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Found 13 results

  1. I'm setting up to buy a home, and have 16-20% saved up for the homes within my purchase range (160-200k). However, I also have about 45k in student loans and 11k of car loans left. The car loan has 7.99% fixed interest; the student loans have a variable interest that dropped to something like 3.5% due to the economy. My question is "should I refinance my student or car or both loans to get better terms before applying for a home loan, and how long should I wait after refinancing before applying for a home loan?" I know large purchases hurt you when getting a home loan, but I heard from a coworker that refinancing can actually help since it closes a current loan, even though it opens a new one.

    Car hire & then purchase of one

    Evening We arrive in Melbourne mid August & looking to hire a car from the airport for about a week, maybe 2. Can anyone recommend a hire firm . Also we will be living Sunbury/Gisborne way, can anyone recommend a car sales lot, thanks
  3. Hi We will be moving to Mandurah as new residents. Does anyone know if we will qualify for a discount in stamp duty on the purchase of the house as we will be first time buyers in Australia? Many thanks
  4. Guest

    Do I purchase this or not?!!

    :biggrin::laugh: The Snazzy Napper - It's the SNAZZY way to sleep while you travel! Have we discovered the merits of "the Snazzy Napper" from our Muslim sisters?
  5. Good afternoon to you, My son, his wife and children are currently awaiting their visa to emigrate to Perth. As he is our only child we are wanting to emigrate also. My husband is 63 and I am 58 years old, and we have been told after several enquiries that we would have to wait for about 10+ years before we can emigrate under parent visa. Hence the contributory Parent Visa. First of all how much will it cost us going on a Contributory Parent Visa and how long will we have to wait to apply once our son has got his visa. Secondly we would like to purchase a house when we eventually get to Australia, how long will we have to wait and will we be entitled to claim first time buyer assistance of $7k. Will we be able to get a small mortgage if necessary, we both have occupational pensions and state pension from July 2011. Many thanks
  6. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Hello all, The GBP continues to perform dismally against the AUD. The Australian dollar opens this week at a one year high against the US dollar. Although the UK pound has picked up a bit of ground this year against the US currency, it has not done so at the same pace as the high flying Australian dollar. The pounds 13 year low against the AUD looks likely to extend itself over the coming months. Australia is showing signs it is coming out of recession. “The lucky country” has also got all those commodity reserves waiting to be mined as the “waking giant” China gets itself back on its feet. In contrast, the UK economy is going to take a lot more time to recover and meanwhile, news out of the UK hasn’t inspired investors to leap into their currency. Limit orders to take advantage of small spikes in the market could be your best option if needing to transfer in the not too distant future. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.9492 Low: 1.9341 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.9400 Low: 1.9100 Talk to your currency provider today about how to best manage your currency needs. Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  7. Hi, Seeing that many members have bought homes since arriving I thought maybe some of you could suggest any building inspectors you have actually used and found to be thorough and qualified. One of my customers asked me for a recommendation and unfortunately the ones I have seen have not been thorough and certainly they were not actual builders. I would be interested in any suggestions of pre purchase inspectors (actual retired builders preferably) in Sydney. Thank you.
  8. Guest

    Essential Purchase

    Hi Just thought I would suggest a purchase if you can afford it. We spent 150.00GBP on a Shinco Sat Nav in Singapore. The 'Lady' was one of the best things we have ever bought. Apart from a few false starts trying to take us onto the Eastlink Freeway in Melbourne which hasnt opened yet she is brilliant. Its great being able to drive where you want and explore down a road knowing she can get you back on track. She gets us to within 10 mtrs of a street number and you can browse through a list of places of interest including shops and petrol stations and pick one knowing how far away it is. We love the lady - I know not everyone will be able to afford it but if you possibly can - do it. It has made being in a new country so much easier. cheers Helen
  9. How much are costs when it comes to buying in Oz? Do they have stuff like stamp duty or any other hidden charges?? Is it cheaper to buy land than houses??? Do costs vary from state to state???? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, Myself and my family (fiance,3y old son & 5y old Daughter) are in the final stages of our visa application and are just awaiting the actual visa case number to come through, so it shouldn't be too long before we leave rainy Dublin for the sunny shores of Sydney, we were wondering if anyone out there has had any experience in purchasing land (we are looking around the east Hills area, as far east as Pymble and north as Hornsby) and getting a house built through one of the established House Build companys such as AV Jennings. Also we'd appreciate it if anyone could point us in the right direction to which area's might be the best ones to settle down with two young kids. Thanks
  11. stacybird123

    stamp duty on house purchase

    hi im just back from visiting the sunshine and gold coast...........i want to buy a house and land package for $519,500.........I would prefer an older style house but found out that because i have not got my visa yet i can only buy house and land only. Anyway ill have my visa in around 9 months and was wondering can i back date my first home owners grant once i have my visa?..........also how much stamp duty will i pay on $519,500?.............. many thanks for those who can help jason
  12. Guest

    Home Purchase

    I was wondering if some of you who have made the big move over to Oz can share your experiences of buying or building your home over there. What I’m looking at is the benefits I’m told you can receive as a first time buyer in Oz. I’m told, you can receive a Grant of around $5,000 - 10,000 and stamp duty is wavered. This applies even if you have owned your home in the UK. :yes: This sounds very encouraging if true. I’m aware of the difference the type of visa makes to buying property, i.e permanent residency (old or new) but hopefully on a permanent visa, this grant idea seems a generous offering don’t you think.? The favourable terms I talk about above only apply in certain states, does anyone know which states.?
  13. Bit of a strange one this, but just wondering if the thought had occurred to anyone else. With interest rates in Australia being as they are, my husband suggested that we might be able to raise money in the UK to cover the small mortgage we will need in Oz, either through a homeowner loan (now there are all sorts of implications such as selling this house that such a loan would be secured on etc etc...) or even if there are any companies in the UK that do this sort of mortgage. My guess is that you'd have to be a UK resident still to get a foreign mortgage via a UK company. Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts?