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Found 21 results

  1. How can people be so cruel, RIP little boy :hug: A 33-year-old man has been charged with murder after allegedly killing his three-year-old son by locking him in a washing machine and turning it on. Christophe Champenois, from Meaux, near Paris, allegedly stripped Bastien naked and shut him in the machine to punish him for a prank at nursery school - throwing a classmate's drawing down a toilet. He is then said to have run the cold cycle wash for a few minutes at their house, in the village of Germigny-l'Eveque. Bastien's five-year-old sister, Maud, told Alice's husband that it was not the first time the boy's father had put him in the washing machine as punishment. Neighbours told the newspaper that the boy had been repeatedly abused - by being locked up for hours in a cupboard and also by being left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket.
  2. Hi, Im a Brickie, but i have never put up scaffolding in all my 13 years bricklaying. I've read in the practical assessment fact sheet, one component of the assessment is erecting scaffolding, has anyone done the skills assessment who knows if thats really needed????? Lewis
  3. Well folks, I have been doing avoidance behaviour today I have to admit. We all do it to an extent I am sure, but I have been doing it more than usual today. I have a task I have to get done, my final one for a qualification I have been doing, but can't get the last thing done. No matter how much I talk to myself about it, I am not listening:laugh:oh, I just realised I am on PIO and not doing my task...again, whoops. Be kind to me...............please:biggrin:Any advice? (I've already been for a walk in the sunshine today:yes:)
  4. I really like the sound of Australia, but the exchange rate is really putting me off going. Are any of you thinking the same as me??
  5. mrsindecision

    Travel putting it all in perspective

    Hi we are just in the middle of an amazing trip to NZ via USA after returning to UK last July from QLD. It has been an amazing trip really helped to put things in perspective - I met friends in USA who live somewhere beautiful but are very poor and trapped in US ( very sad) facing a very worrying future with no security. We then hooked up with all our friends from Oz in NZ for a wedding - how beautiful is NZ - more contrast than OZ beautiful beaches - wonderful temperature ( not humid and hellish but bright warm and comfortable, The Kiwis are so much more low key than Ozzies so easy to get on with - loved it. Now in USA again - great shopping and food, but lots of homeless and begging and makes London look very well organised and clean (ish). Now near the end of the trip and looking forward to getting home to UK where the weather and greyness doesn't seem so bad. Would I live in NZ - mmm not sure - still far away and small with limited opportunity, would I live in the states - not in a month of sundays, would I go back to Oz - nah seems even more bland now - so happy to say UK is home to me and i look forward to lots more travel that I couldn't have afforded from OZ.
  6. We have a house rented for 14 months in Brisbane. I want to put my posters up in my room but obviously I can't leave marks up everywhere, and I wanna put up the new Aerosmith textile poster/flag I just spent $30 on up! Obviously I can't blu-tac it because of the material it's made of. What can I do that won't make a mark on the wall? Advice pleeeeease! Ta. :cute:
  7. Guest

    putting house on the market

    Hi everyone, well we got our police checks back all ok james has to go and see a neurologist next saturday just to confirm a couple of things nursery is going to write a letter saying that connor is making great progress and james is not diabetic which is good he has to go back to our doctor in the next couple of weeks just to clarify everything so we have been granted an extension on our medicals i don't think i have ever been this stressed, we have had the house valued and my question is when do you think we should put it on the market, our agent in oz says once medicals are all approved we should have our visa within about a month(fingers crossed), getting really scary now, just thought i would get opinions Thanks Lorna
  8. Hi there anyone who can help. After finally getting all the documents and whatnot together, I just have to organise the paperwork in some way. What is the best way of doing this? I was going for: Section 1: Application forms Certified identity docs Stat decs Police checks Section 2: Evidence of living together for 12 months Section 3: Evidence of keeping in contact during our temporary separations Section 4: Evidence of a continuing relationship- Joint travel documents Invitations to social events Can I staple things? I thought not. Are paperclips OK? Should I put it all into a folder, or just loose in an envelope? HELP!!! I'm going slightly mad! Thank you in advance
  9. tracy123

    Putting your life on hold

    Just wondering how many people have put their life on hold waiting to head to Australia or return back to England or do you not really care and continue as normal? Without going into to much detail we have known Australia was always going to be on the cards so we never worried about buying a house or fitting it out with the best furniture etc so we have saved, and managed, and made do. It's hard because we both want things but shrug our shoulders and think whats the point, I think I'm the only person in this country left with a tube television LOL But once again is it worth buying only to find out that it dosen't work in Australia? Anyway I would be interested to hear other peoples mind set. Geoffrey
  10. What is it about Australians that generates this need to put New Zealand down. I cant count the number of times that I have heard kiwis are this NZ is that from Australians, backward country, etc all because they hear my English accent and dont actually realise I am from there originally. They also do this with the English as well, bit strange really do they think they are the elite race or something. Out of Australia and New Zealand I can honestly say, New Zealand is a nicer country with cleaner air and nicer people which is why I am heading that way. Ozzies give it a rest will you.
  11. cartertucker

    Putting together a CV...please help!

