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Found 13 results

  1. Good afternoon everyone! I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now and I can't tell you how helpful its been in making our decision to pursue migration to Australia! My husband and I made the decision last year, pre-covid, that it was something we want to do along with our toddler age daughter. Anyway, we have done all the right things so far, we've done a lot of our own research and figured out what visa's are and are not possibilities for us - we have also had a paid consultation with a registered migration agent, which leads me onto my question... My husband has contacts and could potentially get a job offer as 'Construction Project Manager' on a 482 MLTSSL Visa (obviously following border restrictions being eased or lifted - we are under no illusions that this is happening soon) however I was specifically told by the migration agent we have been using that he will have to have a skills assessment for this occupation and as he doesn't have a bachelors degree its a no-go. I had no reason to doubt our agent, this is his job, however I have now read and been told conflicting information. Not only is there a post on this site about 482 visas and skills assessments only being required for a 25-30 occupations, I also did a search online and 'Construction Project Manager' doesn't seem to be one of those occupations. I also read it here - https://www.seekvisa.com.au/tss-482-visa-skills-assessment/ Can someone please confirm whether this is the case or not? Is this old information? The whole process is confusing as it is without being potentially misled by someone who we put our faith and money in to helping us! Secondly, this same agent assured me that 'Construction Project Manager' only applies to construction project managers in 'building', when I asked what he specifically meant by this he said building houses/hospitals/schools etc. My husband is a Construction Project Manager in the Rail industry for tier 1 contractors (building railway lines, stations etc.) which we believe falls under 'civil engineering'. Again, is this true? Has anyone migrated who works in the rail industry who can shed some light on this? We know on good authority that the amount of railway work is booming, especially in QLD, NSW & VIC. Thanks in advance to everyone who read this and who can help!
  2. kellbell

    Queensland Rail?

    Hi all, Has anyone used Queensland rail? I'm thinking about heading up to Gladstone, but don't fancy it if the trains aren't any good, ie clean, prompt, good service as I'll have two toddlers in tow. Thanks
  3. http://www.greatsouthernrail.com.au/site/backpacker.jsp I am sorry as a citizen I am a little jealous that backpackers receive such a huge discount on trips on the Ghan etc. For example from Adelaide to Darwin on the Ghan for a local it is $746 whereas a backpacker can get it for $330:no: Sydney to Perth for a local is $751 for a backpacker $299 If you can do this trip whilst you are backpacking go for it, I've never been able to afford for us all to do it, but if I win the lottery it will be one of many trips. I even thought of saying I was a back packer but the terms and conditions are: Terms and Conditions #Austrail Pass Terms and Conditions The pass is issued to and accepted by the person named on the ticket, subject to the Railways Acts bylaws, Regulations and General Conditions of Carriage in force in each Railway System to which the travel applies. This pass is valid for use on specified rail and coach services operated by the following Railway systems - Great Southern Rail (Red Service Seats); QR Traveltrain (economy seats); Countrylink (economy seats). This pass is not valid on any Metropolitan services of North Queensland Tourist Train services. Travel must commence with the pass validated within 6 months of the date of purchase. Travel must be completed within 6 months of the date of validation endorsed on the pass at the initial point of departure. The holder may upgrade to travel in First Class, Business Class or Red Premium Service Seats and sleeping berths on payment of the applicable upgrade amount. The pass is only available for purchase by bona fide overseas visitors to Australia. A passport must be produced at the first time of purchase to verify the passenger is a resident of another country. A reservation is essential prior to the use of the pass and entitles the passenger to one allocation on any service. The travel pass is a receipt only and does not guarantee travel. A reservation for each individual sector of travel is necessary to obtain a valid travel ticket. This pass must be presented with the passport of the holder at the ticket office of the departure of the initial journey for validation and endorsing the Total period of availability on the Pass document. The passport with ticket is to be produced by the holder for all subsequent journeys at either the ticket office or to onboard staff for verification. For full conditions and important travel tips please refer to the information provided with each operators travel ticket.The pass is only available for full adult fares no concessions apply. The pass is subject to a fuel price surcharge per sector booked on The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland. This Pass is not transferable. One passenger only per Pass. No refund is payable on passes that have been validated, nor are refunds allowed on lost or stolen passes. Applications for refund on unused passes must be submitted to the issuing office within 12 months of the date of issue and a 10% refund fee is payable. For passes purchased overseas, refunds cannot be obtained in Australia. ^*#All fares quoted in Australian dollars. ^*#All fares valid until 31 March 2012
  4. Hello, Me and my family are looking for a better life for us and our kids. I am a qualified NVQ road rail machine trainer operator. Would anyone know where we should start first?
  5. We urgently need Rail Engineers and Coastal Engineers for positions in Sydney. Sponsorship available, great salaries. Please pm
  6. Can you help point me in the right direction for nice suburbs in Perth that are great for families with primary school age children but can easily access rail links to the CBD as thats where DH will be based? I have been sitting here for ages looking at rail links and surrounding areas but its so hard to tell when you have no knowledge of good or bad areas etc. So who better to ask than the guys here on PIO! From what I have read, most of us are looking for the same kinds of places to bring up our little ones so hopefully you can help advice me.:cute: Cheers POI folks! Nicky x
  7. Hi all, does anyone on the board work in or have experience of the Australian rail industry? looks like I'm going to be offered a job with AECOM based in Brisbane and I'm trying to establish whether it's the right move or not. I keep being told about these billion dollar contacts that are due to start, cross river rail and Gold Coast Light rail in particular. But how certain is it these are all going to happen? Are all the infrastructure projects being proposed in Australia totally dependent on income from selling commodities to the Chinese? If there was a global downturn to the extent some predict what would happen to the Austalian economy? Just how bad is the shortage of experienced construction engineers over there?
  8. Hello, I work in the rail industry in the UK training & assessing civil & road/rail plant operators. I'm struggling to find any information on careers in the Australian rail engineering industry, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction. Many thanks Dazz
  9. Guest

    Cost of Rail travel in the UK

    What is going on? Why isn't it on the BBC news yet that Brits should be going back to driving cars? IT"S NOW CHEAPER to drive again surely!!! The cost of using public transport (especially trains) has gone through the roof in the UK. GBP28.00 to travel from outer London to inner London, during peak work commute. That is around au$64.00. I know Aussies wouldn't pay those sought of prices in Sydney just to go to work EACH DAY! And with the price of fuel coming down in the UK in recent times it is now cheaper to drive the car once again. The UK government are always trying to get cars off the roads, especially around London, but why would you give up the car to pay ridiculous public transport prices! Something needs to be done and why aren't Brits compalining, especially in light of the economic plight. You won't get ripped off using the train or bus in Australia. And more people use public transport in the Uk to pay for it all. It simply does not make sense??? :wacko:
  10. hello there been in the rail for around 12yrs now and we are looking at moving to aus as my wife has got her dual passport and i am applying for a spouse visa. was wondering if the rail/ trams are big business over there and what sort of pay and the biggest companies over there . any help will be great
  11. Guest

    rail sponsers??

    hi, anybody know of any rail companies that are willing to sponser? thanks
  12. Hi all One of my clients, a national rail company in Australia, is looking for the following: Experienced Project Managers (with a strong in-depth knowledge of the rail industry) to run large rail projects including, stations, over head lines, track, platforms and civil works. Applicants would have at least 10 years experience of running projects within the rail arena, strong communications skills; ability to lead teams and communicate at all levels. Design Engineers - 3 - 5 years experience of rail and civil design. Design Drafters - 3 years plus experience of rail / civil / survey drafting, fluent use of CAD. Rail signaling project managers, rail signaling background with up to five years experience of managing large scale signaling projects. Permanent Way Engineers, track maintenance and renewals works, planning of works, coordinating sub-contractors, manage the scope of the projects etc. Experienced Locomotive and mining industry diesel and or electrical fitter mechanics/maintenance/service technicians. Locomotive Drivers with specific heavy freight haulage experience. Aluminothermic Welders (i.e. Rail Track Welders). Risk managers (with a rail background) to provide safety management systems and OH&S assessment. Heavy dieael fitters - these may be from industries other than rail. If you know of any people that fit the above descriptions or are interested yourself, please contact on philipo@imaus.com.au Best wishes Phil Olsen
  13. swifty99

    rail induatsry

    is there many jobs in the rail industry at the moment, if so where are the main areas as looking to move to vic