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Found 38 results

  1. Report in the paper this morning that they are finding red backs in England and some of our crazy ants. Evidently they are emigrating with our luggage and I suppose in containers. Redbacks love dark places so easy peasy to get into the lounge suite.:laugh:
  2. tonyman

    Red Red Wine Thread

    can we dedicate this thread to all the red wine drinkers and share our favorite wines with each other......as some may know i enjoy Berries 5ltr cast for cooking ....i just love Wyndham Estate Bin 555 shiraz just lovely .....as a cheap red i highly recommend Sacred Hill Shiraz...has stayed around the $ 6 .50 price for the last 4 yrs and is a nice drop........... ive said it before and i will say it again ...forget ub40 , this dude Neil Diamond wrote and made this tune great .......he is one big big guy ......:notworthy:
  3. Sadly today after a spectacular show, one of our famous red arrows have crashed on the south side of Bournemouth airport, No news yet if the pilot managed to eject before crash landing! Believed to have come down on the north side, bounced across the river and landed in near by throop! The pilot as said by many is a true hero, as he was very close to crashing at Alice in wonder theme park, but he managed to avoid it! Thoughts now go out to his family and co pilots and all those effected by the devastating news! Whilst we all prey for his safety!
  4. Guest

    Australian Film Red Dog

    This film may be of interest to some members.. set in the Pilbara of Western Australia, Red Dog was the local character particularly after his owner died. My husband often used to pick him up in his truck.. he hitchhiked around Dampier, Karratha, Port Hedland... my husband works on Signals and one of Red Dog's greatest sports was stopping the trains and riding in the cab. A great heartwarming family film! Then you've heard of Red Dog, one of Australia's most endearing legends, and one that has now been immortalised in a new film based on his home life in Dampier, Western Australia. Australian producer Nelson Woss (Venus & Mars, Ned Kelly) had been living and working in Hollywood when he heard that British writer Louis de Bernières (author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin) had written a book about Red Dog after visiting WA's Pilbara region. Louis had collected and compiled local stories about the legendary canine that would take no master until he chose one for himself and whose endearing qualities were often attributed to helping unite the region's transient mining population in the 1970s into the strong community it boasts today. At the time, Nelson wanted to return to his home country and was looking for an Australian project to sink his teeth into. "When I heard that Louis had actually travelled to WA and written a story based on the fabulous Pilbara region, I decided there couldn't be a better opportunity for me to do a film," Nelson said. Nelson had a personal interest in the story as he had grown up in Perth hearing about the legendary dog who was out there "hitchhiking about the country". "We'd meet these people who would tell amazing stories about this red dog that somehow stopped their car, jumped into it, and stayed with them for a week before moving on," Nelson said. "One of the best stories I've heard was about this truck driver who picked Red Dog up in Pilbara and drove him all the way to Perth only to lose him at a beach in the city. "He searched for hours before giving up but knew people back in Dampier's Mermaid Hotel would not forgive him when they found out he'd lost Red Dog. "When the driver finally pulled up to The Mermaid, Red Dog was already there. Somebody had picked him up. The dog had beaten him home!" Nelson secured the rights to the film on the promise to Louis that it would be set and filmed in WA, going one up on big names such as Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks. He then set about pulling together a team of experienced people including director Kriv Stenders (Boxing Day, Lucky Country), screen writer Dan Taplitz (The Squeeze, Breakin' All the Rules), production designer Ian Gracie (The Sum of U?s, The Thin Red Line, Moulin Rouge, Ned Kelly, Australia, Star Wars Episodes 11 and 111) and casting director Christine King (Two Hands, Ned Kelly, Rabbit Proof Fence, Wolverine, Chronicles of Narnia), and began to produce the film. "Everyone in this movie was very passionate about it," Nelson said. "They didn't do it for the money." Red Dog received willing support from major mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Woodside Petroleum and an organisation called Royalties for Regions which helped with funding and logistics. "The mining companies allowed us to shoot their trains, operations and conveyor belts and that was a really important part of the story. That's where Red Dog used to hang out," Nelson said. Although much of the film was set on location, some scenes were recreated in and around Adelaide including those set in the town of Dampier itself as it no longer resembled the small mining outpost it did in the 1970s. The interior of the Mermaid Hotel was also reconstructed inside an industrial warehouse in Adelaide using reference photos, stories, documentary footage and still images from the WA library. The film's cast include well-known Australian actors Rachael Taylor, John Batchelor, Arthur Angel, Rohan Nichol, Noah Taylor and popular American actor Josh Lucas. The real star of the show, however, is Koko, a well-trained red kelpie given the big task of representing the great dog. "I've worked on a lot of films ... you always find good actors but occasionally, you find stars," Nelson said. "I think this dog is a star. People will love his performance. "If you like dogs, you'll love this movie."
  5. Guest

    10-13 moving to red cliff

    hi im katy and im 10 11 in oct this year and im moving to red cliff in oct 13th and im scared if you are feeling the same or have advies i would be greatful if u would shareit with me xxxxthanks katyxxxx:hug::unsure::arghh:
  6. deanthebrickie

    red card

    Hi Don't know if anyone can answer this question. I have a red card to work in Melbourne on building sites. Does this red card transfer to other areas of Oz. Would I be able to use it in Sydney or would I need another coloured card??! Would I need to do the course again? thanks Dean
  7. Hi there, We have just found a hatched spider nest outside the garage - the worrying thing is these spiders are black with red bottoms. I have a photo if anybody can help? ! The only thing I can find on the internet is Redback spiders which is worrying! I destroyed the nest and the baby spiders to be on the safe side as we have young children. Am just wondering about the mother and whether we need to do anything else?? Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks James
  8. Just read a post from a member saying that they are not great thread/conversation starters, and whilst this may be true in their own minds I am sure if they stick up a thread about many things it would get a conversation started. This is not a criticism at all, but often 'The Old School' members are often the ones that start threads, there are too many to mention, but the Hoff, Kev, Susie, Chalky, Geoff, Paulv, Pablo, Chris, Dom, me, WAY TOO MANY TO MENTION and speaking purely for myself I often run out of ideas, or more to the point I often find myself posting/threading things that have become a little stale, boring, inept, the list is endless. I read time and again from certain posters and their thoughts and response are very valid and worthwhile, then they seem to pale into the background a bit. I am sure with some it is purely a choice, where they just like to read posts and not post themselves, nothing wring there. Then I reckon there are those that think to dip a toe in the water would result in their subjects not being 'worthy' of putting up. Well, all I can do is speak for myself, but if this was the case I would never post/thread anything.:biglaugh: But maybe at times people see the conversation going on and maybe they become a little reticent in case they get shot down, but in all honesty the thread may also fly and take off. And lets e honest, a lot of the time the threads started are or can be fairly repetitive, nothing wrong with that, but new blood is often needed to get the forum going again. And if I was being totally truthful, it would be great for other subjects to be discussed because we cam ALL feed off this and great times would be had. And truthfully again, I am one of the nosiest people around and really enjoy seeing other post about ANY subject on the CTF forum. I am no expert on anything, (except speaking out of my arse, so that is why I tend to stick with CTF), but I would welcome many other subjects, from knitting to someone's bowel movements. Kidding aside, we all need to see others point of view, and hopefully more and more people will start threads and get the old juices going again. Come on dive in, have a go, it may not work, it may die a death, it might disappear, it might get hijacked, :shocked:, but I reckon in the main, it would fly and we could all have a laugh, banter, debate, cry, argument. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. Guest

    Escaping red tape ?

    Is anyone else moving away from Australia (whether back to the UK or not) and feeling demoralised by being relentlessly thwarted by, what many would argue to be the over-regulation of jobs and business in Oz? We are considering moving to France in a year or so and would like to start a small business - in Oz we haven't considered this seriously due to the fact everything requires some silly Tafe course to prove you can do the bleedin' obvious, endless licences and so many hurdles through red tape. I feel as though this has affected our entrepeneurial side!! Will it come back once we have gone? Is anyone else worried they won't shake the Aussie 'can't do' mindset?
  10. Guest

    Red P's and driving in UK

    My daughter recently passed her driving test here in Oz and is on her red P's. We are going back to Uk in December for 5 weeks and i was wondering if she will be able to drive in Uk using her Australian Licence??? Any advice appreciated. Nic
  11. Reading through stories of some of our fellow forum members going through really tough times migrating to Australia is heart-rending. However, I cannot help but notice a significant number of people with the view of "The Australian Government had promised us the visa if we did this..." (esp. some ex-students). When, perhaps one time too many, it was never ever the government who 'promised' any visas, but their smart cookies AGENTS who are too keen to recruit clients and would say almost anything, including those patently untrue. And weren't they these agents who recruited people from certain countries 'en mass', as in thousands, through the 'easy does it' loopholes, resulting in a massive shake-up which then severely affected many genuine applications in those couple of occupations! This is not a blanket statement about ALL agents. Of course, all due respect to the good agents about. :notworthy:
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar or can shed any light on this for me. I'm pretty peeved right now. I rented a red spot car from brisbane airport on my reccie for 7 days. On collection I was told all cars were fitted with an automatic e tag for deduction tolls, I could pay a daily toll fee for a 7 days of hire (I think it was about $60). OR I could not pay the fee, the e tag would still beep and deduct and I would incurr a charge of $15 for each toll use from redspot. As I knew I'd only be using the gateway highway twice, to and from the airport, I opted for the $15 option as at $30 it was cheaper. Today I've received 2 letters from redspot, one for each toll use. They received toll warning letters from the government and are deducting a total of $44 from my credit card for administration of sending me the letter and have passed my details onto the authorities. So presumably in a few days time I'll get some toll fines from QLD government too. I'm really not happy, I've sent them an email to try and clarify. I can only assume their e-tag wasn't working or else I was told a load of rubbish by their airport collection desk rep. Help? :frown:
  13. Guest

    Red amber b?????

    I was driving to Ikea today when I came to some traffic lights which were on red. They then went to what i thought was going to be green but it said B??? wondering what it ment I drove with caution. About 3 km up the road I came to another set of traffic lights which again were on red. They then went to B again. Does any one know what B means. I think I was in Claremont:err::err::err:
  14. The Red Hill Show is on today and its popular annual event. Parking can be a problem and usually end up down the road next to the show grounds. Good day for it. Also the Equestrian events will be at Treehaven in Somerville over the weekend for those who are interested in horse riding. Its on the Westernport Highway, Dandenong Hastings Road to some of us and if coming from Mornington you wold go straight down Bungower Road to the Highway and turn right its on the left. Red Hill Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc
  15. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the day so we're going again next month. (Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 April 2010 - we'll probably go on the Sunday) Just wondered if anyone else was going and we could meet up? Janette.
  16. Guest

    Red Dog

    Red Dog is being made into a film very shortly in the Pilbara. His statue is en route into Dampier. This wonderful dog used to hitchhike around the Pilbara jumping in and out of cars, letting the driver know when to get off. My husband used to catch up with him on a frequent basis going up bush, he knew there was always water on the truck and of course smoko and lunch was shared between the pair of them. John and my husband worked together (Hammersley/Rio Tinto) before John sadly passed away leaving Red Dog alone, who then belonged to the community. Red Dog (Karratha) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Red Dog (Paperback) by Louis de Bernières - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists Release for the film is due 2010, and the book makes wonderful reading as well. Susie x
  17. Guest

    Red backs everywhere?

    Anyone having a problem with redbacks, we have been here 6 weeks now and have seen 6 redbacks, one was hanging over our door when we arrived, the others have been in the garden on the walls. I am only worrying now as i caught one INSIDE the house crawling towards my daughters bedroom. I really hate spiders and these little ones have not really bothered me before but seeing one inside the house has given me a chill. Not seen any huntsmen thank goodness when i see one i am sure i will pass out with fear. I am thinking of getting the house done by pest control anyone know of a good one in Perth. I have already sprayed the house with Mortein from Bunning but the insects, centipedes AND NOW REDBACKS are still getting in. Any advice greatly appreciated, going to bed in a hat and scarf tonight x
  18. skipjack

    Code Red

    For Wednesday, Geelong is forecast for 40 degrees and high winds - Looks like it might be the first code red for our area. Kids' school will be closed so that stuffs up my day of relaxation and sport
  19. LukeM

    Red Rooster

    What's everybody's thoughts about Red Rooster? I think, personally, it's the marmite of all fast food restaraunts and I'd never, ever, eat there again! So darn salty. :swoon:
  20. Hi I hope this is in the right place. I am in the UK and need to get hold of a top. It has a stitches Australia label. below is a photo any help or ideas on how I can get a replacement would great. Its red and a size 18 If the photo has not come out then I can email a picture to you.
  21. LojaChica

    Red dust?

    Anyone else got the dreaded "Red Dust"? We have in Sydney.......................We are covered in it! It is really windy, had to clear the Balconies of furniture/plants etc The Airport was grounded! The sky is "pink" and you can taste it in the air...............yuck! Believe it's now heading to Brisbane Let us know and share your experiences please? Now going back to my mop and broom:dull: Take care everyone
  22. I live in sydeny: Has anyone ever had a bite with a red ring around it? I woke up this morning and have it on my arm, some of the skin is comming of and is fluid like...its numb and raised, not to painful or itchy..... Anyone know what this might be??.....
  23. okay ive been thinking when you sit down on an evening to relax and open a nice bottle of wine or two ? do you change what you have according to your mood or do you stick to the same bottle of wine religiously? please feel free to also recommend a good bottle im always willing to try something new lol lesley x:yes:
  24. Hi there..... Am gonna be arriving in Melbourne, Victoria in May. I done a stint i Perth last year for 4 month working as a bricklayer. There i needed blue card to work. Does anyone know the crack with the red card / CIC card? Can i obtain that before i come back across to OZ?? Also is there much brickwork going on? Any help would be great. Thanks.....David.
  25. gparkes

    Red cross/coles bushfire fund

    Hi All, Coles are going to donate all profits to the victoria bush fire victims this friday 13th February All 750 stores nation wide will be included, so get down to coles this friday and do your food shopping Any little helps