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Found 20 results

  1. Guest

    Realistic plan?

    In the process of obtaining a 457 visa (fingers crossed!)..my employer has been in touch to say that they will be lodging their side of the app to DIAC soon. My plan is that as soon as they do this and we have a TRN, can I go ahead and get my medical done and lodge our side of the visa application to DIAC, frontloaded with my medical and our police checks?Hope this sounds like a realistic plan? :hug:
  2. Hi everyone, We are wondering about emigrating to Oz. My husband says the only way he would do it is if he could go back and visit family twice per year. The idea is that we all go once per year (me, husband and 3 kids) and he goes alone once per year. I am just wondering if this is realistic. We're not particularly well-off financially, and then there is obviously the upheaval of such regular trips to consider. How often do you guys go back to visit? Is it often enough???
  3. Guest

    Realistic rental £££

    This could bridge the property and finance threads, but I thought it would be better to go here. I'm going over to Sydney at the end of the month (and can't wait) but wanted to know realistically how much rent I should pay. Using - http://www.payme.com.au/lafha-calculator.html on an £85k salary I will take home £6,286 a month. I've been looking to pay around $400 a week if possible. Should I be worried about paying $500 a week on that salary? It seems the extra $100 a week opens up quite a few nicer properties (I'm working in the CBD, so want to be 30 mins from there) Thanks Adam
  4. hi everyone, realistiacally how much would i have to earn for my family to live comfortably. i am a cnc programmer/setter ( machinist first class aus equiv) earning £22,000 p.a . would be moving with wife and 4 children ( 1,3,5,8) so they would all be depending on what i can earn . i know it depends where abouts one settles e.t.c but before we move forward it is best to find out everything first. if anyone could give a few words or have 4 children and have moved out there and rely on one salary would be great . is there any goverment help with finances ?
  5. Guest

    Are we being realistic?

    Evening all, The wife and i are in the process of planning our validation trip this October and have a question we would like to put to those who may be able to help. Our original plan was to fly to Sydney and then drive up the gold coast to Brisbane and then on to Noosa to stay with friends. However now i have an urge to visit Adelaide as well as taking a peak at Melbourne. By the way we will be travelling in a camper van with our 3 children:shocked::goofy:. So if we fly to Adelaide then drive on to Melbourne and then on to sydney where we will pick up our original route will we have enough time to stay for a few days in each city and also stop en route between cities or are we being unrealistic? We are going to be in Oz for 28 full days. I know its a ridiculously open ended question but any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  6. Guest

    Am I being realistic??

    Hi all, I will apologise in advance for what will be a long post! Me and my partner went out to Australia in 2004 for 10 weeks to visit his Aunty and Uncle, I fell in love with the place and have said since it would be my dream to live over there. Anyway as the years have passed we have had children, two boys who are 3 and a half and 9 months. Since leaving school I have always worked, my last job was with the Inland Revenue as a Helpline Advisor. Apart from GCSE's I have no other qualifications. I am currently a stay at home mom. My partner works in Security and has no formal qualifications. We do not own a house, we rent off the council. Well.... heres my plan, I have applied for an Access to Nursing course at college, its full time for a year. After that I plan to go to university for 3 years to qualify as a registered Mental health nurse with a degree. I am 25 in April, so by the time I qualify I will be near 30, I am then hoping to get a job over here in the UK to gain some experience. My partner is hoping to get a job over there either in Security or start somewhere and try and work his way up. I estimate in all it will take approx 8-10 to get over to Oz with some good work experience and money behind us. During this period we are going to save as much money as we can, and are hoping to have approx £50,000. I dont want a huge house, a pool, 4 bedrooms etc, I just want a better life for my boys, the way things are going here in Birmingham my sons will grow up like all the other gangster wannabes around here My questions are; 1) Am I being realistic? With the cost of living over there and not having alot of money, is there any point? We can stay with his aunty for as long as we need (to save more and find our feet etc) but how far will £50,000 get us? I understand its likely we will need a 100% mortgage but will I earn enough as a nurse? 2) Will my eldest cope? He will be around 11 - 13 by then. I dont want to uproot him for it to not work. Please feel free to let me know if you think I will be wasting my time, I am strong so can take it Thank you, Vicky xxx
  7. Hi all! I am 21 years old and in my final year at uni studying Accounting and financial management here in England. Being a student I have built up fairly large debt I will need to pay off once (or if) i'm lucky enough to find a job! I have little cash in my bank accounts apart from a few savings I made when I was younger. I have recently applied for Australian citizenship as my Dad was born in Australia. Assuming my citizenship goes through - fingers crossed, I will then be eligible to apply for a passport. I was wondering if anyone could point out or offer some guidance on what the next step I should make to be able to work and live in Oz? Also with my financial situation as it is, do you think me moving to Oz is realistic or am I getting excited about something which is unlikely to happen? Any views and thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks Mark
  8. hi, we have our visa's and have had our house on the market for too long now, we are now sorting out renting it out,which apparently could be quick, what i would like to know is how long does it take to sort shipping out and pets and general things to make the move, i was hoping to be over for xmas is this realistic?
  9. Hello all, I've been reading this forum for the last week and am looking for comments on 'my plan'. Wife and I (no kids) looking to rent a furnished place for 2 months starting early Dec 2010. 1-bdrm/ 1-bath sufficient. We will not arrive Perth until early Dec. Have been thinking about Mandurah or Rockingham area. Wants/likes: 1. very near beach (we are avid runners and love the outdoors, we also live on the beach now) 2. clean 3. close to train so we can get to Perth. 4. 500-600 per week (a bit flexible here) 5. want a town with basics (restaruants, bars, etc) Our 'plan' is to spend some time in a small suburb getting to know Aussie life, preferably without a car. I thought we would only hire a car when necessary to travel a bit. I realize that 2 months is not a long time to 'know Aussie life', but it's a start yes? I also know about the PomsinPerth website already, will post there also once they approve my login. Thanks in advance.
  10. I may be working in Brisbane next year (St Lucia - Uni of Q) and the family like the beach and surf. Is it feasible to live either on the Sunshine Coast (e.g., Caloundra) or on the Gold Coast and commute in to Brisbane (car, train, bus)? Any comments, experiences or options would be appreciated. Thanks .
  11. Hi I have my visa and have now sold my house but am getting a bit concerned about job prospects when i get to brisbane. I am a plumber/gas fitter and have been running my own company for 8 yrs. Although not making a fortune i have been ticking along ok. They say there is a building recession there so are things that slow or is their work if your prepared to look? Any help would be appreciated Cheers Lee
  12. As it says in the title, is it a realistic time scale to get S/S and visa, sell the house sort the dogs out and be in oz end of september? My reason, School appeal :arghh: My eldest is due to start secondary school in September, and we have to appeal date of hearing 28th April stage 1, for the mixed school which is less than 10 mins walk from our house, Nightmare, if we are unsuccessful may have to resort to home schooling, 24 kids walk past our road everyday to this school, Bet they didn't have to appeal :no:
  13. Hi everyone, I am moving to Sydney in march and have booked a room for 2 weeks in a hostel while I search for a rental property. How long does it take from finding a property to been able to move in? Thanks
  14. Guest

    What is realistic in an agent?

    Hi all, Have started the serious research into possible migration agents. The recent thread on who people have/are using, was an excellent start, thanks to all who contributed. From what I gather, certain agents have specific strengths and specialities. We're looking for one who will be proactive in helping my OH get his TRA in carpentry/joinery, and who can advise us in areas we may be undecided in (e.g type of visa) Is this asking too much? Are my expectations unrealistic? I intend to write to a selection and sound out how they would feel about taking us on before we make the choice. Best wishes.
  15. hi! i have recently graduated with a MSc in biology/genetics in Austria (NOT australia!) and I took the opportunity to come to oz with a working holiday visa. now i am looking for a job wich is related to my studies - e.g. Research Assistant. unfortunately some employers dont sponsor junior positions, but at least some do. my grade point average is good, i graduated "with honours" and my qualification has already been assessed as "positive for migration purposes". I also have 9 months of full-time reseach experience. do you know anyone who is in a similar situation? Did anyone get a 457 visa as a life-science graduate? Besides universities, do you know any companies in this field who sponsor graduates with little experience? Looking forward to hear your opinion about my situation - and am happy for every information! Lifescientist-graduate
  16. We are heading to Perth and every now and then check the real estate sites. The prices seem to be coming down but are they at the right prices now or are agents still inflating them so they can get more commission. ( read on here that that is what can happen). Any opinions Mandy
  17. arlene

    Is it realistic?

    I am just wondering can people who are very close to their families really settle into Australia and feel completely happy? We are hoping to return to Perth after staying a year and coming back to the Uk for family reasons, people dying and ill health etc! I have weighed up the pros and cons to living in Oz and the only con to going to Oz for us is leaving family behind. Everything was better for us in Perth, my husband had a better job and my children were really happy there. But leaving family behind is a big problem. Arlene:yes:
  18. Hello, We have just started the 457 visa process, as my husband has been offered a job in Sydney working for an international construction company. His employer have agreed to LAFHA but at a standard rate of $600 a week. We are trying to negotiate on this as we feel, being a family of 4, we are not going to find anything reasonable in Sydney at that rate - rent seems very expensive from what we have seen. Are we being unreasonable or is the company being unrealistic? We have done alot of research and most houses suitable for a family of 4 are around the $900-1200 a week. Thank you for any advice you can offer. Jo :unsure:
  19. Hiya I am planning on applying for a 475 visa (regional state sponsorship going to Victoria). I have found very few posts on here relating to this visa option and was wondering if anyone can help. I have just sent off my qualifications to be assessed. If anyone has gone down this route recently, how long was the process for you from start to finish? As a teacher with 2 1/2 years experience I do not yet qualify for the 175 visa and thought this would be a quicker route. My current job is a one year contract so as of the summer I have no ties to the UK. Has anyone got any ideas? Cheers Helen
  20. Hi Have tried to submit this thread a number of times and for the small number people that have had contact with me will know I never get to the point and tend to ramble/waffle so apologies in advance of this.... As the same as everyone on this site we are hoping to move to Oz (looking at Perth).. What my rambling is hoping to say is this.... can we afford it both the relocating but staying... Glyn is a roofer and not sure what his salary would be but after looking on various sites it looks like it will be around $32 an hour ($60k yearly income if I have done the calculator right on this thing)... I will be looking to work also and have looked and the lowest salary for a PA is around $40k upto $75k but will work on the $40k mark....so a combined salary of $100k (again if I have done the calculator right).. So could we afford a mortgage on this kind of salary, we will be selling our house in the UK which will give us around £25K profit (not much compared to most) but will probably need say £5k to pay off any fees and oustanding debts leaving us with £20k for moving and relocating.... so we won't be able to buy a house outright.... its just watching some of the programmes whilst off work is making me think that it is going to be a struggle or am I thinking too much... again rambling now... Kxxx