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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, I intend to apply for ACS Skills Assessment under the ICT Business Analyst category. Following are my details: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications Masters in Telecommunications 4.5 years of genuine BA exp under the title Business Systems Analyst with a Telecom software vendor Questions: - I am not very sure if my education qualifies as ICT related. Where and how do i find this out? - I was told, for a non-ICT degree I would need 6 yrs of relevant exp before I apply for assessment. Is this true? Any suggestions would be great. In the mean I am trying to understand the info on the ACS website. Cheers
  2. Guest

    Do I qualify?

    I am looking to apply for a PR skilled migrant visa - as an organisational psychologist. However I have concerns about whether I will be recognised as such by the APS, when I looked on their website there is no clear cut guidance about whether my qualifications will match. All it says is that it must equal 6 years study in an OZ University. My qualifications are as follows Bsc (Uk) in Psychology Msc in Organisational Psychology (UK as well) Registered with the British Psychological society and have been working in a related field for the past 4 years. I work for a change management consultancy specialising in leadership development and assessment etc... but I am not chartered. Is this a deal breaker? Any other psychologist who can shed light on whether my qualifications are sufficient?
  3. Hi my name is Sam Hall, I've just arrived in Brisbane,I am a qualified carpenter/joiner and would like to get work soon,I've applied for a tax code and white card but need to know if I need other licences,:confused:a lot of companies are asking for ABN and BSA,do I need these or is this just for self employed or sub contractors. I would also like to know if its better to be a sub contractor or on the cards (employed).If any one can give me advice on how to get the ABN and BSA,or if its better to be employed or self employed I would be most greatfull. Kind Regards.:smile:
  4. Guest

    Do we qualify for a visa?

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are desperate, desperate, desperate to fulfill our dream and move to Australia with our 2 young children. However we are confused as to whether we would ever be eligible for a visa. I am currently a full time Mum but I was a Senior Brand Marketing Manager in a previous life. My husband is an HR Business Partner for a very large communications company. Neither of our chosen careers are on the Skills wanted list. Can someone please confirm, in order to stand any chance do we need at least one of us to have secured a job with an Australian company before we apply? From what I can see, most jobs advertised state that all applicants need to already have a visa application in motion! I suppose one or both of us could re-train but that seems a bit drastic and could delay our plans by several years. Desperately seeking a new life for my young family, any help very gratefully received. Thank you :biggrin:
  5. Hi there, a friend has asked me if I know of any resources to help her daughter secure three months regional work, so that she can extend her WHV. I wonder if you guys know of any useful resources? Or happen to own a sheep farm? :wink: Thanks for any hints and tips..
  6. Hi I am looking into ways to move to Adelaide in South Australia to join my brother, who is also from the UK however is now an australian citizen. I am a personal trainer in the UK and am planning to also gain a massage /sports massage qualification. I notice on the SOL I could apply for a General Skilled Migration visa as a Massage Therapist 3125-11, which attracts 40 points, assessed by VETASSESS however I am looking for advice in relation to whether it would be better to obtain the qualification in Adelaide first under a study visa, and if so what course / qualification would stand me in better stead, or whether to obtain the qualification before I apply for the General Skilled Migration visa, and if so what would be an AQF Diploma equivalent qualification. I hope the above makes sense and I am very grateful for any advice or assistance anyone could give :biggrin:. Suzi
  7. I'm looking to start the application for the Skilled Independent (migrant) Visa (subclass 175) and I was on the RICS website and noted the following.... 'The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is an Australian body for quantity surveyors. AIQS are the agency which the Australian Department for Immigration has historically appointed to assess overseas qualifications (including RICS) for VISA and migration purposes. RICS Chartered Quantity Surveyors and those with an RICS accredited Quantity Surveying degree normally receive the full skills recognition available. AIQS membership is not required by law. RICS members wishing to join AIQS can do so after a 12 month period of experience in Australia.' Does anyone know if points are awarded having RICS, and if so how many? Thanks.
  8. Guest

    Office Manager - Can I Qualify?

    Having looked into the required skills for Office Manager (3291-11) - the role I have been doing for the last 10+ years fills fits the skills, and I have a management qualification. However, I don't officially have a management title. ls there a possibility I will be able to satisfy the skills assessment?
  9. hello everyone, this is my first post so please excuse me if I don't get all the jargon right. I did the NAATI (Australian Translators Accreditation) test in December and awaiting a positive skills assessment. I am 42. If I get a positive assessment I have to work for a year as a Translator then apply immediately. Am hoping to apply to DIAC approx 1 year and 2 months away from my 45th birthday. Apparently applications are ACCEPTED up to the age of 45 BUT I am concerned i will not get the 15 points for age if my application is ASSESSED after the age of 45. Will go for 475 or 176 visa. Apparently the 475 has quicker processing times. Has anyone experienced problems with points for age at assessment time? and what are the current processing times for 475/176 - sorry I realise this is a how long is a piece of string type question.
  10. Just wanna know if there is a way of finding out if I will qualify for my TRA. My agent wants £352 just to find out if my nvq 2 certificate in painting and decorating is enougth as I did not finish my course but still got my qualification! she then wants another £700 to apply, this is all before even appliing for my visa! so confused about how i prove my hours at college and what documents to provide that im a bit reluctant to do it without and agent. But if I knew I was gonna pass the TRA i would do it myself because it only costs $300. Rather than over £1000, thanks shane wyatt
  11. Hi all, I am an Australian citizen and my partner a UK citizen, we are currently living in the UK and have recently received the great news that my partner is 2mths pregnant - we would both like to return to Aus for the birth. However, because we have not lived together for 12 mths we are wondering if we qualify for any form of Visa? We would appreciate any help or direction? Cheers
  12. Guest

    How to qualify for migration ?

    Hi Myself and my Partner have recently decided that we would like to move to Australia where my Parents have now become Australian Citizens after emigrating there themselves a few years ago. They currently live in the Central Coast of Australia where a regional sponsored Visa is not possible and the whole rationale for moving to Australia is to start a family and be close to my own family and live a better life which i believe is not possible in the UK. The Problem is, where to start? All my immediate family are now Australian Citizens (excluding a brother i have no contact with) so in light of that, a remaining relative Visa is ruled out. I am 25 and my partner is 24 - she has qualifications in childcare but i cannot see that on the SOL - i work for a Large Retail organisation as a Manager of 3 Large shops - there are plenty of 'Manager' positions on the SOL - some very specific whereas my job involves a broad aspect of work including 12 Managers reporting into me. I have been doing this job since i was 20, having worked my way through since i started at 16. I have seen plenty of advice given to others that state it would be wise to speak with a migration expert via phone, im hoping that perhaps prior to me doing that, i could maybe get some advice on what people think? Thanks for taking the time to read Dan
  13. Hello Everyone, I am running short of points for application and the only way is that i apply through skill migration under skills of MODL listing which can earn me more points. my current job scopes may not seem to fit in completely. This mean that i need to draft a CDR-competency report to support my application. Is there any better solution? Thanks
  14. Hi all, It is Matthew again, as you ve known, to get the NVQ2 , you need to work and stuydy as the same time, i done my apprenticeship on 2005 ( i mean i was working full time for a company and studying at the same time for 2 years to finish my apprenticeship), after that , I ve been working as a carpenter as well for nearly 1 year and then i went to Australia for 2 years on working holiday visa. I am working as a carpenter now in the UK for 1 year now (full time employment). I am 23 year old. I am living in the UK now. I have called some agency and some said i am qualify, some said not. It made me feel very confuse. therefore, any advices would be appreciated. thanks matthew. Hi all, My name is Matthew, I have done 2 years apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joiner. I have my NVQ2 now and also my 1 year work experience in the last 2 years. Is this enough to qualify to get Permanent Residency in Australia?(under Skill Independent)? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks Matthew
  15. Hi all, My name is Matthew, I have done 2 years apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joiner. I have my NVQ2 now and also my 1 year work experience in the last 2 years. Is this enough to qualify to get Permanent Residency in Australia?(under Skill Independent)? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks Matthew
  16. Guest

    could i qualify

    ok i've calmed down and taken a few deep breathes, unfortunately the house situation doesn't seem to look good for us so i'm desperately trying to find other ways in to Oz and may have an idea, whether it'd do-able or not is another thing so any advice would be gratefully recieved i currently hold a certificate AAT Accounts this on its own isn't really worth much but is a pathway to me doing another AAT which is equal to an NVQ 3 and from there i can do another AAT which is a diploma each course is 240 hrs study time although not at college but by home learning and i have already gained 240 hrs from my first AAT which gives me a total of 720 hrs i could then add on another course to make up my hours to 900 and accountant is on the SOL and MODL Is home learning counted as study time ? I currently don't work in accounts, I work in purchase ledger and have done for last 2 years, before that i've done everything from sales ledger, payroll, finance assistant etc, so do i have to work as an accountant to qualify ? This may completely be just me clutching at straws but hey-ho worth a try right !!! Thanks xx :wideeyed:
  17. Guest

    Do I Qualify..?

    Hiya, This has come as a absolute shocker to me.. I finished my Diploma in Computers in 2003 and finished my Bachelor's in 2007 (via Distance learning). However, I have been working since August 2003. So, In all I have close to 5 years of experience. And I have technical certifications like CCNA, CCSP, MCSA, MCP I had filed for my assessment last month with ACS and awaiting result. Someone called me this morning and raised a question.. that I should have had 4 years of experience after I finished my Bachelor's or 6 years after my Diploma.. to qualify for 175 Visa.. Is it true.. ? I have started worrying if I qualify... Please advise. Thank you,
  18. My other half is a sales and marketing manager and has 4 years managerial experience of teams within a call centre environment including operations management and new business implementation. I have just qualified as a project manager, I did an AQF course online and now being told I need to get 12 months experience even though been doing project role for few years now. He wants to apply as an office manager but has no formal qualifications but this is not a requirement on the IMMI website if you have relevant experience. Have a few questions: Is his experience relevant? How would he get recognised prior learning? Will my sister be able to sponsor him as we want to go on a 475 visa and she is willing to sponsor us. Any help appreciated
  19. hi my husband matt is going to sydney with his work i was wondering whether i would be leagal to work on my qualifications i have a nvq 2 in health and social care and was a home care manager with 30 carers who worked for me but i only did this for 6 months at managment level as i left to start my own retail business which i also nhave a level 2 in retail skills would i get a skilled visa on these qualifications???? any advice would be great thankyou xx michelle hiley i mostly dealt with the elderly in their own homes but also have various courses such as moving and handling and meds training..
  20. Hi all Your comments will be appreciated. I’m a currently a NVQ 2 qualified plumber with one year working experience. I have family in North Queensland a rural area called Innisfail. My plan is to go out there and see if I can find a company for a sponsorship. I know licensing could be a problem. I’m looking at applying for a temp license on arrival in Cairns. I will also apply for my blue card at the same time. Do you perhaps know of plumbers who have followed the same route and can you perhaps foresee any problems? Is my skill level too low and the same for my qualification? At the skills expo in London last week the vetasses rep told me I need at least two years work experience for a positive assesment however when I approached the OZ immi. stand they told me the plan could work. Your comments and advice will be appreciated. cheers Michael
  21. Hi everyone, Just realised have been ranting away and haven't even introduced us! First things first not sure we qualify as poms. OH and I are actually South African but have lived in the UK for almost 17 years so am hoping that you can all accept us as Poms!! OH is IT consultant ( don't really understand what it is he does far too technical for me.) I am a non practising barrister but I currently work for the CAB as an employment specialist as it suits my schedule with the children. We have 3 children, Andrew (almost 16), David (12) and Olivia (8). Boys take after my OH - computer geeks but they are great - not sure how they will cope with the huge amount of sport in schools but will worry about that later - tomorrow is another day! We are currently waiting for our ACS assessment to come back and as my other thread says am completely frustrated by it all - not sure how I will get through the next few hurdles - but take solace from all the messages on this fab website - wish I had found it sooner! Looking forward to maintaining my sanity through this website - costs alot less than therapy!! Nikci :jiggy:
  22. Hi, Please could someone tell me what the requirements are? When is a company allowed to sponsor? Is skills assessment still necessary? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance.
  23. Guest

    does this qualify?

    hi there, newbie here please be patient. i intend to move to australiin 2 years time i plan to process my application. im currently at university (2 years left) im 20 years old. and want to know which of these routes will work.... 1 - if i finish university with a degree, (english literate & film studies - joiny honours) i know i do not qualify for a skilled visa, but would i qualify for regional sponsored visa. 2 - if not i could do a masters in australia yeh ? which means after i finish studying i can migrate ? 3 - another option if starting up a company, if you were in contact whith a company that operated in the US and in the UK and they were keen to set up a branch in australia, would i be given entry on these grounds. if it proved that i was brining something to australia which they dont allready have ? another question is how many 12 month holiday visas are people entitled to ? any help would be most welcome. thanks, jac.
  24. Guest

    Do I Qualify

    my boyfriend & I are wanting to move to OZ. I have been looking a different web sites to get information on visa's. My boyfriend has a degree in business & has 2 years experience as an estate agent management. I have 10 years experience working in the finance industry currently doing accountancy (qualified by expereice) as i dont have any formal qualification i am worried i wont be able to get a visa. Can anyone help? :?