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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, Am just wondering if all you Central Coasters could possibly give us Wannabe Central Coasters a clearer picture of the cost of living there????? :confused: Week to week living, monthly outgoings etc etc. Eg. Electricity, Gas, Phone, Childcare, Health Ins., Car Ins., Contents Ins., AirCon etc etc. :arghh: I know alot of the above will have variables, dependent upon family size, location, plans you go for, servers etc etc, but I think just a rough guideline would be good and we could average it out. FYI - we are four - one school going - one infant - one car family. ANY INFO GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! If we could start a listing even better..........It would make the already frustrating decision making, less confusing - I HOPE!!! Cheers guys!!!! Big Hugs.:hug:
  2. Hi Everyone I am new to the site and am looking to hear from others who have emigrated from the UK to Perth. I have been battling with the guilt of leaving my parents for over a year and I just don't know if I can leave the UK even though I would love to because of family ties. Hubby is up for it and we have two children to consider too, I am sure they will adapt but I am worried about uprooting them from their family. Any advice from those who made the leap and felt this way would be very welcome! Natz
  3. Its been 3 years for our visa to finally come through (176), and we have to stay the first two years in Canberra. We have just been out to Canberra to activate our visa, whilst waiting for our house in the UK to sell. Whilst in Canberra for a month, we did nothing but research cost of living, and what was the Aussie dream sold on TV programmes etc, finally became a reality of somewhere to live. I guess I'm writting this as when applying we looked at it through rose coloured glasses and when the UK exchange rate was strong, and now the reality is kicking in after being in Canberra for a month. If anyone knows of anything that is wrong below or a cheaper alternative, please feel free to let me know. In brief, it is a lot more expensive than the UK (as of Oct-11). The salaries are in the main a bit higher but not enough to compensate the extra living costs. If your thinking of moving to Canberra (and we still are), its a matter of personal choice for having less money left in our pocket at the end of each month in Canberra vs the lifestyle you would gain. Here's some of my thoughts, and I was hoping others could add to, or feel free to say if it can be done cheaper etc Houses To buy a decent 4 bedroom property (detached) in an average area would cost in the region of $500,000 (approx £360k), and to rent such a home is $600 a week. But, because they work out part weeks in months, the monthly rent converted to around £1700 ($2650 a month). I guess if your from the South East of England, this would be a like for like, but the mortgage interest rates are higher than the UK. Smaller property (3 beds etc) tend to be less looked after, and somewhere you may not want to rent for 12 months or over with children, these rents were around $450 a week. We viewed around 15 homes to rent, and on each around 10 couples turned up to view, and your competing with other people. Mortgage and Lending The Bank of Australia interest rate is currently 4.75% (Oct-11) vs the UK 0.5%. Therefore the banks Mortgage rates are higher than this. Unless you have a substantial deposit, or small mortgage, the mortgage in Australia will be a lot higher than the UK. This we found also applies to Car loans, credit cards etc. Utility Bills Cold in the winter and hot in the summer - unless the home has got duct heating, the bills are more expensive than the UK. Reverse cycle air conditioning, keeps the bills high. The newer build homes are better energy efficient, but a lot smaller than the old build homes which are no where near the quality of UK standard homes for energy effeciency. A relative advised us her 2 month bill during winter was $500 (approx £350). There is less competition on energy suppliers in Australia. Fox-tel - which is like sky TV, the full package is around $115 a month (its not a necessity, but in colder darker winter months it helps ), with broadband etc on top Food Meat is better quality than the UK and about the same price. Bread for an average brand loaf is $2.50, although some are doing 'Smart Price' loaves for $1. In a bakery the bread was around $4 a loaf. This gives and indication of total shopping will be higher than the UK. Fruit and Veg... Bananas in the UK at the moment are 50p per kilo, yet we saw them at a major supermarket for $7 (£4.50) a kilo!!!. Mango's $4 for 2, and apples for $1 each. A cauliflower was $3. Milk was $2 for 2 litre. A curry (Chicken Korma) was $10 for ready made meal. Baby food $2 per jar, and nappies around $10 for 25. A mars chocolate bar equivilent was $2.50 On average we spent around 30%-40% more on food than we would have done in the UK. Cars Our car in the UK (a second hand Merc), if we bought it in Australia it was double. That said the second hand car market holds their value better than in the UK, but the cars (including Holdens and Fords) are around 25% to 50% more expensive. BMW's, Merc's Audi etc can be upto double the UK costs, but Nissans, Mitsubishi's, Toyota etc are all more expensive to buy. The Fords for a like for like model (Ford Fiesta) was around 30% more expensive to buy. Petrol A lot cheaper than the UK with unleaded around $1.40 (approx 90p), that said, you drive a lot more miles on average, and the cars tend to be better on the miles to the litre, with a lot less traffic jams (so no more sat there burning petrol and not moving ;-) Schools Public schools are free, but, a lot of people go into private schools as the government gives more money per student to the private school, and they also get more money from yourself, therefore a lot better education in Private. Google OECD world rankings and Australia comes in at 6th, and the UK 20th for world rankings on education. Its evident, the extra funding from yourself, you are getting a great deal back on your childrens education. Public Areas Each housing area seems to have a playground for kids, a playing field and some have BBQ's. These are fantastic and extremely well looked after and maintained. Shopping (non-food) You'll need the odd trip to Sydney or shopping on line from time to time. They have a great shopping centre in Belconnen, and a smaller precinct style one in Gunghalin. Tuggeranong also has a large shopping area. Kids toys are around 30-50% more expensive e.g. Cars 2 toy cars in the Disney store are £10 for 2 in the UK, and in Oz they was $10 each. A pack of babies dummies was £3 in UK (Avent), but $10 in Oz. Fisher Price toys are more expensive as well. Games Consoles and Apple products tend to be slightly cheaper (just a touch) DVD's and Music is a lot more expensive approx $25-$35 for a DVD (go to www.dvdland.com.au), new CD's are around $20 (£13). Furniture tends to cost around the same as the UK, but white goods again are more expensive, along with TV's etc. Although its not a great deal more expensive. Health Medicare is similar to NHS,but you pay for it and then claim it back. So you can go to a public hospital (on a waiting list etc), or pay private and get some of that cost re-imbursed, which I thought was better than the UK. Dental, our relative had a filling whilst we was in Oz and this cost $250. Their son (14yr old) had needed braces and these cost $4000. No matter the age, dental or optical is not covered. You will need to budget for your childrens teeth.
  4. hi , is there anyone out there that could help me with the cost of living in perth. im a plumber with wife, 3 children looking to move to perth next october. we are really worried at the moment with what people say about the cost of living in perth. how much would i have to earn etc, average price of things ??? we are looking at renting our house in the uk and renting in oz as were to worried about it being too expensive to live over there. other people are talking about a downturn in wa is this correct, the last thing i want is to give up my business here and not be able to work . any advise would be really helpful thank you guys
  5. Hi to all, with best wishes! I have a question that bothers me deeply, and I couldn't find a straight answer: Does anyone during the last 2 years got his viza gratend without beeing contacted by a CO? I am a 176 GSM cat 3 (South Australia State Sponsorship), lodged online on 2nd July 2010, and holder of 18th March 2011 e-mail... My online status applications showed me on 9 July 2011 Meds Finalised and application processed further, but I haven't received anything regarding a CO... It is possible to have already a CO looking at my app, but because it's complete with all the docs required, he/she (the CO) didn't contact me? Thanks a lot! Good luck!
  6. motherof2

    Reality check

    I've got to write my resignation letter this weekend as I have to give a minimum of two months notice and want to be leaving work mid July when my daughter breaks up from school. It's just brought home how close we are to going. :shocked:
  7. Hi, Im MissyKCornwall, We spoke about moving to australia last year. and i was really up for it. But then a few weeks ago i was told my step dad had got a job out there and he is going out to live fore 5 months. Suddenly its become a reality. I dont want to leave family and friends behind but i also want to experience the new lifestyle australia brings!! Help? xx :unsure:
  8. DannyCoyles

    The reality thread

    Just want to know if anyone who has made the move to Australia agrees with the following statements, from what I have read over the past few months this seems to be the conclusion of most threads: The UK and Australia are different, not better or worse than each other. Both have lots to offer. You only realise what you did or didn’t have when you leave the UK. Some people are just not suited to living in Australia and shouldn’t feel bad if they don’t like it. If you have the opportunity it is worth giving it a go. The amount you earn compared to the UK will decide whether the cost of living is higher or lower than the UK. Finding your happy place in life is more important than the sunshine. Leaving friends and family is hard on everyone and shouldn’t be dismissed as a factor when deciding to move away. Everyone has a different experience of Australia and their opinions should be taken as examples of how life could turn out good or bad not how it will turn out. You really need to be prepared for anything when moving to Australia and take a double dose of reality before getting on the plane. Feel free to add anymore that may help to give a clear picture of Australia to those looking to migrate. The reason I post this is that all my friends in the UK and Ireland assume that everyone is better off in Australia and have no worries and they are all living in the worst place in earth.
  9. twinsmom65

    Reality has hit home - So stressed

    Well I guess the reality of us moving back to Canada has hit home. We only have a short window of opportunity, so I have booked the flights and we fly back on the 2nd of December. My emotions are all over the map at the moment, in a way I will miss Australia, and in another way I won't. One minute I am happy to be going back to Canada, back to my family and friends, and at the next minute I am crying my eyes out. I guess I am grieving if that is possible. I never slagged Australia, never really hated it, but not 100% settled, used to cry my eyes out at xmas and birthdays, as had no one around. Just in the midst of trying to sell everything, and that is stressing me out, although I have sold about 5 things in less than a day... so that is good. Sorry if this post seems a bit of a ramble... just all over the map at the moment. Just need a hug !! I am hoping that once I touch down on Canadian soil, my emotions will get better. Cheers Karen
  10. mrsindecision

    Reality kicks in

    Well I know I said I was taking a hiatus from the site but really am compelled to post this. Just found out today my best friend in the world (lives next to me here in Uk) has got breast cancer. No doubt about where I should be - it doesnt matter about, cheaper, hotter, colder, recession, education, booming, blah blah blah. I need to be home where i count. xxx
  11. Guest

    Crime. The Reality.

    Watched a programme last night on TV, and it really amazed me. It was one about 17th century Britain and the crime that existed then. I know we all tend to look at the Gt Britain of today and think that anti social behavior, crime, etc is spiraling out of control, BUT. The crime in the 16/17/18 centuries far outweighed what we have today. OK, so the population was a lot smaller, and the living conditions for SOME were appalling but nonetheless the crime rate was unbelievable. London, Manchester, in fact ALL major cities that seemed to dictate how people lived their lives. Jesus, I wouldn't have gone out after three p.m. in these times, muggings, rapes, murder, arson, the list was endless. But the funny thing was this. We all know the media can at times seem to have us believe that crime is all around us and the next time we venture out of the door we will be attacked, BUT. Things were no different back then apparently. In the 17/18 centuries according to the press of that time if you ventured onto the streets of London you could well be the latest victim of a crime called, 'Garroting', where you had your neck sliced in order the perpetrators could steal from you. But in actuality only on average there were only between three and four garroting a YEAR in London at that time, but if you believed the press it was an epidemic. Things have obviously changed little, even back in these days the press tried to sensaitinlise and 'big up' what they thought the public would be interested in. I reckon this says more about us than the 'Bad Old Days'. Compared to several centuries ago we ARE living in a relatively peaceful time in our evolution. Yes, there are horrendous crimes carried out day after day, BUT. Compared to the bygone era we are truly living in an unregonisable country. In the grand scheme of things we have become far more civilised and more caring. Whilst we still view crime as a shock, we are now in the position wghere the vast majority of us believe in acting in a way that makes us 'civilised'. Though crime seems to purvey every sector of our lives when compared to many centuries ago we have indeed become very peaceful. The press would have you believe that we are living in a land where there is crime all around us, and in certain places and at certain times that can be true, but on the whole we are far more likely to find crime as being run over by a Jumbo jet. For the most part we have come on leaps and bounds. When a crime is committed we should all do what we can to stop or change it, but for all intents and purposes we have become far more civilised, courteous and understanding, no matter what the press says. Cheers Tony
  12. mrsindecision

    Husband gone reality kicks in

    Hi there my husband has gone ahead of us to start his job. It all now feels real and very weird. Us here not really liking being here any more and him there with family but back at his Mum's and not really liking being there either.' I guess this is the transition phase and having to do it separately makes it harder as we can't be there for each other to share it and support each other Can anyone else tell me about their transition and how they handled it.
  13. Guest

    Reality of obtaining a 457 visa

    Hello Is there anybody out there who could advise me on how likely it will be to get employer sponsorship over there. My skills are that of a marketing specialist but this is not on the Skills in demand list. I can move pretty immediately but wondered if any one knew how receptive employers were to recruiting someone from the Uk for marketing spcialists. Is it likely to take 6 - 12 months as employers dont want the hassle of recruiting from overseas or could it take less time than that? Any feedback would be great as I need to decide on what I am going to do in my current role within the next couple of weeks! Thanks
  14. Hi I am new to this but thought I would like to post after spending my first 6 months here just to give people who are thinking of coming here an idea of what it is like. I spent two years planning this move, I had been over to Australia a couple of times previously and I loved it and so decided to make plans to move here. The application was long winded and I honestly think personally I just went through the motions of applying without really thinking about how the move would affect me. The main concern for us was selling the house in the middle of a recession and my husband leaving a good job in the UK and finding work here. When I look back I didnt think about me or what I would do when I got here. We were lucky and sold the house but it was at this time I started to have major doubts but we had gone so far I blanked it out and concentrated on the move thinking it would be a better life for our children. Renting the house would have been a far better option as at least we would have something to return to. Well we arrived, my husband found a really great job, we spend a couple of months sorting out all the usual things which took my mind off home, but deep down I was feeling awful. The buzz of the move had gone and here I was in a lovely house with the sun shining every day feeling so down. I appreciate that everyone is different and not everyone will feel like I do but I do wish I could turn back the clocks and go back to my old life. I have a lovely home here and we have a good income but it is not everything. the pull of my old life and family is just too much. The things I have found most difficult are, a horrible feeling of being alone and not being able to call family because of the time difference, not being able to work because of childcare waiting lists etc, having a young family and no support network - this is so hard, the expense of living here - the only thing which is cheaper is petrol , food bills have doubled here and the variety and quality of food is poor compared to the UK. Whilst it is lovely being in the sun, throughout the summer it is too hot for young children and we spend most of the time indoors as we cant stand the 40 degree heat. I have not posted on here to moan about Australia as I moved here because I was so fond of it but to me it is just a holiday place, real life here is so different. I hope anyone planning on making the move with a young family are 100% sure before they do it. As other people have mentioned make sure you have enough finances before coming here as the cost of everything will be a massive shock. The cost of living is not cheaper than the UK and generally wages are lower. If you are coming with a young family think of how you would cope without the support network you may have in the UK. I am glad I came only because I would have always thought I had lost out on a fantastic opportunity to have a great life, but at least now I know the grass is no greener over here and the UK is the place where I want to be. I wish everyone luck who is making the move but just make sure you have no doubts before you do it.
  15. OK, an argumentative thread title for which I apologise. The glamification of oz on programs like WDU and PDU create a world in peoples heads which simply doesnt exist. I have been on the other side watching these programs and notthing can prepare you for the actuality of arriving here and having to survive in a foreign country. All people see is the sun, the big house, the nice weather and forget about the reality of living, surviving, working, missing family, etc. This is supposed to be informative as I am mega happy here but the amount of people who come over with little investigation and leave with a Going Back to the UK register post is becoming more apparent. If you have an average life in the UK theres a good chance it will be worse in Australia (unless you are retired with a shed load of money) There is only one thing cheaper in Oz than it is in the UK and thats petrol although I can see partiy coming soon. Dont compare dollars back to pounds when you get here, you are not earning pounds any more. Renting is expensive although a majority of Aussies do it because house prices are so high. I can even see parity in rentals and mortgages soon - 1000 difference currently between our rent and our new mortgage on a 700k property. Exchange rate - enuff said, we managed to exchange at 2.12, my mate at 2.60. Dreams - It has turned out to be a dream move for us but we researched so much before we came we knew what to expect. Many people dont bother looking before they arrive and find thy dont like it and have to go back (so far two friends who managed 6 weeks here between them) Money cant buy you love but you need it to survive...if you are close to the bone finance wise in the UK, dont bother, there is no pot of gold (unless you drink them) and unlike England, Australia pay well for the skills they need, the average aussie wage is no more in comparison to the average english wage. Just be careful when you plan, rose tinted glasses do mist up that decision. Sean
  16. Guest

    Reality Bites

    House sale has just gone through (23rd Dec) & Exchange on 15th Jan. Am trying to book flights to Melbourne for around the 20th Jan with the IOM (cheaper flights and 40Kg baggage allowance). I am now feeling very nervous about the move for my family & I and am wondering whether its the right thing for us to do. I haven't managed to organise accomodation yet for when we arrive, or a job. I was wondering how others have managed to sort out rentals (short term and longer) as I would like to purchase as soon as possible once I have secured employement as an electrician. I imagine my feelings of excitement but rather worried are normal. Any advise on rentals (car & home) & job seeking woulkd be greatly accepted. We are planning to move to Point Cook but having never entered Australia before are just taking a wild stab in the dark.
  17. I am hoping some of you can speak from experience and educate me on the reality of actually succeeding in applying for an Australian Public Service job (APS6 -> EL1)? Do outsiders get a 'look-in' or are these posts advertised to follow protocol when in essence, they already have at least one candidate lined up or performing that role, albeit in an acting capacity... Secondly, for those of you in Canberra, can a couple survive on $70k where initially, only one is working? I am not talking about a lavish lifestyle but not tight either. I know this is subjective but I am trying to get a feel for how we would possibly fair... Many Thanks.
  18. Sounds serious I know. But I have had my break from Poms in Oz and I have now come to a realization. My children and 9 and 11 and I have just put them into a really good private school and there they will do their education , I have to put them first for the next 8 years as I always have.... So holiday to UK in 2012 for 2 months ( over Christmas holidays ) so three and a half years before I go back....not ok with that at the moment ( not in my head anyway ) though I have accepted the reality of it. My main question to everyone is..... Chances are my children are not going to want to live in the UK they were born here and most of their immediate family is here. How do I make this work because I cannot stay here for the rest of my life and yet the thought of leaving them is just horrendous...is this because they are young will it get better as they get older. Has anyone else left their kids ( from age 18 and upwards) obviously with frequent visits back and forth but can it work.... They might surprise me but I need to deal with worst case scenario and work from that. My plan was that when they finish school we take them overseas for a gap year and to experience the Uk and then let them decide and if they have partners then they come too....... Has anyone been to a counsellor about these feelings about Uk and if so who !!! Any advice would be great !!! Thank you:arghh:
  19. Hi All I have friends whose OHs are brickies here in Perth. I asked them about what the real situation is for those that are looking to come here to work as brickies and if there is anything people should be aware of - here's some key points. I hope it helps those of you thinking about picking up bricklaying work to be better prepared. Things have really slowed down in building (residential) in 2009. Last year there were loads of jobs and the rate was $280-$320 a day. Suddenly the jobs section in the West (State Newspaper) is tiny and rates are $220-$260 a year with quite a few people they know only doing part weeks or having no week. Builders are taking on less teams and spreading the work out. If there is work to be found the usual channels, apart from word of mouth are the West Australian on a Sat and Weds and work has been found a few times by simply driving around all the building sites. Builders always ask for an ABN (Australian Business Number) ABR - Home Page Also a blue card – look up health and safety training centres – quite a few of them. Cost about $100. Many buildings are rendered (plastered) in Perth, so it is generally a matter of getting the house up and “throwing the bricks in”. Neatness being important but speed equally important. There are plenty of houses which are only face work and are not rendered. Prior to last year, brickies found that they were paid weekly on the dot. Last year, they started to experience delays in payment and they know others who did too, some to a very difficult point. Not the best time to be looking for bricklaying jobs. This has changed very quickly. Regards Julia
  20. Guest


    After reading several threads it seems that things in Oz seem to be pretty much as they are here is this true? We are in a recession house prices are falling etc why are they still asking ppl to go over there if they are in the same position. Do they want ppl to just spend money in their country knowing fall well there is not work for us. I have just watched place in the sun & they couldn't go in the end as there was no work out there. So apart from the sunshine is life better on the other side of the world or not? I can imagine half of you on here will say yer its great & the other half say no it's not all it's cracked up to be. I would be interested to know the verdict. Shall we stay or shall we go?????
  21. Hi, It's times like this when you realise the saying "its just a flight away" might not be quite as easy as it sounds. To quickly put you in the picture, Tams sister, brother in law, and kids emigrated to New Zealand in September 07 to start a new life. They were just the same as many people on here, wanting a better life for themselves and their family. They settled in really well, and were totally loving New Zealand. Sadly we got a phone call last night, one we did not expect to receive. My brother in law passed away from a massive heart attack. He was only 41 years of age. This was totally unexpected, and as you can probably imagine the family are in pieces, and what makes it harder is we are not there immideately for my sister in law, yes she has a lot of new friends around her, and her children, but she desperately wants the rest of her family with her, and it gives you a right kick and reality check that the "only a flight away" statement is a bit harder at a time like this. On the other hand though, it makes you realise you have to live life for the moment, as you never know what is round the corner for you, you must follow your own dreams, whatever they might be. Thanks for listening but need to go now Andixx
  22. Hi wondered if anyone can help. We have at the moment a Nissan Navara twin cab, but have realised that its much more expensive to buy the equivalent in oz. Can anyone help on buying something similar. Our budget is up to about $10,000. We only want one vehicle and I want an enclosed back for my tools as I am a tradesman.We have been told to look at at a Holden Soooooooo excited leaving for Brisbane on 16.02.09.
  23. Guest

    Reality Check ?

    Hi Guys, just got a bit of a reality check the other day, going to Melbourne on Wed to have a look around, have a brother there already and staying with him, got a phone call from his wife on Tue mornin to say he was in the hospital with a bowel disease, nothing antibiotics cant cure, but will be in for a week or more, its just that he's that far away when that sort of thing happens, you cant pop in to say hi to him, you have to be careful when phoning mobiles because of the cost of them and there's no other family to visit him, only a few friends, it make you realise the distance your from e/body and take things like that for granted when you have your family and friends nearby so you can call in on them, just got a call from him and he's gettn home on sun:biglaugh: just thought youse would like to know.
  24. Guest

    Reality Check

    most of the people on this site seem to have not yet got to Australia,please correct me if Im wrong. I have been hear for 5 years now and have been through all the wonder and excitment of such a massive move to a beautiful sunny country. It is good here, dont get me wrong but it isnt perfect becasue it's sunny. So I shall (as always) play devils advocate Look at this as a list of things to look out for once you get here, you may be able to find alternatives or avoid certain things. 1)when you get here, do not buy a top loading washing machine, dont be tempted by the low price becasue they are rubbish. Front loaders are becoming cheaper now. The best washing powder, (none are that good!) is BioZet, with the softner added. It smells abit nice, but it's not percil :-( 2)The telly is appalling!! their is no way of getting around it. and foxtel (sky) is also terrible. Repeats from 5 years ago and eastenders is still 18 months behind, when I got here in 2001 Ian Beale was still at school! Adverts in abundance. I know what you're going say, "It's oz, we wont watch tv"...you will! 3) It's like walking back in time when entering an aussie supermarket. If you cant cook, you will have to learn a bit sharp because Waitrose yummy meals that you just heat up are a thing of the past!! that sort of thing is frozen and basically crap! you wouldnt feed it to the dog. All there is, is Woolworths and Coles, no elite stores like M&S,Sainsbury..nothing. When you go home to visit your family they will stare at you while you marvel at the beautiful foods on show. Oh I just thought,we have aldi......! 4)Tradesmen arnt arsed! 5)spiders, a very real concern. Theres the big mothers that wont kill you, just scare the shit out of you! And there the ones that hide, ie the redback..watch out,they like water,taps,metal stuff outside.They will put you in hospital. Huntsman (the big ones) get in the car!!if windows are left open..mozzies and flies another annoyance. 6)Driving out here is very dodgy.Young kids are able to get their hands on 5 litre cars like skylines and supres..People are very inconciderate and drive way too close to each other.watch out for Ute driver, their usually idiots 7)Music..Australia is so far removed from the rest of the world and music is no exception.The pop idol thing is here too and good bands are very few and far between.if any..the uk really does rock! 8)real estate agents...bastards and will continually get things wrong with you payments etc..keep a good record of your accounts with all these types of organisations. Rent is getting ridiculusly expensive. 9)Comedy,no one does comedy like the brits and Australia, bless them,they try but in the end Amazon.com, for DVD's is your best friend because as I said the telly is crap. 10) havent got kids yet but have heard alot about the education system here being about sport rather than academics.. 11)family and friends..they get older..very visibly every time you see them..then you have to say goodbye again! I know you all think I am negitive but I am here and I really do miss england for the above things,once the months begin to go by, you will too. Quality of life as far as weather and space will be great but its not england and never will be home for me. I was never patriotic before I left england..I couldnt wait to get away..!