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Found 43 results

  1. Rented from Avis at Perth airport for convenience on arrival. No problems recommending them but they are expensive. Our Holden station wagon was not available so we were upgraded to a big Nissan 4x4 which was great for all the luggage. Swapped out to Bayswater car rental who run a fleet of new Toyota Corollas at a much lower cost than Avis and are quite close to the airport. Their spin is that getting a taxi from the airport to their place is still going to save you money compared to renting from a major at the airport. They do satnav too for $5 a day but I don't think they do child seats (we already had a hire arranged for ours separately) Only "issue" is that they will charge the insurance excess to your card at the start of the hire and refund it when you drop it off so there good be a currency gain / loss as a result, but if a Corolla is big enough for your needs then definitely give them a shout.
  2. Hi All, I wanted to have some good pieces of advice from you... As far as I have seen in the SMP's, there are 2 states (WA & SA) AND 1 Teritorry (NT) that are sponsoring recruitment conusultant (Not sure whther occupation remains till the time my sister applies for it )... My Question is that what do you people think which state in terms of JOB VACANCIES and SALARY is the best for this occupation...For the sake of a quick decision for my sister...She can not decide as we donot know what the salary packages of diff states are and where my sister can find a job abit easily then the other.... Please donot give me links to different websites coz ive altrady seen them and they cannot giv a good idea abt actual real situation there... Thanks all................. Hoping for answers here
  3. Guest

    Recommended schools

    I'm looking for recommendations for government senior high schools in the baldivis area. I also wondered if there is transport to and from school, e.g school bus, if you live in the catchment area? Ideally, my kids would love to be able to walk to school. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Hi guys So i've been here nearly 8 months now and as i'm sure everyone knows, the tax year end is loooming. I was wondering if anyone has an accountant in the Sydney area to recommend? I want to make sure that I've claimed for everything i can from relocating etc etc Cheers Andy
  5. Can anyone recommend a company that they have used to get their dog over to Oz. We live near Oxford and are moving to Perth in May Thanks :biggrin:
  6. Guest

    Recommended Books Thread

    Hoping that this will be a useful thread to share book recommendations relating to migrating to/from Australia. My most recent read has been: Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert The book is a bit of a misnomer as it is not a self-help "how to find happiness" book. It is more about how your brain processes information to make decisions which will affect your future happiness. Veeery interesting reading. Already has helped me look differently at some big decisions. Belonging by Isabel Huggan Memoir of the process of settling into a new country and everything that goes with it. This book left a lasting impression on me. To learn about some of the recent history of Australia, if you like historical novels: The Lambing Flat by Nerida Newton The Secret River by Kate Grenville A really old book I read some time back is called Cobbers by Thomas Wood recording his journey from Essex to Australia in 1930 and then round Australia. I was surprised at how many things haven't changed especially in the remote towns. I think it is out of print but you see copies on ebay, oztion etc. Possibly available at libraries in Australia. It is very light reading and humorous. One thing I wish I'd known more about before I arrived here to live, is Australian history. I think it would have given me a greater understanding of the culture in Australia and some of the attitudes and traditions. Anyone else have any books they recommend? .
  7. Hi We will be moving to Perth in May. We have 2 children 9&5 and wanted to hear about any recommended schools north of the river. We are thinking over going the private route and living in the Burns Beach area Any comments appreciated:GEEK:
  8. mj&db

    Recommended Pet Shops

    Can anyone recommend any large pet stores in Australia. Keen to start getting an idea of costs of food, bowls, beds, collars etc...
  9. I am an FCCA with 15 year PQE currently working as a divisional FD for a major UK residential developer, an industry I know loads about having worked my way up from Mgt Acct to FD over the last 15 years too. My specilaity is business planning and the understanding the operations side of the business. Having passed all the various tests (digging up my old quals and modules, etc) I got a family 175 visa late last year for me, my two young boys and my wife who is a nurse in the mental health field. We went over to have a look-see and holiday in December to Sydney and Melbourne and just got back, but obviously took the opportunity to validate our visas and now have 5 years to move - either before we get too old, or depending on what people advise here. So where to apply to, how to go about it, and what city or state should I be trying? (Bearing in mind my speciality is residential / construction) Sydney though beautiful was way too expensive but Melbourne looked good. Any ideas or advice please?
  10. Guest

    Recommended pet carriers

    can anybody recommend a good company to ship our dog out to oz we are going next oct to queensland and rough sort of prices she is a cocker spaniel also does anybody know if we need a pet passport for our dog:chatterbox:
  11. Hi all, apologies if i have posted in the wrong area. I am a registered nurse and my husband and I have been discussing the possibilty of moving to australia however still not 100% sure therefore we would like to come for 6 months where I would work as a nurse around the perth area. the problem i have is, i cant seem to find the right visa which we would apply for. Have looked into the working holiday visa which would be perfect however it states you can not have any dependants, we would be travelling with our 4 year old son therefore would not be eligible for this visa. I have also looked at the 457 temporary resident visa, however have noticed that you must have a job sponser you and then commit to them for 2 years therfore aswe would only be there 6 months this visa also would not be suitable. can anyone suggest any other visas? Also I would like to go through an agent in the UK to ensure I do everything correctly however have noticed there appears to be thousands when you google it. Can anyone reccommend a good agent? thanks in advance.
  12. Hi We are looking to be in Brisbane Mid Jan 2011 and are considering the south Bayside area of Brisbane. I have 2 children in primary school and would appreciate some advice on good/recommended state primaries in the area. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys Me & my OH are moving back to Oz in November and after we have completed the timescale required, my parents are going to apply to move. They will be applying for the contributionary parent visa and the circumstances maybe a little complicated, therefore, I am trying to find a good agent that may specialise in these types of visas or have lots of experience in these visas. Can you guys recommend anyone for us to look at closer? Many thanks Jo
  14. can anyone recommend a good estate agent in the south east bayside area, this would be gratefully appreciated.
  15. Thinking of going camping these coming school holidays for around a week in the Ballina/Byron Bay area. (Watching the thread on temperatures South Qld/Northern NSW coast for camping July/Aug with interest). It's gotta be warmer than where we are for now and we were wondering if anyone's got experience of a good camping site (tent) or any recommendations around the coast? Cheers
  16. Hi, Beginning to feel the pain of Aus immigration and visa issues. Currently in Melbourne on a Working/Holiday 417 and looking to apply for a de facto but have a few unique factors that we would like professional advice on. Can anyone recommend a professional migration advice service or agent in Melbourne who would be worth considering? We would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks TC
  17. rache76


    Hi, Just letting you all know not to use Parcelforce!!!!!! I have read some threads about other DHL and other couriers and they seem fantastic compared to the traumas we are having with Parcel force. We where advised by the post office that parcel force would get our TRA there in 7-10 working days, we were given a tracking number to track if it got there, unfortunatley, 30 days later and numerous phonecalls later they cannot trace it, it was a meesely £25.25 for International standard, i now wish i had paid £125.25 just to make sure it got there. By the way, the customer services treat it like i have sent a christmas card, saying they will compensate the value of the paper, NOT VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!! Regards Rache76
  18. Hi, I recently arrived in Melbourne after 2 months of travel and my wardrobe is a little 'worn'! I'm looking for work here and could do with some recommendatins of decent brands to shop at. In the UK I'd go to Zara, French Connection (I've seen FC here so that's great!) H&M, Topshop, etc I'm basically looking for a black shift dress for interviews. Info about other great places to shop would be appreciated too as I'm in retail (Assist Man / Vis Merch Roles) and if a place is great to shop at it's often great to work for! Any help info GREATLY apreciated, as it takes it out of you walking around the shops in this (delightful) heat. Thanks :rolleyes: Bella
  19. Looking at moving from Adelaide to Sydney. Can anyone recommended a reliable and cheapish company?
  20. Hi, We've recently bought a Jeep and just want to get it checked over, serviced etc but Im not sure where to go. Does anyone have any recommendations within the Lower North Shore area preferably Balgowlah but will consider Brookvale and Manly areas? The Jeep is 13 yrs old and could do with a check over for peace of mind, thanks!!! Sophie
  21. Guest

    recommended agent

    Hi, After long consideration my wife and I have decided to try to come and live on Oz for a while (if not for the rest of our life) Although 40 I fit the skilled migrant visa. the issue I have is i have a criminal record (a little more than a parking ticket 20 years ago but, nothing too serious (no custodial sentences) but a conviction 5 years ago) I have read the immigrant requirements but get stuck at the question of am I of good character ? (there doesn’t seem a way to interpret this part of the legislation). I am looking for an agent (preferably skilled in this area) OZ or UK who can help me with my application and am looking for recommendations from anyone in the know. Many thanks, with an anticipated long road ahead. Please PM me if you don't want to be public about your experience / advice . This is certainly not something I'm proud to be bringing to a forum
  22. Guest

    Which visa is recommended?

    Hope someone can advise me. My son is 33, single and is looking to live and work in Victoria on a temporary visa. I have been checking out different types of visas but found so many it was rather confusing. I know he cannot go on the normal working visa as he is over 30. He has a BSc degree in Sports Science and lectures Sports Science in a local College for 16 - 18 year olds. He also has a teaching certificate (P.G.C.E.). He has e mailed VIT for further information as, should he manage to get to Victoria, he has to be registered with them before he can teach. Can anyone recommend which temporary visa he should apply for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Guest

    Recommended Agents?

    Can anyone recommend a good agent please, for seeking a visa based on my IT/Computing experience. Probably not that specialised but value opinions on a good agent please Karl :mask:
  24. hi all. we recieved our household stuff today. must say we highly recommend freedom shipping. when we looked around for quotes they were the only one who were very prompt. and there prices seemed alot cheaper. we could always get hold of someone to speak to 24hrs. and the goods took 12 1/2 weeks. no problems. UK to Perth. feels good to have our stuff, some familiarity and it was just in time for xmas. ive heard some bad stories on here about shipping companies, but we had no problems. have a good xmas and new year. and no i do not work for freedom shipping im just delighted we got our stuff with no hassles.
  25. Guest

    Most recommended...

    Hi! Thought it might be good to have a thread were people can post their top 3 most recommended companies/organisations/websites that they found useful in their run up to the big move.(Other than PIO itself!) I myself have spent many an hour trawling the threads to find some good recommendations...would be good to have a one stop thread maybe? Anyway, I'll go first 1)http://www.aussiemove.com especially good for accomodation in Perth and Brisbane 2)Singapore Air (good reputation/competitive prices) 3)John Mason International removals (efficient and professional)