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Found 120 results

  1. Hi ... We are looking to move, but are staying within the manly area of Brisbane. We wondered if anyone could recommend a good, reasonable company? We've considered Wridgeways and Grace but they are pretty pricey .... unfortunately we don't have enough burly strong mates that we could do it ourselves - sad, but true :twitcy:
  2. Hi Everyone, Newbie here. My partner and I are in the process of applying for the new 491 Visa under my partners skilled occuptation of Pastry Chef/Cook. We were in contact with a company based in Edingburgh who gave us a successful assessment and we were confident that he would get the ball rolling for us, after our conversation. We provided him all the relevant information and was told he was resarching/confirming my partners french qualification. Since then, he has stopped replying to messages and has gone cold on us. I was wondering if any of you could recommend reuputable mirgration agent in the UK, who are used to dealing with applications with French qualifications and keep us through the loop throughout. My partners qualification was obtained in Rennes, France. Qualification - CAP (Certificate D' Appitude Patissier) - Patissier, Glacier, Chocolatier, Confiseur Thanks
  3. Hello We hope to move to Australia soon on a 457 visa (with the hope/intention of becoming permanent residenets) My hubby's dilemma is whether or not to ship the tools of his trade ( i.e. he's a vehicle mechanic, so toolbox is what I mean) He has a job lined up and they want him to start asap. He has to provide his own tools. A friend has offered to lend him some in the meantime until our shipment arrives from UK. Question. Is it worth shipping his toolbox or would it be more cost effective to replace his tools in Perth when we get there? Any mechanics on this forum who could advise? Many Thanks
  4. Hi, was wondering if anyone on the Gold Coast could recommend a good dentist to me. I've just chipped either a filling or part of my tooth away, and have to get it seen to. I went to a dentist when we got here, but he had worked in the NHS and seemed to hate the UK and everyone from there, very patronising, AND expensive. Runaway Bay is the nearest suburb to me, but if anyone knows of a good one I'll travel:notworthy:. Cheers, Jo x
  5. Just wondering if anyone has moved to Griffith NSW? My husband has a job offer there . I have a two year old son and I need to make the right decision for him. I know its quite isolated but with 30, 000 living there surly its not that bad??
  6. Hi all, we are thinking of using a visa expert to do our application but we dont know which one to use. A friend has said they used them but when we have inquired they have quoted $4026. to do the full service ( which we need they said?) This seems alot but if they do a good job and quickly it would be worth it. We are looking at a permanent visa, my husband will go through as a general plumber all though he does gas, hot water ventilation, tiling, lead roofing, etc. We just want to get there asap!!! I'm soooooo confused as to what to do next and who to use????:confused: Can anyone help?? Thanks guys :wink: xxx
  7. Hi There, Can anyone recommend a good Tax Accountant in North Sydney. I've found a few on the Internet but would like some recommendations if anyone has any please? Myself and my girlfriend are here on a 457. I still have a property in the UK that I'm renting out so I need an accountant who is aware of issues around being an Australian tax resident but on a temporary visa. Cheers Rob
  8. Hi all, Found out on Friday that our 176 State Sponsored visa has been granted so as soon as the house is sold we're on our way!!! We've got 2 dogs, a bulldog and a westie and are planning on taking them with us (against my better judgement). What carriers did anyone use and what sort of price are we looking at all in? Thanks, Shaun.
  9. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good migration agent that doesn’t cost the earth? I have contacted a few but I’m getting the total costs back as around £7000 :-/....... I am looking at going for a 175 visa. Any replies would be gratefully received, Mark
  10. Hi, We are flying out to Perth in November and would love to take our 54 Plate Audi A4, could anyone recommend a good company for doing this. Thanks
  11. Guest

    please recommend a carrier

    Hi All, Can you kindly recomment pet carriers as there are quite a few to choose from. Just wish they weren't so dam expensive. Desperately want to bring our 1 year old dog with us, but as we have 3 children also, all the costs are building up. Wonder how much I would save if I tried to book everything myself. Has anyone done this before? Any advise would be greatly received. :wink:
  12. woodymcfc

    Recommend JM

    Well I'm now sat in an empty 3 bed house, the lads from John Mason came at 8:45 and were done by 13:30. Hopefully our contents will arrive in Perth by the 14th Feb when we will move into an unfurnished rental. All the lads from John Masons were polite and the goods were well packed, recommend John Masons for price and service..........................Thanks JM..........................must mention that insurance from Letton Percival could not be beat at 1.3% and the chap I dealt with there, Ian Harrison, was also very helpful.............
  13. Guest

    Can you recommend a Visa agent?

    Hi, just starting to do research. Can anyone recommend a visa agent. Bit confused at the moment!!!!
  14. I really need a hair cut, I am starting to look like a deranged Yorkshire terrier...but am a bit scared of going into somewhere random as I've had some pretty bad cuts in the past! Do any ladies know a good salon/hairdresser? Preferably in Darlinghurst/Eastern Suburbs or the city. Or maybe St Leonards as I work there at the moment! Thanks in advance Jen
  15. Hi - my husband has hopefully secured us a house to rent in Mordialloc. Can anybody recommend any schools in the area. My children are 6, 8 and 10. Many thanks
  16. Hi everyone, We are looking to apply for ENS asap and are considering using a migration agent as they can do the 'decision ready' process and make it alot quicker. I wondered if anyone could recommend a migration agent/lawyer that is not too expensive (as I know I can do all the paperwork, it doesn't seem that hard, but I cannot go through the 'decision ready' thing as that is only for agents. Thanks in advance :cute:
  17. russ&jackie

    Anyone Recommend Shipper ?

    :confused:Hi All, we`re moving to QLD next month and need some info on shipping : Is it possible to have our possessions shipped to Brisbane and stored until we have a permanent address ? Which companies can provide this service at a competative price ? Will this company supervise customs clearance ? Is this a common way of doing things ? Any tips on the possible pitfalls / advantages would be very much appreciated. Russ ( Chippy )
  18. Hey Guys, i have no idea where to start with the whole applying for PR therefore i am wanting an agent to help me out can anyone reccomend a company or agent in rockingham area or near by?? Any suggestions will be greatly appriciated K x
  19. Hi All, Hope your all well. Im looking for a good migration agent with a one payment fee... Anybody know of a good one...?? I have a company willing to sponsor,but need a good agent to help with all the paperwork
  20. Hi there, I am about to start the emigration process. Can anyone recommend a decent migration agency? I'm based in London but am happy to deal with people on the phone. Thanks very much, Jules
  21. Hi there, hopefully moving to Perth soon, got family of 6 and wondering if there's a MPV recommended for the job? Not looking for new but a good reliable vehicle, anyone got some ideas? Many thanks William:wink:
  22. Hi, Can anyone recommend any Melbourne Recruitment agencies that specialise in IT jobs? Thanks in advanced ...
  23. Hi everyone....... Its been a while since ive posted, so heres a quick re-coup......D weve been on the central coast NSW for just over three months now and loving it, so ok, the rain is horrible :eek: but we can all live with a little rain.....Family of four in rented accomadation for six months but have just bought our first home here *Yay* Needs alot of TLC as previous owners were dedicated smokers :confused:....Any advice from anyone along the central coast area in regards to any fabulous,trustworthy builders would be very much appreciated as we want to do some alterations but do *Not* want to employ a cowboy from hell .... and as the title say's.....what paint did you use to decorate inside your dwellings? what about branding? I have heard Bunnings do a fab range, and will be looking at there ranges, but much like a child in a sweet shop, I will possibly want every tin on the shelf.:goofy:......Hubby is already sweating profusely at the mere thought of letting me loose And.......Kitchens??? Bunnings? Harvey Norman? Im keen to haggle......It doesnt bother me one bit....but.....has anyone bought any kitchens from either places and loved them? Or hated them? If anyone can throw some idea's my way in regards to suppliers/builders which will help the local community Id be forever grateful...... Many Thanks Rachel
  24. Well, I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. It must be compact and around the £250 mark. I like the look of the Canon 220SX but I am no expert. Anyone got any advice or recommendations? Thanks.
  25. Can anyone recommend an accountant in Melbourne for tax returns? This will be our first tax return so unsure on what to do. Need someone who uderstands it all and especially in relation to 457 visas as we financed our move out here so am unsure what we can offset / claim in terms of flights, relocation costs etc. Thanks, Mike