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Found 166 results

  1. I have just started sorting through our childrens toys and getting rid of anything that we aren't taking to Oz. We have decided not to take our eldests bike (it was only cheap anyway and I'm sure she'd love a new one) and we are not taking her swing or slide or anything else from the garden. From her inside toys, we will get rid of the ones neither of them play with, or things that other people have bought for them that make stupid noises (other parents will understand this :wacko:!). They have lots of wooden toys, such as blocks and puzzles, that we would like to take, but are unsure as to whether customs might have issues because we know that wood can be a problem. Some of them are fine - they are painted or varnished which means we can take them with no problem. However, looking at some of their things today, some of them are made of plywood which don't seem to be varnished or painted at all. They are mostly puzzles, for example jigsaws and dominos. So, my question is can we take childrens toys that are made of plywood? I presume that plywood is used to make packing crates/protective covers for tv's etc for shipping, so is it okay to take it?
  2. Hi All Apologies to post a topic on here which has clearly been done to death! I've gone through loads of the forum threads and called a few of the recommended companies (thanks so much to all the info everyone has posted). We are moving to Brisbane in late December, and are sending a 20 foot container with roughly 800 cubic feet in it. I had 2 questions..: 1) I've narrowed it down to John Masons, Global Moving Systems and Altantic International (friends recently used Atlantic - but they are at least £600 more expensive than the other 2!!). I can't seem to find any reviews on Global Moving Systems and just wondered if anyone had used these guys? They seem to offer the most competitive deal and the man who came around to do the survey was extremely helpful. 2) Insurance via the shipping company or direct through an insurance company, from what I've read it's cheaper and more efficient to go to via an insurance company, can anyone recommend one they have used recently? 3) One of the companies said we would be ok to take our indoor wicker furniture (it's a solid wood chest of drawers with a very small wicker patter detail on the front of the drawer - from homebase and is treated). Just wanted to check if anyone got hit with huge costs for cleaning of any treated indoor furniture with wicker? Thanks for reading, and again apologies for exhausting a question which has been hugely asked over the years! I'm very nervous about the shipping company we choose due to the personal effects being taken (as I'm sure most are)! Thanks Laurie
  3. Guest

    Just a quick 'hello'!

    Ive just posted in the Migration Issues section but realised I havent even said Hi to everyone so...err Hi! Im 33, work in I.T. hardware support and am currently trying to decide whether to migrate to Sydney or not. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from some of you and learning as much as I can from others experiences! :hug:
  4. cchristine

    Quick to complain.....

    People are quick to complain but slow to praise, so here goes...... I have just hauled my 82 year old disabled mother from UK to Perth (economy). From kerbside at Gatwick we had the most amazing assistance from the staff at Gatwick, Dubai and Perth airports, and Emirates staff on board the aircraft. I am so grateful to all concerned. Mum said she felt like the Queen of England. After fighting with DIAC, MRT and ministers for over 4 years to get a visa, it has all been worthwhile. Now to get some much needed sleep. Christine.
  5. doing a geographical

    quick 176 question

    Hi guys On the application form for the 176 visa, it says that the 176 is for "applicants outside autralia". Im working in oz at the moment on a 457. Does this just mean I would have to pop overseas and back if it was granted. Am I eligible for 176 if already living in australia? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, Sorry if this has already been talked about lots of times but I got contacted by the company that is sponsoring my Visa asking for my health insurance certificate etc! I havent got any yet and wondered is it a quick process? Where is best to get it? Anything else I need to know?! thanks! :arghh:
  7. Hiya Just a quick question....If I use my Barclays debit card here in Australia, how much extra do I end up paying per dollar (roughly) :unsure: Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  8. otsmith1

    ACS - Super Quick! What now?

    Can't believe it, got my positive skills assessment back from the ACS today and we only lodged it 13th September!!! This has completely thrown my schedule, we weren't planning on having any decisions to make before Xmas! :biggrin: Now, here we are. Am I right in thinking we can go ahead and apply for a 175 now? If we do, do I need to take the IELTS?? I read somewhere that a SS 176 requires IELTS but if we decide we can wait longer, can we just go ahead and apply for 175 without the IELTS? Would appreciate any advice on this unexpected jump to the next step :cool:
  9. bensdad

    This is happening a bit quick!

    We have just managed to secure a rental for December in Rockingham and are now booking flights etc, it is starting to sink in now that we are on our way, sh7t talk about my bum doing th 5p 50p dance apprehensive, excited dunno how i feel but we are going to do it anyhow, wish us luck!!! :eek:
  10. Hi there lovely people! Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to answer a quick Q I have... I am preparing to apply for 175 visa. I am a Pre Primary teacher and am the main applicant. I have to score 8 on the IELTS but am wondering if my partner needs to also complete the test (he is a secondary applicant on my visa). imm.gov say that secondary applicants need to show that they have competent English skills. He has a NVQ level 3 in Lift Installation which took 2 years (part time) to complete. Please help! Emma
  11. Guest

    How quick?

    Hi All, I'm quite new to the site although I've used it for a bit of info in the past. and thought I might avail you all again. My (now) husband was granted a fiance visa in 1998 and we travelled to Aust the following year and were married but needed to return to the UK before he gained permenant residency. We are now returning to live in Australia and have basically had to reapply - although as we have now been married almost 12 years he will be granted permenant residency straight away. We sent his application in last Friday, so it would have been delivered this gone Monday. We had an email from the case worker yesterday asking for a couple of extra bits and asking for my hubby to book his medical. The surgery had a cancellation so his appointment is next Tuesday. The extra bits of information were posted this morning so will arrive tomorrow. As this all seems to be progressing so incredibly fast, do you think we will still be waiting the 5-6 months shown on the web site? All thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Guest51810

    quick question

    quick question to see if anyone on here knows, if not then i'll move it to a different part of the forum. Dave has a NC in welding, he gained this in 1995 and went straight to work for a company as a welder/steel erector/fabricator. worked as this for around 7 years but hasnt done it since. my question is.. to apply for a visa how long would be have to go back and work as this to be eligible?? does anyone know? would it have to be a few years hope someone can help, ive tried to contact migration agents but nobodys getting back to me!
  13. Guest51810

    quick welding question

    quick question, daves got a NC in welding, gained in 1995 and went and worked as a welder/steel fabricator/erector for 7 years but hasnt done it since. my question is how long would he have to go back and work as one before he is eligible for a visa?
  14. Guest

    quick question re. 457!

    This is probably a stupid question but what happens when you get approval for a 457 visa? Do you actually get sent anything? Or is it electronically "attached" to your passport and pops up on the screen at immigration?! Or how does it work? :confused:
  15. PositivePixie

    Quick & urgent question about 176 form

    Sorry for the panic, trying to sort this out asap - on the bit about family members on the application form for 176 visa do we only include MY family (as the applicant) or my husband's (as he is my dependant on the visa) family as well? Cheers if you can help
  16. Guest

    Quick wa SS question!

    Hi guys, We applied for wa ss last Wednesday, got email Monday saying app was being processed. Any idea how long it usually takes after email? Thanks a mill! Kate
  17. dinkydoo

    quick question???

    Could you please help me clear something up between me and my OH........ Am I right in thinking....... For police checks in the UK you apply to ACRO.......and for police checks for any time spent in Australia you appy to Australian Federal police (AFP) for a national police check.....???? Also to pay for AFP check I will need a bankers draft in Aussie dollars????
  18. Well after 9yrs in Aus and several mishaps with relationships, I finally decided to move back to the UK and to date, I have no regrets with that decision. Not long after I got divorced, I went into another relationship which ended after 3.5yrs, I suddenly found myself quite isolated in Aus and realised the big thing I missed was friends and family around me. I came to Aus with my (now) ex-wife and had no family or friends here to begin with and I think I wanted to have the same life I had in the UK, but in Australia - and it didn't really happen. I seriously enjoyed my time there, it is a great country and so much to offer if you know what you want in life, but I just couldn't settle. In the 9yrs, I have over 8jobs and 2 failed businesses, I had two serious break ups and really struggled to create a life for me there and then finally I decided to come back and I'm loving every minute so far.. I landed a great job within the first month being back, I am reconnecting with friends that I haven't seen for so many years and even with my slightly estranged family - so on a personal level - love it.. What i wanted to say to those thinking of coming back, is a few things I've learnt since being away to be aware of.. If you've been away for more than 2-3yrs - be prepared for a minor shock if you want to do anything that involved credit checks.. My credit rating is worse than someone with bad debt becuase of the time away and the time I've only been back for. This is a bit of a shock to someone who's never had this type of issue.. If you have cash saved, then obviously this won't be an issue, unless you want to rent a place, as they now do credit checks as well and if you haven't been in the country for more than 6 - 12 months (depends on agency), you'll need to have a guarantor. Car insurance - they all do credit checks now even for quotes, but make sure you get your Aus NCD certificate. Not all insurance companies accept it, but there are quite a few that do. Shopping - positive point - it's good to be buying standard food items so much cheaper than in Aus, but I do miss the freshness of the fruit and veg.. I've found that my usual weekly shops are so much cheaper here.. Oh and another point, it's great to be back with Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and M&S.. But I do miss the Westfield shopping centres and David Jones/Myer concepts a bit.. Especially the qty and qlty of the shopping centres as well Petrol - in case you haven't checked recently, it's sitting around £1.33 per litre (roughly $1.98), so it is more expensive, but I do think the overall cost of running a car in the UK is cheaper due to lower car prices, tax etc.. And it's good to be back in MOT land where cars that shouldn't be on the road - aren't (well mostly) Pubs - what can I say - but it's nice to be back home and have a pint in the local, prices are still cheaper than Aus (naturally depending where you live) Beer - I do miss having a bit of variety and some of the aussie beers and I hate the fact so many beers in the UK are still in cans.. It just doesn't taste the same and annoyingly Fosters is still huge over here.. When will they wisen up... Wine - Great selection here of world wines and ALL at reasonable prices as well. Even the Aus wines (usual brands like Lindemans, Jacobs Creek etc), Kiwi Oyster Bay etc are very similarly priced as well.. Actually I think the Oyster Bay SB is cheaper here (BONUS !!) Immigration in the UK seems to be at an all time high and seems really overpopulated - far too many people in areas. Crime rates seem to have risen, which is only natural as the population increases. Interest rates are low, but inflation is at an all time high and the economy isn't as stable as it could be. Quite a few big names going out of business and job losses in the 1000s happening, whilst some industries seem to be picking up.. If you plan to move to an area you don't know, check out www.police.uk as a website that was launched a few years ago to show crime rates in different areas and the level of crime as well - always handy to know.. Well probably a bit of a longer post than I thought it was going to be, but to end. I don't regret going to Aus and I don't regret moving back to the UK, we all do things for different reasons and at the end of the home is where the heart is. So if you are thinking of coming back, good luck and make sure you're coming back for the right reasons..
  19. Hello, I have some furniture from IKEA that is wood finish but sort of chipboard on the inside. Would that be allowed through? Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks Gem
  20. janinewhiteley

    Tra ..wow that was quick!

    Hi Tra was acknowledged on 23rd may 2011 And accepted on the 7th June 2011. lets ge tthe visa submitted...woohoo.
  21. Can you please help settle a disagreement... Our children are 4 and 6 and we need to know if they really need new car seats when we arrive in Oz. We have perfectly good car seats here but obviously without the Australian standards sticker on. What have you done? Have you bought new to comply with Aussie law or have you taken your British car seats over and 'hoped for the best'?
  22. Guest

    Quick response from co!!

    Hey All Thought I would give my CO a wee bit of praise!! Thanks SM!!:biggrin: I emailed late on Sat night attaching some documents, also say we our medical were signed for in OZ on 30th may and that we were having a bit of problem with police check. We got reply all ready, meds changed to met! Atfer reading lots of post on here I thought I would be waiting ages. One step closer!:biglaugh:
  23. We have just been given our case officer who is asking for medicals and police checks which i will organise after this bank holiday weekend, cant believe how quick this is all happening. it has taken us a few years to get here what with pregnancy and serious family illness and family deaths now we have done it and its all good. :jiggy: tra assessment sep 2010 apllied for ss (tasmania) 27th March 2011 granted ss 6th April 2011 visa froms sent 13th May 2011 Case officer 27th May 2011
  24. Morning all, I know this has probly been covered before, so sorry, but i just want to get some advice!! We (me, hubby, 2 & 5yr olds) are due to fly out to OZ in September.. However, we are moving out of our house in 3 weeks as its being rented. So our stuff was due to go into storage before beein shipped in August.... HOWEVER.....:twitcy: The last few days we have thought about just selling everything and starting fresh in OZ. just shipping personal effects... It just seems like so much hassle to bring everything and waiting times and insurance and prices just keep going up with hidden costs... Changing plugs and everything.. We're not the kinda people that need the finest things in life.. All our stuff is 3yrs old that we were bringing. THe only REALLY expensice things were our leather suite and our super king bed.. (thats only 1yr old). I see loads of mixed reviews on here on what you wish you brought, what people wish they didnt.. bad and good shipping experiences... Really need to decide in the next day or 2. Basically im just looking to hear as many different sides to the story as possible.. What you did, are you happy, would you do it again... thanks everyone!!