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Found 67 results

  1. Although waiting for the house to sell, can anyone recommend movers/shippers and how much notice needed? Got to get the ball rolling and live in hope!!! Nicki :wubclub:
  2. i am looking to find some scottish mums in Perth, not meet any and i have been here for 3 months although I have met a few nice English and Irish girls just wondering where all the scots hang out I have been here since Sept and am looking for any one in the same position. I have a son Oliver who is 2 my husband and myself are both 27. liza
  3. Hi We emigrated to Australia in September this year after a very long and anxious process. We had a very good network of friends in England that we have regrettably left at home. We lived in Portsmouth (south of england) So we are seeking friends in and around the area of Rockingham, Waikiki. I am 40 hubbie is 41. 3 kids, 21 year old daughter, that is still in england, coming over after she finishes her degreee. Two boys 14 and 13. We are very social just trying to adjust to the australian way of life. Any meet ups or get togethers we would be interested in. Cheers. Sharon and Carl.
  4. Just wondering if someone applied to Tassie SS recently and waiting for it? How long it takes for application processing? I applied last week and waitning for the outcome. Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had applied/been granted a spouse visa from New Zealand recently? I submitted my PMV in Auckland a couple of weeks ago and have just received their confirmation letter stating that current processing is 6-12 months!!! I know processing isn't a quick as it used to be, but this still seems quite long! (I'm British if that makes a difference) If anyone had been granted one quicker than this recently I would love to hear from you as I'm completly gutted right now :-(
  6. Hi, I applied for my TRA Assessment on 19/9/11 and still says awaiting assessment. Has anyone applied after this date and received a result? Or applied before and still waiting? I am not moaning or complaining Just enquiring, The site says within 30 days and there have been no updates on the website regarding delays?? Any responces would be great,
  7. rockola57

    Celebs recently deceased!

    Blimey!Seems like only yesterday that Ali tussled with Joe Frazier,both as fit young men.Now i read that Joe has passed away(R.I.P Joe)Also young Sue Loyd off Crossroads.What with Jacko and many others who were everyday people in our lives it makes you realise you only got so much time,so get on with enjoying it and savour every minute.:idea:
  8. Hi Everyone!! My name is Wesley and my partners name is Suzie and we have both been living in Sydney now for 2 weeks! Were both from the UK (obviously! lol!) and managed to get a work sponsorship visa! We are both around 26 years of age and would like to consider ourselves as quite outgoing! :biglaugh: We like to do the normal things - socialising, checking out new places, going out for meals, gym and partying! We are looking for like minded people (singles, couples, whatever) who enjoy a good laugh and fancy catching up! If your interested give us a shout! Wes & Suzie
  9. Hi, Has anybody been successful with their RSMS subclass 119 application recently?? We submitted our visa application on 29th June 2011 with our passport copies, OH's certificates and copies of references from previous employers, our medicals were requested on 11th July, we had these on the 8th August and they were received in Sydney the following week. Following a court case we submitted a court order allowing us to remove my children from the jurisdiction on 19th August, along with our PCC. Since then we have heard nothing :SLEEP: We don't have a CO yet, our meds were requested by a support worker (what is a support worker anyway, what do they do? Apart from support obviously :big laugh: ) Anyway, I phoned the Agent last week, got the usual 'still within the timeframe, should be assigned a CO very soon' speech, which is true we are still well within the time frame. But I'm not the patient sort, so I phoned DIAC on monday last week, they were very helpful and said that there was still a medical outstanding (my OH's daughter from a previous relationship, he has no contact with her and no idea where she lives) Phoned agent back, he's not too happy we phoned DIAC I don't think, but pointed out this problem to him and he says he will email them to try and sort it. This morning we have another form to fill in as he hasn't had a reply to last weeks email. The other problem (which we have pointed out to agent) is that OH's name is wrong on the nomination form, he is known by his middle name, which has been put on the employer nomination as his first name......They also said that he hadn't actually been approved for the nomination yet. Please help me I feel like I am going slightly insane :wacko: and the employer is getting a bit fed up as we were supposed to be there 6 months ago :arghh: Nothing is ever straight forward :arghh: As the support worker has requested our medicals does this mean they are happy with everything else? Or am I going to be asked for more when (if) a CO is assigned?? Any advice (or a slap to calm me down) most welcome!! Karen
  10. Hi, My family and I have recently moved from Warwick, to Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. We have two teenage daughters who have settled into school and made friends. I am waiting to register as a nurse and would like to meet to socialise. Does anyone have any links to meet people?
  11. Hi I was keen to know if anybody has sent a status inquiry for security checking to IGIS. I read somewhere they reply to inquiries from applicants who have lodged more than 1 year. Regards
  12. Hi, As someone desperately waiting to hear about my vetassess (professional not trade so no practical to do) has anyone recently been approved for a professional occupation? If so when did you submit electronically and when did you your docs arrive? Trying to get an idea how much longer mine will be. Submitted online on the 7th Jan and docs received at VETASSESS on the 14th Jan. So it was 8 weeks Friday gone since they had everything. Anyone??!! Emma :arghh:
  13. To those of you who have recently been granted visas, were yours paper based or online applications? This waiting is slowly sending me crazy! My application is paper based. Still (im)patiently waiting...
  14. Hi All, I am very new to this and only decided to start the process to move to OZ a month ago. What a Mine field!!! :arghh: My husband is a joiner and is just completing his evidence form but wanted advise before he submitted it. We are not using an agent and going it alone, all other forms and doc's are ready to go, any advice from anyone would be much appreiated. Thanks Sporty :notworthy:
  15. Hiya Its been a while but we arrived in sunny (but chilly) Canberra 4 weeks ago today and we are loving it! Was blimmin freezing today tho! We left a mini heatwave in the UK at beginning of May to arrive in Canberras winter (the earliest winter in 50 odd years we've been told!), chilly morning and nights but midday is sunny and warmish when in the sun! The sky has generally been amazingly clear and an amazing blue colour! There are yellow crested cockatoo parrots everywhere! There are literally 20 and more of them just flying everywhere and on the grass! There are loads of pink & grey Galah parrots everywhere and also beautiful Rosella and Rainbow Lorikeets parrots! We saw our first kangaroos on a golf course in Bellconnen! Very exciting! My hubby (graphic designer) had a few job interviews in week 2 & 3 and was offered a fantastic job in Canbo's best advertising agency in his 3rd week of being here! He started a week after he had his 2nd interview! Things are going very well! We sorted out our Tax File Number, Bank Accounts, Medicare cards on the first day after arriving, all very simple! We travelled here 5 years ago as backpackers so we just had to update the Medicare & TFNs which was straight forward. We applied for the NAB bank account in the UK so it was easy finding the branch to pick the cards up! They have 1 card for all the accounts so when using switch (Efpos) you just select which account you want to use eg, credit, savings, chq etc. In regards to accommodation, in our research back home, we found it would be difficult to rent a proper place unless you are working (you can show them the job offer letter in your application if you have one, you also need 100 points of id which includes passport, address etc) so we just looked at holiday type lets and caravan park cabins. The best option that we found was the Studio Pasadena (http://www.studioq.au.com/pasadena.html), some of the serviced apartments we looked at were very expensive and hotels weren’t convenient as they didn’t have kitchen facilities if you stay longer than 4 weeks at the Pasadena you get a discounted rate, this place is great! Its in Watson and has a bus stop outside and shops, restaurant, café & Post office etc 2 minutes away. This place has everything you need, all kitchen stuff, bedding, towels, laundry room, fridge & hob etc. Highly recommend it! We are waiting for a bit before we get a car so have been using the buses a lot, (be warned! 2nd hand cars are very exp compared to back home). The buses are great for exploring all the different satellite suburb towns. If you are going to do the same, get the ‘MyWay’ bus card (http://www.transport.act.gov.au/myway/index.html), it’s the same as the ‘Oyster’ travel card in London, you just top up and swipe when you get on & off. I read on here that bedding and stuff is expensive to buy but not really, there are loads of sales on at the moment, so I’m glad I left all my stuff behind. There is also Target, Big W, & KMart to name just a few reasonably priced shops. We just bought 5 bits of luggage with us (80kg for the 2 of us) all clothes and pretty much sold all our stuff and rented out our flat. We bought a USB internet dongle for internet access which has lasted us for ages, that’s worth doing, we are using Vodafone for that and also for our mobiles. Seek is obviously the best website for looking for jobs and the Canberra Times has job section on Saturday and also Wednesday. We found out when we arrived that we have to do a tax return here at the end of June (by October) which was a shock as we didn’t know about that! We have to do it in the UK too for the flat we are renting out (Don’t forget to complete your P85 to let the tax office you are leaving the uk!) I have been looking at health insurance; you must take this out as you have to pay for the use of an ambulance if you should need it! It’s a mind field! There are loads of companies: have a look at http://www.Iselect.com.au to compare, also look at AHM, MBF, nib, HCF, Medibank, have yet to actually sort mine out! Food shopping is more expensive than the UK, now hubby is earning, I need to stop converting back to pounds! Its true when you are back home and you need to work out the salary into pounds, don’t base it on the exchange rate, do it by doubling or by 2.2 – u need to as its very expensive here! Rent is ridiculous!! We are going for a 2 bed flat in Kingston (fab place to live) with a pool and its $450 a week!!!! Some are $550 so that’s why u need to base the currency on the higher rate - for info my hubby is earning 12,000 pounds more than he did in the UK! We bought a cheap Canon printer/scanner/copier which is helpful to scan copies of the rental forms so that you can email them to the agent. The apartments we are looking at don’t have gas, so the bills will only be electric which we have been told should be $250 a quarter (approx), you wont need to pay council tax or water. Just internet (seems very expensive based on today’s research so we will prob stick to the USB I mentioned earlier ($79 for the USB which included 3GB of data allowance) hasn’t run out yet (4 weeks later!) Phone not sure but again seems expensive on today’s research! We have bought a Labarra phone card (http://www.lebara-mobile.com.au) which we use when calling home, it’s a sim card for your mobile and calls cost 5c for a landline and 19c for a mobile, we get $10 and each call has connection cost of 25c. One more thing! TV is a bit naf! Good thing tho is its showing the current Desperate Housewives as back home by one week! and Downton Abbey has just started which I missed first time round! Hope I’ve been helpful!
  16. Hello all, we will have been here 11 months when we return home in June, just wondering if we have to pay flights back to the UK or will the sponsor have to, bearing in mind it is us who is leaving (rather than being sacked in which case it might be different??) They paid for our flights out but we shipped our own stuff, wd be grateful for any advice....thanks
  17. Hello all, We need to get our 6 month old daughter a Subclass 101 Visa by completing a 40CH and 47CH along with a fat cheque! (We have our 175 Visa - just need one for our Daughter who was born after we validated our Visa) My question is... "I thought she had to have a medical but I can't see anywhere that required this?". The only reference is asking us to provide 4 Passport Photos if Health Exams haven't been completed? Our application is all ready to go and I don't wanna skip up at the alst hurdle! Advice appreciated. Cheers guys, Steve.
  18. I love to travel the country but always feel alittle like i dont take advantage of the things i could have done in each area, tell me what i should have done in your area :hug: :cool:
  19. Hi there, Help if possible, from any Midwives who have recently applied for permanent residency, who havn't used an agent?! The more I look at the process for skills assessment and registration the more I confuse myself! I am a Midwife in England, have 6 yrs experience and want to apply for a permanent visa, could anybody tell me if the order of how to apply (below) is right please, Id be very grateful :wubclub: 1. Send off for verification to the NMC for them to send directly to AHPRA 2. Complete the AGOS-04 form for general registration with all documentation -Do I have to complete an IELTS test if I can provide evidence of being taught in English at Secondary and degree level? 3.Send off AGOS-04 TO AHPRA 4. Do I then have to apply for a skills assessment and is this with the ANMAC? What does this involve? Hope someone can help...Would it be better to use an agent Im now wondering?! If any Midwives have recently been through the process either way Id love to hear how you are getting on. Thank you Jodie x
  20. I have a job offer in Townsville and have just sent my AHPRA application off. If i get a letter of eligibility it means that I have to go into an AHPRA office of which there isn't one in Townsville Has anyone else managed to get on the register without having to present at an office. Even though we will have to go via Brisbane when we fly to Oz I was hoping not to have to stay there as with 2 kids it is just more expense booking car hire, hotels etc just so that I can go into an AHPRA office, and then what if there is problems and they don't put me on the register and i have flown off to Townsville I've only just sent my application off to AHPRA and already I'm dreading the process :mad:
  21. I just watched: The King's Speech (brilliant) Inception (I need to watch it a second time without my kids interrupting me. It is a bit of a blur...lol) Rio (brilliant for kids!) Plan to see these next week: Fast Five Green Hornet What about you? Any recommendations?
  22. We all often neglect ourselves sometimes in the general scheme or work and family, so what was the last thing you did for yourself that made you feel good?
  23. Did anyone get a successful assessment from ACS for "SOFTWARE TESTER" recently?
  24. There does seem to be alot of good news on the visa front, lots of PIOers are getting there visas which is great news, has things eased up? It doesn't seem long ago that lots of poor souls were waiting and waiting, but there doesn't seem to be as many now. Have Australia eased off with the delaying of visas? And who has got theres recently. Best of luck everyone and if your still waiting, i hope you get your visas soon.:wink:
  25. Hello Everyone, I'm Paul, 31, from the North of England, and have recently come from the madness of London to Melbourne on a working holiday visa. I'm living in the South East Suburbs with family members and am looking for temporary posts in IT, a search which has been fruitless up till now. I'm writing to introduce myself, and will be up for attending meetups with other PomsInOz members in Melbourne in the future! Paul