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Found 15 results

  1. I'm Daniel 20 years old from Suffolk, England. My girlfriend and i are moving out to Aus in the next couple months and i am looking for any kind of agricultural work or any hard manual work opportunities for when i arrive in Melbourne hopefully in October '12. any contacts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've been looking on here at various posts and replies I've had on my queries. I have noticed that many people, apart from several State Sponsored, have been undergoing the application process for their GSM 175 Visa for quite some time, usually over a year and sometimes closer to two. I applied for the on-line application, GSM 175 on 23rd Feb 2011. On 18th March I recieved an e-mail telling me that I would have a C/O within 3 months and I should get my medicals and police checks etc done. I didn't have enough points when I lodged the application in Feb, so I did the IELTS exam on 16th April and got an 8.5 overall. We got the Police Checks back a fortnight later and we have done our E Medicals last Thursday which are showing as finalised already. I have sent in all the information on the documents check list and submitted a Form 80 for both myself and my wife. It said in the e-mail that applications that are complete when the C/O first assesses them tend to be completed a good deal sooner. If the allocation time given of within 3 months is right, I should now have a C/O within about 6 weeks. Has anyone else done the on line application and had everything go through as quick as this seems to be going? I don't want to count my chickens as it were, but I am getting giddy at the prospect of getting a visa so quickly! Please advise or share your experiences. Thanks, Mick :confused:
  3. I've found it - the one stage in the whole nightmare that is the visa process that is quick no fuss and free! But get this - it is LITERALLY the very very last bit. On Saturday I posted our passports to the Australian High Commission and yesterday (Wednesday) they came back with our visas attached. Yes, that's right, not counting the days when it was in the post it took less than 2 days to do! There was no form to fill in - just a cover letter asking them to affix our visas. No charge (other than the costs of special delivery of our passports). And that was it. Done!
  4. Hi. I'm going to be applying for a Partner Visa this year. My wife is Australian and we're currently both based in London. We'd like to travel for a 4-6 months between leaving London and moving to Australia. Once my Partner Visa is granted how quickly am I going to need to settle in Aus? immi.gov.au states: I'm guessing that police and health checks don't expire within a matter of weeks, but can anyone advise on what timeframe they've actually been given following a successful application? All advice appreciated! Greg
  5. Hi All I am single parent- just accepted role in Perth CBD, expecting to arrive early Jan and hoping to allow 2-3 weeks to find accomodation before term starts 2nd Feb then get kids into school then start work in Perth CBD (will need to get working asap!) Have only been seriously considering for 2 months so has happened very quick (have employer 457 visa sponsorship). Not been to Oz before- initial concerns surround securing accomodation quickly- how many of you have arrived without accomodation secured? What are my chances of doing this in a couple of weeks? Looking at NOR Greenwood/ Duncraig suburbs but will need to make very quick decisions upon arrival. Schools are important but will be on very short timescales! Any feedback on suburbs gratefully accepted- key considerations will be public transport times to CBD (to reduce time away from kids 11 and 14) and obviously they would like to be as close to the beach as I'm sure most would! Next concerns surround leaving close knit family in UK and stuck in the middle of nowhere with 2 hormonal kids!!!! Any advice and settling stories gratefully received!! Thanks Jade
  6. It's been 10 years since i've been to oz and it still eats away at me of how great the lifestyle is out there.. so i'm taking the plunge and going for it. I want to move to perth as have heard alot of good things and have a few friends there. I have no trades under my belt or close relations there, so I am assuming the other way in is to get a student visa and study. There are lots of agents that help wiv this but they seem to charge alot of money for their service. Does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to get to perth on a student visa and enrol on a trade course there, if this is my only vice. Many thanks in advance for all help and tips given..
  7. Guest

    Help Needed Quickly!!!

    Hi all need some help. Right im off to bisbane on the 3rd Sep on working holi visa but once there sorting out my permanent visa, spouse visa, my girlfriend is already there, no probs with the visa i shouldnt think, my problem is i bought a house in england 2 years ago just before recession, and am currently renting it out, when applying for permanent visa will i have to tell Oz immigration that i am doing so? and will they look into it? do i have to pay more tax as its classed as a overseas investment? (even though my rent doesnt cover mortgage !!) i thought i would be able to just keep renting it out and Oz wouldnt know!! i cant sell it either as due to housing market is on its knees so mortgage is more than what it is worth. Not sure what do, has anyone else rented there house out from Oz without Immigration knowing? or is it strongly advised i shouldnt do that? Any help would be great
  8. Guest

    Visas Quickly???

    Have read some visa are granted very quickly... is this true??? Karen
  9. You know I find it sad that so many of us feel so disillusioned and at odds with many things we encounter here in oz after such a short space of time. When you think of the incredible lengths most of us go to to reach this point and obtain this new way of life, it is astonishing how quickly we are ready to 'jack it all in' and 'throw in the towel' as soon as we feel any disgruntlement or come up against difficulties on this journey. I am as guilty as the rest in that I frequently feel this way and struggle with this inward battle, but always in the back of my mind is the thought that I really shouldn't give up however bad I might be feeling at this time, at least not yet. It is extremely stressful moving house anywhere, even if it is just down the road, let alone over the other side of the world so we really should prepare ourselves for this gut wrenching feeling and loss of familiarity that most of us experience after making such a move. We need to see the real picture and find the strength to really give it our best shot, at least try. Once we give up, we can either slot back into the very situation that we were originally running away from or make plans to return at a phenomenal cost both financially and emotionally. It affects not just ourselves but our family and friends too! Once we have embarked on this journey, I feel that we have a duty to ourselves and our immediate families to see it through for at least a couple of years. No one can be absolutely certain that this is their chosen path for the rest of their lives until they have tried, I mean really tried making a life for themselves here. It remains to be seen whether I actually heed what I eloquently preach as I too am amidst this predicament! jackie x
  10. My husband and I were looking into emigrating to Australia and as his profession is such an unusual skill we felt we needed to enquire about salaries before we could make any judgement as to how viable it was for us to move. Our intention was to make the move in around 12/18 months which would allow us to get our finances together. The day before yesterday, after extensively searching the web, I came across a company that were looking for an employee in his profession. We enquired as to what salaries were like, cost of living etc and gave them details of my husbands skills. They asked my husband to call them to discuss further and the long and short of it all is that they have offered uswant a 457 sponsored visa with a view to permanent but really wanted him to start within the next 3/4 months, (however long the visa takes to be approved). They seem like a great company, small, very friendly and family orientated (we have 4 children) and discussed my concerns about schooling, housing rental and said they would do all they could to make the transition as easy as possible. (She has already contacted real estate agents for us and the education department and says we dont have to pay fees in Brisbane). Obviously I said we really need to come out beforehand, for their benefit as well as ours, so they can see my husband work and I can take in the area, but obviously this means financing two trips (1 return for hubby and I and 1 - oneway for all 6 of us). She said that this was fine, although not necessary her end as she was more than happy with my husbands skills. So now my dilema - the finances!!!!! We dont have property to sell and dont have savings to speak of. In the back of my mind Im sure my parents would help us out to some degree and the potential employee has said she may be able to help but would need some sort of committment from us as she is rareing to get the visa application started. I never imagined this would happen like this - im a bit of a plodder and dont make decisions and this appears to be the biggest one we have to make in my life. This is like a dream come true in better circumstances and opportunities like this dont come along very often. If we had a few thousand in the bank we would be over their tomorrow but, alas, we dont. Am I freaking out unneccarily - Do we take the bull by the horns and run with such a great opportunity and a lifelong dream or wait until we are financially more secure and pray this opportunity comes along again. Sorry for waffling on.:goofy:
  11. Hi there, Feeling a bit sad today as it is our first "occasion" away from the UK when we would normally be with family. We have only been here for 4 1/2 months but...... Today is my daughters second birthday & out of 4 sets of grandparents, a half sister, 3 aunts & 2 uncles & countless cousins & great aunts & uncles only 2 sets of the grandparents remembered to send her a card. I checked the e-mails all day to see if she got any e-mail cards, she did but from her UK playgroup friends, we waited for the postman this afternoon but he only brought the water bill. (For me not her!!). I thought they would call in the early evening to wish her a happy birthday & all through dinner I waited. Eventually I put her in the bath as I thought sod's law being what it is they will call at the most awkward time, but no calls for Scarlett. My parents had arranged a Skype call before she went to bed & she was delighted to see them & shout to them & show them all her toys. I know I am probably being very silly about this but I feel so sad for Scarlett that hardly any of her family have remembered her birthday, I doubt she will have even noticed but she will as she gets older, how do I explain to her that her family do care about her very very much, they just don't remember every thing that is important to her? I have been waiting for some form of homesickness to kick in since we got to Melbourne but there has been nothing, I have always said it would only be people that I missed not the UK. Just right now I am not sure how much I miss them at all. This makes me very sad. Sorry to dump all this on here but hopefully someone understands how I feel.
  12. Guest

    Advice needed quickly

    here is whats happening i am a 23 year old hairdresser recently qualifield with not much salon experience. after goin back and forth of deciding which root would be best to get to oz i have decided as goin on holiday in 6 weeks for 3 weeks to visit my brother and sister in law and have decided i am not coming back (scary or what) it was a nitemare deciding as i have 2 dogs coming with me, also can my bro sponcer me if he is not a citizen yet as have not enough experience for a independent visa and i think i still need 6 month work experience for even my brother to sponcer me. as i dont have much experience noone will give me a job in england as they go on about experience to but noone will give me any. my mum and dad are goin out for this holiday my dad is coming back on his own as my mum is retiring in 3 weeks and is off with her best mate that lives in melbourne to travel new zeland for 6 weeks as my dad hates dogs and will be workin when he gets home i will now have to leave the dogs in kennels for 9 weeks instead of 3 its a good kennels i know they will be looked after but it will add to the expence as my mum will look after them when she gets back till they are ready to be flown over and i am settled etc. i looks likes as it is so soon my mum will be lending me lots of money and i already owe her loads i can come back in 3 to 6 months if i dont like it as dogs wont have been shipped out which is good i am alll over the place now tryin to sort everythin out and my worry is if i do like it and the dogs come out that i wont be able to get a second years workin visa or maybe get some hairdressing experience over there so i could get some type of permant visa or bro could sponcer me, coz i dont want in a year or 2 time to have to spend another 3 grand on gettin them back to the uk i know its all abit rushed but i just cant get a job here i have no friends here anymore as they turned out not be nice people. so they only thing keeping me here is my mum and dad so after getting that off my chest (thanks for listening guys) i surpose what i am askin is does everyone thing i am makin the right decion by riskin it and goin over and hoping to get some type of permant visa after a year or 2 i know the world is in a bit of a state at the moment but surely one hairdressers will give me a chance if they need them over there. i can easily get a bar job or something if i have to for a year or so but at the end of that would have to come home as still no experience as a hairdresser any advice would be fab thanks xxxx
  13. China & Glassware, 2 Great 3 seater sofas, a King sized bed and 2 singles beds. Top quality, don't expect to buy them for a few dollars, because we are talking top quality. One day only... tomorrow Sunday 15th March 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 midday. If you're a serious buyer come along.
  14. Hi all, We're just about to ge the ball rolling with our visas, once we've decided on which migration agent to use that is! As patience is not my forte , and I appreciate that there'll be plenty of waiting around further down the line :arghh:...is there any paperwork we can prepare in the meantime to speed things up? Taking into consideration that I'm from sunny South Africa. Really appreciate any advice, Many thanks
  15. Hi everyone, Was just wondering, when you get a case officer do things happen quite quickly? Our meds and police checks should be ready by mid August, which (if my agent is right) should be around the same time as we get a case officer. Our agent says they try to get things done asap as they have to process a certain amount each year, ie they have targets to meet, so its in their best interest to work quickly. We're going on 136 non modl pr visa, got a ref number end of June, am I likely to get a CO soon? Would welcome any thoughts on this, Thanks Bec x