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Found 20 results

  1. nasirshah

    Last Remaining Relative

    Hello Everybody, My brother applied for Last Remaining Relative Visa this week and I am struggling to find stories of people in similar situation. I have a question i.e. how long does it take to be given a queue after one has lodged a visa application? Please feel free to use this thread for other Last Remaining Relative visa application discussions :wink: Cheers, Nasir
  2. Hi there I'm a newby to the forums here and I also want to say thanks for everyone who adds their tuppenceworth - I've found it very helpful, but can't find an answer to this question anywhere. My background is that I and my sibling are Oz citizens having migrated from the UK, and we sponsored our parents for an onshore aged parent 804 visa. They applied for the visa 2.5 years ago and were given a bridging visa type A within 4 weeks, but they still don't have a queue date. I've called and emailed immmigration several times over the last year and they often say that the queue date/case officer allocation is "imminent", or "they won't have to wait long" but nothing every happens. The last couple of times that I've emailed them they either misinterpret my request (I don't know how - they don't seem to take the time to read the whole email) and answer a question I haven't asked, or simply don't respond. Can anyone provide me with feedback as to how long it takes to get a queue date? Immigration's voicemail still says 15 months, which is patently wrong based upon my/my parent's experience. Thanks heaps!
  3. Guest

    457 which queue?

    Hello, well with 3 days to go things are going okish apart from the money we ordered from Ice being sent to the wrong address! Stressing about the ash cloud but there is nothing we can do so trying to forget about it. House packed, cleaned and cleaned again and now checking through all the paperwork and it struck me do we need to do anything different when we arrive with a 457 visa? Do we go in the non Australian citizen queue? Also I have read we may not be cleared to check in online, is this something we can check beforehand? Sorry for all the questions, but my brain is all over the place with all the sorting and goodbyes. Thanks Tracy
  4. family S

    SMP Queue.....

    We're waiting for the SMP of South Australia. Who's waiting with us for the new SMP's??? :wub:
  5. Hi, I was a 176SS but now find myself in the 'new' group 3, as these have started to be processed now (seem to be working on Feb 2008 applications now) has anybody got an educated guestimate on how long the SMP would need to be delayed for before my application (offshore May 2009) found its way to the front of the group 3 processing queue? For those in the know this question won't (hopefully) be as ambiguous as it appears given that the applications per month are known and the previous performance of the DIAC processing is also known. I was hanging on tenterhooks for the SMP's but as the old SS applications are not sure to be automatically converted to SMP applications I could do without the admin or additional cost of reapplying for SMP sponsorship. The delay in rolling out the SMP's could prove to be a godsend for me!:chatterbox::chatterbox::chatterbox: Any best guesses are appreciated, go on have a stab at it :radar::Randy-git::shocked:
  6. Capping and culling the migration queue | Inside Story Let the games begin! Best regards.
  7. My daughter was on a 12 month working tourist visa in Oz when she was offered sponsorship by her employer in the Whitsundays. Her job offer was approved by Qld Commerce and she sent her 119/857 application to the NSW DIAC office in December. They officially acknowledged receipt of it in mid January (and took the fee from the credit card). Since then (10 weeks) she has heard nothing except 'we are very busy'. She has yet to be assigned a case officer. Does anyone have any idea how long the queue is for these visa applications at the moment as her life is on hold awaiting a response, and she is concerned that the job offer (now made 5 months ago) may disappear. BTW she is currently in the UK waiting for an outcome.
  8. Hi all, Peter has very kindly sent this to me, I don't think he would mind me sharing it with all of you. Another good article that points people to the mess that has been created yet again. Dear Friends, Colleagues and Associates Please excuse the unsolicited email, but given your interest in migration matters I thought you might be interested in my take on the big changes announced on Feb 8 by Minister Evans – see: From queue to pool: skilled migration gets a makeover | Inside Story Corrections, criticisms and other feedback would be welcome. I also discussed the issues with Bob Birrell and Carina Ford on The National Interest last week - audio available on the website and transcript forthcoming: The National Interest Regards Peter Peter Mares Presenter The National Interest ABC Radio National
  9. Hi all, this is a newspaper article that appeared in The Age, on 18th December, a Melbourne Newspaper. Sorry for the delay but I have been waiting to see if The Age would put it up on their website. As they have not Peter very kindly scanned it and emailed it to me, I have put it together and turned it into a pdf. Another great article by Peter Mares I think you will agree, the man is getting us some great press coverage and our thanks go out to him. Its great to see so many Visa grants this week, long may it continue. floater :wink:
  10. Anyone else in the same boat as me?? I was granted state sponsorship and applied for a 175 at the start of sept 09 Then when they changed the priority list etc, it turned out that I required an English test to continue to qualify for my chosen profession. I booked an english test hoping that I could get it done and submitted before I was allocated a case officer. However, I just got and email saying that because I did not have an english test my application would not be processed as being on the CSL and would be processed as a regular application. The question is, when I submited my english test results the week after next, - will my application be processes as being submitted at the start of Sept, - or will they consider it a brand new application submitted in December. Anyone got any ideas.
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted... £10 Poms!
  12. Elliott-Family

    Join the Queue - while we wait

    Hi thought i would start this for all the peeps that now have a Case Officer and have supplied all of the requested information Hopefully we wont have to long to wait until we start getting visas granted Case Officer 14.05.09 All required information sent 29.05.09 Medicals received at HOC sydney 08.06.09 (courier confirmed) What shall we do while we wait, im trying hard to not get obsessed with checking every day but .... Clarie:jiggy:
  13. Dawny

    We are in the queue!!

    Well at long last we have finally lodged our visa application, Thought this would never happen, One more hurdle out of the way, Now it feels so real.. Now for all that list making!!:twitcy:
  14. Guest

    CPV Queue Calculator???

    Hi All Well - I can't understand the Queue Calculator! Can anybody explain it to me, please? Parent Visa Processing Priorities - Family - Visas & Immigration According to the Calculator when somebody (Lizg?) and I investigated it a few weeks ago, on 30th June 2008 there were about 1,980 CPV 143 applicants in the Queue and about 150 or so CPV 173 applicants. The total for the two came to about 2,140 people, anyway. Which made sense because they could not grant any more visas until the following day. In early Feb the POPC said that about 1,000 applicants had been added to the queue by the end of January 2008, so another 1,000 or so by the end of June seemed reasonable and likely to me. They now seem to have added the July 2008 figures to the CPV part of the Calculator. It now says that the figure for 30th June is 720 in the CPV 143 group and 780 in the same group on 31st July. So does this mean that 720 people are still stuck from 30th June and meanwhile only another 60 CPV143 applicants have been added to the Queue in the space of a month? Surely not because the CPV 143 is by far the biggest of the groups involved in the total quota of 6,500 visas for 2008/9. That is shown by the Minister's own figures when the cap was applied to the 2007/8 quota: Media Release: Capping of Contributory Parent category visas Even if they are shifting the Contributory visas at the rate of 500 a month they will not grant 6,500 of them in 12 months. As far as I can understand the Narrative explaining the Calculator, the Calculator is keeping a straightforward numerical tally of individual humans on legs? It is not working according to a complex statistical formula, in other words? If I am right about that, then surely 720 should look more like 200 people left over from 30th June 2008? If it said that, then I would also buy into the idea that another 560 people were added to the Queue during July 2008, but as it is I cannot fathom the workings of this tool at all???!!! Dunno. It might simply be that the Queue, and therefore the Calculator's figures, will not settle down to something credible until September or October, by which time hopefully everybody who was caught by the application of the cap will have had his/her visa granted? Meanwhile, here is another question: Agents Gateway - Health and Character requirements for parent visa applicants outside Australia Evidently DIAC have decided recently that they will stop making applicants for "parent" visas jump through the medical and police hoops before adding them to the Queue. It seems to me that this will save DIAC money because hitherto they have been checking everything except whether the AoS is in place before adding an applicant to the Queue, and then checking everything all over again before requesting the 2nd Instalment and granting the "parent" visa. So - does this new arrangement apply to applicants for Contributory Parent and Contributory Aged Parent applicants as well? It would make sense if it does because recent events have produced problems for some of the CPV applicants. A simple example is the chap who was told to get his meds done in September 2007 and did so. His chest x-ray produced question marks, so the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth insisted on a Health Undertaking from him. The incidental effect of the Undertaking was that the chap's meds were then only valid for 6 months instead of 12 months. The MOC is highly reluctant to allow more than about 3 months leeway on getting a second chest x-ray done out in Oz. The upshot was that the visa applicant had to do his meds again and in the first instance he has paid the bill for the second meds for himself and his wife in order to get the job done. I don't know whether DIAC have a slush fund out of which a refund could be given for the first - and as it turned out - futile set of meds but this question is set to come up again with some of the applicants caught up in the Capital Investment Scheme tangle as well because that doesn't seem likely to be resolved any time soon. It could be that CPV applicants will be added to the Queue without being asked for meds and pccs first. Whether or not this is so can't be deduced from the above document, I feel. Are they going to give CPV applicants a Queue Date, even? Writing to them to say, "Your Queue Date is dd/mm/yyyy" can only be done at a cost. Presumably they are actually using the Calculator for the CPV Queue despite the narrative seeming to be uncertain about whether or not it will be necessary to do so? The whole thing looks like a disorganised, incoherent muddle to me, to be honest. If I were an Agent with CPV applicant clients who were/are depending on me to advise them fully & properly about how their CPV applications will work, I would be straight on to the POPC and getting to the bottom of these queries in order to make myself able to provide accurate, detailed advice to my clients. Best wishes Gill
  15. Guest