    Hi Guys, Im putting together a CV for my husband & I havent done this for some years, so would really appreciate some advice Also I have heard that you should mayby 'Australianise' your CV....What are you opinions of this? :unsure: Any help will be so very gratefully recieved, many thanks, in advance :cute:
  12. Hi. It is my grans birthday next month so I thought that it might be nice to send her some pics and camcorder footage of our daughters and where we are living. She has a dvd player, so if I copy photos and camcorder footage from my laptop on to a dvd, will she be able to look at the photos on the dvd player/tv? We have a blu-ray thing so I'm not sure that if I test the theory on ours, it will work on hers. She doesn't have access to a computer very often and I don't want to send her a useless birthday present that she can't look at. Cheers!
  13. Guest

    Putting migration to the test

    From the Sydney Morning Herald 13/02/09 Putting migration to the test Michael Pascoe February 13, 2009 - 7:24AM The latest labour force numbers primarily demonstrate that these statistics swing so much from month to month as to make their finer detail dubious. Secondly, they show our employers mostly are hanging in there, that the regular headlines about large redundancies by individual companies weren't really telling the story last month. And thirdly, they hint at the missing leg in official policy action to mitigate unemployment: immigration. The 2008-09 migration numbers were set back in the May budget, an increase of 20% in the official immigration program to 190,300 souls with another 160,000 or so not officially counted - some 350,000 people. In case you've forgotten, in May 2008 Australia's biggest problem was a labor and skills shortage, Canberra was wallowing in a resources-fuelled surplus, inflation was a dire threat and the RBA's most recent action was to increase its cash rate to 7.25%. Entirely reasonable opinion at the time was that the Reserve Bank had done flirting with the idea that we could have relatively low interest rates and unemployment in the 4% to 5% band. Nine months later, monetary and fiscal policy have been turned on their heads, the RBA cash rate has been slashed to 3.25%, the budget is in deep deficit and still diving, rising unemployment is the key political issue - and there's been no change in immigration policy and there won't be a change in official arrival numbers for at least five months. In some ways this is a good thing, in some ways perhaps not. Educational theft At the top level, thanks to the chronic-bordering-on-criminal underinvestment in education and training by successive Australian government at all levels, the nation still faces a skills shortage despite rising unemployment. Thus we gain from stealing the educational investments made by other countries. Even at the unskilled level, our unemployment safety net, the unemployable nature of many of those on social welfare and the rigorous nature of the work for not much money means we have to rely on backpackers and specially imported south-sea islanders to harvest our crops. Business, of course, is keen to keep the migration pipe open - nothing like the availability of foreign workers to help keep a lid on wages. And immigration stimulates the economy more broadly with migrants' extra demand for goods and services. On the other hand, the optimistic official forecast is for unemployment to rise to 7% with the suggested number of extra unemployed pretty much matching the present annual gross inflow. To recap our current boom-time, inflation-fighting, labor-shortage migration policy: the official immigration intake this financial year is for 133,500 skilled migrants, 56,500 family migrants (mainly spouses), 13,500 humanitarian places and 300 special cases. Kiwi influx Not counted as part of the program is Kiwi migration. Some 34,491 New Zealand citizens settled here in 2007-08 and migration over the ditch was running at much the same rate - 17,116 - for the first half of this financial year. And there were a further 1,428 people in an unspecified ''other non-program'' category in 07-08. Also not counted as part of the migration program but with obvious importance to the labor market are the sub-section 457 guest worker visas - 110,570 of them in 07-08, 58,820 in the six months to December 31. The softer economy seems to have made a difference in January though, with primary 457 visa cases lodged, down by about 20% from both December and January 2008. One part of the system then is economically sensitive and might provide a better guide to the labor market than the official statistics. The corollary of January's 20% downturn is that applications actually held up remarkably strongly - a significant number of employers still wanted labor enough to go through the extra hassles involved in importing guest workers. Or you might think it's further condemnation of uniformly useless state and federal governments and their inability to educate and train locals that, even with unemployment rising, employers can't find Australians with appropriate qualifications, skills or attitudes. State leads And the biggest single employer of 457 primary visa applicants is government - 9.5% of the December half intake. That's mainly a reflection of understaffed health systems around the country - 14.5% were classed in the ''health care and social assistance'' sector with 8.8% specifically nurses and doctors. (As an aside, it's symptomatic of the rubbish masquerading as the NSW government that while Australia struggles to import nurses, Macquarie Street has trouble deciding which department, if any, might pay for nurses' training. And it's an indictment of all our governments that many thousands of bright young Australians have been turned away from medical schools over the past 30 years and now we're raiding developing countries for their medicos.) Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have a Federal Government scrambling for an economic stimulus package without really understanding the current jobs market or its challenges over the next few years. Nobody does. The nature of much employment in Australia has changed dramatically since the last recession through an explosion of contracting, casualisation, demographic changes and a greater use of technology - never mind that now there's a barista on every other corner and two in office lobbies. Lowy's lobby The one constant seems to be a concentration on shop assistants as an economic guide, or maybe that's just a reflection of Frank Lowy's amazing lobbying power. (''You know something, I'm announcing a $42 billion stimulus package but the only economic impact I'm going mention about the global recession is how Westfield is fairing overseas - and I probably don't know if they're still pushing up rents and tossing small shopkeepers out onto the street here.'') Consequently, both the $10.4 billion Ruddmas bonanza and a large whack of whatever comes out of the Senate today is all about short-term fixes to keep people spending money in Westfield malls. Such a concentration of effort says Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan are remarkably optimistic souls, believing that the global recession will be short lived and they just have to keep the local tills jingling for a few months and all will be OK. I hope they're right, but that would be a minority view that would require a very brave minister to base policy on it. Better to assume that life is going to be difficult for a bit longer and concentrate the stimulus dollar on avenues that contain an element of investment in future productivity as well as spending - maybe student nurses and med students, for example, instead of just scattergun middle class welfare and Pink Batts. Student detention If we are facing a tough job market for school leavers and new tertiary graduates, maybe it's best to pay to keep them out of that market by removing all up-front tertiary fees and making post-graduate study free. Just a suggestion. And it is not cynical but simply realistic and reasonable to include the cost of rebuilding the Victorian disaster zones as part of the announced $42 billion spend, cutting back on other areas. Pink Batts again come to mind. Ditto the far North Queensland repair bill. And maybe, if you're serious about an economic crisis, you wouldn't wait until July before facing up to the tricky immigration policy issue. (Immigration numbers above were all gross, making no allowance for Australians departing the country, but also making no allowance for the stories of Aussie expats returning as the winds blow colder overseas.) Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor
  14. Just wanted to get a general idea of how long it took everyone to receive their tax refunds, thanks and clicks for all replies :hug:
  15. Hi, My family, me Julie, husband John, two girls Anna, Catherine arrived, feb 08 from County Durham. Anna's in local public school for 2 and half terms now. She doesn't seem happy and isn't progressing as we would like. Have to pay another $A4500 in december so thinking about independent school as we just need her to be happy. don't mind if fees are higher ,want value for money. Her Kindy class teacher absent 50% of last term and so far this term, didn't help her to get to know school, left her alone in playground after recess on first day, forgot her. she is also youngest, late june birthday. I know I'm probably just panicy mum.!!! Would appreciate any info people have on independent schools anywhere epping/penant hills, baulkham hills areas,west sydney in general. renting here so happy to move close to good school. We are intending to stay in aus until Anna is 11 then probably going back to uk. hopefully!!!!!! Thanks Julie
  16. I've been looking on the internet but I can't find any information on where to go to get medicals done. I'm sure I'm probably just not looking in the right place but if someone could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful. Also, ages ago I read where it said what order to put your application together in for a defacto visa but now I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help. Thanks
  17. For everybody about to come out to oz, a small tip for you, this is something that made me laugh when i first got here. The bin men over here pick up your rubbish with a crane thingy on the back of their truck, so if your bins aren't positioned correctly outside your house then they won't be emptied. Don't know if this applies all over oz but it does apply for us in Queensland. eddie :idea:
  18. Hi Has anyone had a pool put in, is it a lot of aggro and is it expensive? I know it'll depend on surround and size, but just a rough idea, not olympic sized but not standing shoulder to shoulder if the whole family decide to dip at once!!!!!!! Also, can anyone recommend a website where I can have a look? Cheers Sheena
  19. Hi guys! Having found a place to call home for the next 12 months now I thought I'd put out a feeler for either: - a coffee morning meet, somewhere in town most probably - tea and a movie (Hoyts and GV do cheap tickets on Tuesdays) Think the coffee morning would be logistically easier but the tea and movie might be good for those that can't make the morning coffee? Anyway, I'll suggest something once (or should I say if? *sniffs*) I get back replies.
  20. might seem like a really stupid question - but our grant letter did not have the attachment with it. Do we just send the passports with a copy of the grant letter to australia house in London? thank you debbie
  21. Hi All Just waiting for the estate agent to come and take details of the house this morning. Are medicals have finally gone off now (after CT scans were lost in the post - typical Ryder luck!). So we are just waiting for the final email..... With bated breath........... CANT WAIT Jen & Dave & Caitlyn (Scooby and Herbie)