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Found 61 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Bushfire Ready

    We already have the bushfires in Queensland and it won't be long before Victoria is back at risk again. I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread about being bushfire ready, a lot of us are complacent and think it wouldn't happen to us, after Black Saturday I think a lot of Victorians realised how the danger can affect all of us. I have attached a Bushfire Ready booklet done by Victoria CFA (you have to be logged on to PIO to view the attachment) I think it's an excellent booklet. Hopefully you will never need to use your Bushfire Plan but please be safe and make one just in case.
  2. AnxiousMum

    Husband ready to snap

    Well it seems I am back on the trail of getting to Australia again!! It of course was my decision after our reckie to stay in UK. So feel more than a little guilty to hear husband come home from work yesterday to say because of various issues recently he is doing the work of 3 people at the moment and feels he is about to crack. He has even talked about going to the doctors to get signed off with stress. So I am going to suggest to him tonight that he start to look for home courses to get a qualification in I.T. that the Australian Computer Society are looking for. I know that its a longshot and, the chances of the skills and visa process changing in the 3 or so years it will take him to complete a course are high. But its a chance he is gonna have to take I think. He obviously needs to make a complete change and I am going to have to try and put my fears and worries about living so far from friends and family aside for his sanity.:sad: So wish us luck, and either fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you feel about it I am back on PIO with a vengance!!!:laugh:
  3. Hi, The agent lodged my ENS Sub 856 application with decision ready checklists about 1 and half months ago. Does anybody tell me how long the whole processing time for PR approval will be in normal situation? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, My wife and I finally have all our paper work collated for our SS application, bank statements, mortgage statements, tenancy agreement showing our properties are being rented, Skills assessments etc etc. Now what? I take it all paperwork has to be cert copies which in turn has to be sent to ACT. Do I now go onto the business.act.gov.au/ website and use the Skilled - Sponsored subclass 176 visa link to apply? Can anyone guide me through the steps, exactly what to do next in which order? Any help/feedback/info would be greatly appreciated. look forward to hearing from you, regards Julian
  5. After 18 months of prep I have booked a flight and am preparing my flight to Sydney. Im feeling really fed up with the whole thing though. Ive had let down and let down and I cant expect to live in Oz for years as an unskilled worker. Ill be lucky to get a base for 2 weeks in Sydney - mind you it is Sydney. Insurance costs have gone up and Im scrapping my Queensland work plan. Ive booked a one way flight as if I get a return I dont know when Im coming back. The whole thing has cost me over £2200 so far. I think its to my credit that Im carrying on but by the time I get to Oz it will be no different to me than, say, Ireland. The novelty has disapeared. Sure I was keen early on but the logistics are such that its difficult to plan. Does anyone else feel this way..is it a phase?
  6. Hi all! Newbie poster here: I have already found this website such an amazing resource of great information over the last few months, but now its getting to the time where I need to think about gathering my evidence for the visa, and would appreciate some of you guys thoughts!! My partner Scott is from Perth and I am from Glasgow. We are applying as de facto's as we are a same-sex couple. I am planning to apply off-shore. We first met in 2005, and I stayed with him in Perth on a tourist and then student visa for over a year, although we have no documents from that period apart from my documents from TAFE. We decided to end the relationship late in 06 after I returned to the UK, but got back in touch in Spring 09, when we decided we did actually want to be with each other. Scott saved for a year and came to the UK on a Youth Mobility Visa in April 2010. He has been working in hospitality and I in the public sector, and he has a good number of friends as well as joint friends who have known the both of us since he got here. Also all his family and friends from back in Perth remember me when I was there in 05/06. His parents are also visiting and staying with us for a few weeks later this yr. When he got here, I was just about to graduate from Uni, and we stayed with my family from April till October, and have letters from banks etc addressed to each of us to that one address. We then set up a joint bank account in October 2010 and got our first joint lease, and also have joint phone bills, gas, electric and council tax in both our names. We have a joint lease up to April 2012, at which point his Youth Mobility Visa runs out and he is going back to Perth. I want to send off my application by Jan 2012, with a view to moving over there around October 2012, so I can move back with family and save for a good 6 months when Scott is back in Perth. I am most worried about the one year relationship requirement, and also if me needing to prove I have support when I get there will be a factor? What we do have: - Joint leases from Oct 2010 - Joint bank account from Oct 2010, with all our joint expenses coming out of it and us paying in half of the total each month. - Joint names on phone bills, gas, electric, council tax from Oct 2010 - About 30 Christmas cards and invitations - Joint email account with receipts for purchases, tickets, special offers etc - So far a dozen good photos of us with friends, with my family, from when his parents visit, so plan to take plenty then and also when our two families meet up. - There is about 30 possible family and friends in Perth and about same here who can do stat declarations for us, and will remember me from when I lived with him there in 05/06. - Payslips and P60s for the pair of us since mid 2010. - Almost daily email correspondence between both of us from November 2009 untill he arrived in April 2010, which references the time we were together previously too. - Official letters from banks etc addressed to us individually, but which show we stayed at the same address from when he first arrived in April 2010 till we got our own place in October. - I graduated from Uni in 2010, and thankfully found a good job in Jan this yr. Im saving everything for the visa, so wont have a very big bank balance when I apply, but should have £5-6k when I plan to go late in 2012. Similar with Scott, he has little savings, altho his mum & dad own their own home etc. (we're only 23 & 24, no property to speak of yet!) What I am concerned about: Will we be able to satisfy that our relationship intends to continue based on the fact we had such a large gap between when we first met and now? We plan to have some sort of partnership or ceremony perhaps later into 2013 once I am settled into Perth and can afford it! We should mention this in our own statements? Scott has been working in the UK since 2010, not in Oz, although was working in Oz up untill he left, will we need to prove anything about him being able to support me? When I first arrive late in 2012, the plan is to stay with his family and look for our own place once I find work. My Dad and his wife are both Australian permanent residents, and both live in Perth, would evidence of this help? Also would this help in terms of evidence to support me when I first arrive? My Dad also applied for the partner visa when he moved over with his Australian wife a few years ago. He warned me that I need to overwhelm them with info, and that they can be quite suspicious of same-sex couples. Sorry for the info overload there! Be so good to hear your guys suggestions (or reassurances!) for what kind of evidence is needed or that we should have! Thanks guys!
  7. hey all just joined about 5 mins ago ,i have been on bib whitch is great for sure but havnt seen a lot of irish n or s about ,is there anyone on here that is gettin ready to go or already there i could ask wee bits and peices about ,areas and stuff schools ,that sort of thing ,bye for now hannash:unsure:
  8. Hi guys Just interested to hear from people moving back to the UK and to what part of the country and job situation. We are moving back to Buckinghamshire where we migrated from. I have found it surprisingly easy to find IT related work and so has my wife in the health service Thanks in advance
  9. I originally posted this in response to somebody else on another thread BUT just thought I'd throw it open. Just taking a break from packing up my home in Leicestershire getting ready for a new life in Tasmania. My husband is an Aussie - originally from Sydney. We met over here when he came for a working holiday in 1997. We've worked here for 11 years but now he has landed a great job in Hobart. Here's some things that I have come to believe in (BTW if I sound like a patronising cow - apologies! These are just my opinions. Please feel free to tell me I'm an ar*e!:smile:) The grass isn't greener anywhere I love this country. I don't feel a need to leave it. It's got it's bad bits. It always has had. But it's also wonderful and I am very proud of it. I'll always be British. This will always be a home for me. I don't expect to get to Australia and everything in my life be better. In fact I just don't expect either country to automatically make my life better. I've made my grass greener in this country by working my backside off to get to places I want to be. Australia will be no different. Unless you are somewhere like Iraq, The Chad or Burma most countries are pretty much what you make them. That said What suits me won't suit you - try before you buy I am shocked by how many people here don't actually visit the places before they move all their family out there! One man's meat is another man's poison. I hate Queensland. Hate it, hate it, HATE it. I hate the climate. I hate the way it's like hot Norfolk. Brisbane left me cold, the Gold Coast was Skeggy without the pier - URGH! However Sydney, NSW, Perth, Adelaide - fantastic! That's because.... Each state is a nation unto itself You could say that about a lot of cities here but I think it may be even more pronounced in Oz. Like I say I hated Queensland. That's why if you hate where you are now in Oz, and you have only lived there, I would try somewhere else before you say you've had enough. Australia isn't hot Britain It is different. The supermarkets are different (less ready meals but fresher veg?), Medicare is different (More expensive or less waiting?) - As soon as you start comparing you're in trouble. There's good and bad. Like there's good and bad people. I have met some DREADFUL Australians - but then again I have met some DREADFUL Brits. I avoid both. PEOPLE are the same the world over. The world is like a mirror and often just reflects what you are giving out Some people are going to get to Australia and, understandably and rightly, it won't be for them. But sometimes when I read some other threads I think you are so negative why do you think people or a country would be excited to have you around? That sounds so harsh but when you are new it's up to you to make the effort and get involved. It's so hard I know - and combined with homesickness - it can be crippling BUT sometimes you follow the journey of people on this site and they hit Australia thinking a magic wand will be waved over their life. It won't. The fact is - better lives can be made just about anywhere.
  10. We are finally ready to start the whole proses;) colin was at the specialist today about his PKD, thankfully no change everything ok;)even told him he shouldn't have a problem with his medicals...as you know i have been a little worried about whether he would pass his meds or not. Feeling a lot better about it now;) he has an appointment next week with JP to get all his documents certified NO CHARGE;))))we were quoted £180 for a notary just for AHPRA docs.....has to travel to scotland but as we come from there originaly will just visit family;)) at last something that doesn't cost a fortune;)) when he has everything then its sent to AHPRA....have heard horror stories about this but as we are off to Perth, hopeful it wont take to long (have read on here that perth is quick, fingers crossed;)) getting excited now;))) sharon.xxx
  11. janinewhiteley

    Decision ready 121 ENS

    Hi, hope some one can help me. We need to get our meds done for a decision ready application, but do we book a full xray? and does anyone know the costs per person? thanks Janine& darren
  12. Guest

    Getting ready to big move

    We have plans to move in Aug to Australia. We considered Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne and finalised on Melbourne. Just thinking about Sydney too. I am from Accounting and Analysis background and my husband is from Sales and Marketing - Hotel Sector. our major concern is finding a job soon even at a lower level and the suburb to live. Does anybody recommend Sydney over Melbourne? Still we can change our mind Any advise
  13. Can anyone confirm this "Decision ready checklist". Any agent on this forum to confirm that it exists? And that it is speeding up the process? Whether it exists or not doesn't really make any difference unless it is speeding things along. Agent(s)? Regards, Patsy Stone.
  14. Long term accomodation at Lygon Street, next to Swanston St. and intersection Carlton. Owner already moved out but still paying the rent, and is looking for replacement to take over the lease. Contract until 21/2/2012 Rental $290 per week plus one month bonds. Water and electricity not included but gas is. Fully furnished, 24/7 security, swimming pool, gym, sauna, Foxtel,24/7 security and coin slotted washing machine. The studio name College Sqaure at Lygon Street, '560, Lygon St. Carlton VIC 3053. 15 mintues walk away from Melb Uni, and right infront of tram station. Available for inspection during weekend before 5pm. URGENT! Must out before May. PM me for details
  15. Hi All I subscribe to Acacia Immigrations newsletter. I received an e-mail this morning giving me a link to a new article about Decision Ready Checklists. The link is below: Decision Ready Checklists (DRC) The boss of Acacia Immigration is a man called Mark Webster. The information that he provides in his articles is reliable. Mr Webster is also a senior office holder in the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) whose website is below: Migration Institute of Australia It appears that if one uses a Registered Migration Agent in order to prepare and submit an application for an employer-sponsored ENS or RSMS visa, it is possible for the RMA to lodge a DRC form at the same time as submitting the visa application. Please note that this is not possible after the visa application has been submitted. It appears that DRCs may only be used in connection with applications for ENS and RSMS visas if the applications are submitted on or after 11th October 2010. As far as I know, though, DRCs can be used in connection with applications for offshore ENS 121 and RSMS 119 visas as well as for their onshore counterparts (ENS 856 and RSMS 857 visas.) According to Mr Webster's article, the most recent applicants for/any prospective applicants for employer-sponsored ENS ir RSMS visa can cut their waiting times very signifcantly if they hire an RMA to lodge the application and the RMA agrees to provide a DRC at the time when the visa application is lodged. Everybody else, who has been waiting for several months for an ENS or RSMS visa can look forward to their own waiting times being extended, probably significantly, whilst newcomers and their agents leapfrog the queues. This means that DIAC are no longer telling the truth on their own website: Migration Agents – Applications & Forms The lofty claims made by DIAC are simply no longer true any more. Therefore DIAC are actively and knowingly misleading the general public. It is absolutely disgraceful for any Government to permit its public servants to tell outright lies in this fashion but that is what the Australian Government has evidently decided to allow its own public servants to do. I would recommend that anybody who contemplates using an RMA in order to leapfrog the queue should make it an express, written, term of the contract for services between the client and the RMA that the RMA will submit a DRC at the same time as submitting the visa application. The contract should make it 100% clear that any failure to lodge the DRC is to be treated as a fundamental breach of the contract for services by the RMA, whereupon the RMA is to refund 100% of the fees paid by the client for involving the RMA in the first place. The contract should state clearly that this refund will be paid in full by the RMA within 7 days of the breach of contract having occurred. The contract should also make it clear that the client both can and will make a formal complaint to the OMARA if the RMA fails to lodge the DRC at the same time as submitting the visa application: https://www.mara.gov.au/ If the client - the consumer - fails to protect himself in the specific ways that I suggest, the client will only have himself to blame if an RMA grabs all his money for the fees but fails to lodge a DRC at the same time as making the visa application. Caveat emptor applies - let the buyer beware. The prospective client is the buyer. Everybody who will inevitably be disadvantaged by their own inability to arrange for an RMA to lodge a DRC should consider making a formal complaint to DIAC, via their Global Feedback Unit, demanding an explanation about why DIAC have chosen to disadvantage themselves and their visa applications in the ways described in Mr Webster's article: Contact Us – Compliments and Complaints – Department of Immigration and Citizenship I intend to complain to the GFU myself, demandng an explanation about why DIAC are telling blatant lies in the claims that they make about the use of migration agents. If DIAC were running their own show even vaguely competently, their statement about the use of migration agents would have been modified so that it tells the truth and a modified, truthful statement by DIAC would have been published on their website several weeks before the idea of the DRCs was ever implemented. Cheers Gill
  16. Hi all My husband and I have our visa's already in place - class bq resident p, subclass 138 Fitter (he is the primary visa holder and I am his spouse). We are hoping to make the move to Australia this year and are getting my husbands CV ready to send out to the Australian job market. His City and Guilds Apprenticeship has been assessed and successful with the TRA (to enable the visa to be granted). My question is this - the get his CV 'understandable' for the Australian job market, is there somewhere we can approach to tell us what the equivalent qualifications in Australia are compared to his British quals? We can totally appreciate when we send his CV out, the qualifications stated on there (C&G and others since) will not mean anything to any potential employers in Australia, and this in turn may mean his CV is overlooked. We have found out about the ARTC but am not sure if this is appropriate or not, and also not even sure if this will cover any of the more recent qualifications he has gained, or just the apprenticeship. Has anyone got any ideas/experience? We would really appreciate any help. Thank you Albag x
  17. gaz n family

    Decission Ready Checklist/Applications

    So. With all the changes and new regulations. Is it still possible to use a Decission Ready Checklist application. Our 176 was lodged ti DIAC Nov 10 a decission ready via our Migration Agent. Now in the next week or so us SA applicants will start getting Case Officers, in date order i believe. A while ago DRC applications were rumered to be receiving Case Officers within 10 days of their application being lodged. I have tried to ask my MA, but i suspect he is still on his hols as not heard back, i sent the email Sunday evening. Unless he has done a runner now we have paid.
  18. Just wondering if DRCs are still being processed? Anyone got their visa grant recently through DRC?
  19. Hi Can someone tell me if Decision Ready Application will be helpful for cat 3 or 4 applicants to get a CO soon? And will it help to speed up the cat 2 application? Thanks in advance
  20. hi, under the new system i will have 65 points after i finish my brick laying course. age - 30 ielts- 20 (been lucky :biglaugh:) diploma - 10 study - 5 total - 65 is the job ready program going to remain compulsory under new point system for all tra occupations. any chance to get skill assessment without going through job ready program. please reply. Thanks!
  21. Jag Khairra

    TRA: Fees update for Job Ready Program

    Received this information through ComLaw today: (i) Provisional Skills Assessment: AUD300 (ii) Job Ready Employment Assessment: AUD500 (iii) Job Ready Workplace Assessment: AUD2,000 (iv) Job Ready Final Assessment for the purpose of the Job Ready Program: AUD150. This Instrument, number IMMI 10/052, commences on 17 November 2010.
  22. I have been advised that as our 856ens application was lodged before October there is a good chance that our friends application who be lodging shortly (in other words over a month later than ours) could be granted before our visa as his will be lodged with the new "decision ready" option. Now i'm not huffed that his might be granted before ours but i am somewhat worried about how many applications will be put in front of ours and if that means that our application could end up taking longer than the original estimated 5-7 months. Does anyone have any further information regarding this?:arghh:
  23. hi, As my nomination occupation is on ACT SMP,I sent an enquiry to DIAC asking when my case would be allocated to a CO again? and the answer: "Dear Client, Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. Once a State and Territory Government?s Plan is in place, existing applicants whose nominated occupation is included on the relevant Plan will be processed under processing priority category 2. At the moment, you do not need to provide any further information as the department will determine your eligibility for priority processing. Applicants will not be eligible for priority processing under a Plan until this department accepts a nomination. If you have already lodged an application with nomination you do not need to provide any further confirmation as nominations, approved before Plans were implemented, remain valid." Every thing is very clear except this comment:" . . .you do not need to provide any further information as the department will determine your eligibility for priority processing . . ." After months in darkness,now how long it takes time for DIAC to let the SMP shine on our case?It's not complicated,a SMP,an occupation and a case that should be processed with 2nd priority. any idea?
  24. Hi everyone Just wanted to update on our dogs journey. Well it started today, we have dropped him at the kennels, were using Golden Arrow Shippers. Found them to be very friendly and the kennels were in a very good condition. He flys to Melbourne on Monday and will have to complete 30 days quarantine. There is already a German Shepherd in the kennel and he is flying out the same time so at least I know he knid of wont be alone on the plane. It was awful leaving him there and yes I cried but just got to keep it together after all it is only 37 days unitl we collect him. I have to say though it wasnt nice coming home to a quiet, empty house. So if anyone out there is about to do the same, good luck and dont worry I am sure all our 'babies' will be just fine. :biggrin:
  25. Like everyone else we are just waiting for WA to release their smp so that we can get our application in. My hubby is a motor mechanic so fingers crossed it should be on the list. As everyone is suggesting that the 1st November may be THE date, is there anything that I can be doing in the meantime to be prepared for the release? My hubby has passed his vetassess and we have scanned all of his certificates and references. If anyone knows of anything else that we would possibly need, or should prepare this would be a great help. Thanks