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Found 187 results

  1. KangaKit

    aussie bank account for trip?

    Has anyone got any ideas on opening a bank account in Australia for holiday purposes as I don't fancy paying loads of charges when I use my cards on a holiday?
  2. vickyplum

    Breakfast Point

    Hi everyone Does anyone have any experience of living in, or visiting, Breakfast Point in Sydney? I'm looking at maps/ideas of places to visit when doing reccie, and wondered what sort of reputation it's got. I have consulted the Google but it was strangely unhelpful! Thank you :wubclub:
  3. Hi All Just thought I would give my thoughts on our recent trip to Perth with WDU. The flight was long but was surprisingly fairly easy to cope with. We had gotten ourelves into the mindset that it was going to be tough but the entertainment and service of Emirates was superb and made the journey a whole lot easier. WDU - Absolutely shattering doing all the filming but at the end of the day we had a free trip to Oz and had managed to get our visas approved before we left so it also bacame our validation trip. Although not the best way to see Perth it gave us the information we needed to finalise our decision and we are booking our one way flights next week for on or around March 14th 2012. General - We arrived on the Monday evening and so didn't get to see much of the place on the drive up to the house the BBC had provided in Karrinyup. When we got to the house we were pleasantly surprised to see a four bed house with a pool for our use for the week. Makes life a whole lot easier when your 8 year old can still get excited after 20 hours of travelling and put a good light on things from the start. The day after we got there we had to ourselves so I had arranged a couple of meetings with recruiters. One in the CBD and one up in Mullalloo which was beautiful. The photo's my wife took of the beach while I was meeting with a recruiter are stunning. I had a salary level in mind that I needed to earn to make things work and was pleasantly surprised that It seemed I have underestimated things based upon the strength of my CV and qualifications. Being that I am going to be the only one earning means that my potential for a position over there is the ultimate make or break for us. Our only requirement for the financial aspect is that we are not so worse off that we cannot manage while we establish ourselves and overall my wife is a lot more confident than she was before the trip. During the trip we tried to get to as many places as we could to get an idea of the cost of living and would have to agree that in terms of thinking of exchange rates then it is an expensive place to live. However, once you start thinking in terms of earning in dollars then I guess it becomes much of a muchness. The other aspects of the day to day living were fairly comparible overall with some ups and some downs and this is nothing more than I would expect from two differing countries. My impression of the feel of the place basically reinforced a comment a friend made in that Perth is very similar to my home town of Swansea but with nicer weather. Pretty laid back and I was very surprised how easy it was to drive into the CBD and that it seemed fairly relaxed once you got there. Overall a fairly positive experience with some ups and some downs but what else would you expect? We feel that it is something we fancy giving a go for a couple of years to determine if it is for us longer term (family and friends is still a worry) and so in March I guess we are going to find out. Si
  4. Hello All. I`m piecing together my reccie for Feb (29th) - Mar (14th) 2012 1st week in Qld - Sunshine Coast 2nd week in Perth - coast N or S ?? .... flights all booked (Emirates @ £2450 for all inc internal - not sure if that good, but hunted for a while... 2 adults 1 nipper) So.,., any ideas are always welcome, How have folks go on in their trips. Activating Visas? Car Hire? Rentals? And how did you get around - Ive seen this - (inc free shipping) - sat nav for sale or do i buy in a big supermarket? Open Bank Account Transferring Spending Money Medicare (or later) Other Stuff ?????:goofy: Just trying to take the hassle out of the trip and be as pro-active as poss... (11 month old Callum will need attention no doubt.) :hug: Cheers all :hug:
  5. Hi, we'll be in Melbourne during April as part if our reccie trip. Looking to rent a house for the week and just wondering where the best location would be? Mornington area looks good but advice / suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, any sites / agents better than others to use / book through? Many thanks!
  6. Danny&Em

    SAT NAV for Reccie. [wanted]

    Hello All. I`m piecing together my reccie for Feb (29th) - Mar (14th) 2012 Ive seen this - (inc free shipping) - sat nav for sale or do i buy in a big supermarket? Any review on this? Usually the cheap stuff doesnt work,,, much? :hug: Cheers all :hug:
  7. Hello, After dreaming for 6 years and waiting for my visa for 2 years I got my 175 visa granted in June this year. We decided to wait till October 2012 to go so that we can go crazy saving money between now and then. I have been watching 'wanted down under' and have made a note of the places they have been looking at in melbourne: sandringham; werribee, dandenong and port philip. Ideally we need to be in a close commute to the city, but don't want to be paying city prices for mortgages. Am i hearing correctly, that the bubble might be bursting over the melbourne property market and prices might be dropping soon. We don't own a house in this country and will have just about enough to put a deposit down on a 2 bedroom house in the outer suburbs. What are the extra costs involved over there when buying a house? I know there is stamp duty... I lived in Melbourne for 5 months in 2005 so I know my way round the city but I am pretty clueless when I go out a bit. Any suggestions on places to live/look at? Would be much appreciated. Thanks G:biggrin:
  8. Hi there, So excited :jiggy: we are going over to Oz next year for a 2-week holiday to get our passports stamped. We have 2 young children and have decided it would be nice to have a pool. We're looking for a 2-3 bed place with a garden for the children to run around in. We will be hiring a car so being near public transport isn't really a neccessity. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of the kind of rent we should expect to pay. We've priced a few places which range between $1000 and $1200 for the 2 weeks. Do you think this is expensive? The areas are Belmont and the other is Myaree. We want to be quite close to Perth, the airport, Freemantle and beaches. If anyone knows of any rentals available for next March/April next year would you mind giving me a shout please? Thank you
  9. Gazbaz1

    March Reccie

    Morning Just a few questions honest. Me & my family are going to Brisbane (Narangba) on a 2 week reccie holiday in March next year, could do with some help as to the following questions. Can anyone recommend good family areas for us to visit and possibly check out the housing? We are hoping to visit a few schools to get a feel for the educational system any recommendations? I have been on the visa website and from what I can see there are 2 types of holiday visas, 1 is free the other is $75 but they both appear to be for the same type of visit which 1 is best suited to us? Whilst out there I am hoping to spend a day or 2 with a local employer as to see how they operate. Would I need the business visa for this? All answers and anymore info provided are greatly appreciated. Regards Gaz
  10. Hi all, family of four on a reccie needing digs in may 2012 for three weeks.Any help appreciated.Perth bound, so rockingham fremantle.Will consider rural to save money if thats possible. Thank you :biggrin:
  11. Hello guys, I never thought the time would come but it has, we leave for Dubai this week end for 3 nights, then our onward journey to Qlnd, we are staying on the gold coast for 10 nights, then a further 10 nights on the sunshine coast, during our stay we will look at areas to live, whilst at the same time visit fun parks etc. We will also drop in on people from this forum who now live in oz, you people know who you are! I will update on my return Bye for now. Proview
  12. Hi, We are going over to Perth in February next year to validate our visa's and have a good look round West Australia. I was hoping to pay between 600-700 pounds each, but the cheapest I can find total £3600 for 4 of us (2 adults and 2 children over 12). I've tried Air Asia and they are the same price, as I had heard they were the most competitive. We live by Birmingham airport but are prepared to go from any airport in the UK if the flights are cheaper. Can anyone recommend another airline, or do you think its because of the time of year we are able to travel (summer in Australia)? Thanks!!:notworthy:
  13. We landed 12th August via a good flight with 9 hours to potter at Chiangi, Singapore having booked into the transit hotel, use the rooftop pool, free foot massagers and look into the stifling butterfly garden. Our 3 girls (20month old twins and a 4 year old) were absolute angels bar a few breakdowns. We arrived Brisbane airport at 09:30 and tried in the process to leave our now unlawful car seat by a rubbish bin, only to be met by two police officers who politely reminded us that we had ‘left it behind’ and forgotten it. This was later thrown into a skip at the car hire, but we were able with the use of the internet and Gumtree to source 3 second hand car seats for $70! Touch! A friend I had met on PIO met us at the airport and took our luggage to our short term accommodation for 3 nights. This was Scarborough Holiday Village. Very clean, compact but useful for 3 nights. We then moved on to a short term furnished property. The whole process of the first few days was tiring and our brains went into meltdown with information overload! I struggle to remember what we did, saw etc. I do know that first impressions were great and as soon as we landed we felt at home, and everyone we spoke to was friendly, approachable etc. After 5 or so days we got stuck in to finding a rental longer term and after viewing one place in Bray Park, we settled on a place in Joyner in northern suburbs. After reading so much on PIO we found it easy to get a rental. I believe that is because we got out there, spoke with people, made ourselves available and took action! Not once have we compared or griped about the UK, although I have had some productive conversations (all instigated by Aussies!) about the UK. After a few days I met up with ‘itcouldbeworse’ from the forums and my oh my what a source of info Kev proved to be. We were welcomed with open arms into his home and out of all the support on the forums; his has been the most genuine and objective. Before leaving siamsusie, itcouldbeworse and a select few others have been able to give of themselves and without their experience we would have just been another group of Poms trying to wing it alone. From what we have experienced those who do not take part in Australia 100% are going to fail. We have been taken places, shown around, lent stuff, helped with moving furniture in the pouring rain. THIS is what the forum has given us, so I thank all those members who have provided help. And also, without being too much of a bitch pour scorn on those who gripe, are ego-centric, force themselves on others and generally are not here to help but merely to cause trouble. They exist on ALL internet forums, this is not a reflection of PIO in general. Aside from all the usual stuff, TRN number, Medicare, work, getting rental, mobiles, learning about food specials and where to shop our experiences so far have been very positive. Without blowing our own trumpets this has been because we have taken action, not done it alone, sifted out the BS from the forum and begged and borrowed for stuff. We have found sites such as Gumtree, Freecycle and E Bay etc to be invaluable sources of help in getting cheap furniture. E.G. I e-mailed a lady on Freecycle who was getting rid of some books, turned up at her house and left with 5 bookcases and a TV stand FOR FREE! Pleasant lady, and also friends we met on a Facebook site pointed us in the direction of an elderly couple who had twin grandchildren and a host of toys they were selling and we got 4 kids bikes for $50!! If you have loads of money to do the move to Oz and want to buy brand new, good luck to you. We have bought some stuff new and also bought stuff cheap via aforementioned sites and spent I estimate £7-10,000 while we have been here. That includes car hire, new TV, new BBQ, stuff from garage sale, two sofas, fridge freezer, outside table and chairs, some furniture etc. The rest has been lent to us from people such as Kev. My 4 year old has a ballet class she is attending, the schools we have viewed so far seem amazing and the facilities fantastic. Food prices are the same. END OF STORY! No more futile UK vs. Oz debates, we are starting to buy meat in bulk from markets and looking at junk mail that comes through the door, as it contains who is selling things cheaply that week. In the UK we just slung it out! Aldi is also very good. It doesn’t mean that the UK shops are bad, or Oz is bad. It is just a new experience shopping at a few places. Of course we may well miss the convenience of shopping in one place. I tell you; once you taste the un-pumped with water chicken breast here then you won’t want Tesco chicken. Full of flavour. So, our experience has been that food is roughly the same, petrol prices fluctuate during the week but we have filled up when it has been cheaper. We have eaten out once and the price was similar to a Harvester, but because of the kids we have been eating at home. Everywhere is set up for kids, and they aren’t a hassle here, and there is a playground within each square mile I swear! I feel myself waffling, so to summarise it has been busy and we feel full of adrenaline but so pleased that we hit the ground running. Got mobiles, internet dongle, and roof over our head and people to help and the common sense to take action, ask for help and just keep an open mind. I start work next Monday so things should settle into a routine, and the kids are settling more now. When the temp is 23 degrees and you are looking out over the sea at the Sunshine Coast as we were today then life doesn’t seem so bad. My only tip is keeping an open mind, take part and accept help from others. Satisfied customers thus far and thanks you to all those who keep it real on the pages of PIO, we hope to offer objective advice based on experiences in the near future to anyone who needs it...........
  14. Hi ,family of four coming over on reccie on may 1st 2012 for three weeks to perth,Can anyone advise where we can rent for three weeks, usual criteria a pool and a fridge, cheers Jules:cool:
  15. Guest

    First reccie

    Hi there Planning our first reccie of WA and wonder I'd anyone had any advice/suggestions for us. Have no idea where to start or even how long to go for! All help appreciated ta xxx
  16. Hi all Just thought I'd add what we found in case it helps others, on a recent reccie trip over in advance of our move this coming November I will be working with an employer in Chatswood, travelling on a 457 visa, and have other friends and family living on the North side of Sydney - so knew we were looking for a North Shore location, which at least cut things down a bit. Important things to us as part of our move are cutting down the commute (currently I do 75-90 minutes e/w into London from Suffolk - bleurrgh), finding a really good school for our son who's nearly 5, a nice sized and quality spec family home, and the general "feel" of the area. Hard to describe - even harder to give a brief to someone to help with! We were fortunate enough to have the services of a relocator, who arranged appointments with schools and some houses to see what sort of price we'd have to pay for what we wanted in an area we liked. They drove us round for 2 days and were massively helpful, so it was a great service. No idea what it costs - my employer is paying - but very handy indeed and I know we're lucky and most people don't have this luxury Initially we thought we wanted to live somewhere near the water, so pencilled in suburbs like Lane Cove, Northbridge, Seaforth, Middle Cove, Castle Crag - and we visited all these. We discounted Mosman on account of overpricing (Sister in Law lives in Cremorne, so we know it quite well) Lane Cove I liked quite a bit, but my wife wasn't so keen. She found it a bit urban, whereas I quite liked the variety of housing and the handiness of the shops. Northbridge had nice houses, we weren't so keen on the shops and facilities, and we found the streets narrow and steep with very few pavements, which we felt might be an issue for small kids. This applied to most of these waterside suburbs to be honest, and wasn't something we were expecting. Northbridge also seemed very expensive for what you get. Castle Crag and Middle Cove were much better in this respect, and the shopping "village" in Castle Crag was really nice. But streets still a bit narrow really. Seaforth again similar in terms of steepness, but there are tons of facilities there and it seems like very good value - but you have to put up with Spit Bridge & Military Road traffic So we were a bit stuck - our relocator had arranged appointments in the Upper North Shore and initially we weren't keen as it felt a long way out to us. But as soon as we turned off the Pacific Highway and into Wahroonga, it felt really nice - lovely villagey feel around the train station, very leafy and green with mature trees, wide streets, pavements, nice houses - to be honest it ticked every box for us. So the next day we concentrated on this area and looked around Turramurra and St.Ives and some of the suburbs further down. I know this sounds odd, but these three suburbs actually felt quite villagey to us, it's probably the amount of bush and green space, and we realised that's what we wanted - the suburbs further in towards Chatswood - Gordon, Killara, Roseville - felt much more what we'd think of as suburban, which isn't really what we're after. We went out there with an open mind, because we know where we currently live (mediaeval house in an old village) isn't something that can be recreated in Australia, but we were surprised with what we concluded So we're settled on looking for somewhere to live in Wahroonga (ideally) or Turramurra/St.Ives for second preference. Let's see how we get on when we land in the early Summer! As for schools, we visited Northbridge, Seaforth, St.Ives North (public) and Wahroonga prep (private). All of them seemed pretty good to me, of the public schools St.Ives North looked the best in terms of organisation and facilities, from what you can tell from a 45 minute short visit any way, which obviously isn't much. I would say the standard of primary education looked a bit better than that commonly available in the UK Hope this helps someone!
  17. Hi Guys, will be popping over for a 12month reccie on a holiday visa next june. What are the chances of gaining a sponsorship? I am a brickie, which i know is on the skills shortage list.
  18. Hi. Ive been lucky enough to be granted a visa (StSp ACT). :jiggy: We area with a new baby. He is 3 months old and therefore do not wish to move at present as this is our fisrt baby and do not wish to part so soon from his new grandparents and all other overjoyed family members. However - In order to activate our Visa. We need to visit the said state and activate. Can anyone please suggest what we should try to acheive whilst on the reccie trip? I dont want to drive around aimlessly looking at things just for the sake of it. But understand the importance of finding out key information etc. Any ideas and offerings. Items that strike me initally are;:idea: Areas to live - 1st time (2nd after UK) buyers.,., or rent Work areas (Architectural Technician) Places to chillaxe, eat, drink etc. (pref in walking disto from home. Bank account set up? (I could leave some money in and do a direct debit for the lottery to enhance my bank account ratings??) Medicare (or later) Any info good or bad will be read and digested and store into my brain without any problems! Honest! Cheers, thanks, brill, ace, and wow.
  19. Hi. Ive been lucky enough to be granted a visa (StSp ACT). :jiggy: We area with a new baby. He is 3 months old and therefore do not wish to move at present as this is our fisrt baby and do not wish to part so soon from his new grandparents and all other overjoyed family members. However - In order to activate our Visa. We need to visit the said state and activate. Can anyone please suggest what we should try to acheive whilst on the reccie trip? I dont want to drive around aimlessly looking at things just for the sake of it. But understand the importance of finding out key information etc. Any ideas and offerings. Items that strike me initally are;:idea: Areas to live - 1st time (2nd after UK) buyers.,., or rent Work areas (Architectural Technician) Places to chillaxe, eat, drink etc. (pref in walking disto from home. Bank account set up? (I could leave some money in and do a direct debit for the lottery to enhance my bank account ratings??) Medicare (or later) Any info good or bad will be read and digested and store into my brain without any problems! Honest! Cheers, thanks, brill, ace, and wow.
  20. Guest

    Reccie to Perth at Easter

    Hi all Well we had our reccie and acctivated our 175 visa this Easter. Things have been very busy so only just now catching up with PIO. I enjoyed reading posts on reccies etc so this is ours. Well we flew with Emirates which was great, they are very good with kids giving them toys etc. Only issue i had was we prebooked our seats to get more leg room, without letting us know they changes the plane size and our seats for all 4 planes was in front of the toilets. Not much sleep for us with the chain flushing every 2 mins lol. Saying that the food was good, and the lovely australian wine made up for it. When we arrived our friends were there to meet us, which was great they took the long way back to show us the view of the CBD at night - lovely. I was suprised at how small the city seemed and it reminded me a little of America, the signposts and large roads. Jet lag kicked in, this was easied with regular visits to the beaches. Wow they are great, City Beach was our first we had posh fish and chips and watches the sun go down. All i kept saying was no couldnt live here its horrible ( tonge in cheek), why would we want our children playing at this lovely beach. The reason I was saying this is due to the crap we were getting from family members, quote - why do you want to take the kids to oz. I made she we had lots of pictures to show they why we are going. lol Other beaches we visited were Hilarys, Trigg, Cottesloe and Mallaloo. We drove along the coast drive on many occations just to take in the views. We were very lucky that the friends we were staying with had a friend who lent us a car. That is how friendly they were... The two weeks flew by we visited Caversham wildlife park, this was great we feed the Kangeroos and petted coalas. We were going to go to Rottness and Perth Zoo but time and money did not allow us, we are going to save them for when we move (which is 4th Sep). Our friends had to work but as it was Easter and Anzac holidays they still managed to show us around fremantal ( the street performers fesival was on), they also took us to a beach BBQ which all their new friends which was great. Next time will be better as it will be my turn to drink not drive lol. We stayed in East Perth which was a stone throw away from everthing. The circus was in town (city), so we ventured there - very interesting as they had animals. My friend took me to bodybalance which was an exercise class, this was out side on the grass next to swan river. Loved it the views and stars were fantastic, mozzies not so good. We took the ferry accross the river, just for fun went to the park then came back lol. Oh yea we also hired a quad push bike from a shop by the side of the river and cycled up the swan river was great fun. Everybody is out running and cycling - note to self must get fit before we move. Night life - very interesting. Went to few bars and a club in Leederville, well tried to get into a club they only allow you in with your passport or ozzie driving licence and they take a picture of you as you enter. I took my uk driving licence out and got turned away - gutted. Ill know next time. Music was ok drink was very expensive, but most have a few then go out. I did not make it down to the lucky shag which is by the river but my huspand said it was great - views amasing ( the luck shag is a bird by the way). lol We went out to some lovely resterants again with the exchange rate pricey but hay ho live is short - injoy. There is lots of Asia places, great food yum. We had a few BBQs one at Kings Park ( the largest inner city park in the world), Hilarys beach and at City beach. I was amazed at the quality and at how cleach the FREE yes FREE BBQ facilities were. In all we spent £1800 in two weeks - we paid nothing for accommodation or car. But we did eat nice and drink nice wine. We were on holiday after all. Our flights for 4 of us was £3200 so all in all £5000 for our reccie. I am so pleased we did a reccie, I have seen the areas we can afford to live, we have had a taste of the beaches and life style and we can not wait. We did so much more in two weeks but this is enough typing for me lol See ya peeps Jay xx
  21. woodsy16

