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Found 28 results

  1. Good Evening, Just wondering if anybody could help with the CV format required by Vetassess for the 1st part of the application. I am just editing my cv to match the relevant style of CV they want. Also, I have been working since I left school in Ref./Air con. trade but am only getting the VETASSESS assessment for the Offshore training record to make life easier on arrival to australia as my wife is the main applicant on the 189 visa. (I know this can add 5 points if needed, Hopefully not.) Should I provide evidence back to when I left school and started in the trade? or should I just cover the minimum 5 years with my current employer for a positive result? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Eddie
  2. Hi Everyone, Im going to be moving to Brisbane next year with my girlfriend as her family are from there and I also really enjoyed the city. I can get the partner visa as we have been together for 7 years and can prove our relationship. The only thing im worried about is getting my refrigeration engineer skills and qualifications accepted over there. Ive been told that i need to apply for an OTSR from an approved trades recognition service. After following all the links on the websites i was given by the Trades Recognition Australia I was sent to the website of Vetassess. But when I got in contact with the australian refrigeration council they told me that they dont accept OTSR from Vetassess as qualifications. So my question to anyone out there is this. Has anyone else had experience of getting their skills recognised before they enter Australia but not for needing it as part of their visa application? Also can anyone tell me what is the correct process for getting their qualifications and skills transferred over in refrigeration? And finally has anyone had any experience in the context gap training that i have been told i will have to do when i get there? I find it hard to believe that for a country almost entirely made up of immigrants its so difficult to get your previous qualifications accepted. Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on this subject
  3. Hi there, My name is Rob and i have never used a forum before. I am a qualified refrigeration and air con engineer. I'm 24, single, no kids or dependents. I did a 7 month stint in WA fitting air con down in the wine region and Perth 2013-2014. I'd like to apply for a skilled visa and come back to work as a fully licensed engineer. I was lucky enough to make many contacts that are keen to employ me. I didn't want to do a sponsorship when i was there as i wanted my own freedom and not to suddenly find myself "trapped" in one company. Also i have literally no family in Aus, just some close friends and an ex girlfriend. I'm looking for anyone that can recommend me a decent agent in which i can do my skills transfers with. I've been talking to a guy called James (jim) Gordon who seems very professional and boasts a 100% migration record. He has a MARA number but when i searched on the IMMI/MARA database it returned no results, there were only 2 migration agents registered on MARA that are in the UK of which i have contacted. But was just wondering if anyone has any advice on Jim or anyone has used him? I'm not very Anal normally but i just want to find the best agent that would do the best job. Recommendations and stories appreciated. From what ive seen its gonna be a long, rocky road to Australia. Rob.
  4. Hi I have been applying for jobs as a refrigeration and air conditioning over in OZ asking if they will all sponsor me ive had nothing good back. Can anyone give me any advice or help me with this ? i think 457 sponsorship is the only way one for me Thanks Dave
  5. Hi I have just submitted the paper part of my vetassess assessment for the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning ASCO Number 4312-11 and as I understand it if I am successful in this part I will be asked to do a day’s assessment somewhere in the U.K. I would like to know if anyone has been on this assessment day and what the day involved. How many people take the assessment in one day? How is the assessment done? What tests where you asked to do on what type of equipment? How long the assessment takes is there an exam and did you have to take your own tools? Or where tolls provided? I have had a look on this forum and have found a page that talks about the assessment but it is missing a good break down of what you are expected to do on the day I would appreciate some knowledge of the assessment before I turn up on the day thanks Rick
  6. leeannekays

    Refrigeration engineers

    Has anyone moved to OZ on the Skill of Refrigeration Engineer? We are eager to move to OZ and are currently waiting to hear back from Vetassess. We are so eager to move to OZ, we went on holiday there last year and realised its the place for us. Any feed back from anyone would be great on any demand in certain places or if anyone is Refrig Engineers, how are you finding it? Leeanne
  7. Hi, I am 28 years old looking for work experience in Refrigeration and/or Air conditioning. I am here with my wife in Melbourne and I am studying Refrigeration and Air conditioning as a mature student. the course is only on a Wednesday to Friday so available any other time. I require 400 hours to pass to the course then 900 hours for TRA. I am happy to travel and to even travel to other cities during term breaks. If anybody is looking for a trainee please contact me thanks Jim Harrop 0416 003282 jim.harrop@hotmail.com
  8. I have just recently been denied a TRA as a refrigeration mechanic in australia as i did not meet the scope required. I only have a city n guilds RaAC level 2 qualification. Im currently on a 457 visa, living in brisbane and working for a AC company. Is there any way of obtaining a level 3 qualification in australia?????
  9. Hi, I have read on this forum about the Plumbers and Electricians having to go back to College to get their licence/certificates to start trading and to also be told that they are going to get paid a low wage for first year or so. As I am trained in Plumbing, Refrigeration and Mechanical Services my agent received our TRA back with the Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Mechanic as being a pass from the TRA. Do I now need like the Plumbers and Electricians to go back and re-train for the above i.e. what I passed my TRA on? Also are there any Refrigeration/air-con engineers out there in Australia that have had trouble finding work, and furthermore being paid a poor salary? Did you have to go back to college to re-train? Any info on helping me before I actually get there would be appreciated. My agent at the time of applying did not advice me that I would have to re-train. Thank you for your help AC MAN :cool:
  10. Hi, I am a 32 year old Brit currently studying Cert III Engineering Air Con & Refrigeration at Holmesglen institute in Melbourne. I am at the stage of a 2nd Year apprentice and seeking long term paid work with a company in this industry. I have a history of experience in Technical Sales aswell and have a good commercial knowledge. I am keen, hard working and trustworthy and would welcome any advice or job opportunities that come my way. many Thanks FRANK ROBINSON 0410651751
  11. Hi I am Air Conditioning & Refrigeration mechanic looking for work in the Perth area. We have our visa and plan to emigrate to Perth ASAP. Anyone willing to offer employment I would be truly grateful. I have 20yrs experience A/C, Refrigeration, Mechanical and BMS Controls experience on the tools as well as management experience to boot. C.V available if requested. Or PM me. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon. Si and family. :biggrin:
  12. Hi I am Air Con & Refrigeration engineer looking for work in the Perth area. We are approx 2 months from getting our visa and plan to emigrate to Perth ASAP after that. Anyone willing to offer employment I would be truly grateful. I have 20yrs experience A/C, Refrigeration, Mechanical and BMS Controls experience on the tools as well as management experience to boot. C.V available if requested. Or PM me. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon. Si and family.
  13. Hi We are very close to having our visa granted for Perth WA. I am looking for work as a air conditioning service technician or Managers role for the same as I have done both roles. I have over 20years experience in the trade covering all aspects from service, installation, survey and project managing. For more information or my C.V please PM me. Thanks Simon
  14. Vetassess test Refrigeration and Air-conditioning review Hi I have now completed my vetassess practical exam for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning so I am posting this to help others who will be doing the test with what happened on the day. Ok first of all the test I did was on the 22-2-2011 at North West collage London not bad to get to, not far from wembley stadium. I rang the collage before the test to ask them about parking and found out that the test would be carried out when the collage was closed for the week so we would be able to use the staff car park in the collage for free. this was very good news as the road side car parking looked limited and with all the tools I had to bring I wanted to be close.(well worth ringing the collage before and asking some questions) tools I took with me electronic leak detector, gauges 404a 134a scale , refrigerant compotator, every day hand tools, solenoid puller, multimeter, vacuum gauge. I also took P.P.E. with me safety boots, gloves, goggles, and wore my work clothes. There were 5 people taking the exam and 6 the day before I think the max number is 6 there was 2 English examiners there that worked at the collage and an Australian from Vetassess. First task was to take some readings from systems we were given I.E. hi side pressure, low side pressure, condensing temp, evaporating temp, ambient temp , how much super heat the expansion valve was producing, and liquid line sub cooling. We then had to reclaim the entire refrigerant from the system and record how much we got out then pressure test with o.f.n. and do a leek test using soap spray then recharge the system and re take all readings for the system. Next I was asked to make up a pipe to the drawing given it had a swage joint a few flared joints on it. When