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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all I was just wondering if anybody knows roughly how long you have to validate your visa when it has been granted. I am waiting for a 176 Thanks Emma
  2. Morning everyone, Just wanted to post to say that Gavs AQF III certificate was emailed to us this morning! Woo Hoo!! :jiggy: Sooo excited! Just got to do some last minute bits and get the documents certified and should have our skills assessment in through the TRA in the next few days, yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Cara xxx :biggrin::biggrin::wubclub:
  3. Hi all, I need you help AGAIN... Situation - hubby a mechanic passed Vetassess, got Vic SS and lodged Visa 4/11/09, no CO assigned. Three children 13,11 and 5 (therefore health and schooling issues). Been contacted by a company in WA and he wants a chat as v. interested after ready hubbies CV (Government Website). QUESTION (S) how long does it take to process a temp visa approx? how does it affect schooling and health costs? personal thoughts on temp. visa? Any comments gratefully received. Thanks Ley x :biggrin:
  4. Hi Thought I would let you know that following the update on SA website I sent them an e-mail yesterday asking them to carry on processing my application. Here is the reply I got. Please respond to: gsm.sa@state.sa.gov.au Thank you for your e-mail. All applications for revisit are being placed into the Off-shore revisit processing queue from date when the Immigration SA office receives/received all supporting documents. When Immigration SA resumes Off-shore processing of 475 and 176 sponsorship applications, these applications will be processed in the order of date received for revisit. Please regularly check Immigration SA for updated information: Make The Move :: Requirements for State sponsorship Also the DIAC website: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm Regards Program Support Officer, General Skilled Migration Thought I would share this with you all. Jules:hug:
  5. :unsure: hello pio's Weve just heard from our agent that our 457 sponsorship visa has been refused due to some training wasnt sufficient enough, we were never asked to provide more proof for this, our visa was bluntly refused! Now we have 2 options, 1- Appeal which will cost 1400 dollars or 2- just return to England, now if it was only me and my partner then it wouldnt be just a drama but we have a 6 year old and im 22 weeks pregnant, my daughter has come to love the place and made so many friends here already. We have gone through an agent which cost 3000 dollars and is based on a no win no fee policy, i want us to get our money returned and maybe try another agent as people have told me that it was an expensive agency to go through??? Any advice on any further options would be grately recieved:no:
  6. Hey there Poms, I emailed immi, to check that they recieved our attached documents which we sent to them within the 28 day period for our 175 visa. They emailed us back to state that that they had never recieved our attached documents within this time period!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nah: They informed us to wait for our CO. Has this happened to anyone else? Any advise will be much appriciated. Ange and Matt xxxx
  7. Hi all i just reciveed wa state sposorship.. previsoly i had applied for 175 visa how do i process my application now.. how to notify DIAC on change of application from 175 to 176 .. plz let me know.. and how many months it will take for processing
  8. Hi all, Wondered if you had any advice for me. I visited Oz back in April to do a bit of house hunting and general recce to decide whether emigrating would be the right things for us (an overwhelming Yes - hopefully in 2-3 years time). However, all these months later I find a letter stating I'd been clocked at 85kmh in an 80 zone. As I was in a hire car over there I don't really have a chance to query the accuracy of the speedo in the vehicle, and am a bit miffed at being fined for going just 5kmh over the limit. So, shall I just pay up and forget about it, or accidentally drop it in the shredder :wink: ? Cheers Smiff
  9. im thinking of sending off for police checks and doing medical, handing application in for prospective marrige visa then, when ploice checks and medicals done send them through after, does anyone know roughly how long after they have recieved medicals and police checks it takes for visa to be granted or not granted?
  10. Hi Our agent has told us that our visa could be here anyday, we have a CO who has asked for more info re my OH medicals from the HC in Sydney, not sure how long this will take, but mine were finalised on the 7th March.:sad::unsure: Just wonderd if their was anyone else out their who are also still waiting for their 475 visa and happy to share their experience of the process, or if indeed they are celebrating because they have been granted their visa Mand
  11. James Tibbetts and Sarah Harvey Visa application 176 Sponsored skilled We Posted our visa application 3 weeks ago and have not recieved any conformation that they have recieved it or of payment. Can anybody give any info of a time scale in which this takes. Thanks
  12. How long does it usually take. Ours arrived in Oz the otehr day and the OH and I are constantly checking the site .. but it keeps saying "No Current Visa". :cry:
  13. I was just wondering if we are being totally unrealistic in our approach to moving to Oz. We were hoping that we could move with the help of Hubs current employer but if we cant find anything before the end of the year we were going to try and get a sponsored job offer else where. Are these types of offers extremely few and far between? His occuaption is on the wanted list so we are also thinking of applying for a 175 visa but we would obviously pref a sponsored visa. Has anyone else received one of these offers and how did they hear about their employer was recruiting or how did you go about it? Many thanks Emma x
  14. ...It is almost 20 days that I have sent my documents/papers for assessment to ACS... sadly I haven't received any acknowledgment yet...:embarrassed: On tracking the post, I get a response as delivered... Is there anyone that I can contact ACS about this issue and check with them? Has anyone been in such a situation before.. Any response is highly appreciated.. Thank you Jhonnywalker...
  15. OH joining the submarine service and its taken us a year!!!! What an uphill struggle, but recieved the terms of service last night. Thought we were going to Perth but found out we have to go to Melbourne for 6-12 months. Have done no research on Melbourne at all, so feel at a bit of a loss. Hopefully the immigration and visa process won't be such an uphill struggle. Any advise would be gratefully recieved.
  16. Morning all, I checked my inbox today and was chuffed to find an email from my sponsor containing an offer of employment and also a contract (all 17 pages of it!) to read, sign and return. Luckily I have a 90 minute commute to work (never said that before) to read it and see what I think. So, so, chuffed, Terry.
  17. Guest

    we finally recieved our visa

    hi ,just wanted to let you all know we finally recieved the long awaited phone call today from our agent to say we have our .........VISA......... :jiggy: visa app lodge on 16th april 07 subclass 136 bricklayer visa granted 21st jan 08. we are now planning on a trip to brisbane to convince my 17yr old its the right move to make. shirley
  18. Hi all, just to let you know, we finally recieved the acknowledgement today !!!!! Feel like we are one little step closer. Take care Ang