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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, just wandering if anyone in the process of transferring from the R.N to the R.A.N.. We are in the process of doing it ourselves at the moment, and was just wandering if anyone else is out there in the same boat. :jiggy:
  2. Thought this might be useful for anyone thinking of Laterally Transferring from the RN to the RAN. Had my Visa approved on 5 May 08 and this is a comprehensive timeline of the whole process: 3 Mar 07 – Application to RAN 25 Mar 08 – Interview at Gunwharf Keys, Portsmouth 14 Jun 07 – Security, Medical and Application packs sent to me. 12 Jul 07 - Security, Medical and Application packs received by the RAN. 14 Jul 07 – Recognition of Prior Learning pack received from RAN by post. 2 Aug 08 – RPL received by RAN. 26 Nov 07 – Conditions of Service letter (job offer) received by post. 27 Nov 07 – COS letter signed and returned to RAN by post. 21 Jan 08 – Email from RAN to state COS letter received and placed on file. 22 Jan 08 – AD 125 sent to RAN by email and post. 31 Jan 08 – RAN apply for Labour Agreement. 11 Mar 08 – Visa medicals and x-rays conducted. 18 Mar 08 - Visa medicals and x-rays sent to DIAC Sydney by UPS. 25 Mar 08 - Visa medicals and x-rays delivered to DIAC Sydney. 10 Apr 08 – RAN labour Agreement approved by DIAC Canberra. 22 Apr 08 – Visa application sent to DIAC Canberra (Form 47ES + Form 80 and 1221 for the 2 adults) + Police Certificates). 29 Apr 08 – Visa application delivered to DIAC in Canberra. 1 May 08 – Visa lodged. 5 May 08 – Visa approved. We now have our flights booked and leave blighty, wheels off, on the 4 Sep 08. Chris.
  3. Hi all I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me. My husband and I are (depending on visas) moving to Sydney, he has been offered a job in the RAN. We applied for a visa on form 47ES, which is what we were told to do by the RAN, we tried to get our medicals sorted before sending off for our visa but were told by the medical center that applying for a medical had changed to being done electronically and we needed either a HAPP ID,TRN or HRR number. We have not been given this and to be honest not sure where to get it. We have Emailed department of immigration over and over but no reply, asked people who have joined the RAN and were told that they didn't need such a number and Google is coming up with nothing. Is anyone else going through this or does anyone know what we should do? Please HELP :confused:
  4. That's for Changi and the Burma Railway too - still waiting for our apology.
  5. stephnalex

    Hello, transfer in2 Ran from uk??

    Good afternoon all : ) My name is Steph, My husband Alex is in the Royal Navy. We would like nothing more than to transfer into the RAN, He has his CV up to date, but were unsure of what to do next/ Can anyone help? I'm currently a Citizen of Australia, but as I got my citizenship through Decent I am unable to take my two boys and husband with me without sponsorship? My occupation is Hairdresser and Beautician. Any info would be gratefully recieved xxxxx
  6. Guest

    transfrring from RN to RAN

    Hi, I have only just started to look into moving to oz seriously in the last 2 months, im currently in the RN and would love advice from people who are in the same situation and how to go about things. Do you have to be a certain rank before you can transfer? Any advice at this early stage would be very much welcome. Nick
  7. Currently serving in the Royal Navy as a Petty Officer Air Engineer Technician, at the start of the immigration process. I'm keen to transfer into either the RAAF or the RAN, I have sent my cv to the RAN although have had no joy in finding a contact address for the RAAF. Is there anyone who has already transferred and able to help give advice on the visa process, the support my wife and children would get and contacts for the RAAF? Cheers!!
  8. we've been talking about moving to oz for the past 7 years and the time is now to get moving. oh has finally sent off his application to the RAN after doing his 24 yrs(2 boys time) in the RN. if all goes to plan we'll be heading for WA. we have 2 kids 5 and 1 and a big dog. so i'm looking for a buddy(s) in the same position as me. to share news and info on the move to oz or any advise that anybody would care to share!! need all the help i can get!! cheers jen x
  9. Hi All, My husband is a C.P.O in the Royal Navy and has done his 22 years and we are looking to move to OZ Navy, he has been in touch with terry George who asked him to fill out forms and medical etc which he has now done. We recently had an email to say they are sending people over on 2nd and 3rd December to conduct informal interviews. We are both going along and have a few questions to ask them but in the mean time I would like some advice from you guys that have already done it. My OH is an air craft handler so the area we have been told we would be is Nowra, I have been to OZ 4 times my OH has never been. Can anyone please tell me if they are based in Nowra and if so where is the marital housing located and is it nice, or do you rent privately and if so how much do you get towards your rent? Do any of you live in Wollongong and commute daily? Where do you all live if your based in Nowra and is it easy to meet other ex pats in the same boat? I don't want to feel isolated and want to make friends if we go out there. All in all what do you all think of your life out there, and how have you all settled in? And how is the pay?? Sorry for all the questions but I need as much advice and possible. Many thanks Claire 36 and Chris 43
  10. The Exchange Programme Long Look (EXPLL) is a multinational, trilateral exchange between the Armed Forces of United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The 140 exchange positions are drawn from each of the three Services and represent a wide range of employment groups; they are to be exchanged primarily on a RECIPROCAL BASIS within their respective host units. The RN contingent for this programme will be a maximum of 20 personnel to Australia. The expected duration of the exercise is 4 months, from Mid March to Mid July 2011 (formal dates will be published once known). I am a Petty Officer Caterer / Cook currently employed as an instructor in HMS Raleigh, Torpoint, Cornwall. I have submitted my application for EXPLL 11 and am looking for a suitable candidate in Australia (preferably Sydney / Queensland area). If you are interested in this, or may know someone who may be interested, please let me know
  11. Guest

    Hello All

    :jimlad: Hi All, recent new joiner, first posting, finally badgered on by Wife who has been a member for a couple of years now (Brideycollette). Thought i'd join as our desicion time is getting closer due to my end date with the Royal Navy. Few false starts so far, started with RAN but they got cold feet after two months, apparently the RAN is going to train their own engineers now (crazy enough to work). 175 route next, points to the max, Government decide to 'improve' the skills lists and hey presto 5 points short you old fart (come back MODL all is forgiven). Now attempting the state sponsered route (TRA assesment for Elec special Class off tomorrow) or the 'Giz a job' route. The Poet
  12. Hi, I'm considering transfering to RAN from the RN, I'm a PO that has served 10 years. But I'd like some info on pensions, pay, leave absolutely anything anyone can offer if you think it would be helpful. The RAN website is a little short on info. I am married with a 7 year old so any experiences regarding that aspect would also be appreciated. Cheers.
  13. Filling out our visa application 47ES now and i got to the payment part so i went to the immigration pages but im not sure which one we are My husband is transferring from the Royal Navy to the Royal australian navy but i cant find one listed for that Any help would be brill :arghh:
  14. Guest

    transfering from RN to RAN

    Hi everyone first time on this site. Could anyone advise me on transfering to the RAN from the RN ime currentley serving as a submariner LS WS(SSM) 12 years done. Ant info would be great. Many thanks.:smile:
  15. Hi everyone, could I possibly have some advice. My family and I are moving to Sydney in January, my husband is in the RAN. He will be based at Watson. Well, before we go, we get a choice of married quarters to live in, but what areas do you all recommend for us, or even avoid. I have three children, 13, 9 and 7, so schools are important, not being snobby or nothing, if you get my meaning, but we would like to be somewhere where my children can play in the street etc. Any help and advice would be fantastic. Thank you all Lynette:biggrin:
  16. Guest

    Joining the RAN from RN

    Hello, im seriously considering joining the RAN from the RN, Im an AB and should be on Aprils signal to be a Killick and once i reach my common promotion date i have to a years return of service, i have heard that the application takes upto 18 months to complete i have served for 8 and a half years thus far. I dont have a clue how the procedure works to be honest any help would be appreciated and any tips on getting it done smoothly, i have no kids or wife so that should make things easier i think. any help from actually applying to visa's ect would be great thanks
  17. Guest

    RAN Fleet Air Arm

    My partner is currently a PO in the Fleet Air Arm based at RNAS Yeovilton, we are seriously considering transfer to RAN but he has been told that it is usual to drop a rank when transferring - can anyone comment on this? Tan
  18. was just wondering if when you arrive you are provided with a house or you have to find one yourself or do they have ones which you choose from?? I am subs and will prob be based in perth any info appreciated thanks
  19. Hello Me and my husband and our 3 kids are hoping to be in oz by january 2011 Have been tying to find out some info but have been really unsucsessful:cute: Anyway we are in the process of selling our house here in plymouth at the min but whaat i really wanted to know is what happens when we get to oz im sure i read somwhere that the dont have married patches so can you just go and rent o buy anywhere you like??? and also ive heard that you pay for your childrens schooling is this true an is it really expensive Sorry if im asking too many questions but any help would be great :hug:
  20. :jiggy:For any of you deciding to transfer from the RN to RAN, here is my time line so far Jan 08, recieved initial pack and forms from Australia 25th Nov 08 returned completed pack to Australia. (this took a long time because my husband was on a 7 month deployment with R.N, then the labour agreement expired:sad:) 14th April 09, email received with a copy of the Terms of service.( due to fly Jan 2010) 19th April, hard copy of TOS arrived 19th April,applied fro police checks with ACRO 24th April Posted back TOS along with ACRO 29th April TOS arrived in Australia 28th May, meet and greet with RAN personnel( held in Plymouth) 1st June.sent of immigration form 47ES 9th June, visa arrived in Australia and receipt recieved 18th June, email from Immigration, case officer has been assigned to us, and asked to book medicals Meds booked for August 7th, and Immigration informed. 19th June email from immigration to say they are happy with the dates booked for our meds. 15th July Chest xrays for all over 11 years. £100 each at Nuffield hospital Plymouth 7th August family medicals at yeovil. Total cost £510 for 2 adults and 3 children. 13th August-recieved email requesting us to fill in a new employee particulars ADF form and return 14th August, Yeovil surgery sent of medicals to Australia 14th August returned ADF form 27th August...visa granted...
  21. Hi , i have been on this site for a while having a nosey and what great stuff there is on here ! Is there anyone going or is now in the ran and has transfred from the rn, Hubby (Poet just passed hoorah at last lol ) has 3 years left in Rn , Could anyone help us on are way when is it best to start talking to the Ran about joining them ? .We been talking about it for years and now that there is only 3 years left im panicing pmsl only cus he has a survey ship for 3 years and i just know i will have to sort alot of the stuff out to get in to oz. we just had are 4th trip to oz this year and just can't wait till we get there ( well hopefully) . anyhow im in plymouth :spinny:, Great to hear from any people who think they can guide this shy janner lol , and omg its 5 in the morn i must be mad :SLEEP:
  22. Guest

    ran into a problem

    Hi everyone, My husband and I have ran into a new problem while preparing for our migration to Australia. He found a site online that says they are not taking visa applications from people who have not had any official schooling for the skills they have. My husband is very good at his job, which is in the trades. He is a pipefitter and went up the ladder very fast, but has not gone to school for it. He has photos of jobs he has done in the past, recomendations from his present employer and past employers, and they all gave him the best recommendations they could. He is one of the bosses at his current position as well. Does anyone know if this could be overlooked if he proves he has the skills that employers in Australia need? This is quite a blow to as, as we have our hearts set on moving to Australia with the kids . Thanks for being here!
  23. Hi People. I received a email Last Thu stating I have been successful in my application for the Royal Aussie Navy - Yehaaaa. Just got to sign the Hard copy when it gets here and the wheels will be in motion. Sydney for my training - prob our first Year - then I'll apply for Perth. :twitcy:
  24. Can someone help! We're just starting the process and any advise would be gratefully recieved. Looking at Perth Suburbs but initially looking to move into Navy Quarters until established what the best places for schooling etc are. Also looking at pitfalls, advise, length, probability etc!! Any advise would be welcome. Gail
  25. Hi 1st post on here! My Hubby has had his offer letter from Canberra to joing the RAN. The letter came with terms of ref etc. As far as I know, we are waiting on immigration to contact us - is this correct? Or do we need to contact them? I have downloaded the 47ES form to have a look at it and try to get all the docs needed together - I am running blind now though as I'm not too sure how to go about sorting this??!!!! I have ordered police checks and full birh certificates - they should be here soon. I have no clue on whether it's wise to get medicals sorted sooner rather than later - if so, what do I ask for?? I am in Plymouth - if anyone is going down the same route, or is further on than us - PLEASE HELP!!!!! My Hubby has been offered a 6 year contract starting in October 07 in Canberra - all depends on successful Visa Application - he has already had an RN Medical - passed security checks etc - does he need to do this again?? We have 3 kids between us - 11,15 & 16. The REDLO has been in touch with a Comprehensive pack for Schooling etc - we've opened a Bank Account with Commonwealth Bank, Sold the House - AARRGGHH!!! Angie