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Found 10 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Puppy Farms in Victoria

    This is the best news I have heard in a long time, now lets hope other states, countries follow suit.:notworthy: MASSIVE new fines, jail terms and unprecedented powers to shut down illegal puppy farms will be introduced in Victoria in a crackdown on animal cruelty. Premier Ted Baillieu will announce the toughest dog and cat laws in Australia today, with legislation to be introduced in State Parliament next week. "We are not going to tolerate cruelty to animals," he told the Sunday Herald Sun. The new legislation - to take effect this year - will include powers to seize the assets, property and profits of people operating illegal puppy farms, fines of up to $146,000, 10-year bans on people owning a pet if they are found guilty of animal cruelty and strict jail terms for unlawful breeders. RSPCA and council inspectors will also be given new policing and confiscation powers and a $1.6 million Animal Welfare Fund will be created through money raised by the sale of confiscated assets. Maximum penalties for illegal puppy farms will rise by more than $18,000 and penalties for operators who commit acts of cruelty will be doubled to $30,000. Individual breeders will also face penalties of up to $30,000 and 12 months' prison and fines of up to $60,000 and two years' jail for aggravated cruelty. Corporate businesses busted under the new regime will be slapped with fines between $73,300 and $146,688. Mr Baillieu said the laws had been drafted in response to puppy farms found in Victoria where dogs had been kept in cages, tied up for days and carcasses left to rot. He said the far-reaching action would send a clear message to dodgy operators that they faced massive fines, loss of assets and imprisonment as well as having farms shut down. "These are some of the strongest laws ever introduced to protect animals from abuse and neglect." The new laws build on a Coalition commitment to smash illegal puppy-breeding rings following several public protests in favour of harsher penalties. In another major shake-up, it will become compulsory for every dog and cat sold in Victoria to be implanted with a unique microchip number that must be quoted in advertisements and at points of sale. A new offence will be created to punish breeding houses not using the technology and fines will apply to any pet store, farm or individual caught selling a cat or dog without the chip, putting the onus on the seller rather than the buyer. Industry sources said the crackdown could lead to a shortage in puppy numbers and potentially push up the price of pets. The Government concedes the clampdown could raise puppy prices slightly at pet stores but believes the public will be happy paying a little extra if it means knowing that their dog has not be treated cruelly. Mr Baillieu, who has three pet dogs, said he was determined to make operators accountable for the welfare of animals in their care. "I have been touched by the passion in the community on this issue and the efforts of so many who have written to me," he said. "As a dog owner, I am appalled by images I have seen of abused and helpless animals." It is not known how many illegal puppy farms exist in Victoria but there are 64 approved breeding houses where an average of 45 dogs each breed a litter of six each year.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Breeder Fined $5000 for selling a sick puppy

    This is a real tough one as we don't know all the facts, but as a breeder if one of your animals gets ill it is courteous to either offer the family a refund or replace with another. As it's a back yard breeder and this case has gone to court and ruled in the pet owners favour I have no sympathy BUT when do a breeders (I'm talking a genuine breeder) obligations end. Parvo is a terrible disease and in all fairness this breeder may not have known that the pup had parvo as the incubation period can be 4 - 14 days. Here is the article for anyone interested. I think the main thing is that this gorgeous puppy is well and alive. A COURTROOM battle over a sick puppy named Eddie has cost a backyard dog breeder more than $5000. Fay Armstrong was ordered to pay damages over the dog she sold to a customer after it became ill. She appealed the decision but this week the District Court threw out her bid to have it overturned and also ordered her to pay additional legal costs. Ms Armstrong, 57, this year became the first person forced to sign a declaration to never sell diseased animals following numerous complaints about her breeding operation. The landmark legal action was lodged by Consumer Protection. Last year, Ms Armstrong was told she would have to compensate Fiona Schneider for the money she spent on Eddie and for the distress the sale caused. In 2008, Ms Schneider bought the golden retriever pup from Ms Armstrong, who claimed the dog was a pure bred and had been vaccinated. But a few days after the sale, the canine became sick and required substantial veterinary care. It had contracted parvovirus. Ms Schneider told PerthNow she had launched the legal action after Ms Armstrong refused to take any responsibility for Eddie's condition and also refused to pay half the medical bills. In November 2010, a magistrate ordered Ms Armstrong pay $4779.19 in damages. However, she appealed the decision. This week, District Court judge John Wisbey dismissed the application and ordered she pay additional legal costs. Ms Schneider said she was pleased with the latest ruling but feared the battle may not be over. She explained that in court the 57-year-old threatened to take the matter to the Supreme Court. "I understand why people don't want to take legal action in cases like this," Ms Schneider said. "This has gone on for three years. I am still trying to get the original costs. "But I did it because I just felt I had to stand up to her and I didn't want this to happen to anyone else. "If she had of agreed to pay half the medical bills I probably would have left it but she dug her heels in and I felt she shouldn't be allowed to get away with this."
  3. Guest

    Puppy farming in Australia

    News article about the campaign to ban puppy farming and pet shops selling pups/dogs. http://www.news.com.au/national/where-did-your-puppy-come-from/story-e6frfkvr-1226133457010 It is tragic how many people buy a pup on a whim or from an ad on Gumtree or the paper and have no idea where the dog actually came from. There are many puppy farmers who use front houses for people to go see the pups in. The person pretending to sell them isn't really, they are just a front to give the picture a more favourable appearance. I do hope that the sale of pups and dogs (and cats and kittens) in pet shops is regulated in the future. Or banned. Being a volunteer for a couple of dog rescues I know only too well the sad result of puppy farming and the number of people who fall into the trap of buying a pup from one of them. Most have no clue and some sadly don't care.
  4. andy228

    Bringing our puppy to Australia

    Hi all! I'm at a bit of a dilemma. Got a job through a sponsored visa, decent relocation package and all that jazz. But, I have a 5 month old siberian husky puppy and I'm finding it hard what to do with the little one. I really don't know what to do, it's looking at roughly £3.5k to take her to oz, and I just don't have that much spare cash lying around. I don't want to leave her as she has her own personality already and I see her as one of the family. I'm also worried that by the time we head over (hopefully october) that she would struggle to cope with the warm weather. Don't know what to do :confused:
  5. Guest

    Help ,is my puppy mental ?

    The mutt has taken to chasing shadows all the time ,is this right ? Is this a sign of any thing ? :wubclub:
  6. Guest

    Puppy schools ?

    Are they for gay boys ? I am a man sure i can sort out a little puppy :unsure: Are they good for dogs :idea: Ours is a wild one ,but we love the little bugger ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, purebread btw...............
  7. andromeda9

    bringing puppy over?

    can anyone advise me please the best way to transport a puppy from Manchester to Brisbane, including the approx cost, contact numbers would be appreciated regards Lynda
  8. Hi guys looking for a home for my puppy niko she is around 4 months old white and brown, cross greyhound/ terrier. She is great with the kids and has a really good nature. Have to give her away as my real estate agent is not allowing us to have a dog:no:. We live in Drewvale on the southside near browns plains. If you re interested phone 0406661195 need a new home asap Louise
  9. Guest

    choc labrador puppy

    6 months old pedigree chocolate labrador for sale house trained had her 2 injections and loveable loyal super friendly gorgeous family pet, please pm me if your interested she is going in the papers next week $850 in need of a family who can spend the time and give her all the love she needs lesley x
  10. Guest

    Importing a puppy from the UK

    Hi, I hope I can ask a few questions even if I am not a 'pom' :-) ? I am German and came to Australia, more exactly to Brisbane, about 6 years ago. The reason for searching info on this forum is that I'd like to import a puppy from the UK to Australia. And so I thought there might be someone here who has done that and could probably help with advice, tips, recommendations? So far I already got the "all clear" from customs - as this breed does not yet exist in Oz. I also got the paperwork from Aqis and now am looking for a good pet travel agency that still is half way affordable ;-) Thanks for your help. Cheers Siska