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Found 18 results

  1. Guest

    Bricky quals?

    Hello all, I'm obviously new to all this but have a couple of questions somebody may be able to answer. I am currently in the Navy doing a job, which with a couple of extra courses, will allow me to be a Ship's Officer. The problem is that I have no interest in making this my job - as I am leaving the Navy to spend more time with my family. I've been looking at differant career options I can take and I want to learn a trade which will support my emigration without needing to spend money on the shipping qualifications. If I were to take a bricklaying course which offered perhaps an NVQ Level 2 would that be to the required standard for it to support my visa? I obviously will be limited, limited not none, I can do the course now and gain experience prior to the shift (possibly Apr-Jun 2013), whilst serving out my notice to the Navy. What is the procedure for obtaining the go ahead from the Ozzies? If any can point me in the right direction I would really apreciate it. Thanks alot guys.
  2. Hi all, Am busy surfing the net looking at Australian Distance Learning sites. Is there any mileage in me signing up for one of the courses relevant to my current job / area I hope to progress into? Would this increase my chances of employment in Australia? Has anyone else done this? Only initial research phase at the moment, but as we're not planning on making the permanent move for another 15 months, thought it may be worthwhile using my time left in the UK productively, getting a short course under my belt and getting myself an Australian recognised certificate of some kind? Any feedback/advice appreciated. Forgot to add, I'd be looking at business / senior admin / human resources area.
  3. hi,my partner is studying her batchelors degree to get her early years managment qualification,which works out to be a child care co-ordinator,she already has a level 3 diploma in early years child care and education. what i dont know is,is this enough to get to australia (adelaide in particular,as my parents and brothers and sisters live there as citizens) because as a normal teacher,although they say ba degree is enough when you apply,you would need to study for another 2-3 years for qts and pgce and a year in the job before they'd consider you. what im hoping is that the ba degree is enough. she has worked in the environment as she's studied,shadowing a manager so has 3 years experience in the role (they want a year in the job before applying) and 4 and a half years as a private nanny plus 18 months as a student in a nursery.she's 28 and im 31 and we've got 4 kids and we're not getting any younger and neither are my parents. i dont want to waste any time,so if anyone can help,please do!!
  4. Hello everybody, Could somebody be so kind as to steer me in the right direction to get my UK qualifications recognised in Australia. I am already here with permanent citizenship. I have heard of skills companies that assist but am unable to find one here or on the internet. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Kind regards
  5. I am (hopefully) going to Perth in August to join the R.A.N. but I am also wanting to have my UK Engineering qualifications transferred to an Australian equivalent. Does anyone have any info where I would be able to get them assessed and a vague idea of cost. Any help gratefully received. Chris:v_SPIN:
  6. Hello, I have been researching into our options before we start the process. My husband is a Diesel Mechanic/Fitter on buses. He has done this for 7 years. When he left school, he did a couple of years at college studying Motor mechanics and gained City and Guilds Qualifications. He then did a variety of jobs, (not relating to mechanics) and did not start an informal apprenticeship for a few more years when he bumped into an old college friend who was a manager at a local bus company. We have looked into the VETASSESS route, under Heavy vehicle motor mechanic, but after looking at the TRA Diesel Fitter route, this is much simpler (and cheaper!). I am just not sure though whether under pathway C, he would qualify, simply because of the gap between college and work. Please can someone help??? Thank you. Jaime xxx:v_SPIN:
  7. KazzE

    Teaching Adults quals???

    Hi, has anyone had a teaching adults qualification assessed in Victoria? or anywhere in Australia? I am trying to find out what if anything I need to do to be able to tutor Childcare workshops/courses here in Victoria. I used to do workshops on various childcare issues as part of my job in the UK and want to be able to do that again as my part of my job here in Australia. :wubclub: thanks Karen.
  8. Hello, havent been on here for a while, been back to oz this yr to decide if its what we want to do. Come to the decision that we both want to give it a go and try and get over there! Contacted a couple of agents throught them free online assessment thingys and it comes back positive, my trade being a maintenance fitter and having HNC as highest qualification. One agent go back to me and said that I required 4 years experience, but it wasnt clear whether that was post training, I've completed a 4 year apprenticeship, or including the apprenticeship. If it is post trainng then I'm going to have to wait till July before thinking about it again. Can anyone clear shed any light on this or have any experience with this? We're both also thinking of going to the Manchester expo in a week and a half, do you think this is a good idea? I'm 25 and my wife is 26 and she is a teaching assistant with a BTEC childhood studies nursery nursing national diploma and working towards completion of a foundation degree in the integrated Education and care of young people. Would this fulfil the requirement for a "childcare co-ordinator"?? Any advice would be appreciated! cheers
  9. Guest

    Do I need quals.

    Hi all, just wanted to ask a question or two. Im currently on a 457 visa and I have decided to go for a ss 176 visa. The question I have to ask is if I have years of experience but no qualifications (Im a diesel fitter) would I have to pass some sort of course even though my profession is on the "wanted" list. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi folks, First post so thanks for reading. So to cut a long long story very short.......if it's possible, bear with me. Mum is british, brother is british, both living in uk and father is british with australian citizenship. Not sure where he is right now. (Father and I not on speaking terms since 2005) Father remarried after divorce in 1983 to my mum, has 5 children, all australian with 2nd wife.. I've always known about them but have been told that they wanted no part of our lives. After argument with my father whilst on last visit to Perth in 2005 I decided to try to get into contact with the eldest 'half' brothers and sisters. Eventually found the two eldest via internet, thankfully........... To my absolute astonishment and horror, they had no idea who I was or that they had two elder brothers in Europe!!! They we're as astonished as I was. More of a shock to them. So when eventually I get to speak with their mother it turns out that my father had always maintained that WE never wanted contact with THEM!!! Go figure! I was sooo angry. They have no contact with my father and nor do they wish to, not since their mothers divorce from him 12 years ago, which seems funny as he suddenly got into contact with me at that time after a long time........ you see a pattern developing? Anyway, my wife and I went to visit them in Perth to meet them for the first time in February just gone, it was so emotional, a wonderful yet surreal experience and we so wish to emmigrate there now to be with them and forge some sort of relationship. My question is, does anybody know if this is possible? I have scoured the family stream for a relevant visa but have found nothing.........Is there a special circumstances route? secondly, if I were to have to study or work to begin with,.......Is an NVQ level 2 in Warehousing management and distribution enough, followed by 6 years Royal Airforce experience in the same field? I truly am stumped, (like the aussies right now, watching the cricket, 117-7 ) any advice would be greatly appreciated ......... thanks for reading........ Nick
  11. Hi, My wife is about to finish her first year NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing. In September she will be starting her NVQ Level 2 second year. We are in the process of submitting State Sponsorship for Canberra, if we get the visa before she finishes the second year of her course, does the Qualification (First Year) mean she can apply for Second Year Apprentice jobs in Australia? Or will she have to start from scratch again once in Australia? The ideal scenario would be for her to finish her course in UK first, but this is a gamble for us in case they take my skill off the State Sponsorship wanted list. Many thanks, Mike.
  12. Has anybody been in the navy and found that their time served equated to the qualifications/experience required for TRA. My hubby left Navy as a qualified Mechanical Marine Engineer in 93. ALthough they didnt issue qualifications back then. We have a letter saying that they would equate to NVQ level 4 I think. Just wondering if this would be enough along with 10 years work experience - to apply for Permenent via the ENS Employer nominated Scheme - rather than wait the 2years (10 months remaining!!) If TRA could be satisfied rather than waiting to carry out the full years working here in OZ then we could apply for PR via the ENS as soon as possible. Does this make any sense!!!!:nah:
  13. Hi all, This is my first post on PIO, can anyone help me?? I have my 706/1 in catering and would like to know would this be enough to apply for a visa? or does anyone know where i'd find out this info? Can someone please send my a ray of hope soon! Thanks
  14. kellyjamie

    please translate AQF quals

    Hi guys can someone anyone please explain the AQF qualifications, i need to know what they transfer to here in the UK? ive been on their website and cant find anything to tell me, ie is AQF level 3 the same as NVQ level 3?? is their AQF diploma the same as our HNC or HND? their advanced diploma?? until i know what they mean im sure of our uk qualifications, cheers guys x:emoticon-signxmas:
  15. Hi Need help! I want to apply for a 2 year TAFE course. On the application form, they have asked that I send certified transcripts of my qualifications. Transcripts? and certified by who?? They also want certified copies of graduation certificates. Degree? A'Levels? Anyone been through this and can help? Jo :unsure:
  16. Hi there, We have been thinking about moving to australia for a few years but are now ready to get the ball moving, my partner has been a bricklayer for the last 12 years, but doesnt have paper qualifications, like going to college and doing the course, he was trained on site and has been doing professional brickwork since he was 19, he is now 33, to anyone that has moved to aus or is applying, do you know if you need paperwork to back up your work? Any advise would be great, because if so then he can enroll in a part time course for 2 years but it means we wouldnt have wasted filling in the application first before hand. Thank you in advance to any help
  17. Im hopefully moving out to Oz next year and am trying to find out if Im qualified to teach out there. Ive got a degree and PGCE in Further Education. Im currently teacing in an FE college here in England. Does anyone know what the requirements are and the average salery out there. Cheers Annette
  18. l would like to alter m OH's cv to make it more aussie friendly and therefore want to put a note against his uk qualifications to show the equivalent in aussie terms. l have registered on the australian government - country education profile site (paid small fee for this too) but either its not helping much or l cant work it out :unsure: It shows all the UK qualifications past and present (including OH's) but no comparison. We have our visa, therefore TRA bit also and queensland plumbers and drainers board confirmed he would automatically qualify for provisional licence (without test apparently?) Can anyone offer any advice on where else to look, if l'm doing it wrong (quite likely) etc Lyn :wideeyed: