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Found 31 results

  1. Is anybody here going to apply for 139914 Quality Assurance Manager or has already applied for it? Let's share information.
  2. Let's hear it from the denizens of NSW... especially sydneysiders.
  3. Hi guys, I need a king size or larger bed and there is a sale near me now. OH is against buying furniture but I'm not too sure. Any idea how much a good quality bed in solid wood costs in OZ??? I have trawled a few websites but they dont put the prices on in most. Would love to hear from those who have made the purchase or looked into it there? Also is the quality similar or is UK stuff better? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  4. can anyone help and advise me please, we are due to come over to Brisbane in May and were going to the sunshine coast which is her my brother lives, but hubbies job is south brissie so we are now looking at the Gold Coast as an option BUT what i need to know is if he were on the min wage $42000 would we be able to afford to have a decent life we have 2 children and i will be getting part time work of some kind. Its just i am getting so many different storys i just ned to know what to expect before we sell lock stock and barrell move the family to the other side of the world we dont want to not be able to afford to have a good quality of life, in other words if e are going to struggle we may as well stay here and do it.pleas will someon give me some straight and honest answers.........
  5. Guest

    Agent Review

    Hi, Happened to see a couple of threads from folks who are having all manner of troubles with their agent. Got me wondering if we could have a thread on here for each agent we have experience with and what the experience has been like. If the agent is on here, they could respond as well. Kind of like trip advisor but for MARA agents. It would really help in terms of agent selection and maybe even make them more accountable. Not sure about the etiquettes and legalities of this. Perhaps the mods could pitch in there.
  6. whopperdaisy

    Quality Streets...

    It was tradition to get those big 1kg Quality Street tins at Christmas time when I was growing up but after seeing the price of the imported ones I haven't since I moved.... I get an email called Grocery Run and they were on there today for less than @$20, in case any other chocoholics have the same craving... mmm, I can almost taste them already. Anyone else changed their Christmas traditions since coming to Aus? I still keep roasting turkey each year in spite of the heat, can't quite wean myself from that either.
  7. The UK is the worst place to live in Europe, thanks to a combination of high living costs, a poor work-life balance and low government spending on healthcare and education, according to the latest uSwitch Quality of Life Index. This is the UK’s first year at the bottom of the Index, which calculates an overall quality of life score for ten European nations, based on 16 factors including net income, VAT and the cost of essential goods such as fuel, food and energy bills, as well as lifestyle issues like hours of sunshine, days holiday, working hours and life expectancy. The UK was joined at the bottom of the index by Sweden and Ireland, while France came first for the third year in a row, with Spain taking second place and the Netherlands third. Commenting on the findings, Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch, said: “Last year at least our neighbours in Ireland were worse off, now we can’t even console ourselves with that. "We are now officially at the bottom of the pile. We may still be enjoying the fourth highest household income in Europe, but the high cost of living means that we’re living to work." Despite having higher than average pay, the UK’s overall score in the Quality of Life Index was dragged down by: long working hours the lowest number of holiday days a year a high retirement age the most expensive food high energy prices higher than average petrol costs very few hours of sunshine. The UK’s comparatively low investment in health and education also had a significant impact on its score, and with the government looking to cut public spending, things could get worse before they get better. The UK spends just 11.2% of GDP on health, which is higher than last year, but well below the European average of 12%; only Poland and Sweden spend less. The UK now spends less on education than it did in 2010 too – falling below the average again at just 5.36% of GDP.
  8. hi iam a time served brickie looking for a start /sponsor for work in australia,anyone on here know of any cheers,,
  9. Guest

    Quality bit of skill!

    You gotta see this! [YOUTUBE]4TshFWSsrn8&feature[/YOUTUBE]
  10. Merxi

    Quality assurance manager

    Hi, I'm not sure if Quality assurance manager is on ENS list. Do you know if this position will be on ENS list in next 2 years? Reason why I'm asking is, because I can get sponsorship with this position but also my boyfriend can get sponsorship with other position. I don't want to choose position which will be cancel in couple months. Somebody is saying that is better to choose position with 60 points. Thanks
  11. Guest

    Quality low fat dog food

    Hi all, We are gradually settling into our wonderful new life here in Perth. We have our beautiful dogs back with us after their stay at Byford. Back in the UK they were fed on Luaths kibble from Scotland (just like Burns) which was really low in fat and full of great stuff like spirulina etc. The reason we were so obsessed with the low fat bit is that one of our dogs is epileptic, the vet says that fat content of food shouldnt contibute to him fitting - but from experience we know better. Since weve got here his fits have become more and more. At the moment hes on some low fat stuff from Woolworths We are struggling to find another food thats like Burns or Luaths (neither of which will ship to Aus unfortunately) Are there any other PIOers out there who have sensitive dogs? What do you feed your animals? any advice appreciated Ad
  12. Hi Me and my partner (25) have moved to Perth from the UK. We are looking for some friend's to hang around with and do activities together. We both work full time and live in Hillary's. If you fancy a chat or to meet up and your around the same age, please don't hesitate to get in touch. P.s I'm a hairdresser and my partner works in IT
  13. To me that's what it is all about Quality of life AUSTRALIA has maintained its ranking as the country with the second-best quality of life, behind Norway, on an annual United Nations list that has seen Asia make big strides. Australia second for quality of life: UN Human Development Index | The Australian
  14. 17x8 and 17x9 (or 9.5) Advan AVS model 5 Lightweight Quality Alloy Wheels & they Clear Big Brake Calipers (as you can see in the actual pics below, on blue car). Fronts 235's Rear tyres 255's with decent tread. They are dirty but with a wash they clean up well. They are a pearl white colour. 5 hole x 114.3mm. Fits most 5 stud Toyota, Nissan, Ford and many others. $900 See below for car (not mine) with rims on, as example.
  15. natasha2106

    Cost of Living v Quality of life

    Hi, My husband and I are thinking of moving out to oz. We are planning a holiday out for next year to come and get a feel for the place and travel so that we can get an idea of the areas we like. However, i have read a few posts on here and tend to get the feeling that the cost of living compared to uk is very expensive. With the cost of living much higher than uk, are the salaries higher too to compensate for this?? Also what is the cost of housing like, what do you get for your money???? Is the pace of life better in oz than uk, or is it pretty much the same??? Still not sure whether it is the right thing to do, maybe we need to come out for a holiday first to see the country before making any rash decisions. Any help or advice much appreciated. Thanks Natasha:smile:
  16. Guest

    Better quality of life?

    Im just going through the Pros and Cons of living in Oz. Can anyone elaborate on the phrase that gets used a lot, its a "Better quality of life"
  17. Joondalup United FC is a British / Irish Football team competing in the Football West amateur Premier League in Perth. The season starts in early April and goes through to end of September. Currently in pre season we are looking to recruiting a couple of quality / experienced players. The club has an excellent squad but lacks a strong central defender and also requires a central midfielder with drive and energy. The club has many contacts and would be prepared to assist suitable players with getting work and accomodation. Almost all of the club members are ex pats from Britain and Ireland so a warm welcome, good football and great banter is assured! Please contact me, Bill Byrne - Senior coach on bill.byrne@hotmail.com for further information. Look forward to hearing from you !!
  18. Hi Guys! Please excuse me if I'm asking some silly questions but I'm new to here! I've been taking a bit of a look around and would just like to check out a few things.... Ok, I'm British (30yr old, female) Have been working in the NHS in London (admin roles) for approx 8 years, but the last 2 and a bit as a Quality Assurance Manager for a large London Hospital. I have a degree in Public Service Management and am nearing the end of a MSc in Quality and Safety in Health care. In short, I want to move to Oz! Obviously this is not on the critial skills list, but it is on the Skilled Occupation list. From what I can gather, to go down the skilled migration route can take some years, is this right?? Basically, what would be my best option? Would it work if somehow I can find an employer to sponser me and then go down that route....? Looking at the Aus Immigration website, this looks quite straight forward, is this really the case? Any idea how long this takes (from once I've found an employer obviously!) If anyone has got, or can point me in the right direction for, some idiot proof information, or just generally where to start! I'd be very grateful! Again, thanks for reading this far, and I appreichate any info you can give, and well done on such a great website! Thanks Anna :biggrin:
  19. Hi I am Kashif working as a software quality engineer in software house since 2004, i want to apply for Australian Immigration can any one tells me, my occupation is lie in MODL or not ? i saw the following URL my occupation not lies in the list Is your occupation in demand? - Workers - Visas & Immigration Please help me in this regard Thanks
  20. We are interested in living on the northern beaches but don't know where yet. We want to be near a good beache but close to amenities and clubs etc for the kids but not in the centre of Manly too touristy. Does anyone have any advice or experience of the Northern Beaches? How busy do the roads get, are people friendly what do you think of Queenscliff or Freshwater? How difficult is it commuting from say Freshwater to Mosman? What is the worst thing about living on the northern beaches? Any feedback would be great thanks
  21. AUSTRALIA may think the world of itself but the world does not think as much of it, at least not when it comes to a business environment, culture and social welfare, says a poll of citizens of the eight largest economies. Foreigners rated Australia for its world-class lifestyle but marked it down as a place to do business, the quality of its products and services, its government and its contribution to the global economy, a survey by a think tank, the Reputation Institute, found.
  22. Australia ranks second for quality of life AUSTRALIA has the second-best quality of life in the world and could pip Norway for top spot, the author of a UN report on migration and development says. Australia was ranked second among 182 countries on a scale measuring life expectancy, school enrolments and income in the United Nations Development Program's Human Development Report 2009, released yesterday.
  23. Hi I am certainly on one this evening with posts, we arrived last week and looking for a long term rental, I am looking at possibly purchasing some exceptionally good quality bedroom furniture patio furniture any other bits and bobs. I just wondered if there is anyone on here who maybe moving or selling anything or who knows of where to look? Thank you for taking the time to read my post and any help or replies are greatly appreciated!!
  24. Executive Furniture Package I have a furniture package for a 3 bedroom property for sale. It has been used but is less than 12 months old. The package is currently in an apartment in South Yarra (which for those who don't know is the inner south east of Melbourne). I can arrange a viewing for anyone interested as the property is currently vacant. I have pictures available so you can see the style and condition. Anyone interested can email me and I will send you a detailed PDF file of what is included and pictures by return. I paid AU $25,500 for this package last January. I'm selling for AU $15,000 (approx 6,500 sterling) a saving of AU $10,500. The apartment is also currently for sale and I would consider selling it completely furnished. The apartment is 3beds, 3 bath plus parking in Chambers Street, South Yarra. details are at my agents website. Kay&Burton Real Estate, Melbourne, Flinders, Brighton, Portsea, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia or I can email you the brochure.
  25. Hello Girlfriends request! She is wondering on the quality of womens hairdressers in the Brisbane area? How much is the average cost for a cut and blow dry for example? Thanks! Scott :huh: