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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, looking for some help. Yes, "aint we all" I here you cry. Looking to move from UK to Brisbane late 2015 and basically AM going to start my own business over there. I am self employed here in the UK and have been for 10 years and made it work. Because that's what you have to do in life. Make thinks work for you. Read some really negative things on these threads and no doubt there will be more to follow here. But..... you got to start somewhere. So here I am. I'll tell you what I am looking for. Have you had a quote aor a job done from a Carpenter? How much did it cost. Or even, if you have not had work carried out, how much do you think it would cost. Now I know here I charge £25-40.00 per interior door fit. I know I charge £6.00/m2 to lay laminate flooring. It's £20.00 per metre to install fencing and i know how to transfer the exchange rate from GBP to AUD. However I realise we live in the real world and that doesnt work. I apologise in advance if I sound bullish, or blunt, but sometimes you just got to ask. I have seen places like Doors Plus etc charging $768 to supply and fit 3 white primed 4 or 6 panel doors. An offer I put out at £165-£180.00 I did try to retrieve quotes from 4 different carpenters for fitting of 5 Interior doors. Shockingly, none got back to me. Maybe saying the job was located in Rocklea was my downfall here but you have to go where the work is.... right? I appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate ANY feedback. Good and bad. Life's not all sunshine and flowers. Sometimes you got to start with good manure! lol Thank you, Robert
  2. We've just had quotes from Clark & Rose (acting for John Masons), Doree Bonner and Crown to ship in May 2012. Here's a summary of the process so far: We arranged all three to come on the same day and gave each the same schpeel about what we were looking for in terms of services and what we were planning on taking with us. We've got a 2-bedroom flat full of personal items and furniture. Most of our furniture can be dismantled with the exception of a tumble dryer, two 3-seater sofas, two double mattresses and we're planning on buying a king-size mattress to take as well. Our expectation was that we'd be looking at a shared container and our online inventory guesses always estimated around 600-650cuft. Each agent came through and spent around 45 minutes with us, discussing our expectations, timescales and their services before going room-by-room to estimate the volume of our shipment. It took around 4 days for all the quotes to come back. They were each quite different in their approach. Clark & Rose (aka John Masons) - Very friendly and professional service. The agent who visited us would be our single point of contact from door to door. Our goods would ship out of Liverpool to Melbourne in around 12-16 weeks and in Australia they hand service over to either Grace or Ridgeways to deal with customs clearance and delivery in Melbourne. The agent made a brief summary list of what we were planning on taking. Her quote doesn't provide an estimated volume. Instead she's quoted us £3,250 for up to 700cuft (shared container) or £3,825 for sole use of a 20-foot container. This does not include AQIS (anywhere from $250 to $450 AUD), port charges (where required) or insurance (quoted at 3% of value plus tax). Doree Bonner - Quite an outgoing chap, but he turned up late and seemed keen on playing down the services offered by competing companies. Again, he would be the main point of contact from door to door. Our goods would go to their warehouse in Edinburgh and then ship from Dartford in 12-16 weeks (though he did offer to delay it 'in transit' at their facility Edinburgh to suit our timescales and save us on storage in Australia). Although they would also hand over to Grace in Australia, it is their sister company so they have integrated systems / communications / etc. He took more time than JM when looking at what we were planning on taking and quoted £2,769 for an estimated 580cuft. This does not include AQIS (anywhere from $250 to $450 AUD), port charges (where required) or insurance (quoted at 2.75% of value plus tax). Crown - Really relaxed guy offering a straight-forward service. Crown has offices in the UK and Australia, so it would be the same company on both sides. I forgot to write down where they ship from, but it would take between 10-12 weeks and we can track our goods on their website. He left us with the names and bios of the agents we would be dealing with in Scotland and Melbourne as well as a lot of really useful info they've been putting together with inputs from customers and customs, etc. He took the most time compiling a detailed inventory list on his iPad, going room by room and checking to see what could be dismantled to save on space. Dismantling/assembly is included in their removals service. Based on this he quoted us £3381 for an estimated 674cuft, including $400AUD for AQIS. The quote doesn't include port charges (where required) or insurance (quoted at 2.8% of value plus tax for standard or 3% plus tax for premium). It's worth noting these are all estimates to deliver within 50km / 30 miles of Melbourne and that each is subject to change as a result of freight increases in March. We're going to have another look at what we're shipping and whether it would be more cost-effective to buy some things on arrival. All three companies have said we can revise the inventory as much as we want and they will revise their costs accordingly. At this point we're leaning toward Crown - biggest selling points for us are the fact that we'd only need to deal with a single company, can track our shipment online and they actually came out the cheapest per cuft. We were a bit surprised at the low estimated volume by Doree Bonner and kind of figure it's a tactic to come in as the lowest quote overall and then revise the volume later on which seemed a bit sneaky. I've gotten a lot out of other people's experiences summarised on here, so thought I'd return the favour. Hope this helps someone else!
  3. Figured I'd post these as someone might find them useful. Quotations are for Birmingham to Melbourne (within 30 miles of the centre) and standard access at both ends. John Mason: £2865 (+ optional £15 decontamination insurance) for 650 cu ft, £2470 (+ optional £15) for 510 cu ft. Robinsons: £2880 for 600 cu ft, £2576 for 510 cu ft PSS: £2993 for 600 cu ft, £2588 for 490 cu ft John Mason reckoned 650 cu ft based on a home survey, the other two went for 510 cu ft and 490 cu ft respectively. Quite a difference... Move corp quoted £2795 for 600 cu ft without a home survey. May well look to get one or two more quotations (as much to see what their estimates for required volume are). Will update accordingly.
  4. Lucysdream

    State Quotations

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find what quotation is left for the different occupations for state sponsorships, can't find anything online. Many thanks, Lucy.
  5. Hi, Just posting some info for my quotes for 40ft container. We are shipping car and motorbike and personal belongings in sole container. PSS £6689 + AQUIS +ins Anglo Pacific £6250 + AQUIS +ins Crown £7319 inc AQUIS + Ins All vary but estimated cubic feet 850 - 1000 We wanted Crown to do the job, will try and bid them down as they inc AQUIS fee roughly about £500, otherwise I am so suprised Anglo came in so cheap.
  6. John Gilfillan

    Positive Quotations

    Hi All, To keep positive in these uncertain moments, may I suggest that we put our most positive quotations or sayings on here as a reply to help others and lift the mood again? I will throw mine in first. "Your attitude can take you forward or your attitude can take you down. The choice is always yours!" Catherine Pulsifer John Gilfillan:wink: