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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, Since most of the category 5 thread people seems to be just outright going through denial process, I am making another thread. Please let me know if you are an onshore category 5 - 886 and 885. I have been told by the immigration officer today that some onshore cat 5 has received letters and in some cases, C.O. I asked this because website of MARA Agent JAMES KYU SANG HWANG has updates saying on Sept 9th and Oct 19th that their 886 applicants received permanent residency. http://www.hojoo.com/imin/ I have just called, and they couldn't diverge too much but has indicated that these onshore applicants waited well over 2 years. (I am about to hit 2 years mark too) So if you are onshore category 5, for 886/885 - please let me know who you are, and go check your application status. I know I will be checking more often from now on. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Dear friends Would appreciate if someone could share the information about my legal rights and obligations, secondly benefits and facilities provided by the government if I will apply for a State Sponsor Visa to Melbourne, Victoria. Thank you
  3. Hi Can anyone shed any light on how long the process takes from being granted SS and then applying for a 176 visa until the DIAC grant your visa?:unsure: I was initially led to believe that it would take a couple of months or so but it now appears with the changes announced by DIAC for 1st July 2011 that it will be between 12-24 months. For anyone who applied for their 176 visa pre 1st July 2011 it looks as though we are not excempt from the above timescales. Our agent is looking into it but he believes this is the current situation.:arghh: Can anyone confirm or counter the above? Regards Breezer
  4. cazhoney

    After receiving the visa - Money?

    Hi all, I am still waiting for my visa, but I have a question. After we receive the visa.....when we are moving to Oz....do we need to have or declare a specific amount of money? Do they demand that we take money enough to "survive" for a while without a job? I have NSW SS, but they didn´t ask for any money proof. Carolina
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me if they have found a bank or building society in the UK that does NOT charge a receiving fee when transfering AUD to GBP through Moneycorp? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, we are in the process of obtaining a positive skills assessment (oh is electrician) from Vic University but have not heard anything from them since we sent our documents, :arghh:it states on website takes a maximum 7 weeks so we are 4 weeks now so heres hoping. question is can you apply for state sponsorship now before you actually have skills completely assessed. Or is there anything we can do in meantime to try and speed things up trying to make july deadline. thanks in advance
  7. Hello All i have lodged my skill assessment with Engineers Australia a month ago , and i know that i must wait up to 4 month before hearing the results . One of my friends advised me to go ahead and lodge a subcase 175 application now , and tell DIAC that i will send them the assessment results upon receiving them from Engineers Australia is it possible to send an application of subcase 175 without the skills assessment results included ?
  8. Hi everyone I have been asked if I can receive money via Moneycorp as it might be cheaper for me to receive the money this way and for the person to send it. Does anyone know if this is possible? Is there any cost to me to set up / receive / withdraw via Moneycorp? Any advice would be appreciated. Love Rudi x
  9. Hello everyone, I have a question. I have applied for a 175 visa, and now I have received a SS from NSW. I have signed it and sent it back to NSW. I know they will inform DIAC. Is there anything else I have to do? Do I have to inform DIAC? If yes, how do I do it? When dos my status change to 176? Any help would be great. :wubclub: Thank you!
  10. Hi, I am trying to get some advice as an Australian resident who will be receiving an inheritance from the UK. 10 yrs ago my sister ( with dual residancy Aust/UK) died leaving her property in London to our father ( who is an Australian resident only ). At that time the death tax was paid. The mortgage for the property was set up from a bank on the isle of mann and over the last 10 years the rent from the property has paid out the mortgage. Nothing left. Our father is now the outright owner of both the property and the bank account. He is of ill health and prepairing to leave the estate to my brother and I ( Australian residents ). How best should we structure the handover? What tax's need to be paid? Advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance Cam
  11. Just wanted to get a general idea of how long it took everyone to receive their tax refunds, thanks and clicks for all replies :hug:
  12. Hi there, My family and I are in the very earliest stages of thinking about emigrating to Oz and we're thinking about putting an application in for a skilled visa (Independent Migrant Visa - Subclass 175) under my wifes current occupation as a physiotherapist. My query surrounds the period of time after obtaining a permanent skilled visa that we can resettle in Australia and how long after the visa is activated we could wait to make the move without placing the extension of the visa at risk at the end of the 5 year term. If for example we obtained a visa, but our circumstances meant we needed to delay the move, the rules of the Resident Return Visa imply that we must have spent at least 2 years out of the last 5 in Australia. In practical terms, we're interpreting this that you actually have to relocate within 3 years of activating a permanent visa otherwise you cannot accrue the minimum 2 years before the visa comes up for renewal after 5 years. What would happen at time of renewal if for example we relocated 4 years or more after activating the visa ? From the looks of the information we have found so far, it suggests that our visa may not be extended and we would not be allowed to stay ? Any guidance or experience anyone has with this visa and how it works would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Glen
  13. My state sponsorship decision letter (South Aus) states "FAX a copy of the full Notification document with the TRN number from DIAC together with a copy of this letter to Immigration SA on +61 8 8204 9244" - I do not have a "full notification document", but do have a payment confirmation which clearly states the Transaction Reference Number. Can anyone help - what to send??
  14. Hi Guy's, We have just received word that we have a case officer!! Can anybody give me a rough timeline of how long it takes to have the visa granted?? That is, If everything goes smooth of course!! Cheery, Sarah
  15. Has anyone done this? Do you still have a certain amount of time in Australia before you need your Visa to have been granted? (assuming you are not working in that time) Basically we are still waiting on our 457 Visa to be granted and hopefully it will be before we want to fly out at the end of January. Is anything stopping us from flying out before we get the Visa? (we are very confident of getting it) :unsure:
  16. Guest

    Not Receiving Emails from immi

    Hello all, Just a note about problems receiving emails as mentioned in below thread about Medicals. We had not received any Emails from the Aus Visa people in respect of receiving our Visa application or anthing else. We we waited and wondered if they had got it at all, then we see that the fee had been taken from our account, but we still had no contact from them. We just presumed that there was a response back log. Just after the new year we decided to telephone them, it was a good job we did. They had sent us both our application receipt and a medical request by email. We had received neither of them. They verbally advised us of our reference details with them. I contacted my email server (Orange) and asked them if they could help with the missing emails, they were aware of email delivery problems and informed me I had nearly 200 emails that were in my email server box that had not been downloaded to me, dating back to Oct 2006. They said that it is a Microsoft / Outlook Express problem and that Microsoft had been trying to resolve this for some time. They do not know why you get some emails and not others. They advised me how I could look at all the emails that had not been downloaded to my computer which would be when the problem has been resolved. They said I should check both my and their email holder until the problem has been resolved by Microsoft. Anybody who is waiting for emails and are using the mentioned above email routes should check from their Servers Home page. Orange home page - top right side, grey box says Email address and Password. Hope this helps anyone waiting for email responses. Cheryl