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Found 13 results

  1. I got negative assessment for being my tasks are not highly relevant with the occupation applied for; Financial Investment Adviser (222311). My manager intentionally did gave them an opinion which knocked me off Just applied for a review of that decision! anyone did this before? Do they turn their decision??
  2. Hi there, I am very disappointed by the negative outcome. Did anyone here got their negative outcome and got positive from re-assessment? Please help. My question is: what is the best way to position this in the reassessment application? I'm afraid it would seem fishy if I provide another job description that goes into further details of the required tasks. I actually have a solid argument as I actually perform most of the tasks that ANZSCO required. I'm just not sure what's the best way to approach this. what are the additional documents that strong enough to support?
  3. Hi All, I have applied for ACS review/reassessment of 9 months of my recent work experience. Previously I was not able to submit any documentation for this work experience, hence ACS had given me 'Not Assessed' for it. Now I have submitted a reference letter from my supervisor. So this is a case of new documents made available rather than any complicated code change. Any idea how much time the review/reassessment will take. My review/reassessment documents reached ACS on 27th Jan 2012 (received acknowledge from them) and with assessor since 3rd Feb. Not sure how long the assessor will take, If anybody has any idea on recent timeline it will help. I have already taken NSW sponsorship, which will expire on 9th March, so need the review/reassessment before that so that I can file PR. If anybody has any suggestions on this, those are most welcome. ACS lost my review/reassessment documents sent on Jan 12, and they gave me 3 more weeks to submit fresh ones, which reached them on 27th Jan. Can I request them to speed up as they had lost the documents once. Awaiting replies :dull: Supjit
  4. Hi all, i've been a little lazy with my australia visa application recently and have not really kept up to date with all the changes. I called IMMI just before Christmas for a general update. My family and I applied for a 175 Visa back in May 2009. I was advised that as I was assessed by ACS using an old SOL code (2231-79 Computing professional (NEC)), it would be in my interest to get a reassessment done. I was advised I should look for a new code from the ANZSCO Schedule 3 list (which I can't find anywhere). If I don't do this, we could be waiting a very long time to have a case officer assigned. Also, I am not sure what to get my reasssment completed in. I don't know what code I should be using. Therefore, I don't know how my old SOL code maps across to one on the new list. Has anyone got any experience in this because i'm either being really thick or things just seem to have got more complicated than before. :arghh: I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks in advance.
  5. musmanasghar

    Re-Assessment from ACS

    Dear All I am asking this query on behalf of my friend. I will Really appreciate if some one can guide me regarding to ACS Reassessment. Currently she is standing in bottomless pit of Cat-4 .. she was previously assessed as System Manager (2231-11). and applied in 2008 Family sponsored. Now she want to reassess her application as system analyst. Will she moved to Cat-3 if successful from ACS ?? Thanks in Advance
  6. I just got my re-assessment letter from ACS under the title of Developer Programmer, using the same materials. Now I wonder where do I send this information? What documents should I send along the new result letter? Also, I applied in Nov, 2009 using e-lodgement, how soon can I have a CO? Thanks!
  7. Ferrisian

