which one do you choose, 1 or 2 above??. Please mention below and explain further. Please give time for this effort of mine and my friends here. Sincerely Yours, DK:arghh:
  18. Guest

    Refund of Visa Charges

    Hi I have withdrawn my visa application and the immigration office has refused my request for a refund. They told me the legislation does allow for a refund if the applicant simply withdraws. Now I find this unfair. Here is why: I withdrew my application because of the new processing times. In fact I should say I decided to withdraw because of the absence of a time frame and any assurance that my visa will be processed at all, if ever. When I had lodged my application, the understanding given by the immigration office was it would be done in 6-9 months. And now when this time frame has expanded interminably, I was not willing to wait and so chose to withdraw. So why should I be penalised for something that is not my fault? I am trying to find out if there is a way to challenge this policy or legislation. I would like to hear from anyone who is in a similar situation, or just any advice of how I can go about this. Thanks
  19. Just incase you guys don't know yet. Australian Immigration - Legislation Change Update
  20. emmaroo

    Flight Refund??

    Hi Can anyone tell me how much of a refund you generaly get when you cancel a flight? :eek: Thanks Emma
  21. My daughter has left australia and is now working in New Zealnd, can anyone advise me how I may claim back the tax she paid in, she worked July - Sept 09. Also can you claim back the super. Many thanks Carole
  22. Hi everyone, I'm soon to be returning to the UK, having entered Australia on a parental visa twelve months ago , but I am now getting conflicting answers from Centrelink and Imigration regarding claiming back my AOS bond. Has anyone done this, and can offer any advise. Cheers John Victoria Point Qld
  23. Guest

    Education tax refund

    For those who got the flyer in the mail, don't bother going to the website stated, they've re-designed it since the flyer was printed. Go here for info about the rebate: Education Tax Refund or here for a faq: http://ato.gov.au/individuals/content.asp?doc=/content/00166469.htm&page=1#P89_9861 kev
  24. Hi, has anyone, having a Parental Visa returned to the Uk and claimed the AOS bond back,before the time had elapsed (10 years)? I am getting conflicting answers from Centerlink (when I can eventually get through)on how to do this, and wondered if anyone can offer any advice. Cheers John
  25. It's worth ago to see if you are entitled to any extra funds. This is unbelievable but there has been some glitch in the child tax allowance for the tax year 2002-2003. If you paid UK tax and had a child under the age of 17 living with you in that year you are entitled to a payment of £520 per household. For couples it’s more. This must be claimed by 31.01.2009. The number to call is 0845 3021437 which is HM Revenue & Customs in Birmingham - have your NI number handy when you call Let anyone know who you think could benefit. If you want more information you can go to the link below or there are other websites – Be warned by going through one of the third party sites they will probably take a % of whats repaid Tax Credits - Claim your Tax Allowance I'm going to give a go tonight. Kim