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Found 61 results

  1. HEllo every1 @ POMS Starting just another thread for skill assessment queries. I have applied for a ACS Skill assessment and was wondering if any of you Experienced pll around can help in my queries 1> How long does it take to get the skill assessment. The ACS website say 12 weeks. But just wanting to know the approx time.. do they take full 12 weeks. (Since i applied on 15 March and the new pts test comes in effect on July 1, was kinda worried.) 2> IF a candidate has had a address change while he has applied for the Skill assessment, does it affect his assessment.. Does he have to inform the ACS about it..?? Cheers..PEACE:hug:
  2. I have received an ATO demand for the Medicare levy - is it normal for most Australian taxpayers to pay this as a lump sum after submitting their tax return? I assumed it would be deducted from my pay via PAYE (though I work for a large bank so I assume our payroll know what they are doing). This is my first full tax year as a resident. No objection to paying it - but I don't want to be paying it twice over! Note this is about the levy, not the surcharge (which I don't have to pay as our income isn't high enough). Also we are thinking of selling our UK house, which I bought in 1999 and lived in it until Sept 2009, when I came to Aus. It is now let to tenants. I have had it confirmed by HMRC in the UK that there will by no UK capital gains liability if we sell it within 3 years of leaving OR have five full UK tax years after leaving the UK before selling. So if we sell before Sept 2012 we are OK - but what is the situation with the ATO concerning CGT? I assume any liability would only be on any increase in value since 2009 (which would be slight in any event...). Thanks Alex
  3. Hi all- New member, first post. My friend is an American Welder (First Class) and he wants to come to Oz permanently. His skill is on the SOL and he has years of experience and otherwise qualifies. However, TRA will not assess his qualifications b/c he is not from a nominated country. The nominated countries are: China Fiji India Iran Ireland Korea (South) Pakistan Philippines South Africa Sri Lanka United Kingdom United Arab Emirates (UAE) My question is, are you serious?! He speaks English, has yonks of top experience in a skill in demand in Oz and the problem is his US passport?!:wacko: Interested in any migration lawyers' perspectives especially. It seems like a really odd, and perhaps discriminatory, result. Thanks in advance. Slodkiy
  4. hia

    Visa 475 Queries

    Hi Everyone.. Can you guys answer any of my questions? I will appreciate ur kind hep ! 1)What are the benefits on going on a 475 visa? 2)Are the employers in OZ mostly reluctant to employ a 475'er??? 3)Do the employers prefer 176'er on 475 bec it is a provisional/temporary visa and not permanent?? 4)Is it mandatory to work in our professional occupation for 12 months before applying for PR? 5)What is the scope of RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT and DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR if they go for WA sponsorship in a regional area?? 6)Anyone who has gone on visa 475 can share their stories and timelines...specifically any HR applicants ... thx
  5. PityTheFool

    WA State Sponsorship Queries

    We are currently deciding whether to change our plans of migrating to Melbourne as we are now starting to favour Perth. We just seem to be going round and round in circles at the moment and are struggling to make a decision. :confused::confused::confused: Could you please help us out by answering the following queries on WA state sponsorship??? Is there a fee - if so how much? What are the stated time frames, if any - we know from PIO that things are moving very rapidly!!! Do you need to state avaliable funds - if so how much? If successful how long do you have before you have to apply for a visa? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. thefrnd

    Some queries regarding 475

    Hi All, I have some queries regarding the visa subclass 475. 1. Is there a transition period between the visa approval and entry to Australia ? if yes, how long it can be ? 2. The last company from where I got the max experiences for my skill has been shut down. Now, how can I deal this situation while visa processing ? 3. If I switch my current job in the middle of the processing what would be the best approach to deal the situation ? 4. As far I know, I have to submit the document for proof of Functional English for my Secondary Applicant when CO asks for it and not at the time of submitting the application, so there is some time in between, right ? Now, what if the secondary applicant fails to submit the proof in time ? Will there be a way if I want to remove the secondary applicant later ? Please give me some suggestions/tips that I might be careful of as I am planning to apply for a 475 as an Analyst Programmer with State Sponsorship from SA. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, The packers come next week (omg, it's finally happening) and we have a few complex items I'm not sure about: 1. Should we take Corkboard - made from corks from bottles of wine we've drunk over the years, lots of memories but no real value. Aqis ICON says cork will be ok, but I'm not sure, but I'd like to take it! And here it gets complicated (yep the OH's guitar and workshop stuff) 2. Woodworking tools - he's wiped them clean, but should he spray with Jeyes as well? He's worried about them going rusty 3. MDF guitar templates - not painted or laquered, but made only from MDF, with paper patterns attached to them. Will they be ok do you think? 4. Partially finished amplifier-cabinet: machined, assembled and sanded timber, but not yet varnished or painted. Made from lovely wood, he's not sure what finish he wants on it yet so would prefer to leave it 'au naturel' if he can! 5. Partially finished guitar bodies and guitar necks: machined, sanded but not varnished or painted. Made from more lovely wood, he'd rather not laquer/oil them before shipping unless he has to. Thoughts? Help? Anyone sent unpainted/varnished wood stuff before? And I know lots of people have sent tools over.....
  8. Hello, I've applied for partner visa subclass 309 to AUS. While waiting for the same, I'd visited AUS to spend time with my husband who is an AUS PR. I'd searched for jobs while my visit to AUS and have also received an offer from one of the companies. But, I can not start working until I receive my partner visa, which is under process. The company has given me the offer letter with the joining date as pending. Is it fine if I tell my case officer that I've been offered a job in AUS, which can start only after I receive my partner visa. Will this help in speeding up my case? My case is now pending for the final decision only. All documents' assessment, medical checkup, police check, etc. has been completed and the case is now with a higher case officer for the final decision. How much time should it take now? It's been 3 months already. Please help me with your answers. Thanks.
  9. Guest

    Subclass 176 - Queries

    Hi All, I am Chaitanya from Bangalore, India. I am 25 years of age. have 3 years of exp in my relevant industry(Software Developer). I have cleared ACS on 17th July 2011 with positive response for ANZSCO for 261312(Developer Programmer). So to reach the pass marks of "65" for DIAC, below are the points that I meet: Age: 30 Experience: 5 Degree: 15 ------------------ Total: 50 So i am short of "15" points to apply for DIAC for my 176. My Plans: Plan 1: To get IELTS band 8 in all modules, so that i get 20 points(making my points total to 70) Plan 2: 1. If I manage to only get IELTS 7 in all bands which will fetch me 10 points(making my points total: 60) 2. Then will apply for State sponsership to get the remaining 5 points(making the total:65) Queries: 1. Seniors expats, please advise on both the plans? 2. May I know the the duration of time taken if i apply for State sponsership, after how many months can i expect a reply from the State about the state sponsership? Thanks & Regards, Chaitanya
  10. Hi there, I am posting as i need further advice about my Child visa 101 (offshore) application, that is about to be lodged by my migration agent.... I am aged 23 years old, female, a British citizen, and currently a student (but about to graduate in 3 weeks with a First Class Honours Degree). Last year i appointed a registered migration agent to help lodge my application, my parents used them about 4 years ago when they emigrated to Australia permanently, and to date they have been helpful to me.......However, i have found something out, very recently, that could affacted my eligibility for the visa, of which the migration agent has not made me aware of (which is strange!). Basically i have been advised that i might have to remain a student until the visa is granted, rather than at the time of being lodged... I wanted to know if this is the case and if anyone has experienced problems with this? I have been exploring my options if this is the case, and the main option would be to undertake a Postgraduate course, full-time, which is for 1 year (of which will cost me alot of money!!!), but this would give me an extra year for the visa to go through (hopefully). Alternatively, if i graduated and then remained working part time in my job, whilst still receiving money from my parents, would i still be classed as dependent on my parents, even though i wouldn't have my student status? I will be speaking to my migration agent about this also, but just wanted some advice from others who may have experienced anything like this, or know about it. Thanks Jennifer
  11. Moving out to oz this Sunday coming for a year.I am a joiner and the gf works in the bookies and the bar and she does a bit of cleaning here in sunny Scotland.we are flying to Sydney and staying a week there.willing to go anywhere in oz though, not to worried about finding work but just wondered if anyone knew the definite best place to get some given what our jobs are. There's not that many jobs listed online but I take it the local papers will have adverbs. I do a lot of (homers) (side jobs out with my own work,is that a done thing in oz too? Thanx for any replies.:biggrin: Ps.feel free to hire my services through this eh(thread). Cambo the joiner.
  12. hello everyone! We are new to this site and could really do with some help and advice please We want to move to Australia, Sydney ideally as we spent a long time there, but we have a problem as such well hopefully not.....when we went travelling back in 2005 to Oz my partner Greg had a working holiday visa however only ended up working 3 weeks, I didn't work at all. Now we are so confused about how to get over and what on. I can have a working visa as not had one before but can greg can get another working visa without working on a farm etc? or is the only other way to go and work to emmigrate? He is an electrician and has passed the relevant points etc but is there a way without emmigrating that we can come over to work? Has anyone else moved to Oz who is a electrician, do you need to do test etc before you go? If anyone has any words of wisdom we would very much appreciate it :hug: Thanks Han and Greg
  13. Wellers and Whitehead


    i WROTE TO THE AASW (ops capitals) on 20th April and have heard nothing, time is running out and may even be too late to hear back from them before the July changes.(Trying to avoid doing the IELTS as get the feeling its very difficult) Could some body please help with the questions below; I am completing the AASW form with regards to emmigrating to Australia, and have a few questions that I would like clarifying. 1) Question 15 asks for qualifications. I completed a GNVQ BTEC Advanced Health and Social care in 1995-97. I have put for this not be assessed, due to not having the course breakdown, if it was to be assessed what documents would I have to provide? I only have the units I took (18 units) and if I passed each one (which I did). It also asks for details of field work placements during the above course. I know that I did undertake a placement at a children's nursery but I was not assessed on this placement. I cannot remember where it was or any details about this placement/supervisor/s. What would you advise I put in this section (Q.15A)? 2) My second qualification is BA (Hons) Social Work. - Do I have to give the exact topic/title of my thesis? I have moved and all my Uni stuff is in boxes, am I able to write that it was about Female perpetrators of Domestic Violence and support services available to men. - I do not know what qualifications my practice supervisors within my 3 University placements had, how should i answer this question. - When describing the field work I undertook in the placements, is it enough to write what the services aims were, and what the service offered to clients. Please advise me if this section requires further information. 3) With regard to work history, how much am I expected to write? A paragraph summarising my role or a list of my duties? Thanks In Advance Aymie
  14. Guest

    pre school queries

    Hi, hoping for information regarding pre schools. Having researched primary schools and realising that I will have to pay school fees on a 457 visa in NSW, I am now trying to gain an understanding of the pre school system. Does anyone know if I would qualify for a government run pre school and if so, any idea of cost? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi , I have few queries relating to ACS skills assessment and applying for PR(Permanent Residence) with the new rules with effect from july 2011 . I am from India . I am 25 yrs old . I have done my four years bachelors degree in Information Technology from a reputed university . I passed out in 2007 and currently working as Software engineer (Java Programmer ) with a reputed MNC . I currently have a total of 3 yrs and 6 months of experience as Java programmer . I have planned to apply for Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 175) or sponsored skilled migrant visa (subclass 176) . First , I have to get my skills assessed by ACS(Australian Computer Society) . I came to know that I need to have these requirements , * 4 yrs study . * 4 yrs of work experience in relevance. With the new rules change with effect from July 2011 , points are being awarded for those who have 3 yrs of overseas experience . My question is why is 4yrs of work exp required by ACS when there is only 3 yrs mentioned for PR in points calculation . Is 4 yrs of work experience mandatory by ACS even now ? . Any rules changed with ACS related to work experience ? . And calculating points with new rules from July 2011 , points are no more awarded for sponsored by family members . I have my sister living in melbourne who is holding a PR . will I get the 10 points for being sponosred by eligible family member with new rules ? I am planning to land in aus for 1yr Masters to further sharpen my skills in feb 2012 .Will there be any issues in applying PR ? Will I be able to apply as Onshore candidate once I come there ? . My aim is to pursue my career to the best level and settle down there at the earliest . If you have any other smart ways , Please let me know . Your assistance is much appreciated . Regards, Syed Imran J Email : imrancrest@gmail.com
  16. Guest

    Final queries before posting

    Hi all, Im just about ready to submit my application for a partner visa (309), and was hoping if someone could answer a few questions - 1 . The 40sp form states - You should provide certified photocopies of one of the following documents to show your employment during the last 2 years: • Australian income and/or overseas tax assessment notices*; OR • a letter from your employer confirming length of employment and annual salary; OR • payslips; OR • business documents or a letter from your accountant if you are self-employed or self-funded from other sources. We've got a letter from my partners workplace, as well as some old payslips from her lasy job, but the actual partner booklet says nothing about getting these things certified, and after a lot of reading of the posts, it seems most people only get the major things certified (such as passport, birth certificate etc.) ... so am I going to need another trip to the solicitor? ... 2. Ive stapled the main application forms, will they be bothered about this or should I take the staples out? ... they arent sharp or sticking out or anything. 3. Some of the supporting evidence ive sent are original copies but it isnt anything that we need to have sent back (I will be sending a SAE with my application anyway) ... does this matter? ... Thanks for your help in advance.
  17. Hi All I am new here, so hello! My hubbie, daughter and I have decided to move to Australia. We are hoping that as my hubbie's job is on the preferred skills list, we should be able to get a permanent residency visa (fingers crossed). The query is about my parents. I am an only child and therefore my parents want to come to Australia with us. My dad is 65 and mum is 67, both in good health and are able to cover the contributory payment. Either hubbie or I will act as their sponsor in Australia, but the issue is timing. I am very close to my parents and want them to come to Australia as soon as possible. I believe usually there has to be a 12-24 month settling in period for the sponsor or family member before they can apply for their family members to have residency. Is there any way that my parents could travel to Australia before this and then apply from Australia for their Contributory Aged Parents Visa (Permament)? Perhaps a tourist visa or a temporary visa? Would that be possible? I am sure this is the first of many queries I will have, so thanks in advance!
  18. Guest

    De factor Visa Queries

    Hi all I am currently in Australia on a One Year Working Holiday Visa that expires mid January. I am in a relationsip with an Australian girl and have been since Feb 2008. I am looking to move to Australia on a de facto visa and have been living with her since I came in Jan 2010 and so will apply in Jan 2011 once I have completed the 12mth requirement. I have read a few things on this site which has contradicted what I understood to be the case so I have a few questions! I was told by immigration to apply for my De facto Visa on the very last day of my current visa and should I do so I will be given a bridging visa that will entitle me to remain in Australia and also work. Is that so? I have also been told that it will speed up my application if I get both my police and medical checks done beforehand, has that been the case with others? A friend who went through this process in WA told me I needed to get a federal police check and not a national one but I keep reading I need a national one, is she mistaken? With regards the evidence required do I need to include originals of bank statement, invitations, photographs etc or would certified copies suffice? I think that is all the questions I have for now! Many thanks in advance for any help you may provide especially since I really need to get on this now lol! Kas
  19. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are uprooting from the UK and heading Sydney because I lost my job in the UK and she is from Sydney. Because we had been living in rented accommodation, we don't really have much furniture so are mostly just shipping personal effects in boxes. Also, I am South African, so I am currently in South Africa arranging defacto partner visa while my girlfriend is wrapping things up in London before she leaves. With regard to the paperwork, it asks questions about ownership of the goods being shipped for customs. Because I don't yet have my visa, I'm technically not allowed to ship to Aus, so my girlfriend has to do the shipping. The paperwork asks that she owns everything being shipped when we really jointly own a lot of it, except for some clothes and shoes of mine as well as my 2 bicycles. How much of a big deal is it if she ships some of my stuff for me but claims ownership herself? Can we say, by virtue of being in a defacto relationship, that we jointly own it all and so she partly owns all of the things of mine which we are shipping. The other thing, bicycles are supposed to be cleaned for shipping. I gave them a quick clean, so they are basically 'as clean as a used pair of shoes', but still with a little bit of grease on them. Any help, tips or experiences would be appreciated. Matt
  20. Hi everyone, a few quick questions on PMV (Subclass 300). My partner's an Aussie citizen and I'm a Singaporean. 1) Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM) On the form, it requires the applicant's, partner's and marriage celebrant's signature. However my partner and I are going through a long distance relationship and I definitely won't be in OZ when he gets the form filled out. How does this work? Does he sign the form together with the marriage celebrant, then Fedex the form over to me? 2) After getting PMV and getting married, I'll need to apply for the Spouse visa. Do I need to re-submit all the documents + evidences provided in PMV, or do I just top up with the marriage cert and marriage photos? 3) Will the Spouse visa be processed much more quickly since I'd be already under PMV? Or will it take the same amount of time as if I had applied for Spouse in the first place? This is a big consideration because if both take equal amounts of time to be approved, then it's a very long process (4-6 mths + 4-6 mths) and I'd be better off going in for the Spouse visa. My first post and a barrage of questions! Thanks for reading this with patience and I really hope to get some helpful replies/tips/advice here. Cheers, Miss Swan
  21. Guest

    Spouse visa queries!!

    hiya, I have been granted Aussie PR in nov 09 and not yet moved to ozzz. My OH cud not validate with me cuz of new contract in here and other unavoidable circumstances.Howevr, I have validated alone and pr is intact(I hope!!!). I m planning to apply for my oh and new barn baby( she is due in oct 2010)... And m on my maternity leave and not working since the visa grant. However, will resume work post baby born.:biggrin: Now, that we are planning for spouse visa 1. do I have give a stat declaration from an Aussie citizen.pr holder for the spouse visa( we are including baby in it).Is the stat declaration mandatory? 2. Since am not working currently , will this effect the visa process? 3. also, m not yet moved in fully to oz , will this effect spouse visa? Cheers!!!:spinny:
  22. Guest

    Queries re: RSMS 119 Visa

    Hi Guys, Basically we are looking for some guidance regarding the RSMS 119 Visa, any help will be very gratefully appreciated:smile: The story is, OH has a job in Canberra and the company are just about to lodge the nomination. We've been told to wait before we submit our Visa App until the nomination has been approved. We've already sent off to Aus and UK police for checks as we have previously lived in Aus and we understood that the medical can also be done before hand. I phoned Spire Healthcare in Cardiff to book an appointment but they told me that it is done via E-Health and that I needed to wait until the CO told us what to do. I mentioned that we were trying to front load the app by having all the documents we needed up front but met with the same response. So, question 1: Can we book meds before submitting Visa app? Question 2: Is it only via post/courier that you can apply for the RSMS 119? You can't apply via email/web etc? As we are currently filling in the Visa bit by bit, we are coming across questions which we are having trouble with, with regards to certified copies of docs as proof. For example, when they ask about your education and they need to see copies. Question 3: Do they need to see absolutely everything? Question 4: OH no longer has his O level cert, do we need to get a replacement? Or is having HNC and Degree good enough? Following on from this, they also ask about work training etc OH works in Telecomms and has been on lord knows how many courses over many years. Question 5: Do they need to see copies of all work training docs? (we could be sending half the rain forest if they do!) Regarding the part where you have to put down any family members not mentioned in the form, this is straightforward for OH but my family is much more complicated! This is the last question (honest!) 6: I don't know the DOB of my Step Siblings as we are not close, I also do not know my Dad's DOB for the same reason. I only know the first time of one of my Half Sisters and again no DOB. Do I just put down on the form what I do know and then state in Part K of the form that the info is correct to the best of my knowledge but as I am not in contact with several members of my family that I cannot provide full info? As a personal question regarding the above (damn, yet another question! lol) why do they need that info anyway? How is the info relevant to the App? Sorry it's so long but any help would be much appreciated :smile:
  23. Guest

    Permanent Resident ship queries

    Hello All, I have been in Australia for last 3 years, initially I was on student visa now I am on General skilled migration visa under sub class 485. This visa is going to expire in November of this year(2010). At present I am able to make 115 points to apply for Permanent Resident ship but I need 120 points to qualify. Can you assist me how can I arrange 5 points, I have few options but I am not sure whether they can be used or not. • I got married recently, can I show her studies and experience to get 5 points, if yes, then what kind of certificate/diploma/degree is required and in which stream and how many years’ experience. • Is there any other option for the extension of my visa except student visa like state sponsorship, regional area migration etc. Your response would be appreciated.
  24. Guest

    ABN queries

    Hi can anyone help me or give me some advice please? I am needing to apply for a ABN number for fruit picking/pruning/harvest work! I have tried to apply online but it said the type of work isnt listed - i have been informed i need one so how do get one? Thanks Stacey x xx x
  25. Cerberus1

    Chat live with Moneycorp now

    Just a quick reminder that we are currently holding a live chat session with Moneycorp, which will run until aprox. 21:30 UK time. To take part, click the 'chat' button at the top of the page (in the orange menu bar) or use this link - Moneycorp Chat Once the chat software has loaded, enter the 'Moneycorp' chat room. (If you're a guest on the website, when the chat window loads, click the green icon next to where it says Unregistered ( available) - then choose 'Edit your profile' and choose a nickname first.) John Kinghorn and Jonathan Griffith from Moneycorp are hosting the chat and will be on hand to answer and exchange rate / money transfer queries you may have The session will will last approximately 2 hours. Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, John will provide the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and give you some insight into the key influencing factors. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your money at the right time, via the right channel, will make a big difference.