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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone... I dont think we have to make it to oz!! we will hopefully heading out in jan/feb but the new rabies rules it really is going to throw the spanner in the works. Our 2 dogs are getting their shots until next week but it's still going to be may before they will be able to have blood tests and quarantine free. I was pricing quarantine for the 4 months and omg!! i think they would cope with the timescale but would we!! i dont know whether to board them here at half the costs or let them do quarantine!! hubby loves them but is starting to say its a lot of money when we dont know whats ahead of us!! i am already having to rehome my 2 10 year old babies!! they are going to a fab home (very good friend) where they will be treated the way i treat them. I am going to be breaking my heart over these 2 then have to put the little 2 through 5 mthd of kennels!! i dread leaving them here in kennels incase something happens and we aren't tjere!! arghhhhhh curse you oz govt!!! Sorry for the rambling but i wondered how everyone else was fairing. :-))
  2. Hi, I got the dreaded phone call today from my vet about my two staffys Milo & Maisie not passing there blood results for their first rabies vaccine! Also both of their results have come back with the same score, which is VERY strange and makes my vet and my agent think that the lab have messed up somewhere. Either way this now means that me and my two doggies are now delayed on going to Perth until end of April next year, was hoping to go end of March. So anyway i have taken them to my vets again tonight to have their 2nd rabies vaccine done, and now ive got to wait 4 weeks to have their bloods retaken, however, my agent and vet have requested the lab to retest the blood samples as its weird that they have got the same result, BUT either way one of them hasnt passed it so this will make no difference to the time frame just cost! Its so annoying and i just cant believe it!!! there 2 healthy spoilt staffys infact im taking maisiemoo for hydrotherapy friday to help with her muscles for her back legs so this must be my payback from them :wink: Im hoping a miracle will happen but somehow i cant see it so what will be will be, me and my :animal-dog: & :animal-dog: will just have to wait another month to see my partner again and there daddy :sad:
  3. Hi My visa was granted yesterday and we're hoping to fly Oakley out before the changes on 1st Jan 2010. But I'm waiting on the import permit which I applied for last week, we can't book his flights/quarantine until we have this and I am worried about Sydney quarantine station being full when it comes to the point that we can actually book it. So, I'm thinking that I'll take him to the vet tonight to get his rabies jab just in case we can't make it out there before the rule changes come in to play. What I'm worried about is whether the fact that he has the rabies vaccs now, would that have any bearing on him being able to fly out before 1st Jan? I don't think it would but o/h has been questioning it and I just want to make sure! Thanks Julie
  4. I have just had my cat and dog vaccinated for rabies and they have now had their blood tests. I thought I'd post the cost in case anyone else is looking into the cost of exporting their pet. The cost of the vaccination was £35 each and the blood test £75 each. The cost of some vet treatments varies with the size of pet so I was surprised that the vaccines for a 5kg cat and a 34kg dog were the same. It's possible that it may have been a bit cheaper if I had shopped around but I preferred to use my usual vet, and they are very experienced with pet exports.
  5. Guest

    2 x rabies jabs? essential?

    I hope someone can help me. Our vet has charged us £50 for a rabies vacine for our chihuahua. They have told me it would be best for us to have 2 injections with a 2 week break to insure we get the result we need from the blood tests. This will mean a cost of £100 for the vacine plus blood tests. Has anyone else been advised to have 2 vacines or has the 1 been enough. I don't want to have to pay for a vacine that is unnecessary.:skeptical: any help appreciated
  6. Hi, Just been reading about pets departing from the uk to Oz after January next year needing a rabies vaccination and then a rabies antibody test. As I understand it they need the vaccinations 4 weeks before the antibody test. They then need the antibody test 5 months before they leave the uk if they are to do the minimum 30days in quarenteen. Now, as my pet is unlikely to be flying out before jan (even if by some miracle our house has sold and we are gone before then!), I am looking at getting this underway now. The test must be prepared (I assume this is the drawing of the blood sample) by a government approved vet, then sent to a government approved lab then the test preformed by the official government vet. So my questions are how do I find out who these approved vets are? Can the rabies jabs be done at the same time as the other vacinations? Do the other jabs have to be done by the government approved vet or my normal vet? Is my normal likely to be approved? Think I might go and join the thread for this worried about shipping their pets.....
  7. Hi all, just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with Rabies vaccinations for the UK. We are wanting to take our dog with us back to the UK . As I understand it once she has the rabies vaccination, then 6 months later she needs a blood test to confirm the vaccination has worked - otherwise she would need to spend the 6 months in quarantine and we are not wanting to do this. My question is how long after we receive the blood test results do we have to enter the UK with her? Is the vaccination and results indefinite or do we have to enter with say 12 months? I have checked the UK website but nothing on how long the results are valid for. Thanks in advance. :spinny:
  8. lismith25

    Rabies Jab for travel back to uk

    Hi everyone, I have a question.. every year about this time we have the ping pong debate should we go home/ shouldn't we:goofy:its that xmas feeling. But its not that simple now with 2 bubs and our first born puppy. Last year I got my quotes, sorted the vet out etc and then we changed our mind, so i didnt bother. However here is my question...if you get your dog vaccinated does he/she ever need to have it done again? ie if they have the jab and pass the blood test 7 months later, then you dont decide to travel till the following year, would they need another jab or just another blood test......:eek: does this make sense? I do love this country but we really do speak a different language, I asked the vet this twice on 2 separate occasions, fantastic lady but she always gave me answers to some other questions :arghh: and I still dont know the answer. PLease help
  9. Scarby

    Rabies Vaccination

    We are hoping to move to Perth in September, I was at the vets today and asked them to give the dog his booster without the lepto part of the jab, they then asked about if we would want a pet passport for him if we decided to bring him back to the UK so he wouldnt need to do quarantine if we returned - stupidly I said this was fine and then they gave him the rabies vaccination for the passport and am now panicking that he will not be able to travel to Australia in September as I have now been looking and they seem to have to have had this vaccine 6 months before they go to Australia? Any help greatly appreciated. Celia
  10. Looking at getting the cat vaccinated in order to keep my options open in case I need to return to europe, As you've probably also found out theres a Australiawide shortage of the vaccine and they need to be bought in viles of 10 at a cost of $322 If anyone else is thinking of getting this vaccination done let me know and we could split the costs.
  11. Hi all, First time posting on the forum, so forgive me. My wife and I are planning on moving to the UK in August of this year, and have just started the process of getting Chi, our Gordon Setter, all the required injections etc. Having read the forums, I noticed there has been a shortage of the rabies injection due to an epidemic in Indonesia. I contacted my local AQIS certified vets in Sydney, and they have a 10 shot vile. Unfortunately I am the only person that has registered, and as it only lasts 24 hours I have to pay for the entire vile. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat, and would therefore be interested in sharing the cost? I have Chi booked in for 6.00 this Wednesday 19th Jan, so any interested parties would need to get it done some point between Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. Not overly hopeful - but thought I would throw it out there and spreadg the word of mouth. FYI - the cost of the 10 shot vile is $375 (plus a $61 consult fee). I had previously been quoted $400 by another vet - so anyone looking at doing it in the near future, with the shortage, this owuld be a cheaper way to go (unless you are lucky and find a vets that has a few people booked in - we are pressed for time so this want a viable option for us). As an aside - I started looking at the forums for the first time last week - and have found tonnes of useful information that is all helping making the task of moving Chi overseas much more easier - so a big thank you to all contributors. Many thanks Iain
  12. friedparsley

    Rabies Vaccines Available

    I have just heard that JetPets are hoding stocks of feline Rabies vaccinations. I dont know how accurate this is, but its worth checking it out, if you cant find a vet with some. If its true, then you'll obviously have to ship your cat with Jetpets.
  13. Guest

    Rabies vaccinations

    Just wondering for those of you, who are heading back ,or already back in the UK, How you got on with the Rabies vaccinations. I have read some really negative stuff about side effects and I need to get my 2 cats and little dog vaccinated to take them home to England It would be great to hear from any of you, that have had this jab done, how your animals were after it etc
  14. Hi everyone, Just got news from the vet, 2 of my three dogs haven't passed the blood test on Rabies. I am getting them vaccinated again tommorow, I am now really worried that they will be immune for the vacination, the vet said this has never happened before! Does anyone else have this experience?
  15. Guest

    Taking pets - rabies?

    Simple question, do cats and dogs have to be injected against rabies to go to Oz? Thanks Zeta