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Found 26 results

  1. Hello to the Poms Community, We are a new family registered to the Poms, we've been to an Opportunities eXpo seminar in Manchester, UK today and would like to know if any fellow Pom members can recommend a good value for money Skills Assesment organisation? We are wanting to apply for a skills assesment but would like to do so with a trusted & valuable organisation. Thank you for reading our post. The Buckells
  2. lucylou1

    Need a web designer

    I need a recommendation for a great web designer or if anyone on here is a web designer?? I would like to get a website designed and would interested in hearing from anyone who could help me do this....thanks :biggrin:
  3. ThistleandRose

    CBD Accommodation - Recommendation

    hi all Just to say we've now been in Adelaide nearly 3 months and loving it. Lifestyle so much easier here.. We wanted to recommend La Loft Apartments for their accommodation available in and around the CBD. We stayed in one of their places, a townhouse off Halifax Street for nearly two months. The house is so well located - excellent area if you like city living. Right near the free section of the tram and an easy walk to the main business areas too. Well equipped facilities, including a garage. Very comfortable with good housekeeping service too. It is not the cheapest place you could rent and cost is definitely a factor here but for us it paid off to be so near the city and easy to do everything we needed to do. Kevin and Simon are really helpful. We have now moved out west to Henley, which is fantastic. Good luck all TNR
  4. Hello fellows, I am looking forward to studying Master of Information Technology or Master of Information System in Australia. What are some of the top Universities in Au that has offer quality IT course? Recommendation wanted. Thanks a lot! :cute:
  5. Anyone out there able to make a reccomndation for London medicals? We are based in Stoke Newington (North East London) so could either do central London or head out into Essex. Advice is much appreciated. Jay
  6. Looking for a quality private school in Perth. Can you help? Our children are quite academic and very sporty. We are heading to Perth in about a year and wanted to find a good school and then try to settle in a smart area in close proximity. Has anybody found a school & area that ticks these boxes. I would realy appreciate the help as it's a bit of a needle in a haystack!
  7. I have recently moved to Aus and my dog (a lively springer spaniel) has just come out of quarantine in Melbourne. There are lots of questions on this site re different companies, I can highly recommend a family run business called White House Kennels in Somerset. http://www.whitehouse-kennels.co.uk The service I receieved was impeccable, with Christine the owner ringing me whilst on her hols to check things as this was my dog's departure date. I was completely reassured throughout the whole process. The price was competative (she price matched) and the service 2nd to none. If you need onward transportation, I used Dogtainers, however do not recommend them.
  8. Hello, We are moving to Adelaide early next year. I have 2 children ages 7& 10. We are looking at staying around Hallet Cove, Happy Valley or Morphett Vale. Don't really know much about the area. Can anyone tell us more about this area? Is there any good school around? Is there a lot of ex-pat with young family we can meet up when we move there? We like for our children to feel at home and meet new friends to play with. If anyone can give us feedback would be very greatful.
  9. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has a migration agent recommendation. Looking at applying for a defacto visa soon and wanted to get some professional advice..... thanks all :biggrin:
  10. abz123

    Pet shop (fish) recommendation NOR?

    We've been telling our Elmo daft daughter that we'd get her a "Dorothy" (Elmo's pet goldfish) once we were settled into our new house and it's time to put words into action. Can anyone recommend a good pet shop in Perth, NOR? I've seen a couple of stores within the malls that have puppies in tiny glass cases so looking for somewhere a bt more sympathetic to their stock although I guess most goldish don't have long and happy lives - or hopefully I'm wrong.
  11. stevopaul1

    School Recommendation + Fees

    Hi, We are looking to settle in the Northern Beaches - as far us as Avalon but ideally a little closer to North Sydney, my new work base (July 1). School choice is critical as my son (8) has Aspergers Syndrome (mild Autism) and needs extra support. My daughter isnt 5 until August so I dont expect her to be going to school for the first couple of month but I'm not sure when they start or what the school terms are? Can anyone offer advice about good schools in the area? Preferably smaller ones where the kids get to know each other and most of the teachers know all the kids names!! Maybe I'm expecting too much coming from a UK village school backdrop.. Also, should we expect to pay for schooling? Thanks all Paul
  12. shirleyt

    AQF111 recommendation?

    OH needs to do AQF111 asap in wall and floor tiling, can anyone recommend a company and how much should we expect to pay. How long did process take?
  13. I'm looking for accommodation next March for 1-2 weeks, some where beach side near Perth CBD. Can anyone recommend somewhere toddler friendly and not too expensive, preferably with a pool. Many Thanks
  14. Just wanted to pass this on. We have just had to send docs to Aus which we wanted to get there quick. used a company called Transglobal Express, who utalise all the big carriers. I had my docs collected by DHL within 20 mins and have been able to track them all the way to Aus which has taken 2 days. Really impressed with ease of service and reasonable price of £27. In light of Royal mail strikes thought it may be usefull to someone. www.transglobalexpress.co.uk
  15. Dear all, I am emigrating with my wife in 4 weeks and we are taking our car. I had organised for a valuation to be undertaken by a gentleman in Melbourne but sadly he has taken ill and been hospitalised. Can anyone recommend an approved valuer and provide details of what they charge? Thanks in advance! J
  16. Hi all, I am trying to sort shipping for our belongings to move from Brighton to Sydney. My partner is already in Sydney and so I have been charged with the task of emptying the contents of our home. We rented and have very little in the way of furniture to ship - will mainly be personal effects and a few kitchen appliances (inc. Vacuum cleaner). I have no idea how to go about setting up the shipping, or in fact, who to use. Can I use any UK company, or must they be local? Do companies have local offices? How do I figure out how many boxes I need? Everything is pretty straight-forward except my partner's golf clubs, will they need a special box? If so will shipping company provide it? Sorry for the mass of questions, but if anyone has any experience of shipping from Sussex, any help would be gratefully recieved... I am beyond confused! :huh:
  17. Hello all! I stumbled across this forum and was delighted to find such a wealth of information re: visas/migration etc.! I've just arrived in Oz on a Working Holiday Visa, but my bf is Australian, it's serious and I really want to be able to stay here beyond the 12 month period that I'm entitled to. I've looked into the various visa options online (partner visa, student etc.) but feel that I really need professional advice about what sort of visa I should be applying for and what steps I need to start taking to try and ensure a successful application. So I was wondering is anyone could recommend a reliable and trustworthy migration agent/agency in the Melbourne region who I could try and book a consultation with (if indeed that's how these things work - I'm pretty clueless at the moment!) If anyone has an idea of fees too that would be great. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, Thanks so much for your time, Rose xxx
  18. tennis16

    recommendation - migration agent

    Hello, i have tried emailing Go matilda couple of times but there is no reply yet. Dun know how trustful they are ? Anyone can recommend other trustful,efficient migration agents? Thanks
  19. Hey hey We're thinking of moving out in a couple of months & have got some quotes from companies who specialise in pet emigration. Has anybody got any experience of which are good firms to use. We have a lovely little border terrier who I want to be traumatised as little as possible! Thanks for any advise/ stories
  20. Just wanted to recommend some accommodation in Shenton Park, Perth. http://www.shortrentalperth.com We spent 2 weeks in the apartment and it is really nice, very clean and has suited our requirements perfectly. The photos on website don't do the apartment justice. It has a shared pool and laundry, shady parking space and within easy walking distance of a small supermarket and a bus stop. Bus takes approx 10 mins into the city centre. Hope this is of help to some of you
  21. Hi everyone, I'm just back from my medical and highly recommend Handsworth Medical Centre in Birmingham! My boyf and I were in and out within an hour! The staff were very efficient and friendly. Very stress-free and very organised! Vicky xxx
  22. Hi I am now at the medicals stage and have been told by my migration agent to go ahead and get the X-ray and blood tests done. I have a list of clinics in the London area but wonder if anyone has used a clinic in London and can recommend one or tell me which to avoid as there is quite a long list. Thanks very much Mel:unsure:
  23. :spinny:we would welcome recommendations for schools, state and private in the Northern Beaches, NSW. Also, any info or website on school rankings or reports. we plan on being in Oz mid 2009. thanks.
  24. Guest

    Book recommendation

    Hi, I hope it is OK to recommend a book? We have bought a book called Culture Wise Australia by David Hampshire and Martin Kidd - David Hampshire is the author who wrote the excellent 'Living and Working in Australia'. Culture Wise is such a good little book, full of useful and interesting facts about living in Australia. Best of all, it has a great section on culture shock, describing the different stages that people go through when they emigrate. It must help to be forewarned about all these confusing feelings and it gives tips on how to take steps to prevent the worst of it. For that alone it's worth the £9.99 cover price!