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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Perth Recci in 3 Weeks!

    So excited, have just booked our flights with Emirates to Perth for 16th August to validate our Visa. We have 3 wonderful weeks to spend in Perth (first visit!), any one got any suggestions of must do/see while we're there??? We have two girls 6 & 9 so need to include them.. ie. Zoo trip etc. Any ideas?? x
  2. Hello, I am not going to write for ages but i will try to give you a rough idea of our trip. We booked our flight through first choice in June and got flights for 2 adults and 2 kids aged 6 and 2. We flew from Glasgow to heathrow then Heathrow to Abi Dhabi and on to Sydney. The flight cost altogether £2338.We flew with ETIHAD AIRWAYS. We were delighted with that price and as we had never been to Australia before thought it was the best way to do it. So packed our bags and off we set.................................................................... Our first flight was at 5.40pm or there abouts and so we headed to Heathrow, 1 hr 15 mins later no prob. Waited 2 hrs 30mins in london for our next flight to Abi Dhabi which just to let you know you do not need a visa to enter this country if you have a british passport. 8 hrs of tossing around a plane with 2 young kids and a husband who is 6 ft 3 was alot. The entertainment system is fab but the earphones were to heave for my youngest so they were falling off all the time, food was edible and air hosts were really lovelly so we arrived in abi dhabi . Kids were knackered and we had checked our buggy in from glasgow direct to sydney so you can imagine. We only had sterling and au dollars as currency but the guy on the sandwhich stall in departure would not except Scottish money or the dollars so after a few huffs and puffs my husband had to change over dollars into there currency( CANT REMEMBER THE NAME). 3 HRS passed and we were boarding for Sydney, i could have cried thinking we had another 14 hrs sitting on our bums with over tired kids but to be fair i felt this journey was alot better as we managed a few naps and the kids had a sleep to. prob the excitment of nearly arriving in lovely sunny oz had our minds occupied. we arrived in sydney at 7.20am on thurs (REALLY WED NIGHT IN UK) and it was Freezing. It was freak weather for that time of year and had been 25 degrees the previous week. it was now 10 degrees i was tired and cold and hungry, great start lol. We stayed with husbands uncle and aunt and 2 kids and the sleeping arrangments were not brill, we had a single bed each in kids room and our 2 kids slept on a mattress on the floor and there 2 kids slept on a mattress on there room floor if that all makes sense.If we had known then we would have just booked a b&b but it was nice of them to have us anyhow. Sydney never brightened up untill the monday and by then we had our hire car and were driving north to Brissie. YEEEE HAAAAA! We hired a toyota corrola for $50 a day with sat nav, brill. Petrol is so cheap compaired to uk, it was like $1.20litre for unleaded so $40 filled the engine.We drove for 6 hours from Sydney north and stopped at Port Maquarie. The sun was shinning and i felt like my holiday had started, we found a b&b with a pool for $119 dollars and took the kids to the beach it was gorgeous a definate stop over if you are thinking of driving. one nights lovely sleep in a DOUBLE bed and off we went fresh as a daisy. 5 hours and one stop at mcdonalds later we arrive at our holiday let in Helensvale 45 south of Centre of Brisbane. We had booked our villa through gold coast Holiday letting.co.au from the uk. It was the most beautiful house i had ever seen. it had 4 massive bedrooms, a gorgeous lounge a huge kitchen and ensuite, double garage with electic door,a beautiful in ground pool and a walk in wardrobe.................it was a dream home! Helensvale was lovely and i loved the distance to brisbane, the house prices are affordable and the schools seem nice. We spent a couple of days on Surfers paradise and went through there on a few evenings, i have never felt safer out with my kids at night anywhere in the world the ambience was lovely and the resteraunts are so busy, there is no signs of reccesion anywhere. We visited white water park and it was fab. We visited SEA WORLD and it was also fab. There are kids playgrounds everwhere and the man made beach in Brissie was beautiful. I loved Brisbane and the surrounding areas and it has made our mind up to give the move to oz a definate chance. My Husband is a plumber and so should be able to find work in oz and ell i am a hairdresser so i also should find somewhere to work. My kids absaloutly loved Brisbane and when i asked them what they missed about uk they said biscuits. hahaha aussie kids dont eat alot of biscuits. we know family will miss us and we will get lonely but there are other people in the same situation who 'need a friend' so to speak, so our plan is to go out next October once we have saved up our pennies and rent our house out in uk. We are determined to give it a proper go so 2-3 years should decide if we want to stay in oz or go home and right now i am desperate to get back and try this life as since we have come back to sunny Glasgow it has not stopped raining and the temp is hitting -1 some days already. My youngest is choked with the cold and we are all mopping about like something has been stolen off us like eh SUNSHINE. well get on with it and save thats thought. When we go back on our one way journey we will be looking to stop for a few of days in dubai or somewhere to split up our journey as it is longggggggggggg,(35 hours from leaving our house to arriving in sydney to be precise). Was it worth it? yes i think so, If it means a new life a better upbringing for my kids with an outdoor living and a bit of sun then i would do it a million times again. If you want to know anything else please feel free to ask. Laura kevin and kids:jiggy:
  3. Hi All Off on our recci tomorrow, flying with Emirates from Manchester 14.05 flight, any one else on that the flight? Well, we are looking to having a good look round the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Can anyone recommend any places to go to for free or cheap as possible. When we return we are going to swap Estate Agents, our house has been on the market now for just under 10 months andS we have reduced it by quite a lot. This time last year we thought we would be Aus by now.:arghh:Well that's all for now off to do some more ironing and packing. Sorry for going on Paula
  4. hillyman

    brissi recci report

  5. Hi All Can any suggest any cheap and cheerful hotel/apartments on the Gold Coast (or Brisbane) for our recci in July/August for 3A 1C. :idea: Thanks Paula
  6. Guest

    Booked Flights for recci

    Hi All Well booked the the flights today for our reccie to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, we have booked with emirates direct, travel agent wanted £4560,00 for 4Adults, got the price down with Emirates to £3925.00 using the code ukmove1. So we go on Monday 27th July back 15th August. If any poms want to meet up for a coffee or bbq ect, we would to meet up with you. Speak Soon Paula
  7. hillyman

    going on brissi recci in 4 days

    Hi to all,as the title say's going in 4 days for two weeks im checking hospital out while hubby looks for work hope there's jobs for him and we like the place,anyway i'll let you know all about it when we get back. CYA SOON Paula:wideeyed:
  8. Guest

    moving to oz recci or blind?

    Hi all, this may seem like a totally stupid question, but has anybody moved to Oz without giving it a recci and has it worked?:twitcy:
  9. hillyman

    decided to go on recci

    Hi all, wonder if any of you wonderful people could help,house not selling which i have mentioned in another thread so we've decided to go on a recci,some of you may know iv,e been offered a job at maters hospital (Brisbane) could any of you reccomend any suburbs which are not to close to the city, my daughter want's to be somewhere near the coast i want to check out schools so any advise would be greatful. many thanks paula.
  10. :arghh:Two weeks today and we will be on our way to Adelaide for our recci. We havent booked accommodation as we are not sure where to start. Any advice appreciated. I can only go for two weeks, however Karl has a flexible ticket till the 20th Feb. We dont know if we should just travell around and book BnB<s as we go (Karl is thinking about hostels to save costs for his 4 weeks on his own) Or should we book a central location and visit the different subburbs from that one location. Is this possible? please any advice would be appreciated as to where to start looking. starting to panic a little now.
  11. Guest

    Posted some pics of my recci

    Hi there i have put a few pics on my profile page of our trip will update everyday julie :wubclub:
  12. Guest

