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Found 14 results

  1. Seems Oz cannot get enough of Liz, I could not believe the massive turn-outs for her walkabouts, would still be interested in seeing how a referendum would go on ditching the old gal.
  2. nik_kershaw

    RMC tickets to meet the queen - Free

    Hi everyone Well another Pom is about to join us here in Canberra Queen Lizzie is popping to Canberra to present the new colours to RMC Duntroon. Anyway, I have found a link where you can get seats for the tickets for the ceremony. http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=15615 Tickets are free, but you need tickets to go If you want to go, then get the tickets Don't say I never give you anything Nik
  3. Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/10/24/queen-mooned-at-as-she-visits-flood-ravaged-brisbane-115875-23511368/#ixzz1bhGxIYHj
  4. Just read about the Queen's arrival into Australia. The Royal family have received a lot of negative press over recent times, but I am a big believer in history and what they represent. In the UK at least our tourism industry and some of our pride would be hit harshly without them. I was very proud to see pictures of her arrive in Australia. I was surprised however that the Australian PM did not curtsy the Queen. This is a normal greeting of respect to someone such as the Queen, especially as this could be her last official visit. 36% of Australians are in favour of a republic and 55% are still happy with the Queen and the current way of standing. My take is yes the government runs the country. The Queen is more of a symbol now that historically and in the UK interacts with the government whenever she makes speeches and still interacts with government. Obviously in modern times it would be very difficult to have this influence on Australian society. What I do think we should say is that the curtsy would have been nice. If there was no Queen - then who would be head of state. I have heard so much negativity about the current PM lately, yet many AUstralians would be happy for the President to be head of a republic. The Queen has no agenda and would not abuse this power, something leaders with a polital agenda may do. It also brings me to the point that Australian recent history is very much European. The Dutch and the English like it or not,and the knowhow of British governments in the past have created a lot of what Australia now has (controversial). One Australian comment - too many poms here these days. I thought to myself with the "Poms" and Brits what would this area of terrain be. It is great to see so many AUstralians respect the Queen still though and its great to think just over half still value her official standing - which is effectively a very hands off role but her opening the commonwealth meeting fills me with a great sense of pride. As for the lack of curtsy - it was not a great first impression I would have to say. She may have forgot - human error is something that can happen for sure. 10 day tour is pretty whistle stop but I think it is great she is here and that Prince William was here back in January: "God save the Queen" as the Queen of Australia. I am sure some people could not care less, or that whatever the standing it means little to them in everyday life, but in a young country its European descendents require some history and indeed context to its past.
  5. tonyman

    Queen back in Australia ?

    i caught the back end of the news on the radio , they mentioned something about Queen landing in Australia today ?they kept that quiet ,i would have thought that be massive news here ,its that quiet i cant find any tickets on ticket master.......Mrs Tonyman saw them at Maine Road ,Madchester many yrs ago , that same night i was visiting my best buddy in the Madchester eye hospital(who i had accidently hit during a street gang fight hence why we were in there ,sadly he has passed away due to another incident,R.I.P. Gary).......but we could hear Queen from his hospital bed , i didnt know Mrs Tonyman then but i will never forget that night ......can anyone elaberate on the Queen Tour ........?oh and a big thank you to 4/5 members who did me a favour last night , its good to know we can help each other out when we have "moments of madness" ...thanks guys and anyone else that knows me .........:hug:
  6. Just had to stand for 'God Save The Queen.' (But nothing will save the Governor General!) It's hard to believe that she's been on the throne since the year I was born, when she made her first trip to OZ too. I suppose this is the way it was for many Victorians? It's live on all the news channels, everyone glued to their sets, except for the leftie grouches who are all composing their letters of outrage to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, and The Age. (And even they have got their sets on so they can see what it is they want to whinge about!)
  7. nik_kershaw

    So Queen Liz is here

    Liz poped to Canberra today for a short holiday with a 21 gun salute. Nothing else was on the news. Nice for her to come over and looking good for her age. She looks well at her old age. Loads of people think it might be the last time she comes to Australia. anyway, here is the link http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/royal-reception/2329676.aspx?storypage=0 Anyone going to see her while she is here?
  8. Guest

    Queen's Birthday Holiday

    Just to inform members that it is the Queen's Birthday this coming Monday 13th June 2011 , therefore a public holiday. This excludes WA Tasmania South Australia Victoria NSW ACT NT Queensland Australia High Commission London will also be closed on Monday 13th June 2011
  9. tonyman

    Queen Mary2 in Fremantal

    Queen Mary 2 arriving later at 11.30am on Thursday 17 February 2011 (ring 9430 3335 for latest information). just to let you know that the Queen Mary will arrive at Freo docks @11.30 and NOT 8am ........is suppose to depart at 5pm ........
  10. kernow43

    Axing 2011 Queen's Speech

    BRITAIN'S coalition government was accused of riding roughshod over political tradition when it emerged that there will be no Queen’s Speech until 2012 - making next year the first for more than half a century without a formal State Opening of Parliament. Is this the beginning of the end of the Monarch? UK government accused of meddling with tradition by axing 2011 Queen's Speech | Courier Mail
  11. tracy123

    God save the Queen

    I'd pay £5 a year to keep her in a job. Got to love the woman :notworthy:
  12. Guest

    God save the queen

    God Save the Queen' dropped from Anzac Day service 'God Save the Queen' dropped from Anzac Day service - Yahoo!7 News It will be interesting to see which other states follow Melbourne......Susie
  13. Queen Bed and Mattress for sale as moving back to the UK. $260 ono Minimal use as was in the spare room and only used when family came to stay. Pls PM me for pcitures etc. Thanks
  14. jo90

    Where's Gothic Queen?

    Just wondering whether anyone's heard from Helen aka Gothic Queen??? :wacko: Jo x x