made up we brazed the joins using o.f.n. to purge the pipe work and after cut the joins open so the examiner could see the quality of the joint. Then on to the motors (compressors) I was given 2 motors and asked to test them electrically. The single phase one was fine no fault the 3 phase one had 2 windings shorted together then I had to determine the common start and run terminals of the single phase comp. Then draw how I would wire the 3 phase comp in star and then delta. Then I was given 2 plugs a 13a domestic and a 16a 3phase and a length of wire and asked to wire them up. Next came a air con split system mounted on a upright board I was told there was an electrical fault on it and asked to take a look I did not see it but the examiner told me to look at the capacitor wiring where I then noticed that both wires had been placed on one side of the capacitor essentially making the capacitor out of the circuit. Next I was given a system that was not working the evaporator fan was not working so I chased the wire down to the electrical panel where the wire had been removed from the terminal block.(I was not asked to fix either of the faults only to find them) and last a system that I was asked to record the systems running data the same data as in the first test and find the system fault the fault was with the dryer partially blocked causing bubbles in the sight glass a big temperature difference from the inlet to out let of the dryer and after about 10 minutes some frosting on the top of the dryer. All of the findings were recorded in a small booklet I was given when we started which also outlined the tasks we had to do the examiners where helpful and thank god as I asked more than my fare share of questions. There was all so a few verbal question and answers as we were going along like can you describe the triple vack method. The test stated at 8a.m. and finished at 5.30p.m. Hope this helps some people that are going to do the exam good luck :cute:
  15. Immediate start - Work within a great team and even better working environment. SEEK - Air Conditioning Technician - WA CBD Job in Perth
  16. Australian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning books Volume 1 and Volume 2, good as new and bought last year. These retail at $125.00 each. Will sell for $150.00 ono for the pair. For anyone who needs to do the course, these are a must. PM if interested. Liz
  17. My other half is waiting for a date for his practical date with Vetassess. Anyone else waiting for this in the UK? We are so eager to start the visa.
  18. Does anybody know if the new skills shortage list out for WA. The latest I have seen is for June 2010. I have searched and not found a new list, but you guys may have seen something I have missed. Hellllllllllp me Please......Thanks guys and good luck???:wub:
  19. hi i am a qualified engineer looking to move to oz , my trade is on the skills list whats the best way of going about getting there my friend got sponsered whilst backpacking is it a good idea to go out and approach potential sponsers whilst on a three month holiday visa , most of the migration companies i have approached seem pretty expensive , i have a brother and cousins in oz at the moment as well and am 34 years old so i seem to be in quite a good position
  20. Hi has anyone obtained a positive skill asessment from TRA after completing this course in Australia? is so, can you please advise which institution? thank you
  21. Hi, My family and I are getting nearer to our relocation to Brisbane area and I am starting to think about work. Could anyone please give me some information on the air conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC industry? I specialise in technical sales of equipment or contracting and I want to understand more about the industry in australia. Is it similar to the UK where you have smaller specialist contracts who do split systems, VRF/VRV installations and ventilation?? Or is this work done by contractors who also do mechanical and electrical services?? Is VRF big in Australia like it is in the UK or is it mainly done by chilled water systems as in Europe and USA? Any help would be appreciated. Best regards, Martin
  22. hi all, im planing to come western australia.my field is refrigeration and airconditioning.im a mechanic.how is the job oppotunities there for refrigeration & aircondition mechanics? i have already pass the offshore practical assessment and can i apply for a job befror i complete my licence from here,my mother land. need advice for that? dilani
  23. Guest

    Practical Day - Refrigeration

    My husband is in London doing his practical today. I know there are some people doing theirs tomorrow and the day after so here is the little bit of news (will be updated as I hear it) on what to expect I booked him into the Travel Lodge down the road due to it's closeness to the college. It took him about 10/15 minutes to get there this morning - even in peak hour traffic. Parking - security parking is available at the college. It is boom controlled and there is loads and free - although it is quite a walk to reception with your tool bags (parking in lecturers parking bays is still not allowed - even at half term :laugh:) Apparently the car park was busy this morning with a wide variety of Tradesmen all looking fairly nervous so ............... Now the phone is off (apparently they are really strict on that point) so hopefully he will phone at lunchtime and I'll give you more substantial information
  24. Has anyone out there taken the Refrigeration Technical phone interview..??? If so, could you give me some guidance as to what kind of questions will be asked? It would be much appreciated, Josh :wacko:
  25. Hi does anyone have any info on what's involved on the Refrigeration/air con pratical?