    recci in perth part 2

    i hope it makes sence lol i typed in once then got timed out well after landing in perth at around 2am ady went to fetch hire car he was a bit scared as never driven an automatic before so said would go on his own to have a drive round the car park lol, with the sat nav (highly recommend but make sure it's up to date) took us about 45mins to get to or house......... once in went straight to bed and set alarm for 9 try and stay into a routin which did help with the jet lag once we got up went a drive around could not believe how beautiful the place was very clean open spaces, went a drive to the beach which took our breath away with the white sand and blue sea not a sole in sight just went on for miles. the following day did a big shop at woolworth filled our trolly have been told from people on here there is not much choice but i beg to differ they were different price's just like over here. the chicken is expensive but went to red rooster a couple of time which is loads better than kfc....fruit and veg taste so nice and fresh would say about the same price but could not find no grapes which i love, meat is dirt cheap they do loads of styles and barbie-q packs they also do lots of speacials which are cheaper. like i say we filled up with loads of food and cost around £80/90 as here would have been at least £130 but again depends what you want if you want top of the range food then you have to pay for it, but the cheaper stuff taste just the same. the school we looked at was very nice the children have more respect there for the teachers than over here so was very happy. houses you get what you pay for but they are all very nice even the older house yes some need work done to them but still better than some here prices get dearer the nearer to perth you go. public transport: well the first time we went to warnbro to catch the train had not got a clue how the machine's work lol but a kind man who worked there said wait here i will try and get you a free ticket, he then came back with a family pass for the day to also use on the buses and ferry our mouths just dropped and thanked him saying there is no way you would get that back home. all the trains buses and ferry were so clean yes i saw the odd bit of graffity but so what you never noticed it had to look for it. hubby spoke to some people in the building trade while there and although it has slowed down to what it was there is still loads of work, they will take you on for the day to try you out but be warned if your no good they will tell you straight and tell you to p**** off but if your a good clean brickie hard working than you will have no probs............. all in all we had a wonderful time going to freemantle prison walking around the port had a laugh at a shop there called didgeridoo breath you can go in and play them ended up buying one as had so much fun,the people in there were so friendly and helpful telling us where to visit and nice places to eat would recommend everyone go in there. i think the best part was watching the children be children again that at one point i had tears in my eye's, they were building a very large sand villiage saying it was there kingdom we had to feed the sea with the sand or else would make it mad we were in fits of laughter doing this, hubby and me left them to it as we walked up the beach after spending about 3hrs there had to go for food but they did not want to leave....................... i know now in my heart that going for a recci was the best thing we did as confirmed that it's the right thing to do as a family the girls are happy and 100% behind us now, i would say to anyone i know it cost alot to do but we got a loan to pay for it and will pay once house is sold but reading the good and bad points that people put about oz made my head spin, i was beliving what people were saying i.e that it is expensive, ,boring,not many shops ect well i was so shocked at what i saw there is everything you need and more and you can only see for yourselfs not just go on what other's put. well i have gone on long enough but can not wait to get back as felt more at home there than i do in my own country. if anyone wants to ask me anything will anwser as truthfully as possiable julie :wubclub:
  13. Been back a couple of weeks and only just caught up with washing, ironing, paperwork, seeing friends and family. Had such a fantastic time but not at all what I expected. It's so strange that you do so much research on areas, read this forum for hours and hours and the image you have in your mind is nothing like the reality. I thought it would be good to write on this forum as I found it such a help reading other people's experiences but please remember, this is only my personal experience, and I wont even pretend that my views are correct, and I dont want to offend anyone, my views are my views only. Anyway, here goes ... Our flight with Singapore Airlines (who were just fantastic) was just fine, not half as bad as I expected and Maisie, our 2 year old was good the majority of the time. Drugging her with Phenagan helped!! (got this advise from this forum so thanks for that, helped so much). Singapore itself was fantastic, didnt get time to do some serious shopping at Orchard Road but went on a bumboat ride, to the Night Safari (good but think we were too tired and jetlagged to really appreciate it) and had a Singapore Sling at The Raffles, well worth £9 for a one off treat. Stayed at the Swissotel The Stamford for 1 night on the 51st floor with fantastic views and the people were so friendly and helpful, and Maisie got so much attention, she loved it. Arrived Perth at midnight and collected hire car and had sat nav (bought it from Ebay for £65 and it was worth every single penny, saved so much time and getting lost and arguing with Steve!) so straight to our house rental in Kinross no problems. Stayed 8 days but didnt do too much research on jobs or housing as we thought we would settle in Adelaide. We went to Caversham Wildlife Park (fantastic), Freemantle (nice to visit for a day), Hillarys (brilliant for food, relaxing, buying tack and the little beach and playground great for kiddies). Areas we liked the look of to live were Butler, Ocean Reef, Quinns Rock, Mindarie and could very easily live in Kinross, very central and smart. Will list below what we liked and didn't like about Perth from a living there point of view: Positives: So clean No graffiti The traffic totally stressfree, no speeding, no cutting up, no overtaking. Steve didn't swear once, unheard of in the UK. No litter Everything you need in one place - banks, post offices, cinema, grocery store, liquer stores, food outlets and no problems parking or having to find change to pay for parking. Quiet but not 'dead' if you know what I mean Everyone so kind and friendly Fantastic parks with playgrounds for the little ones everywhere Very Stepford Wives - clean, spotless, 'legolike' houses and streets Very flat, no hills or valleys so would be perfect for my father who is disabled. Never once got caught up in a rush hour traffic jam - travelled at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and never a problem, that takes alot of stress away. Negatives: Very Stepford Wives - clean, spotless, 'legolike' houses and streets but quite clinical and no character at all. Personally not a problem but can imagine would be offputting for some people, quite boring in that sense. Properties are more expensive compared to Adelaide and the area of Melbourne we stayed in. Adelaide - after Perth I thought that Adelaide would be more 'backwater' with less traffic, cleaner, quieter, houses more spread out and couldn't be more wrong. The traffic was pretty mad, not as back as where I live in UK, but Steve had started swearing again in the car, which he never did in Perth. Houses very different in style and lots of hills and valleys and more graffiti than I expected. Found Adelaide to be so much more like the UK looks wise, which I can understand the appeal for some, but for me (and fortunately my husband and parents) I dont want to move to the other end of the world and it be like the UK, albeit better weather and bigger houses. Spent time with family friends which was wonderful and stayed at the McClaren Vale Motel which was fantastic and had some great meals in the region and fantastic wine. Me and my mum went wine tasting and got quite tipsy, fantastic free day out. Originally booked at the Woodcroft Park and looked so nice on the internet but the reality could not be more different, wont go into detail, but checked out the next day. Also found Woodcroft not too nice an area but did like Seaford, Hallett Cove, Aberfoyle Park, and looked at new builds at Sellicks Beach and so much cheaper compared to Perth. The beaches were nice but more rugged than Perth beaches. No negatives on Adelaide for us but no great positives either. Found out there were lots of jobs for builders and the people again were so nice and friendly. Wish we preferred Adelaide to Perth, but so glad we had a reccie instead of just moving there. Final trip to Melbourne, stayed with friends in Carrum Downs in a massive new build bungalow with superbig garden. They absolutely loved living there but we found it slightly too industrial for us. Steve worked on site for a couple of days and found it so different to blockwork here in the UK. To make good money brickies apparently have to complete brickwork on a bungalow in 7-9 days. Lots of work though for brickies, joiners etc, new housing estates going up everywhere. Looked at a few display homes and puts the UK to shame, the houses were amazing. Absolutely loved Melbourne centre, just fab. If I was younger and without kiddies I would love to live there. Visited Sorrento and Mornington - if we do move to Melbourne would like to live there, had more of a village feel about it and near a lovely beach. Anyway, we are waiting for a case officer, already done medicals and police checks and have decided that we are going to emigrate to Australia, probably Perth, and give it a good 2 years. Steve has post holiday blues, he wants to move to Australia yesterday but I missed home during our holiday which is slightly worrying but we have an opportunity that so many people would give their right arm for and I know that if we dont go, we will always wonder and regret it. I did like Australia, dont think it will be perfect to live there, will probably be worse off financially, and will miss my family and friends loads but no denying anywhere in Austalia is better than my part of the UK. I am happy with my day to day life here though, but hate the politics and wonder what it will be like in 5 or 10 years time for Maisie and future children. What I did like about Oz is that everyone without fail - Aussies who have lived there all their lives, English who have lived there 1 year or 30 years - all say what a great place it is to live and bring up a family. I would NEVER say to a visitor come and live in Yorkshire or the UK, a great place to bring up a family. That to me was the best recommendation ever. Wish we had visited Perth last, though, as we found ourselves comparing Adelaide and Melbourne with Perth, wonder which area we would have preferred if we had visited Adelaide first. If I give any advice at all, I would say go for a reccie, if at all possible financially and timewise. I know people go without visiting first and it works out but I am so glad we had a look round a few different areas first. The image I had in my mind was nothing like the reality, quite surprising. So if I haven't bored you all rigid, if you have any questions or I can help with anything please let me know, I will help as much as I can. Many thanks Amanda, Steve and Maisie Jayne xxx:v_SPIN:
  14. yes finally booked them tonight put the details on my other thread "im so angry aahhhhhhh" booked with netflights and were brill............... so have a read if interested lol julie :wubclub:
  15. Guest

    What is a recci?

    Hi everyone im full of questions today:wacko: I wanted to know what a recci is ? is it a cheap way of going on holiday in oz Sorry if i sound thick (but i am HA HA) Anyway any ideas of having some sort of cheap holiday in oz (perth) as ive looked at prices and they cost a fortune i would sooner save all my money if we do move and take our familys word that life is better....what do you think x:jiggy: