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Found 17 results

  1. Guest

    Redundancy on 857 visa - Help

    Hi All, Due to change of direction of the company I work at, there is a possibility I may be made redundant. Can anyone tell me where i stand with my visa and work rights? Can I get another job in the area whether it is related to the skill I was sponsored for or not? I have been working here 1 year and 8 months, 6 of which have been under the 857 visa. We have settled here and my girlfriend is a director of a child care centre but the visa is in my name so if anything happens obviously she will lose her work rights too! If anyone has gone through this before I would be very grateful if you could share your experience. If anyone knows of a good migration agent to talk to in the brisbane/sunshine coast area it would be appreciated if you could pass on their details. Thanks in advance. Paul
  2. Hi all, In a pickle at the moment. Been in oz for 14 months on a 457 visa and my hubby moved jobs about 3 months ago (new company) who offered him the world... plus it was a job he really wanted to do... So............ he moved and today been told that the guy cant afford to keep him on and needs to chat to him as gonna have to let him go... OMG... What options do we have.!! My husband may have an option to work for a company in Perth (who said they will take over the 457 visa if he wants to work for them) BUT the cost of moving is sooooo expensive we are in Melbourne). I have read that under conditions of 457 the employer has to pay for return to the UK if cancels the visa, can you claim for moving interstate????? Also, does he have any rights so early on in his contracts regarding termination, when he done nothing wrong and the guy admitted to him that he cant afford to keep him on, hes sorry but bitten off more than he can chew .!!! Will he or can he claim any redundancy package after only 3months. Elaine
  3. Hi All We moved to Sydney from the UK 12 months ago. Exactly a year to the day since I started work my position has been terminated due to company insolvency. I got one days notice, I am owed a weeks wages and 3 weeks annual leave which I probably won't get back as there is so money left in the company and I can't claim from GEERS as I am not 'permanent resident'. I have applied for a new job and the sponsorship application/nomination is still being processed and has been for over 4 weeks now. To be honest we cannot afford for me to not be paid for any longer and the new company who are trying to sponsor me may not even be eligible as they may not meet the 'training requirements'. Me and hubby have been awake all night thinking of what we need to do if we have to go back to the UK, we will need to make a decision soon, if we keep paying rent, bills and living we will not have enough money to start again back in the UK. Can anyone give me any advice on the following: 1. If company is insolvent will I have to pay for own flights back? 2. Can I get the tax back from July to now? 3. Can I get the super back? 4. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks for listening Hop
  4. Guest

    I'm Redundant!

    Jake got his new Getz yesterday. Do we ever stop worrying about our kids?...........a horrible moment when he set off for school in it...........all sorts of thoughts going through my head. Anyways............no more school runs. No more taking him to piano lessons. Think I'll look for a job as a lollipop man or somethng? Ain't old age great :rolleyes: kev
  5. Hiya, this is my first post on here but i have been a serious lurker over the past year or so whilst trying to sort out mine and my partners rsms 857 visa. This forum has been a goldmine of information. My partner and i have recently (3 weeks ago) been granted permanent residency on an 857 rsms visa (i am an arborist or tree surgeon in WA), i was previously working for my employer for 6 months on a working holiday visa. However, work has seriously slowed down the past couple of months and the boss is starting looking at downsizing. This is exactly what happened to me in the UK and made me come over here in the first place!! From what i have read and understand so far, if i am made redundant on the RSMS i am to find work within the same industry in a regional part of australia. The problem being that arborist work is very slow throughout regional WA at the minute. There is however still arborist jobs in Perth. What am i supposed to do if i can't find a job in the same industry in regional WA?! can i apply for jobs in different industrys whilst still staying in regional WA? I feel pretty screwed at the minute to be honest. The mrs and i were feeling really settled where we are at the minute having joined clubs and become part of the community. If anybody can offer any advice it's greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Folks 2nd question today - sorry! I was unfortunately made redundant just after my Nomination was approved, back in May 2010. I havent submitted my 47ES application yet, and my Skills Test is still with the Australian Computer Society ... Does not having a job/contract right now effect badly on getting the Visa ?? My sponsor doesn't mind (and will confirm so in writing) Financially I don't have to get a job... my redundo package was quite good.... but I dont want to fall foul of some Visa requirement (I have 10+ years experience prior to being made redundant... but of course there's a growing gap now!) cheers for any advice or anyone elses experiences.. Richie (Employer Nominated 121/856, submitted May 2010, approved June 2010)
  7. Hi Guys, Long time, no post! Our plans have changed slightly and I could do with a bit of Knowledgeable advice once more... Got my 175 Visa October 2009, Validated it May 2010 by having a holiday. About 4 weeks before we validated we found out we're going to become parents which we couldn't be happier about! We want to have the baby in the UK with family and friends around for support and to get some of that NI back and look at migration again in a couple of years... Questions:- 1. I take it we validated by entering the country before the date stated by my CO and getting a stamp in our passport? I mean, I don't need to do anything more? 2. What do I need to do now to ensure baby can come with us should we still decide to go before the visa runs out October 2014? I assume we have to add him/her to our visa somehow or get a them one of their own? I've also been made redundant so if anyone needs an experienced IT guy... (added by mod: contact by PM) Thanks for your help? Steve.
  8. So, I have been in Australia since the beginning of 2008, traveled and when I came back to Melbourne at the start of '09 I started to seek out a job with the possibility of sponsorship. Now, after my application has been lodged, my employer has run out of funds to pay his staff and I am screwed! I am on a bridging visa, my working holiday expired months ago, I have very little saved, was earning very good money before hand and even went as far as invited my sibling over to stay with me, who I am now responsible for financially for the next couple of months as he is only on a tourist visa. :unsure: Does anybody know of any Melbourne based recruitment agencies who specialise in seeking roles with 457 sponsorship visas? Experience in Advertising Sales, Sales/Marketing, Business Analysis/IT... Any information at this point will be hugely appreciated! My last day is on the 18th - last pay on Christmas Eve - the timing is totally bad! HELP! :arghh:
  9. Guest

    Made Redundant - Need help!

    Hi All, This is my first post. Firstly, I would like to thank all the members and moderators of the forum for the useful information made available here. Most importantly, It has been 6 months since I was made redundant at my workplace. Still I am not settled with a job because of this bad economic climate. I have applied for GSM-175 2 months ago, but I am really worried if this will have any impact on my application because of my present job less status. Would I be questioned regarding this from the CO? Can I get any suggestions on any guidelines on this issue? If the CO asks for what I have been doing during this period I dont know what I would have to respond? I would like to be honest but unsure if works towards my best interests. Secondly, I have recently applied for GSM-175 and uploaded all the document. It has been around 2 months, but I have not received and confirmation that the documents have been 'received'. Please let me know if this normal in others case as well? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Regards, Mini
  10. Hi, I have started the application process for 856 ENS sponsored by my company. I haven't lodged the application yet and I just wanted to know what would happen if I am made redundant before the visa is granted? There are rumors of redundancies and I would like to be sure I can get the visa anyway. For example what would happen if I lodge my application, I'm made redundant, but still work for a few weeks as a notice period so it gives enough time for the visa to be granted? would that work? :eek: Thanks
  11. Hey guys and girls, I am being fully prepared I could be a redundancy waiting to happen with my company (no sales Q1 and I am probably the most expensive consultant salary and therefore probably first in line to cut costs). My question is..........I am on a 457 and so have that dreaded find another sponsor or get out of the country in 28 days. Now I love Australia, its my home, been here 3 years and lived in Perth and now up here on the Gold Coast. I love my job, I have a great life and instead of taking my natural route of.......panick, life is over......my world is falling apart...............I am being prepared, in advance in case it happens (my boss said it wasnt going to two weeks ago to me when I panicked when he called a meeting and asked if my job was up for a chop if he could let me know at his earliest convenience for obvious reasons, but I am not feeling safe). I have a couple of things in mind....................with tax refunds, super refunds and months salary and holiday pay, I would have a little stash of money.................I could go to somewhere like Spain, Tenerife, Thailand, Bali or somewhere similar and just get a little cheap apartment to rent for six months (about 500 bucks a month in Thailand, about 1000 bucks a month in Spain/Tenerife) and do nothing and ride out this recession, applying for jobs back here, or applying for my residency whilst on the beach somewhere. I know I dont want to go back to the UK, there is nothing for me there and I am not sure if others are experiencing a similar dilemma.........what to do...........if you do get the boot from Oz due to your visa. I am hoping my employer sponsored permanent residency gets to go through before my redundancy, if I am being made redundant, it is just there in my mind that there is a good chance..................however, I prefer to prepare for the worst so at least I have something that could be fairly exciting to look forward to.........like six months relaxing on a beach for example, so long as its cheap enough. Not sure what other peoples ideas are if they were to lose their jobs on a 457 due to the economy?
  12. Guest