    queue calculator

    Hi there can anybody tell me is the queue calculator on the main australian web web site correct as i have just tried it with my lodge time and find there to be 30 in front of me,lodged on 2nd of october 07 on a 143 visa, is this before you get a case officer,As we have not got one yet i dont think agent not told us anything yet.
  16. Guest

    Parent Visa Queue Calculator

    I have just found out that the contributory parent visa queues can be accessed using the following link: https:http://www.econ.immi.gov.au/qcalc/qdateAnswer.do I certainly feel reassured knowing where I am in the queue. Marilyn
  17. Guest

    CPV queue

    This is probably a question for the lovely Gollywobbler and Alan Collet. Do you have any idea of the number people actually in the CPV queue. Just wondered so we could make a good guesstimate as to whether it is going to take two or three years for us to get a visa - assuming that the allocation is not increased. Plus of course, if we ever get in the queue, as we are still waiting for one of those mythical creatures called a CO. Good job we oldies have memory lapses so will probably forget just how long we have been waiting! Jean:wubclub:
  18. Hi, My OH is a plumber and we posted our Vetasses app today to agent. We were told that we have missed the April practicals and will now need to wait till next one in June/July. Takes a month to issue results then will post visa app (around August), takes 8 months to grant the visas so we are looking at about April next year - We were originally hoping to be there by Christmas this year !! Can anyone tell me how long it takes to find out if you're definately getting the visa, do you need to wait the 8 months to be told its okay or does this include how long is takes to receive the long awaited visas in your hand? :goofy: Sooo many questions -thanks for any advice Maz x
  19. Guest

    Joining the Queue!!

    We are just starting to look at the forms for a spouse visa. I have citizenship by descent but have never lived in oz. Should we do the process ourselves or use an agent? Any suggestions/recommendations? :err:
  20. Guest

    Joining the Queue!

    We are just starting to look at the forms for a spouse visa. I have citizenship by descent but have never lived in oz. Should we do the process ourselves or use an agent? Any suggestions/recommendations? :err: P.s. Apologies to anyone who has seen this is 'Arrival Chat' - first timers!! :embarrassed: