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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Everyone God i never thought the day would arrive when I would be posting this, but today we received the best news after nearly three years that we have our PR. My next question is what do I need to do next? Do I need to pop into centrelink etc? My daughter goes to Kindy so I would like to start receiving the rebate as soon as I am able to - having paid full wack for three years (at a very high cost) the reduction in this will be very welcome. We also have BUPA etc so I am assuming I will need to let them know as well as getting a new Medicare card? If anyone knows if I am able to do the forms online and which ones they are that would be great. Thanks Poochibabes :smile:
  2. BizLarker

    Medicare claim deadline?

    Hello does anyone know if there is a deadline by which you must submit a medicare claim? thanks
  3. Guest

    Tax rebate question

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone already living in Oz could tell me anything about the income tax system. We moved to Adelaide just over two mts ago and my oh is working and paying about $1000 every forthnight in tax. We are on a 457 visa and I am not working. Do you get to claim any of that back. Appreciate any info. Thanks Marie
  4. hey guys!!!! Can anybody help?? I am traveling to oz on a 1 year working visa in jan 2012 but hoping to gain sponsorship when i get out there and hopefully stay. Ive heard people talking about claiming tax back. Am i eligable to claim tax back and if so how do i go about it??? Thanks everyone :-):wub: any advice is appreciated x
  5. Guest

    Tax rebate from uk

    Hey there, hope you are hearing some news from the Tax office by now! I left the UK on the 1st August 2011 meaning i had only worked 4 months of the 2011/2012 tax year, however i have paid a huge amount of tax in that four months, does anyone know if I would get it all back ? Very confused......:confused:
  6. Conniebygaslight

    Tax rebate from Oz for uk returnees

    Wondered if anyone who returned before the end of June had completed a tax return for the last Oz tax year and expected a rebate. My Husband worked for Australian Gov March 2010-August 2010. He did a tax return whilst in Australia last July and recieved a good rebate (he as in a high tax bracket as high earner and having only worked 4 months of the tax year his rebate was substansial). We were expecting about half of the same for the remaining 2 months he worked for them.....however his Australian accountant has informed him that because we returned to the UK and are no longer Australian residents (hubby is Australian) he will be on an exorbitant tax code and can only expect a couple hundred dollars in rebate. Does anyone else have any exoerience of this....it seems very strange...surely it matters where you live when you are earning the money, not where you live afterwards...!!!
  7. This is my 3rd tax return since being here. I am on a 457, I have a TFN, earn around $80k/yr, but also get a bonus between $20-40k a year (which happens just before end of the financial yr). - All three I have done through H&R block through the online site. - Last year I tried using tax calculator but wanted H&R block to double check my figures. - First tax return 2008 - got around 2k back - I imagine because I only worked for 1/3 of the year. 2009 - owed around 4k back to ATO. 2010 - apparently owe 7k back to ATO. Im a bit confused, so I will likely head down to HR Block for a better assesment but does anyone have any ideas why I haev to pay ATO? PHI looks to be too expensive for someone on a 457 (compared to the savings made with medicare levvy) Reason I ask, is I sit next to a colleague on similar pay, who is also on 457, and is getting money back from ATO. I was not expecting a 7k bill this month... Would really appreciate any advice, let me know if you need more specifics.
  8. I'm waiting for a Skills Assesment to come through. My employer has said that they'll sponsor for PR application. I hope to apply in the next month. Am I entitled to claim for the Child Care Rebate (we've 2 kids in full time creche) as soon as I apply or is this only possible after the PR is approved down the line. I'd heard that I'm supposed to lose LAFHA as soon as I apply so it makes sense that I'd be able to claim from the off. If someone could let me know where I stand here, that would be great.

    UK tax/NI rebate

    Has anyone ever claimed a UK tax/NI rebate after leaving the UK? I notice may shipping companies offer the service if you have left your job part way through the financial year, they only charge 10%.
  10. clickettuk

    UK Tax Rebate on New Goods

    Hi, We're moving to Oz in January and have bought in the UK a new laptop, clothes and matress. Are we able to claim back the tax on these goods? If so, does anyone know how? Are there any other benefits we're able to claim when we leave???? Thanks.
  11. hi ,i will be filing my application for the 887 in january 2011...can i apply for the rebate from centerlink for my daughters childcare immediately...or do i have to wait until the visa is issued????pls note that both of us are working..
  12. [WRAP]http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af245/rob_williams_photo/jxqfujyo.jpg[/WRAP]Just a quick reminder, if anyone is thinking of getting an LPG conversion done, then the rebate reduces at the end of this month. CHANGES TO THE LPG VEHICLE SCHEME: The following grants are available subject to program eligibility criteria: Conversion Completed Between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010 - $1750 Conversion Completed Between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011 - $1,500 Conversion Completed Between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012 - $1,250 Conversion Completed Between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2013 - $1,000 Conversion Completed Between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014 - $1,000
  13. My boyfriend and I are moving back to the UK after being here on WHVisas for just under a year. We have both filed tax returns and were under the impression that backpackers get all of their tax back, but have since heard that this is not the case...so we're rather worried as we were relying on that money! Does anyone have any advice to give, or better yet, has anyone actually received a tax rebate from Aus? (after doing their own tax return!)
  14. Guest

    Tax Rebate / Tax free rent

    Oh my goodness ... I am so confused ! We fly on 27/08/10 ... woohoo ! My head is spinning sorting accommodation, shippers, dog shippers, rental agents ........ and now tax ! Can someone please simplify for my aching head. I have form NRL1 to claim rent recieved tax free and P85 to claim a tax rebate but am wondering: 1. Do I need to have my P45 for both these forms, I work in a school so even though I finish work mid July, I dont officially finish till 31/08/10 so my P45 will come sometime in September by which time I will be sunning in Brisbane ! 2. In section 3 of P85 do I put my rented out home as an accommodation address as it not available to me if its rented out? 3. In section 4 of P85 do I put gross rent ( as obviously I will recieve much less than that after expenses). Thank you :wacko: Jen xx
  15. Guest

    Oz Tax rebate

    Hi everyone, I'm coming to the end of a working holiday visa in Oz and would like to claim all my tax/super back. Does anyone know what do i need to do this? I assume a P45 fom my employer and oz payslips would be essential, but is their anything else? any help would be much appreciated, cheers
  16. Guest

    Uk Tax Rebate Forms?

    Hi everyone Just a quick question? We have just moved over to Perth, and i have printed the tax rebate forms off the tinternet, but am not sure where i have to send them to? Sorry, this is probably a really dumb question-so i apologise!!! and also is it worth sending off-do you get much of a rebate as we left in July? Many thanks Claire
  17. Guest

    LPG Rebate

    Hey guys, Im thinking of getting my Falcon converted, it meets all the government needs... I just wanted to know if any of you guys know if I need to be a PR for the rebate? If you do then I have hatched a plan with my neighbour where we will sign the car over to him and he will get it done, if we have to do this do you have to have owned the car for a certain period of time before you can apply for the rebate? We are in Vic.
  18. Hi all, does anybody know whether 176 visa holders can claim for child care tax rebate and rent allowance? I am asking this because one of the crieteria for the grant of state sponsorship is that the applicant is not entitled for some social security payments? Please advise... Thnaks,:unsure:
  19. Im here on a 457 visa and started work back in early March. I am aware of the LAFHA allowance, but dont think my employer supports it. However, what I did want to ask about, should I still be liable for a rebate? Im not paying for private HI, but I figured the financial year is up in June out here, and ill have only earned a little amount (cos of the time ive been here) however im paying quite a bit of tax. Should I get this back?
  20. HI We are going on a 175 to QLD and will need to put our two children into full time nursery. Likely costs around $2000 a month. Because of our earnings it is unlikely we will get any childcare benefit but from what i have read we could still claim childcare tax rebate at 50% is this right? Cheers Bex x
  21. Guest

    Tax rebate

    Hi there I have a query if anyone can help me. I have an e457 visa until March 2011 and I have heard from a couple of people that I may be entitled to some tax back necause I am from the Uk and working in Australia. Apparently I can only get this is my company are agreeable but I cannot find anything about this on the web and don't even know where to start. Apparently it is some sort of 'living away from home' scheme - has anyone heard of it, signed up for it, know anything about it. I would really be grateful for any info Thanks a million Maxine
  22. Hi, me and my DH are planning on heading to Brisbane next October to work for a couple of years. We've had a look into the financial side of things and I had a thought. If we leave in October, will we be due an income tax rebate? We'll have been paying tax assuming we earn that amount for a entire tax year but will only earn 7/12ths of it (from April to October). Can anyone tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree with this one? Cheers, H.
  23. Hiya Has anyone claimed their tax back? My accountant has never heard of a rebate if you emigrate, but my Agent mentioned it. Confused You will be ....lol Coz I am, but that is nothing new... The accountant is going to check it out for me though! So i'll keep you posted. April:arghh:
  24. I have not got there yet BUT...i notice we may be eligible for $7000 as we would be classed as first time buyers, is this true..If so i have read we may be eligible also for a discount on the stamp duty. However i have been on the QLD site and cannot find a mention of stamp duty but something about transfer duty and mortgage duty...A little confused can someone enlighten me??? Cheers Bex
  25. Guest

    tax rebate ?

    hi tonyl ere does anyone self employed know if there tax system for subbies works the same as ere as we get rebate once a year and at what % do subbies pay thanks tonyl