    Patrner been made redundant

    hi me and my fiance are handing in our application for prospective marriage visa in a few weeks, but he has just been made redundant, im wondering if they could refuse us as "he's supposed to support me". also he hasn't got another job yet but should do by the time we apply , they ask for past 2 years records of employment and of course if he still had the job it would reach that 2 year mark. but the job he also did 2 years ago was fishing, no way of finding boss for a letter. i do have a letter from a farm i worked on when i met him saying they would employ me permantly if i got this visa, ahhhrrr also do i need now to get his previous employers to write another letter saying he has been mde redundant or leave the one saying hes still working with them :no:
  13. Guest

    made redundant

    hi everyone had some good news on friday ha ha ha i have been made redundant so if their is anyone in the midland area who wants a new bathroom or wet room give me a shout ,big thanks paul
  14. Hi, I'm originally from the UK but currently in Australia on a 457 visa and working for an IT company. I submitted an application for a 175 visa in July 08. My occupation is on the CSL but I have not yet been assigned a case officer. :sad: My problem is that the company I work for is struggling financially. I don't know how much longer they will keep going, and how much longer I will have a job for. I am very concerned about this, due to the 28 day limit to find another sponsor or leave the country. Finding another sponsor seems such a pain (not to mention unnecessary expense) when getting my 175 application processed feels so close. Is there anything I can do to speed up my application? Can I claim exceptional circumstances due to the failing company sponsor being far beyond my control? My partner is also on my 457 visa and is a working professional, and is likely to lose her job if we have to leave the country for any length of time while waiting for the 175 visa to be processed, and we would either lose the place we are renting or suffer financially by paying for it when we can't be in the country. I was happy to wait my turn patiently, but now the circumstances seem to be changing beyond my control, so will DIAC take this into account? Is my situation exceptional? Should I just keep waiting quietly or is there something I can do? Oh and I have also considered applying for state sponsorship from WA, since my occupation is on their list, but the 6+ weeks it would take them to make a decision seems like it would take me into ballpark area of the CSL applications finally being processed. Would really appreciate any comments or advice! Thanks in advance! :smile:
  15. Hi everyone, Like it says, not good news. Lots of redundancies being made in Tony's work next month, and chances are he's going to be one of them. Does anyone know the answers to any of these questions, please????????? Can you 'sign on' if you get a redundancy payment? If we can, roughly what how much or what we might be entitled to, for two adults and four kids, if Tony has never been unemployed and I have worked up until five years ago? Most importantly, does anyone know if there is any sort of assistance available to help with our mortgage until employment can be found again? Hopefully someone here will know something about these things. Thank you, Sheena
  16. Hi everyone I have been away, my Dad has been desperately ill & I flew to Durham in the worlds smallest plane (BMI) OMG I hope the ones to OZ are bigger! - I dont think I can keep my eyes closed for 22 hours!! Anyway when Ive got back I had a letter from pickfords but OH says "dont use them" -he read that they have been sold off by their US owners & the staff has been made redundant & that they will not be the same any more? Has anyone else read this ? I was really pleased with their response to our quote queries & they where my front runner for shipping at the moment. Take care Rachel