    TRA Re-Assessment

    Hi, Last year I submitted a succesful Application for a skills assessment to the TRA under the occupation Vehicle body Builder. At the time of me submitting this application vehicle Body Builder was on several states SOL list but since the recent recent changes is no longer on the SOL list 3 and also not present on SMP's, demoting me to CAT 4. At the time of applying for my TRA assessment I was torn between aplying for assessment as either a Vehicle body builder or a Panel Beater as I fully trained (Completed a 4 year formal apprenticeship in that combined both) and the skills and duties of both occupations are quite similar and something that I do in my every working day. Given this situation is there anything preventing me to re-applying to the TRA and getting re-assessed as a Panel Beater also. Many Thanks For any advice available.
  8. Hello guys, Sorry if the question I ask here have been already addressed in some other threads. Its been since 2 days only I started going to the online discussion regarding 885 visa and immi (and I have been sleepless since then :mad:). I applied for 885 visa under occupation Computing Professionals – nec 2231-79 (cat 4) on May 2010. At the time I applied I thought my application would be finalized no later than end of 2012. However now I have come to learn that due to post July 2010 immi priority arragements, cat 4 applications wouldn't be looked at unless all the applications on cat 1,2 & 3 are finalized. Does this mean that cat 4 applications will never get their turn? Obviosuly cat 3 applications will never stop coming. All the PR applications July 2010 onwards will be either on cat 1,2 or 3. Anyway, I did some googling about cat 4 and options available for applicants on this category and came accross few topics about skill reassessment and PR application relodgement thing. However I have few confusion here. Following is my current status: - I've been working as fulltime Application Developer since 1.5 years. - I still have my Graduate (VC 485) visa valid for few more months - I still have valid IELTS (general) for few more months - Employer nomination is not option for me as I'm slightly below the minimun salary requirement for Software Programmer/Developer/Analyst role. - I just applied for ACS assessment (recent grad with ICT exprience category) yesterday for Developer Programmer Now my confusion is here: If I get the positive assessment for Developer Programmer: - Am I eligible to relogde the PR application from scratch by nomitating differnet occupation (Developer Programmer) than the one I had nominated for Graduate 485 visa (Computing Professional nec )? - If I'm eligible to lodge new application, do I need to withdraw my previous application before I file new one? - And finally if I do lodge the new application by nominating occupation on new SOL, should I try for DRC? Yeah, I have read that since Nov 1, DRC applies to cat 2 only, but does that mean that new cat 3 applications with or without DRC will have same processing time? Thank you very much in advance for your inputs. Maxx
  9. Hi, Has anyone received a successful outcome for a free re-assessment lately from ACS because of the new coding? Especially interested in computing professionals who have asked for a completely new code for eg. systems Analyst to get onto the new SOL? We applied about 3 weeks ago so just wondering how long they take. cheers
  10. HI. I took academic ielts last week. i got 7 average. 8 reading 7 speaking listening 5 writing :mad: it's horribleeeee I just had to take at least 6 in each part. but 5 is too bad. have I got any chance to get a reassessment? should I ask it just for writing or in general for any piece? have I got some possibilities???????? pleeeeeease help me! :notworthy::hug:
  11. Dear all, If FSL comes into play phasing out the CSL & MODL(if I'm not wrong), do I need to re-assess my skill from the assessing body like ACS? If anyone can help me ... :dull: THanks, Rubab
  12. Guest

    Re-assessment from ACS?

    I have my skill assessed from ACS last year. I got the letter from ACS on 08th October 2009 with MODL. There have been some changes by DIAC. Please find link below: Australian Immigration - Legislation Change Update It has been mentioned here : From 1 January 2010, the Migration Regulations 1994 ('the Regulations') are amended to provide a new requirement for all applicants seeking to satisfy the criteria for the grant of a Skilled – Independent (Subclass 885), Skilled – Sponsored (Subclass 886) and Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Subclass 487) visa. The new requirement means that a person must have had their skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation to lodge a valid application. Visa applicants who nominate a skilled occupation which has been specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing, must have had their skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority, on or after 1 January 2010, as suitable for the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation. The amendments further provide that all persons seeking to satisfy the criteria for the grant of a Skilled – Independent (Subclass 175), Skilled – Sponsored (Subclass 176) or Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Subclass 475) visa, who nominate a skilled occupation specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing, regardless of the person’s location at the time of application, must have worked in the skilled occupation for at least 12 months in the period of 24 months ending immediately before the day on which the application was made Do i need to go for ACS assessment again? Please suggest.
  13. Our agent tells us that if you fail a practical assessment you can take two re-assessments before you have to re-take and pay for the full practical - Does anyone know if this is right?