    planning a reccie

    Hi all I am at the beginning of excitingly planning our reccie to Canberra and would like any recommendations for Sydney airport hotels and short term accommodation in Canberra. I have been looking at many sites and have been shocked to see the words dirty and worn in reviews particularly for chain hotels advertised at 3/4*. Any information would be great. Thanks Kate
  22. Hi again, been a while as everything on the back burner whilst I took equivalency exams in UK, but now passed them and have the away leg in Melbourne next month. I have booked enough time that I have a week post exams so possibly looking at visiting my desired final destination of Hobart for a few days post exams. So what I would like some help with is; 1) Where to stay in Melbourne, have always preferred B+B's, but harder to find from outside the destination country so either B+B or hotel is cool, exams adjacent to the university. 2) What to do whilst not studying in Melbourne, what to see where to eat and how to get a feel of Aussie life. Am sports mad so any suggestions along those lines would be cool. 3) How reliable are the flights from MEL to TAS with the smaller operators or should I stick to virgin blue, or perhaps the ferry whats that like? 4) Where should I stay in Tassie, probably out there for approx 4 days so small reccie, but would ideally like to get a feel for the place. Finally is there anything else you guys think I should do whilst over here to convince me that the aussie life is for me?? Dates are from 17th June (land in MEL) to 5th of july (depart mel) with exams from tues 21st to wed 29th. Many thanks in advance Ben
  23. Hey everyone since we have not managed to sell our house we are going to validate our visas on 24th May for 2 weeks we have found a lovely holiday rental in Oceans reef. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on days out for the kids we have 2 boys aged 14 and 10 and when we made the decision to go to oz three years ago our eldest really did not want to go or even talk about it now he is as excited as us and cant wait to see what oz has to offer i just want them both to have the best time. I know Perth zoo has been recommended a lot on here so we will definately pay a visit. Both boys are very sporty and also love the water so any suggestions would be appreciated. Also i believe its a bit cooler end of may will it be warm enough swimming in an unheated pool. Many thanks for reading just cant wait to get there have waited a long time for it!:jiggy:
  24. Hi, been back a month now and spinning but thought some people might find our report useful, I know i have really enjoyed reading other peoples. We departed on feb 13th from london, first stop Brisbane, we flew china airlines, to be honest for no other reason than it was literally half the price of all its competitors. They get a bad press but were fine, seemed to have all the services, films etc from other flights i have been on. Not posh but fine. well worth saving two grand! I should introduce us, me, my partner and our three children aged 1,4 and 7 !! needless to say the trip was not relaxing !:eek: They were good kids on the plane and we had a bassinet for the baby which really helped. Stayed initially for ten days on the gold coast. Cheap but nice apartment in broadbeach near surfers.It was a little tired but clean and dead cheap. Had the lot including pool. I was amazed at how much i loved the gold coast, had been once years ago and not keen but it was great fun.Lovely weather, loads to do and i particularly loved the area's away from surfers such as curumbine and thereabouts. Could live there in a heartbeat!! the kids adored it ! My o.h looked for jobs in her speciality and had a look around and a visit but looks like jobs don't come up that often which was very disappointing. Last job that came up ten people applied! She is not on the skills list and we are appying for defacto as i have an australian passport so are fortunate that we can go anywhere. we drove down from the gold coast and had an idyllic two days in byron bay before stopping for three nights in port mcquarie. We stayed in a caravan site there and i would really recommend this to anyone, wild parakeets in the morning!! Beautiful. Drove down to sydney for the rest of the month. Had a shock there. Found out my oh could not work there as her job does not really exist in the same form. That was a shocker and wish we had researched better before planning our reccie ! Was really suprised to find my feelings had changed towards sydney.Loved it when i worked there years ago but that was as a single younger woman. Found it too cityish and big, with dreadful traffic!Not great for kids. Also found we could never afford to live there. Had a great time, went to mardi gras, visited beautiful beaches, coogee in particular but realised could not live there!Maybe its an age and stage thing! So home we came and it has been a whirlwind!! Made our mind up that we definately want to do it but feel cheated that we did our reccie in two places we cannot go !! With the benefit of hindsight should have included a trip to western australia as that is where we are now looking.!! What did we learn ? We absolutely love australia,:biggrin: my partner had never been and was blown away by its beauty and cleanliness. We both could not believe how friendly everyone was, compared to the uk. My health was so improved, i have arthritis and my joints were so much better, i cut down my pain meds by 50 per cent and swam every day!!so it is the place to go for a better future, at least for me ! Cost wise ? there is no doubt that things are more expensive. We shop cheap and found that a weeks shop was a about 120 dollars compared to 60 pounds here. However in my opinion the cheap stuff was better value and good meat and wine a lot cheaper. We also found that k mart was cheap for bits and bobs...body board 4 dollars! Beer was silly money!!Petrol of course alot cheaper. We felt the money even's out as we spent so little in the day and everywhere had clean and free barbies in parks and by beaches so could take our food and drink and spend the day there. It was amazing to see the children body boarding and swimming everyday,especially coming from a cold long winter! Sorry this has gone on a bit but really wanted to share our story so far! So now starts the long process of visa application. Just a word of caution, if , like us, you are not rich think really carefully about if you need that reccie! We had a ball,caught up with friends and of course now know its the right thing to do but the downside is we have spent alot of money just when we need it ! Good luck to everyone and thanks to all for sharing your stories and insight!
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    bank account on a reccie

    Hello all, We are going over on our reccie at the end of May, we want to open a bank account whilst we are there, we will not have an Astralian address, can we give our UK address, then swap it when we move there next year. thanks for your help Alan and Mary