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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, just got some shipping quotes and thought it may be of help to some of you that are considering heading back to Blighty. All quotes are for a 20 foot sole use container with each company providing full packing and wrapping service, door to door delivery form Gold Coast QLD Australia to Ely in Cambridgeshire. (20ft container should fit typical 3 bed house contents) All Quotes are exclusive of insurance. most offered insurance at a premium of 3.5% of the value of the goods being shipped. (no excess to pay on claims) However, we are going to arrange insurance ourselves through Letton Percival Their premium is 1% of the value of goods being shipped. (Small excess of 100 pounds on any claim) Here are the Quotes King & Wilson - $8,200 Overseas Packers & Shippers - $6,900 Grace Removals - $ 7,545 OSS World Wide Movers - $6,280 Suprisingly, OSS who offered the cheapest quote were by far the most infomative and profesional. We dealt with Simone Percy and Joanne Jackson, both have been extreemely communicative and responsive to all our questions. Additionally, the literature provided was very informative and helpful. Highly recommended Hope this helps... P.S. if you got way cheaper don't tell me, or i'll be crying for the entire flight home :-P
  2. talesofatwinmum

    Packaging for shipping

    Hi, We're aiming to move over to Brisbane next year and I want to be as organised as possible because we've got a lot of stuff to sort through in our house, some of which we intend to sell and some we want to take. I'd like to begin clearing our loft first and sorting piles out for car boot sales/eBay etc. My questions is, does each shipping company have their own specific boxes you need to pack your things into and if so do you buy them direct from the shipping company or are they standard packagin boxes you can buy online? I'm thinking that if there are things we won't be needing before we go I could get started putting stuff to keep in boxes so it won't get mixed up with the sale stuff. This will also give us a better idea of how much stuff we want to take to get a quote for shipping. Any advice you could give about where to begin with shipping would be really appreciated as at the moment it looks like a really daunting task! Thanks.
  3. Hi there, we've booked our flights for 5th March and are wondering when to start getting shipping quotes. We called John Mason, who said their quotes are only valid for three months so to ring them again at the beginning of December but it would be really nice to have some idea of costs sooner rather than later (so we can save!). Also, we are buying some bits of pieces of furniture now for our children. Pretty cheap stuff, but will we need to declare this when we ship it? Will we get charged for it in Oz? As always, thanks for any advice!!! :wubclub:
  4. Well we have two quotes back from 2 companys. John mason and Bishops Move. Sole use off a 20ft container. We are shipping nearly everything from our 3 bed home with the 3 kids toys (lots off) We are leaving behind wardrobes and drawers from 1 bedroom but taking 3 sofas.... John masons came in at £3800 and Bishops move £4050. I must say that we would have wanted to go with jm even if they were more expensive. Hope this Helps someone who wants rough costs. This is Sussex to Sydney (30 mile radius of Sydney )
  5. Hi I just wondered how far in advance you need to organise shipping? We have had our visas approved and need to start organising, its just that we have so much stuff to sort out now, I am not sure what we will want to take, or if we will send some stuff by air. The problem is that we want to move soon (Mid- November), so feel that I should be getting quotes now! Any advice gratefully received. Sarah :confused:
  6. We have shippers coming round on wednesday to give us a quote but its stressing me out because although we know the big stuff we are shipping (car, settee, washer etc) how do you know how many boxes you will need for photos and ornaments and kitchen stuff..... how organised do you need to be when they come round ? please help someone, just got over my visa stress and the shipping stress begins..... thanks folks. x
  7. Guest

    Favourite Movie Quotes

    The Title says it all.... Post your favourite quotes from the movies
  8. We have applied for our visa 175 and judging by the normal times of waiting we are planning our move in March 2012 (approx 2 yrs from the start of the whole process). At what point should we start to look at getting shipping quotes as we would want to get it all shipped out in approx Feb 2012 and how many quotes should we get? Thanks for any info and any other suggestions about what we should be doing at this stage. Sam (Midwife)
  9. Guest

    Removal quotes on average?

    We are looking at some removal quotes and was wondering how much on average should it cost to move from the uk to australia. We would not be taking our sofa and bed, however we would take our baby's crib. Other than that we would take some framed photos, ornaments and personal possessions. What would people recommend doing, and how much could we be looking at paying? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  10. We have decided we are packing up and going back home ! Have had our first quote for a 20ft container and £5,500 id say is steep !! We came out in June from the UK and paid £3,000 max !! Has anyone got a company worth ringing ?? Or some decent quotes that they have had.. Nic x
  11. Richste

    When to get Quotes??

    Hi We are moving out hopefully start of August 2011, just looking for a bit of advice of when you should start getting quotes for the shipping side of things, I think its a bit early to do this just now but any advice most welcome. Thanks Rich
  12. Hi, I got 3 shipping companies to quote for a 20ft container, sole use, and got 3 very similar prices: Crown-£4170 (includes AQIS fee, around $440) Doree Bonner - £4100 (included 8wks free storage) PSS - $4050 I was expecting prices of around £3600 based on other posters quotes. Does this sound reasonable, and how do you get them down if you dont have a cheap quote to play them off with? I ruled out PSS, and its between Crown and DB, would prefer DB. They said they had lots of 'other' offers, like putting $200 into your account if you open it with their recommended bank, pick up from the airport, half day orientation around Brisbane, and more to be confirmed. I would prefer money off the shipping though! Crown said they couldnt come down on the shipping price but could offer something on the insurance. Any haggling advice gratefully appreciated! Shaz
  13. Got quotes for a 20ft container to Melbourne: Anglo Pacific £3900 White and Co £3700 Crown Not in yet but estimated £4000 We have discarded Anglo-Pacific due to problems with their offer of cheaper flights. We really like the guy from White and Co, Louis. The chap from Crown was very strange! We would go for White and Co based on price and gut feeling but feel that Crown's bonus is you have Crown at both ends. Anyone got any experience of any of these companies?
  14. Interstate shipping does anyone now how you go about shipping from one state to another in australia ! surely it can be put into a container and moved from one state to another ! even on a train. we are in melbourne at the moment and have only been here 7 months so nothing major to box up again half of which is not unpacked anyway and still have all the boxes other than car which we might drive IF we decided to move to perth how much it would be cant be as bad as shipping 1/2 way around the world !!!! i have googled a few but they need itinerarys !! to get a quote any ideas guys many thanks carole
  15. When you are looking for quotes regarding shipping, firstly ask if you are able to pack certain items yourself! As you will find you pay a high price for them to do it for you, Money which you can well save doing it yourself, Some companies will let you do this providing you use their box's and list/and leave them open so that they can list what is in it! Also if you use their insurance, check and double check what you are covered for, Some may only pay out if you lose your whole load, even if one item is saved, they don't pay up! So check very carefully, Also if you are unsure if your stay in Australia will last the course, Keep all your packing box's etc safe, you can save a whole lot of money if you should return, (you will also find if you leave it to the shippers to pack, They will never fill the box, hence more box's, higher price, more volume)! Same goes if you are bringing pets to Australia, whatever you do, keep the crates safe! You will be surprised at the saving you make by reusing them, if you should return to the uk! John
  16. Guest

    Shipping quotes

    I've been having a read through all the shipping quote threads on here, and people are talking of packing up there 3/4 bedroom house, taking up most of a 20ft container etc. My partner is Australian and has most of the stuff we'd need already over there or we'll just buy it. to be honest we will be taking very little (a couple of TV's 27" & 37", perhaps 3 or 4 boxes of clothes and shoes, a hifi amp, 2 table top lamps, couple of boxes of paperwork, a kitchenaid mixer, some cookbooks, some pots and pans, mac mini, maybe a monitor 19") no furniture at all and a few other odds and ends we might find. I doub't well be taking up an entire 20ft container....my question is do they calculate on the cubic feet? We're not likely to see quotes of £3500 plus + insurance?
  17. Hello! Is it worth having the AQIS costs included in the quote from the shipping companies? I've been told that there is no way of knowing how much you will get charged for, which is why most shipping companies don't include it.:unsure: I've been told that AQIS costs can range from $150 - $600.... Crown seem to be the only shipping agent I've come across who have included it in their quote. Is it worth having it included? What do you think? thanks in advance! laulau
  18. mr luvpants

    Our shipping quotes

    I thought I would post our shipping quotes that we have received. We are moving to within 70 miles of Brisbane and the stuff is leaving Colchester. The square footage ranged from 610 cu ft to 736 cu ft. John Mason is a lot cheaper than the rest. Has anyone had any experience with them? JOHN Groupage: John Mason £2620 PSS £2978 Whites £3197 Doree Bonner £3268 Britannia £3406 Sole use 20 ft container: John Mason £3315 Simpsons £3425 Whites £3498 PSS £3457 Doree Bonner £3593 Britannia £3724 Anglo Pacific £4345 Hope that helps someone. JOHN
  19. Hi All, Just got quotes in from 3 of the big shipping companies for cubic feet of 275-350. This ranged from £1650 to £1980 all inc bar insurance. This is roughly the contents of a 4 bed house without most of the furniture. i.e. just pots, pans, toys, ornaments, couple of chests, one double bed, books, one chest of drawers and 2 kids bikes. HTH
  20. can anyone recommend a shipping co. had quotes from Crown, shipping and eagle freight but would like some feedback on your experiences. we are moving from london to sydney in april so need to get my skates on
  21. Hello, I attended the Down Under Live seminar in Leeds this weekend. I have received a few quotes from migration agents. Do the quotes include the AQF qualification costs? They say Skills Assesment, does that mean application to TRA? As oppose to the actual AQF III qualfication cost. Are you supposed to have obtained the AQF III independently first before enlisting the services of an agent? With regards to the AQF III qualification; is there any shopping around to be done in terms of who you go through i.e. Australian Skill Assessments or the asa group regarding price or is it generally the same. Who do people recommend? Cheers
  22. Hi Guys, Really need some help- had Anglo, doree bonner and excess international in last week to give quotes for shipping. Been told will need 850 cu ft in a 20 ft container. Costs coming in at over £4300......is this about right?:chatterbox: If it is not sure we can ship stuff!!!! but need to as looking at cost of goods in Oz would be expensive to replace everything...... Are there any 'budget' companies any of you have used and could recommend at all? Really need to get this figure down somehow as have also to get dog over! We are more than happy to pack ourseles, but none of the above companies were up for that.:arghh: Please guys, any advice very gratefully received.
  23. Hi All, Just wondering how soon before we leave for Australia I should contact shippers and get them round to quote? Days, weeks, months? I would be interested in finding out what others did in the same position, thanks. Also, same question regarding opening an Australian bank account. Thanks in advance, :biggrin:
  24. Hi- we have booked Pickfords to move us in May to Perth and their marine insurance comes in at 2.5% same as most I believe. Also they have told me once you calc the 2.5% you have to add 5% import tax on top ! Plus AQIS inspections fees !! :shocked: After having small heart attack at our mounting costs does anyone know of any decent cheaper marine insurers please ?? or I will have to look again at what we are taking !! Thanks.
  25. roger2shirts

    Shipping Quotes

    What a pain this one is! You phone and you get "press this, press that" etc, anyway has anyone been told that all the prices went up by £400 on the 1st of March affecting all companies? Can anyone recommend an easy to deal with, hassle free, honest, competent shipping firm? Or am I seeking the Holy Grail!