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Found 89 results

  1. Dear All, Attached a template that i am going use for as reference letter. I will put all my duties and projects detail and then will send to employer, expecting they will review and sign it. Kindly take a look and let me know if it will serve the purpose. I would really appreciate your comments and please highlight if you find any errors. Besides, i have few queries : 1) Do we really need to write salary in reference letter? 2) I did few projects for Govt organization that i don't want to mention Company name. Is it ok to write project name something like "Govement Organization - Network and Security Project"? 3) can i use the same format for all employer? Regards RamCis Employer Reference _ template.doc Employer Reference _ template.doc
  2. Sye ev 101

    Reference refusal

    Hi guys, I hope someone could advise me. ive worked in Oz for 7 years as a nurse. Now applying for residency but some of my employers are refusing to provide me with a personal performance reference and only a statement of service as I've not worked for that organisation for over twelve months. This is hindering my application due to no fault of my own and may possibly prevent me from obtaining residency.. Anyone experienced this. Thanks
  3. Im a mental health nurse and I am getting all my documents together to apply for modified skills assesment from anmac...only thing thats taking time and probably will b done wrong anyway is my professional reference...anmac website confused me a little on reference requirement so I emailed them and they replied that I did not need a reference if my qualification was solely in mental health, only needed it if it was a general degree...im really pleased about this as means i can apply straight away, I dont need the points for work experience either. .. but also a little wary..ive heard ppl say they get told things by anmac n immi that then turn out to be false...and on here every1 seems to send a reference...anyone any idea? I dnt want to get it wrong. Thanks
  4. Hello all!! My immi lawyer has said I need to obtain a ref for 3 out of the last 5 years from my employer on our company's stationary. However, if my company knew I was considering this move they would surely fire me or ask me to resign... I don't want to do that as I plan to be in UK and at work for at least another 6 months. Plus I doubt they'd give me ref as they want to keep me!! Has anyone else come across this situation? If so, how do you deal with it? Thanks, Jen (Going for a regional sponsorship visa - 190 visa - completing VETASSES at the moment)
  5. Hi All, Couldn't be on this forum for sometime.. Was tied down with work. Have found some time now to get back to the important things. I have managed to procure the employer reference letters from 2 out of 3 of my previous employers. I have uploaded one of the edited versions of the letter from one of my previous employers here. Please let me know if the information contained here in will suffice. Regards, Rahul
  6. peterc1983

    ACS - Current Employer Reference

    Hi all, I'm in the process of kicking off my application process for 189 visa; applied for my IELTS today. I'm looking into the ACS assessment I need and note they want a reference from my current employer. At the moment my employer has no idea, of course, that I'm looking and I wonder what experiences folk have had with this? I've been there 4 years so there is not so much of a concern of dismissal or the like. I'm just wondering how late I can leave this? I'd ideally not want to tell them, but if I must. Cheers.
  7. hummy

    TRA sample reference

    Hi there is there anyway I can have a look for how the TRA reference has to look like for wall and floor tiler? We have submitted several trial versions to our migration agent and they keep saying that it looks like "copy and paste" from somewhere else. Apparently they need an essay type thing, but before I continue to submit random versions, I feel I need to have a look at something that brings me closer to the perfect one! Many thanks!!!! Hummy
  8. Hi All, I am ready to send my documentation to South Australia and I just wanted to ask if Employment reference letter and CV need to be included with the cover sheet. The reference letter is said to be optional on the website but is it something which needs to be sent. There is not mention of CV in the required documents. Is it okay to just send the documents which are mentioned as required or does sending CV and reference letter help. Anyone with experience please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a doubt regarding the reference letter that I seek from my company to provide to the ACS for the purpose of ICT Experience. I have two positions within the same company and so I was wondering if on my reference letter i should mentioned the "Roles and responsibilities" for both the position or just one. The initial position was at a Graduate level and was only for the first three months. Do suggest me if someone else has gone through this process and got a successful assessment from ACS. I'd also appreciate if someone has done the assessment under the "Recent ICT Graduate wanting there ICT Experienced counted" receiving a successful outcome. Regards.
  10. Hi all!! Can anyone tell me whether after applying for an e457 you get a different TRN issued to you? Sounds like a daft question but I've just realised that the TRN I have to check the progress of my lodged visa is different to the one given to me by my employer Had a sudden panic that I'd somehow entered the wrong TRN at the start of the process (although I'm assuming it wouldn't have let me proceed with the application if it was wrong) :eek: Cheers, Eddy
  11. Hi my skills assessment with VETASSESS is currently being processed. I understand from numerous sources that my manager who wrote my reference may receive a call. Is this always a spot check or a guarantee? I've told her to expect a call at some point but she's very nervous as she doesn't want to say anything that may harm my application (very sweet). If so what type of questions may she be asked from your experiences so I can put her at ease! Many Thanks
  12. Guest

    Bank reference letters

    I have read elsewhere that it it is a good idea to get bank reference letters before leaving the UK for rental purposes etc. I have asked and my two banks looked back blankly! One has now written agreeing to provide this to a specific individual/ company rather than on a "to whom it may concern" basis. And is charging £10. Anyone else have any experience of this as it is a bit pointless if it isn't an open letter! Cheers
  13. admalik

    Trim file reference

    Hi Readers, I applied for PR 176 (relative) on 29 June 2011. I received confirmation email from DIAC on 1 July 2011. It was stated that i should atatch relavent document with in 28 days of the dated email .On top left corner following information was provided PRIMARY APPLICANT: ********** DATE OF BIRTH: ********** TRANSACTION RECORD NUMBER: ********** TRIM FILE REFERENCE: PERMISSION REQUEST ID: CLIENT ID: ********** LODGEMENT DATE:********** Please note that TRIM FILE REFERENCE was blank in above email body. I recieved another email from DIAC today with same subject and email body head except there was TRIM FILE REFERENCE:********** mentioned. I need to ask that What is TRIM FILE REFERENCE? Is this of any importance? Does it indiacate that my sponsor has filled in online sponsorship application? Both email states that I should submit documents within 28 days after the date of this email. Which should i follow? Appreciate your help. Regards Malik
  14. cazmayo

    Vetsassess - employer reference

    Hi guys, Just reading through the forms on vetsassess, and I just got to a form your employer has to fill out, verifying your position in the company and description of your job etc. My hubby not happy about having to inform his present employer of his plans at this early stage. Hes afraid he will let him go if he hasnt plans to stay with the company. Is this a new requirement?? cheers cazmayo
  15. headdownunder

    Reference letter

    My previous company is not willing to give a reference letter for my Aussies immigration. They have given me a service letter, that details my tenure with them, job role that I held, duration my stay and basic details. It does not give any detail about my roles and repsonsibilities in the organization. I stayed with them for 2 years and 9 Months. Now I been working with a different company for about 2 yrs and 7 months. Current organization is willing to give any possible details that are required by the process and help me move down under. But ACS needs details about my previous experience. In this regard, what can be done? I have few colleagues of mine who would details out my responsibilites and provide me with their reference. Will that sufffice with the standard Experience letter that my company has provided? Your help is appreciated. If any of you have a sample reference letter that would also help a lot! Thanks! I want move Down Under!
  16. CO has requested documents like bank statement and payslips. I have collected all the documents, but now the things it that there are just too many files with too many pages in them I was thinking about providing a index file. Which shows that pay of which month was paid by which employer is present in which page of which document :rolleyes:. Now what do you think ? Should I do it (because it is too much trouble and work) and not even asked by CO in first place .. ? But will definately help the CO or any one who want to look at all the info? Has any one provided any such index file?
  17. Guest

    Pet Reference Letter

    We are moving to Perth in a few months time with our cocker spaniels. I know that finding a pet friendly rental can be a bit tricky, but it is not impossible. What I want to find out is if having a seperate reference letter from my current landlord for the dogs would be a good idea and if so if anyone has got a sample one for me to copy? :biggrin: Obviously you cannot have a letter that is over the top but would need a letter that is to the point. Has anyone got one of these letters and did it make a difference in the grand scheme of things? I understand that offering more rent, a pet bond, undertaking to have the house carpets cleaned etc all help to secure the rental but am I being a bit too "DIACish" :wink:with the paperwork....? Any advice would be appreciated.. Richard
  18. Just a curious mind here as some people are talking about this on FB. Being from the UK where the general rule of thumb is you only give a reference about a person if you can give a good one. If you can't then you simply don't give one at all. Or at least that has always been my experience and understanding of it all. I know times are changing but for my line of work references have always been vital so I'd expect to still be given one by a former employer if it was required from a new job. Anyways, onto the topic... One was saying how hard it is to get a reference given these days in Aus. That many larger companies/corporations simply won't give one at all, even if the person has done a good job and they have no complaints or issues with their employment. Apparently many companies have it written into the company policy. Another replied and said that was their companies policy due to being held liable and they simply did not give them for anyone to save any legal concerns. Is this becoming the norm? Has anyone had any experience of this when changing jobs or job hunting? If so how did it affect your job search and prospective employers? Are smaller companies also going this route? Thanks in advance
  19. savedbytheson

    HELP: TRA reference letter for baker

    Hi, I need help for writing a reference letter for my TRA. My occupation is baker. I am planning to apply by myself, and my employer does not know how to write one. Can anyone assist me in writing the letter? I need some tips on writing a good reference letter, Or a sample of your letter would be highly appreciated! my email is albert.octavianus@live.com Thanks!
  20. eweasel

    TRA - Reference Question

    Dear all I have a quick question about references for the TRA. We have two references for my OH's first job where he completed his apprenticeship, but as the company is no longer trading they are not on letterhead paper. They are originals with signature - do they need to be certified? Many thanks in advance for your help
  21. Hi, I'm in the process of filing my ACS skills assessment app. Find below the reference documents I've collected so far: 1. On Company letter head - HR letter stating my dates of employment and Designation 2. On A4 plain paper - stating my job duties/responsibilities including dates of employment, designation, working hours and contact details of the colleague 2.1 letters from 2 senior colleagues (Senior Software Engineers) and 2.2 one at same level (Software Engineer) as me 3. Company issued colleague's Business Cards 4. Self declaration witnessed by Notary/Solicitor explaining it is against company policy to issue letter of reference with duties/responsibilities 5. My salary slips, bank statement, letter of offer and promotion Am I missing something here? Thanks a ton guys! armandra!
  22. Hi, My sister is planning to get assessed from Vestassess as a chemist. she is working for a government hospital as a chemist and she is interested in applying for the PR(176). Could any one please provide the templates for the reference letters? and can any one who has already taken up the assessment please provide the list of supporting documents submitted? I know this can be taken from vestassess directly. However, want to know if there is anything additional that we can add so that she doesn't miss out on assessment. Thanks in advance!!
  23. Hi Everyone As per the Australian immigration website they asked me to provide five main duties during my employment. I applied for ACS with a reference letter which contains very detailed information on all projects and its nearly 5 pages. Do I need to mention all those details in my Specific work experience and recent work experience letter? Does anyone have the sample format? Please help me.
  24. OK, I started a thread earlier about the pros and cons of the right to vote or not, whilst I didn't lose my temper I asked for the OP to be closed because it was getting a little petty IMO anyway, so I start this thread with yet again the same intent, but this time I will try and explain more fully. People seem to believe that voting is a very personal experience, and to some degree I cannot argue that point, BUT. Voting in a democratic way is so much more than this, so much more. It is often said that if/when we vote it is based on our own circumstances, i.e., how much tax will I will pay, what are the consequences of the cuts to MY local library, does this party policy mean to ME , etc. NOTHING wrong with these sentiments, but they do revolve around the 'self' rather than the 'whole'. What I am trying to say is that voting in a general election whilst being a very personal point of view, HAS to take into account the bigger picture. Just because something does NOT affect you directly does this make it any less important, no of course it doesn't. I will try and convey my point in one way. For instance if one party said that their future plans included the closure of several care homes for the elderly, sick, etc, in the future and that is just the way it is would you accept this JUST because it does not affect you at the present time. If this is the case then you HAVE to look further than your nose. Because quite simply, one day the closures being announced may well affect YOU and YOUR family directly. One day your parents may need that care that is so essential in a caring country, your child may need care after they contract cancer, (GOD forbid). Would you still be of the same opinion then. Maybe you would, but that is very short sighted in my view. I don't know whether I have explained it fully, but voting in my opinion is so far more than voting for 'self' when the larger 'community' should be, maybe not as important, but it should be a consideration when we vote. This is why I hold the view that voting should be made compulsory. Because as much as we want to live in denial at some point in time one of the parties policies WILL affect us or our family/wider community, and it is then to late to say why has this happened etc, if you have not voted in the past. I will leave it there, and probably won't post anymore on this subject, I just wanted to clear up some points as to why I hold certain views about voting. PS. I promise not to ask for the thread to be closed, so post away.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.
  25. What do I do now? I have asked my boss to write me a reference so that I can register with the australian nursing board she is refusing saying that the trust policy is to give a reference when an employer asks for it. She is unhappy that I am leaving and has made things pretty difficult for me since I advised her I would be leaving. I am so fed up, if I can't complete my application what am I supposed to do. I hate the bloody NHS and all its policies. Has anyone else had the same problems and how did you get around it?:cry: