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  1. Been a month now here in WA. Took a short term lease at Rockingham and will be moving in shortly for a longer lease at Perth. Got the medical & Tax number sorted out as well as opening a bank account. The only thing remaining now is getting my WA driving license and getting a job, the hard part, but I will come back to that. A few notes that might be of use to some: 1. Got myself a maxivan from Perth airport to Rockingham. It’s no easy task. Now, this is one good reason why it might be better to stay at perth initially then work your way out further north or south. With a lot of baggage in tow, getting from point A to B is quite a feat. (Didn’t rent a car right away as I’m used to driving in the right lane). 2. Get all your documents ready for your house hunting. It ain’t easy and references (jobs, personal refs) do come in handy. Took me a full month to get mine sorted out, lots of viewing and all. 3. TFN, Medical and Opening a bank account’s easy. You need only the passport, visa and of course the money. Commonwealth Bank worked nicely for me as they didn’t require lots of cash to open one. 4. With a valid driving license, migrants can drive around for 3 months within which you need to have your own WA license. Mine is not from an accredited country so I have to take the exams. Still, I could drive around within the time span. 5. Now, in finding a job, I’m stumped. I am certified as Building Associate but could do Civil Engineering, Quality Control and Facilities Management. But unless you’re Professor X or Einstein, it’s very difficult to find one. No matter what they tell you, websites rarely work here. Been talking to some locals and neighbors, and was told jobs work by referral. Grab a beer, call a mate and get endorsement. Which brings me to my current predicament: I’ve got the beer ready. Just PM me Mate!:biggrin:
  2. Guest

    January Recce & Interviews!

    Hi everyone. My first post so please be kind. Work redundancy in UK looking ever more likely with the construction industry in dire straits......(might find out tom) Anyhow i've got flights for my wife, boy and myself to go and visit my sis in manley early Jan and have managed to secure 2no interviews in sydney during my recce after launching my CV assault to target firms (architectural practice). Was hoping for a bit of advice really from forum members.. I have just received my approved skills assessment from the AACA and now wondering the best visa option to take. What with the redundancy looming, time is of the essence so assuming the 176 could take over 12months, what visa offer should I be aiming for at interview that would allow me to work in sydney at shortest possible notice with maximum flexibility? - family good to go after much discussion. Apologies for the rambling post - any assistance much appreciated. T2O
  3. Guest

    2 recce or not 2 recce?

    hi there, It's my first post on this great website and I'm looking for some advice, please? scenario: My husband starts a job in melbourne in september, we have 2 kids, 4 + 6, (in sept in uk, would be in year 2 + reception). the question is: do we come w/o kids and check out melb for one week in july before arriving en famille in sept? or do we all arrive in sept and stay in an apartment & take kids round all houses & schools? How much can we achieve in one week in july for arrival in sept? I'm a very nervous flyer -aaargh, so less flights the better....but will of course do the flights if a week in july is going to set us up well for september, So: Shall we do the recce hoping to secure a house + school for our arrival in sept or skip the recce and go once and for all? Please advise! Many thanks, xx
  4. Hi all, just thought I would share my thoughts. We are here on yet another recce from NZ (been there for over 8 years) before we move to the Gold Coast permanently on Jan 3rd. Having an awesome stay at Ashmore Palms (would happily recommend it to anyone) and went to Pacific Pines with appointments at both Park Lake primary and Pac Pines High for our two sons (12 and 8). We loved Park Lake - as a teacher I was very impressed with the ethos of the school, we went into classrooms as the children were working and the atmosphere was fantastic - I wanted to be 8 years old again! Unfortunately not quite the same feeling at the High School - I can't put my finger on it but came away concerned that it wasn't right for my 12 year old (not saying it isn't right for others but every child is different!). We went back to our cabin feeling a bit flat and couldn't decide why. We went for dinner with the children in Broadbeach - we have always loved it there and suddenly we were reminded of why we love the Gold Coast - the atmosphere, vibrancy etc. We made a decision there and then to rethink our Pacific Pines decision on the grounds that to us it felt a little isolated. We have now had a look at Varsity Lakes - youngest would be at the Prep Campus and eldest at the Middle School north of the lake. We were blown away by the facilities, etc and all the reports seem good. We have been driving around today within the catchment area and really like the areas near the primary school, namely Azzurra Island, Varsity Sound but could really do with some "grass roots" advice about the area - does anyone live there who could tell me if there are any areas or streets to avoid or any ones that are particularly nice to live on? We fly back to NZ tomorrow for 4 weeks (and a very busy 4 weeks at that) with the shippers coming, work and school to finish up and a dog to ship! We have had an amazing time and we are sure that Australia is the right move for our family at this time in all of our lives. So any advice would be welcome or any neighbours who fancy a coffee/wine etc when we arrive! Andrea (39), Mark (41), Evan (12) and Ferdy(8) - not forgetting Alfie the dog (3!):wubclub:
  5. Some learnings from a 10 day visit. It rains a lot in Melbourne, in fact nearly every day I was there we had a serious downpour, anyone who watched the Melbourne Cup horse racing or the rugby league international will have seen it! So be warned!Everyone kept telling me how unusual it was and how much they needed the water, but after ten days it was just more rain to me! Melbourne is still gripped by agressive growth, building is going on nearly everywhere, rental prices are going up still and the cost of living continues to rise with both utilities and interest rate rises announced during my visit. I have a rental strategy I am not buying into the housing market at it's current levels. Anyone moving out there in the future needs to cost in the fact that they will be paying todays rents or property prices, so don't get caught out by others telling you they can live well on $X, their property cost may well be half yours for exactly the same place. The rental market is buoyant and often you will be competing with half a dozwen others for a property and you may have no references, credit history etc, so plan to offer above the asking rental or increase the deposit to secure a property. Cars are incredibly expensive to buy, I am going for a company car simply to reduce the hassle in my first twelve months. Consider taking any luxury car you have owned for more than 12 months, roll on car costs are reasonable. Motorbike import tax is lower than cars. Cost of living is higher than UK for food and clothing. Buy new bedding, towels, curtains etc, all expensive locally. Get the kids new bikes and maybe even yourselves, great cycle paths everywhere unlike here and loads of people cycle for fun. TV will be bought locally, Good Guys and JB Hi-fi seem cheapest, again use the shops on the out of town parks or by the main roads just as you would here. Typical 2 bed 1 bath flat cost is $350-400 pw in a good area with secure parking for one car. Plenty of new developments with dozens of empty investor properties that are easy to secure, but size will be smaller and probably in a noisy location, easy to secure though. Found 3 bed houses with garages in not quite so nice suburbs but not dangerous areas for same or less money. BEER IS EXPENSIVE! £10 for a six pack yes £ not $! In a nice hotel $7-8 for a pint! Eating out is as varied as here, from cheap takeaways to quite expensive Indian/Thai/Vietnamese right through to ridiculous tourist trash at higher than London rates. I spent over £40 one night when I was tired in an Indian and only had two beers and no starter/desert! Petrol is cheaper than here which is why all the older cars are V8s, newer more economical cars are readily available. Locally produced cars are much cheaper than their imported competitors. See www.carsales.com.au Flights: recommend a two stop strategy. Dubai/ Kuala Lumpar or Singapore or Seoul if possible. Breaks flights into 7 hour blocks. Get off the plane and take a shower, if you look hard enough and ask at the information desks they will eventually show you where to go, GO TO THE FURTHEST ONES FROM THE MAIN AREAS otherwise you will not get in before your flight leaves. 5 mins under a hot shower is great. Pack 2 clean t-shirts in your hand luggage and you will feel so much better. Try Air Asia who are doing a lay down bed for around £1000 return at the moment. I was lucky enough to fly Emirates business class which was great but expensive. Also consider booking London to Far East then buying second leg from there. Biggest piece of advice, TRY TO MINIMISE THE AMOUNT OF CASH YOU TRANSFER/EXCHANGE, get onto Aussie $ as quickly as possible, at current exchange rates you will burn up your £ far too quickly and it will be really hard to settle if you are constantly being asked if you realise what things cost because your other half is converting everything all the time. Public transport is widely used because PARKING IN TOWN IS FXXXXING ridiculous!!!! $38.00 for 2 hours in the city or over $72 a day in some NCP equivalents, be ware as we thought the sign said $8 a day!! Driving Licences - advise staying on International for a period while you settle in.....no points on licence as they don't track overseas licences!! Very hot on traffic fines, even more than here according to the locals. No requirement to change for up to a year apparently. I have been offered a job over there and will be taking that up in December so will have more info later from Melbourne. Seems a great city to live in if you can get onto local salary quickly and adapt to the local prices. It's not England with the sun, it's Australia, bear that in mind and do your homework and you won't go far wrong! If you get out quickly enough you may be able to watch us win the Ashes as well, roll on MCG on Boxing Day!!
  6. Alrite folks,well were back( sat 16th may),just in time to see man utd win the prem again,ffs!welcome home eh?! well i wasnt going to do a recce report tbh,but a mate said i should and i suppose its my "duty",lol, so here goes..........singapore airlines from mcster to singapore and on to adelaide after a cpl of days around singy, cant complain about them,everything we needed was provided,attentive staff,no snotty attitude,so i would fly with them again no probs. If your going to stay in singapore i would deffo say stay in the crown plaza ,changi airport,top drawer,about £110 a night but great hotel,its about £10 in a cab into the city,and you walk straight into the foyer of the hotel from terminal 3. If your going into singy for a drink go to boat quay,where all the seafood cafes/bars are,not that keen on the way they have all the massive crabs etc tied up so they cant move,but its their country so......,make sure you have a bit of a haggle over the beer prices,they will drop them! Just a short walk away is clarke quay which is slightly more expensive and theres a "hooters" bar if you want to pay a bit more for your beer and a "love you long time" will serve you with her arse eating her shorts etc,i didnt bother! Neither did we bother shopping on orchard road,although the buildings were very impressive. On to glenelg/adelaide for 2 nights,DONT stay in the "stamford grand",supposed to be 5star and its $215 a night,which is fair enough if it looks like it does on the internet,it doesnt! we checked in and out in half an hour. Just up the esplanade is the "oaks plaza pier",top drawer,$170 a night for what is basically a studio flat with washer/dryer,cooker,iron and everything else you need and a balcony overlooking the ocean,its also got good bars,and a club round the corner at the "watermark hotel". So onto our rental in seaford for the next 3 weeks, its a lovely area,out in the burbs,which is fine for us,i guess if you are a younger cpl or just looking for a load of nightlife you should stay in glenelg or the city though. So our general impressions of adelaide/australia???? after a lot of the whingeing on here about the shops/shopping over in oz i expected there was just a corner shop every 30 miles or so with half a butter,a pack of bacon,and a tin of spam proudly displayed in the window..........absolute boll##ks! theres just as much choice if not more imo,seaford shopping centre,the collanades,marion,i cant understand what all the cryings about tbh. Theres also a lot of complaints about the driving over there,again.....i found it bliss compared to here!sure they like to do a bit of tailgating but so what?touch your brakes or slow right down and they soon back off. Hoons?yeah i seen plenty teararsing their cars round,but no more than here,i made a point of driving from north of adelaide down south at rush hour a few times and compared to getting from one side of lpool to another its easy! Scenery was great on the coast road,and if you want greenery etc get up into the mountains to hahndorf. Beer??yeah its a bit dearer,but not that much,my problem was that i drink guiness and at 9 dollars a can its a bit steep,so i drank tooheys old which is a stout(nice gear!). The aussies???? a few people on here have said they are scruffs(tradies),all the bogan talk etc,uncouth,a "bit rough" etc, i guess you could say that "to an extent" their right,im only a scabbyhead bricky myself but the aussie tradies outdo us in the scruff stakes lol, but so what??? work isnt a fashion show. When they heard me and jan talking in the pubs we went to they were straight over gabbing away,we met nothing but good people while we were over there,everytime we went out we were invited back to partys or late drinks in the local footy club etc,they also ALL gave us some local "tobbaco" EVERYWHERE we went!as tyke will tell you lmao! DONT judge a book by its cover is the moral to this! we met with no anymosity at all,they do like to eff and blind wether theres kids or women around or not(we found anyway),but that doesnt make them bad people imo,its just the way it is imo,they do seem to like to swear,lmao,but i AM generalising on who we heard and the pubs we went. They also like to "clear their throat "a lot when sitting in the patio areas etc,the floor round one table in particular looked like the ghostbusters had been in.....ectoplasm and jellyfish all over the flooor!But that was just a FEW builders who were the worse for wear after being on the pop after work,thats all,its not like everyone else was at it! And bare in mind these were just working class pubs we were in,with builders and blue collar workers, ANY working class pub in lpool is about the same i reckon. BUT we found "the" best thing about australia was the people,as i said.....DONT look down your nose at them because their ways are different,DONT be reserved or introverted and you will get on with them fine,dead helpfull,dead freindly,so all in all a great trip,me being a bit of a cynic didnt expect it to be as good as it was,but it well surpassed my expectations. This is just a few general observations by me over a period of a few weeks,its NOT me talking about living/working,paying bills etc in australia,because i CANT and wouldnt attempt to do that,simply because its totally different to what we done, which was basically a glorified holiday,wether my opinion would change when living there,who knows? but i dont think so. So my advice would be go over,have a look,dont be snotty,talk to the locals and mix,dont be intimidated because their all effing and blinding and look a bit iffy etc, i can only repeat that we found them all great company and keen to help,so MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP,DONT listen to the anti australia brigade on here!only YOU can decide! So as soon as we reckon we have enough dosh to have a comfortable start over there we will be gone.oh! btw if your from lpool you really have to talk slowly,they will struggle to understand you and they all think were scottish! I did miss the football bigtime,but we would have foxtell if we lived there,so thats sorted. We went down all the south coast towns to have a shufty,one of them "cape jervis" is about the most southerly and remote there is,i went to the hot dog/tea van in this deserted town and asked could i have a cpl of pies and a tea and a coffee,"not with that f###ing accent you cant" said the arl fellah who owned it!and started laffing,turns out he was a scouser who had been there since 76!nuts! One last thing ( because im sick of typing now),i would just like to thank TYKE ( russell and sheila )for going above and beyond the call of duty when we stayed in their rental,great people who helped turn a recce into an experience!went out of their way for us big time,i wont say in what ways because i dont want to set precedents for other guests who stay,but thanks again tyke! The rental is also ideally placed to explore south australia,and very comfortable,take it from me.so there you go....ive done me duty and done me reccie report,if you dont like what ive said.......tough titty,lmao! If you have any desire to reply saying "yeah but try living here "etc etc,YEAH I KNOW! this is NOT an attempt to describe "living there",so............SAVE IT! Nice to be back on btw:tongue::biglaugh:. OH forgot to mention for those who dont know......if your a scum of the earth/pariah smoker like me,in singy airport theres a bar called "harrys bar" where you can smoke and drink alfresco,bit pricey tbh ,7 quid a pint but better than those minging /middens they call smoking rooms!think its terminal 1 ,but just ask.
  7. Graemsay

    Validation and Recce

    I was granted a visa back in February, and was meaning to head Down Under in April or May, but a combination of a certain, unpronounceable volcano and landing a bit of work delayed things somewhat. I ended up flying out in early July, and arrived back yesterday. The main reason for travelling was to get my visa stamped, and also to take a look around a few places, catch up with friends, and chase a few agents. Melbourne Most of my trip was spent in Melbourne. I was there for the first and last week, which gave me a chance to have a good explore. I stayed at the George Powlett apartments in East Melbourne. These are relatively cheap, and consist of a basic studio style flat with a kitchenette area, but some of the decor is a little worn. The rooms all have free Wi-Fi. The centre of the city has a more European feel, though there are parts that feel American. The inner suburbs south of the river are generally the most attractive, though Toorak (the expensive part of town) gets a bit Footballers Wives at times. North of the river was traditionally working class, and tends to be a bit tattier. I liked Fitzroy, which is or was where the artists hang out. It felt like Camden or Brighton. I managed to get up into the Dandenong Hills for an afternoon (very nice), along with the Mornington Peninsula (ditto), and the hot springs down there. I didn't use public transport much, as most places were in walking distance, but it looked reasonably efficient with both tram and rail services. The trams run quite a distance out into the suburbs too, but I'm not sure what the coverage is like. Melbourne's got a diverse ethnic background. There are a lot of Asians, along with the usual mix of Europeans. I liked the multicultural vibe there, and it meant a wide range of different eateries. (Vietnamese on Lennox Street, Italian on Lygon Street, and so on.) And don't believe all the comments about the weather being horrible during winter. It was generally grey and a bit damp, but felt like early spring in the UK. They had the coldest day in the last 10 or 20 years just before I arrived, with temperatures plummeting to a low of 4 degrees (Celsius). The locals must be a bunch of wimps. Sydney I stayed at the Australian Heritage Hotel. The bar there looked a bit Wild West, being in an old, Colonial building. They had a wide selection of beers, though that was lost on me. The decor was a bit tired in the communal areas, I could get a Wi-Fi signal from a free hotspot, though that was only open until 7 pm, and the window latch on my room didn't close properly giving me concerns about security. But overall I liked the place because it was quirky. I was in town for three days, and spent the first in the CBD, the second walking through Collingwood, Glebe, Balmain and Birchgrove (all suburbs to the west of the centre). I took the opportunity to visit the Deus showroom - worth a look if you like motorbikes. The last day involved a trip to Bondi Beach via Watsons Bay, and back to the airport. (Hint, if you catch the bus from Bondi Junction to the airport then it's an awful lot cheaper than the airport train.) Sydney is as diverse as Melbourne, but there seems to be less of the arts culture. That might have been because I didn't see as much of the city, and hence missed what is there. I do like Sydney's geography, which is dictated by the harbour, as it gives the city its character. Makes it a bit of a pain to get around, but that's what ferries are for. It's also warmer than Melbourne. Adelaide One of my younger brother's friends moved out to Adelaide four or five years ago, and I hadn't seen him since. Anyway, this friend lives in the Hills (Bridgewater to be exact), which is about twenty or thirty minutes from the centre of town, but has a more rural feel. Seems a nice area, though I'd probably want to live in North Adelaide, which is the old part of town, if I ended up that way. The city centre feels a bit less wealthy than Melbourne and Sydney, and I wasn't too struck on it. Aside from looking around town, I got taken out camping (up near Berri) and offroading. The temperatures meant I didn't freeze overnight, and it was far more civilised than the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions that I did at school. The camping trip was useful as it highlighted the whole lifestyle aspect of being in Oz. But I think that there is very definitely a tradeoff against other aspects, in particular the distances between cities and countries in that part of the world. Jobs and Economics My line is IT contracting, and there are a few of us lurking on PiO. Rates seem to be on a par with what was on offer in the UK in 2008 outside of London at the current exchange rate, possibly 10% or 20% better. However they are below what was available in the (non-banking) London market, but rental costs in Sydney and Melbourne are probably on a par with London. The jobs market seems tough right now, but there are roles out there. It's not great, but significantly better than the UK. Overall, I'm still undecided on future plans. A lot depends on what comes up with work here and in Oz. I'm meant to be in Holland for the rest of this year, so it'll be sometime in 2011 (at the earliest) before I make a move.
  8. Hi, We are planning to come to Melbourne to have a look with a view to emigrating and to activate our Skilled Migrant Visa. We have 4 children (15,13,7,3) and would like to find somewhere to rent in Melbourne for a couple of weeks, ideally from 5th July !!! Any ideas where we might start? Also where are the best schools, we have thought of independent schools but are pretty open on the subject. We would like to go and have a look at the schools while we are over, Thanks Sean
  9. Hello there New to this site. Sorry my first posting is so lengthy. I’m a Brit married to a Swede currently residing in Sweden with twins of nearly 5 yrs old. The whole family has just been over to Perth, WA to validate our permanent visas, using our month long visit to do an employment recce. Predictably everyone there said to us that we must be physically living in Perth before anyone will offer either of us a job. My husband, who has an engineering background and works in the supply chain industry had several discussions with agencies and attended a breakfast network meeting in Perth which he found very helpful. During a couple of discussions he was told he would have no problem getting a job due to the boom which is currently happening in the mining industry in WA. As for me: I’ve worked my way up the ladder from the bottom, as a trained assistant and in recent years have worked as a management assistant. I’ve had jobs in the UK, Australia to include Perth and more recently in Sweden; I now consider Swedish to be my second language. I didn’t make too many job enquiries myself this time whilst in Oz as we thought it best if my husband tried to get the job first, then we would sort out daycare for the twins and then I would finally look for employment myself. So we are back in Sweden, still VERY passionate about relocating to Perth and now trying to establish our next move. My most recent job contract here finished before our trip and now we are thinking that I should take the plunge and go out again to WA on my own to find employment in about 6 weeks time. I’ve checked out a hostel in Fremantle whilst we were there this time (which ironically I stayed in the first time 21 years ago). If I did this, it would mean we could keep the flat we own ticking over in Sweden, my husband can continue working in his job thereby holding on to one income and take care of the children who are very happy at their dagis (nursery). In other words not risking everything and putting all our eggs in one basket. Neither of us feel sufficiently brave enough to sell up and go out to Australia and try our luck, given we have two small children to think of as well. The question is to anyone out there who hasn’t fallen asleep yet: Apart from missing my children and my husband very much, as a short term solution, does my going out to Australia to find a job sound like a good idea? 20 years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about going and would have gone yesterday but now I am 20 years older and a Mum. Would appreciate any words of wisdom you might have re my dilemma. Thanks Claire :unsure:
  10. Hi, Can anyone advise me of somewhere to stay (family of 4) in Melbourne. Looking at east side. I need somewhere nice but cheap. Staying for 3 weeks, 1 week along ocean road and the remainder of the time checking out life in Melbourne. Thanks
  11. Guest

    Paul and Tara's Perth Recce

    Hi everyone, Tara and I have recently returned from our recce to Perth so thought I’d share our experience with you guys. We flew with Malaysian Airlines who were very good; we’d definitely choose them again, especially as they were one of the cheapest fares we could get. We arrived in Perth on time and picked up our hire car which we had rented from Avis, I thought they were very efficient; I had only put myself down as a driver to save a bit of money but the guy put Tara on for free; so I now had myself a designated driver for the trips to the pub! We stayed in Clarkson which we thought was great, we’d heard a few bad things about it but I can’t really see where they had come from; the Ocean Keys shopping centre was great, our neighbours were very friendly and all the kids we’re out with their parents on Halloween being very well behaved; we stayed in the old part of Clarkson but the new part seemed very nice too. On that note the house we rented was from a very nice couple who I would definitely recommend and rent from again, so if anyone is looking for a holiday rental in the northern suburbs pm me and I’ll give you their details. After painstakingly going through all the suburb information we had picked out about 7 that we wanted to check out to live in, on our first full day we went to Quinns Rocks which was nice but quite expensive and land is at a premium (we ideally want to build), the beach was nice though. We also went to Mindarie Marina which isn’t that great in our opinion, the TV advert says why would you want to go abroad when you have Mindarie Marina, well we’d looked around it all in 5 minutes! Next we went to Kinross which was nicely laid out and nice and quiet, it seemed very safe; my only gripe was that almost every street sign had been tagged with graffiti, along with every bollard, bus stop and seats. We moved onto The Vines which we really liked however it is quite isolated, it was at the top end of our budget though and for $500k we could get a house there but not necessarily the size we wanted. On our way back we stopped at Aveley which we loved, it was very up and coming, we spoke to a woman in the land sales office who talked us through everything and for $500k we could have a 620SqM plot of land and build a fantastic house on it. The area has big plans for shopping and schooling (both are already being built) so this was a firm favourite for us. Anyway thats only 2 days so to save you from getting bored I’ll post more tomorrow. Cheers, Paul Btw the pic is of me with our hire car at Mindarie Marina.
  12. Very excited! Off to Sunshine Coast (Mooloolaba) tomorrow (via a stop in Singapore). Going to do a recce, validate the visas and generally hope to have a great holiday. If anyone fancies meeting up while we're out there let us know! Andy, Linz, Erin(4), Ava(2) and Ruby(1)
  13. Hi everyone, We are heading for a look around the suburbs of Brisbane in the last week of June to see where we can and can't afford! We wondered where you all stayed when you done you recce. We have been going round in circles on the internet because we don't know the areas. There doesn't appear to be many holiday houses for rent in the suburbs. Can anyone recommend a good place to stay that is quite central with it's own cooking facilities. Thanks Karen :biglaugh:
  14. Hi, We are in Perth for job interviews and a recce on may15th to 20th. We are a mid 30s professional couple (with family but they are staying at home this trip). We want to really understand how people have found perth, dislikes, likes, way of life, etc. Ideally it would be great I suppose to meet up with some friendly locals or groups, maybe there are some sort of help groups there? otherwise we were planning a trip to rottnest island, some time in some suburbs we liked (claremore, subatico, nedlands, dalkeith) and then try take a 1 day longer trip (we'll hire a car) and go south to visit a winery. Idea is to see some terrain outside perth (and hopefully not find a dust bowl!) Issues for us are things like the weather (if kids can handle it, if people fall over with heatstroke, if people constantly have to cream up all day long (not nice and frankly all the chemicals in these creams are not good for our kids with ezcema). But sunny climates make for healthier people. Otherwise, we are hoping to find out that people enjoy life, the parks, the sun! the amenities etc. We'll that is the plan. It is all a balance. The isolation does worry us a little, but that surely is a state of mind. You can be as isolated in London with 11 million people! depends on who you know and what you do. The "beach lifestyle" worries me a little. Frankly..I have never spent any time on a beach. Going to spain and sharing a beach with a load of Brits does not appeal. I am hoping it means a little more in australia, like some beach sports and some decent resturants and walks. Not beering up and skin cancer burns with fried chicken legs. thanks.
  15. Guest

    Melbourne _Recce

    Hi All It's been a long time in coming and after following everyone's useful advice, we are soon off to Melbourne for a Recce and to hopefully make our 'make or break' decision on whether to relocate to Oz or stay in UK. I've put together an initial itinerary to see as much of Victoria as possible but was wondering if anyone has any ideas for places to visit/suburbs/advice on things to check out/where to eat - anything that will give us the best feel for what the move to Oz would be like. Initial itinerary is:- 7 Days to include Melbourne City, and East side of Melbourne - Mornington, St Kilda, etc. 7 Days to include drive along Great Ocean Road, stay at Apollo Bay, Port Fairy and then on to Halls Gap in the Grampians. Thanks in advance for all information and advice
  16. Hi everyone, We are heading for a look around the suburbs of Brisbane in the last week of June to see where we can and can't afford! We wondered where you all stayed when you done you recce. We have been going round in circles on the internet because we don't know the areas. There doesn't appear to be many holiday houses for rent in the suburbs. Can anyone recommend a good place to stay that is quite central with it's own cooking facilities. Thanks Karen :twitcy:
  17. Guest

    Recce or Cold? Benidgo ummmmm!!

    Hi all Would you suggest a recce trip to Oz or to come out cold? Thoughts please. My research is pointing me to Bendigo - is my hunch a good one? Deb:wub:
  18. Guest

    starting recce

    Hi all Me and shell have been to travel agents to find the best way to see where we want to go and live. Quoted £4000 for me shell and jamie (7), to fly to Heathrow from Newcastle then to Singapore stay over one night and then onto Brisbane. stay in Bris for 2 nights then have hire car for 8 days travelling to Sydney stop offs on the way included. Stay in Sydney 3 nights then fly back to Singapore again one night there and return home. My dilema is should I take a chance on spending all this hard earned on having a look, or making mind up or go and spend money on the big move.I know only we can decide, but your input and experience would be great. We could save not staying in Sinapore approx £350 + spends. Also booking things ourselves ect. If we total all costs quoted on PIO site we could end up with nothing, all equity in our home will be gone. Unless we both hit lucky and get jobs, but even that costs for licences it will be tough. I seen costs on here for total cost of move was £21,000 and the cheapest was £10,000, We can't imagine stayng in this country for the rest of our lifes ITS A GAMBLE Ste N Shell
  19. Guest

    On Recce - advice needed

    Hi, We are here for 3 weeks til 20 Feb and currently staying at Marcus Beach just outside noosa on the sunshine coast, we are on a recce and would like to move out here in June this year. Our initial thoughts are it is not quite what we expected. It does seem very quiet here and concerned about the work availability. Thinking of looking Closer to Brisbane, can anyone suggest any area's. We are family with 3 kids, age 9, 5 and 4. Husband is a carpenter and would also need to find work. Watching to news yesterday it looks almost as bleak out here as it is at home work wise? Look forward to hearing from you. Lee
  20. Guest

    Recce Blog

    I Have started a Blog about the 5 weeks I was down under, in N.S.W. Victoria and S.A. The blog can be found on the site here Now it's a blog, so it's going to take me some time to complete it but it is up and running with the first two entries. For those that are looking to decide where to go for their recce, well I hope that it might be of a little assistance to you.
  21. Guest

    Recce in February any Advice

    HI, We are coming over in February for a recce to the Sunshine coast, Does anybody have any advice for this visit, eg, anything we should register for before the big move in June/July. Also anyone have any ideas of good self contained accommodation during the visit. Kind regards Lee
  22. Just wondering if all u guys returning to the UK went on a reccie before deciding to take the plunge and move for good? Im wanting to get a feel for how closely returning to UK is linked to Oz not being what people expected. :unsure: Whether we take a reccie or not depends on how quickly we get our visas - but i would like to think i could move straight over if need be. Also who would recommend taking one first? Thanks :wub:
  23. Guest

    recce ?

    Hi everyone, Hope someone can help, we are just about to apply for our visas after passing our vettasses, is it still possible to do a recce to oz while in the process of applying. andy:unsure:
  24. Guest

    Boooking a recce

    Booking a recce, and the wife wants to make it a holiday. We have been given some prices for Noosa, but it looks about 2 hours from Brisbane. Which is where I want to look at working. Are there any other resorts that are close to the suburbs and drivable to brsbane. Thanks guys Pitsy
  25. Guest

    Gold Coast recce

    Hi everyone, have booked to go to Gold Coast in March for 3 weeks for a recce of the area. I am looking for a house or apartment to rent for this time ( 4 adults, 1 child). Any ideas? I need to be within 45mins of Nerang. Also, do you have to be a Citizen or have permenant residency to buy a house in Australia? bring it on:cool: Kev