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Found 39 results

  1. Has anyone had any luck getting their 3 year teaching degree recognised? I have a BA (Hons) Professional Studies in Primary Education with QTS which is classed as a three year degree although it has the same content as a 4 year degree. The whole degree is in primary education and a requirement of undertaking it was that you already had two years experience of working in a primary school as a TA. Teaching Australia have said if I can prove it has same content they will consider (I'm not sure it will be as easy as this! and this they will still say no) Most universities in the UK now offer this type of degree and it's quite frustrating that although I now work as a qualified teacher in the UK that I will not be able to in Australia. Any help/advice will be appreciated. We cannot get into Australia any other way as my husbands trade (Asphalt Supervisor) is not recognised on trade list, I have an Auntie who would also be willing to sponsor me but if my degree cannot be recognised is that our hopes of emigrating to Australia dashed!:unsure::arghh:
  2. Hi, If anyone was considering taking a first aid course in the UK before moving to Australia, I heard various different stories about UK courses being valid/recognised over there, so I contacted St. John's ambulance in New South Wales about it and received the following reply The requirement for first aid in the workplace in NSW is that the first aider must hold the National Unit of Competency - HLTFA301B Apply First Aid or to be the Occupational First Aider - HLTFA 403A Manage first aid in the workplace. Whilst it might be that much of the content is similar to the courses you will have undertaken in the UK – you must hold one or other of these certificates if you are the designated first aider. When you arrive in NSW – depending on your employment needs, you will may attend the refresher version of the course you require. In other words, the UK version of any first aid course will not be recognised by employers in Australia, and I also found out that they run courses weekly in most places and are a lot cheaper than the UK. Hope this helps anyone save their money over here. And I have just received my email telling me I have my Partner visa, sub class 100, so next month we go and start a new life. Best wishes to all, Dave.
  3. Greeting to everybody. Nice to be back after some very busy weeks. Turned out that my ELTS test wasn't so bad after all (overall 8.0), but unfortunately not good enough to allow me to pass the new point test, which kind of despairs me :arghh: Right now, my situation is: Age : 25 English:10 Qualifications: 15 Total: 50 Provided that I can get my previous work experience recognized (casual teaching for 4 years, but on very occasional basis before being hired on a contractual basis in 2009) I would be able to claim 5 more points. And 5 more other points if I am able to gain ss. But I would still be short of 5 points. Also, with the looming system based on the principle of the "expression of interest", I feel like that if I am not able to apply before july 2012, I might never have another opportunity. So, I need to wisely weigh my chances before considering to go a step further (i.e contacting an agent for professional advice, with the cost and time therefrom involved). At the moment, I have to questions pending: 1) Do you think I could claim some extra points for qualifications with the new points test, provided that I was also positively assessed by Vetasses for my training occupation (life scientist) ? 2) What are the requirements to be able to claim points for credentialed community language ? I understood from the previous point test that one could obtain five extra points if one possessed "professional level language skills in a designated language" (in my case french), but I can't figure out what would it takes to obtain the same amount of points with the new point test. Any help or advice will be much, much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Cedric
  4. Hi everyone, I received my ACS PIM3 Group B assessment. But it does not mention explicit recognition of my overseas qualification. DIAC mentions that to claim points for qualification at the Bachelor Degree level, it should be assessed to be comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree. And this assessment should come from the Skills Assessment Authority. I have been corresponding with ACS on this. They say that they do not provide any qualification assessment. They say they only confirm suitability under Group A or B. And DIAC reserves the right to award points for qualifications. This means that one can't be certain of receiving qualification points before putting in the application. I want to avoid this uncertainty. Can anybody advise as to how to get the recognition for my overseas qualifications ? (frustrated) Joy
  5. Guest

    carpentry, recognition,question

    we have got our visas for wa, ive done the vetasses tests and passed, i have nvqs in joinery and kitchen fitting in uk, is that it now, have i done everything to be recognized as a carpenter, or when i get there are they going to say they dont recognise my qualifications. thanks
  6. Guest

    qualification recognition

    Helloooooo I'm new to this. I'd love to live out there and I'm trying my hardest but I'm too old. I'm trying to get my electrical qualifications recognised by the Aussies but unsure of how or costs. Anybody out there can help? Cheers GS'er
  7. Hi Folks, In the ACS result letter, they have recognised a 6 months' full time IT course I did as equivalent to Australian Bachelors with minor in IT. There's no mention of my non-IT engineering degree or Masters degree. The problem now is that the institute from where I did that 6 months' course no longer exists. All I have are the identity card, marksheets and the holographed certificate. Now if DIAC tries to contact the institute they wouldn't be able to. That could engender doubts in their minds. I was hoping that they would recognise my IT experience but would not recognise my qualification(non-IT engineering degree). Then I could have got my non-IT engineering degree assessed by VETASSESS and claimed the qualification points. My degree and Masters institutes are well known and very much alive - so DIAC verification wouldn't have been a problem. I am now thinking of - 1) either going for ACS assessment again without mentioning the 6 months' IT course. 2) or enquire ACS about this apparent oversight. 3) or apply for 175 and take a chance with my hard earned 3000 $. Please let me know your thoughts. Regards, Joy
  8. Can anybody help in advising as to whether the Diploma in Nursing (EEN) qualification gained here in Australia qualifys you to register as a nurse in the UK? Looking at the application form it seems the Enrolled nurse isn't recognised. Very confusing as am registered as a nurse here in Ozzie. :goofy: Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. HELP! sorry for shouting ( ). Have been told by several companies that all i need to is get my operator tickets changed from UK to Oz/ get them recognised. Having issues however. Cannot find Front End Loader or any plant op type job on ASRI List. Overseas Qualifications Units look like they only deal with things like degrees etc TRA do not have a program for WHV workers, even though ASRI state WHV workers can get help having their skills recognised. ANY1 been in this predicament before? It's the only thing keeping me from being un-employed. Rapid responses and advice greatly appreciated as always
  10. OzPomDan

    University Recognition

    Hello Everyone Haven't posted in a while, but I was wondering... I'm heading to university next year, with the view to head back to the UK afterwards (only because Uni is cheaper here! :biggrin: ). Has anyone had difficulty getting qualifications recognized in the UK from certain universities?? Thanks in advance Dan
  11. Morning PIO Well, you have voted in your thousands, the PIO General Election:shocked: finalists........ the runners and riders Andrew Pepin a late shock entry, Andrew hates polls and up to now hasn't featured in any. He's part of the PIO furniture though, and what comfy furniture it is. Siamsusie This Clog thumping Neo-Pom divides her time between WA, Tassie and somewhere in the Golden Triangle......? Everyone's friend, she is the sure favourite Kev susie's main rival. Love him or hate him, he's always there the Ropey Hoff the most pro Aussie on the site, but he doesn't like to talk about it, mate Lemming visionary, political agitator, and he lives in Hertfordshire Tonyman lives in Perth Charlie666 she lives on a boat, sells crocs and swears like a trooper Britchix another poll hater, this one's for you Quoll hates living in Aus, but never afraid to tell you. Gives good advice Pablo also sick of recognition, makes him embarrassed. soft lad
  12. Hi, has anybody completed an assessment with TRA? My husband although a Quality Engineer here (Mechanical Engineer Apprenticeship served), he is classed as a Mechanical Engineer Technician I think in Australia. He'll be submitting paperwork today or tomorrow. Was just wondering on timescale for completion. We want to get moving for application for SS WA so we can get our 176 visa application in asap. Thanks :confused:
  13. Hi, Can anyone advise, really confused. My partner is considering applying for a skilled migrants visa as a Residential Care Officer, it appears on the SOL list as a 40 point score and mentions Vetassess assessment, although when you go on there website her trade is not on the list. She has been educated to NVQ level 4 in Health and social care which is apparently equivalent to an AQF Diploma. The Australian Government immigration site say that for this particular proffession an AQF Diploma, advanced Diploma or associate degree is required. However having spoken to a migration agent they are advising that a HNC or HND is reuired and not vocational training. Who could we speak to, to confirm this as other agents have said that the NVQ4 will suffice.:confused:
  14. Looking at page 6 of this document, http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/residenceVisa/Documents/AssessmentCriteria.pdf What would be the category for someone who's self-studied for IT vocational certifications (Comptia A+, Network+ etc.). Category E? But that's for Australian qualifications holders? I am also doing an Open University diploma/degree as well so would that count as equivalent? Why is an IT support tech assessed by TRA? Why not the ACS? Given that IT techs could go onto higher level tech jobs (e.g network admin) with further certifications.
  15. Seen as though this is my first time on here i would like to say hi to all. my situation at the moment is me and family (wife and three kids) are looking into moving to aus, vic in particular. I am wanting to go over on a sponsered visa seen as though i am qualified gas fitter, plumber and joiner with 10yrs experiance. therefore iam wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how i get my qualifications noticed in oz and the best way to go about getting sponsership.
  16. Guest

    qualification recognition

    hi i have completed the edexcel HND Advanced Practice in Work with Children and Families (Education).in the UK it is equal to 2 years of the degree.i wonder whether the qualification is recognised in oz & will i get any exemptions if i continue to do the degree in oz.?is there employer recogniotion for this course?that is can i work with this qual while studying for the degree?confused. thanx, slam
  17. I would like to know how this type of institution is considered by future potential employers. May you help me and tell me if this kind of studies is recognized by the professional body as a proper formation leading to a job in the field of journalism ?
  18. Hi, i have completed the HND Advanced Practice in Work with Children and Families (Education) offered by Edexcel.i'd like to know if this qualification is recognized in oz?will I be able to get any exemption since I'm planning to complete the earlychildhood degree in oz? thanx slam
  19. Hi all, just a quick one. I have a City and Guilds level 3 in Welding and Fabrication, and an HNC in Manufacturing Engineering. I was wondering if anybody knew if these qualifacations would be recognised in Australia? Thanks all. :smile:
  20. Iam currently registered in WA as a nurse, and wonderedif anybody has transfered to the national scheme with mutual recognition. Also,if so, how long did it take to come through? I had assumed that it would be transfering automatically on the 1st of july,and have not done anything, to find that it didn', and we are now moving to Melbourne at the end of august, aghhhhhhhhhh
  21. AnxiousMum

    Recognition Prior Learning Critera

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can put forward past work experience when submitting a RPL in ICT? Or will they only take into account say the last 4 years of experience you have? Also does anyone know if they will take into account different ICT skills used over a period of time, not just the skills you are applying under ie 262111. Thanks in advance
  22. Guest

    Trade Skill Recognition?

    Hi I am trying to find the correct company to apply for a trade assesment. it is for my Fiance who is a Aircraft Engineer (from the uk) I am quite sure that it is from www.deewr.gov.uk and have emailed asking if this is correct but all I get is a pasted reply from their website, quite annoying! The only reason I question if this is the correct site is on the application form it says Im confused to say the least. Any help or advice would be immensely apprieciated. Thanks you so much for teking the time to read this.
  23. Hello, Anyone knows wheter electrician would be recognized with TRA with similiar work experience? My cousin has electrician certificate and was working, but not exactly as an electrician but with white goods - washing machines, refrigerators, ranges etc. He was working in sale, transport and service to customes. Would TRA accept it as a work experience? If not, any idea for which occupation he could get recognition? Again, he has level 4 certificate - electrical (energetics). Thank you.
  24. Hello, this is my first post having just joined the forum today... hopefully I'm posting this in the right place... I have been drafting the Australian Computer Society (ACS) 'Recognition of Prior Learning' form for a while now :arghh: and I'm keen to know if I am going about getting my skills assessed in the right way. Do I need to do the RPL or is my degree sufficiently IT related to count as a IT degree? I'm a web developer with 9 years of experience and I'm planning to apply for skills assessment under the 2231-79 'Computing Professionals (nec)' category. My core areas of expertise are in web development/programming, specifically Java/JSP in an Oracle environment. While I have learned the majority of these skills in employment, my degree - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Linguistics joint honours - had a large amount of programming and IT concepts but may not been seen as an IT degree. I actually successfully completed the first year of a Computing and Electronics degree before changing course to AI & Linguistics. The Computing course was based on C+ programming. To give a flavour of my education, I've listed the I.T. related courses that I completed during my 5 years at Edinburgh University. _________________________________________________________________________ Final Year AI and Computer Science :AI and Education AI and Computer Science :Advanced Techniques in natural language processing AI and Computer Science :Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming AI and Computer Science :Philosophical Issues in AI 3rd Year Computational Linguistics 2nd year Artificial Intelligence 2 1st Year Artificial Intelligence 1 1st Year (of my Computer Science and Electric Engineering degree) Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1h Computer Science 1h Mathematics 1D1h Mathematics 1D2h _________________________________________________________________________ I appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.... :hug:
  25. Hi everyone, Been on the site a while, need some advice please (1st question please be gentle with me). My husband has done minimum of 8 yrs accountancy/IT and is (final stage not completed) part qual CIMA, but now working in IT role for last 4 yrs. He is Prince 2 and COGNOS qualified, we need 8 yrs IT experience to get us passed. He joined company as a Commercial Systems Analyst and has been promoted to Group Applications Manager. Has anyone done this who can advise, he should fit into one of the IT categories on the CSL list but don't want to pick the wrong one.:unsure: Thanks for any help offered. Ozwanted