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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all myself and my partner arived in Queensland in the first week in October. We have moved to ferny Hills and really like the house and the area apart from what seems a distinct lack of anywhere social! We decided to go out for a drink on the first Sat night that we were here as we needed to pull ourselves away from the never ending unpacking for a couple of hours, We drove through the suburbs and kept thinking that we would find somewhere any minute but drove all the way through to the city without finding anything!! We had a drink at one place in the city and then drove home to vodka in the kitchen!! Anyway we know that there must be stuff out there but it seems that the suburbs are very quiet and as we are on our own it would be nice to find a few places where we could possibly begin to make friends and socialise a little. So if anyone knows of anywhere nice to go for a drink or a meal in our area we would be grateful for any information. Or if there are any social events that we could take part in please let us know, Thanks in advance, Kath and Gordon 45 and 46 and not dead yet!!:cute:
  2. Guest

    Where to live in Ballarat?

    Does anyone know of any good, family friendly suburbs in Ballarat, and hopefully has a pub nearby too,
  3. Guest

    Any scottish Pubs in Brisbane

    Is there any Scottish bars in Brisbane , ohh will they show the football ?
  4. rockola57

    Why are there no Pubs nearby?

    Hiya,well considering the Aussies embrace much that is quintessentially British there is one glaring omission in most Suburbs,and most of us live in the Suburbs,as the CBDs are way too expensive.Thing is,i ,and many of my mates like to go out for a drink or ten locally,BUT this is not possible here,unless we travel a large distance to enjoy more than one Hostelry.There is one a few kms away from here(which is really quite crap)but then after that you are talking distance!!!!Must be heaven to live in a pub laden enclave here.::cry:wink:
  5. RobertBurns

    pubs in sydney

    What pubs would sydney folk recommend for a couple of drinks before heading out in the city center ish.. Dont really know anywhere decent in the city to be honest.. Home Bar in darling harbour any good?
  6. paulhug

    world cup pubs

    does anyone know of any pubs showing the England matches live, around the sunshine coast?
  7. pez2008

    Food + Pubs.

    Hi all. We live in Highton, can anyone recommend any pubs or restaurants in and around the Highton, Geelong area. Can be just a nice pub/pokie for a quiet beer after work and a nice pub that does bar food. Also looking for restaurants, maybe posher ones for special occasions and cheaper ones for all the family. Also does anyone know of any pubs with kid friendly beer gardens. Cheers Pez & Sarn.
  8. For everyone looking for some English sweets, crips, drinks and much more, check out these. Shops that sell English food, drinks and more www.treatsfromhome.com.au (there's one in Melbourne and Sydney) http://www.oldvillagelollies.com in Yarraville, Vic The Original Lolly Store in Melbourne Central http://www.melbournecentral.com.au/storelist.aspx?urlkey=store_directory#S-W Pubs in Victoria Pig & Whistle Tavern: citysearch The Bended Elbow Geelong The North Britain Hotel :cute: Enjoy !
  9. Guest

    Any cheap pubs in Brisbane...

    Hi Been in Brissie for 1 week now and cant find a cheap booza! We're based in Spring Hill & I realise it's City prices and all that but is there anywhere people can recommend that is cheaper or offers cheap drinks offers/deals? Thinking of moving to Toowong, is eating out & drinking reasonable in that area? Any help appreciated. Thanks Scott
  10. Guest

    Football Pubs

    i Have been told that there is a pub in melbourne where all the english people meet with their teams football shirts on, where is it and is it true as they also record premier football and show it on the large screens Many Thanks Charlton Boy
  11. I've got a rello here staying in central Brisbane and need to meet them today but have to take the wife and kids. I need a pub with a kids area quick. PLEASE HELP
  12. THROWN OUT OF PUBS FOR SINGING... By Desmond Zwar Nine English soccer players, who used to be regularly tossed out of Melbourne pubs for singing too boisterously, are now Number 10 on the Australian pop charts and will launch a CD in Britain for Christmas. In a mad series of lucky breaks The Music Men (as they now call themselves) have stumbled from pub pavement to 11 live stage and TV performances in a week. Their first CD sold 15,000 copies in a month. Their television commercial has become one of Australia's best-loved. 'And we are still mates,' marvels curly-topped David Brooks, 41, their leader. His voice croaking with weariness, ex-Bury star David is juggling night stage performances, a day job as a sales manager, football training with the Melbourne team he plays for and coaches. And making another CD single. It all started in the "poob". 'I came out to Australia in 1981 on a three-year sporting visa. It allowed me to play with the Melbourne team for three years and then decide to go back or apply for residency. 'I was a bit lonely, like, and when I went for a jar after the game I met other English soccer players. I hadn't known a soul when I arrived. We had a few drinks and became friends and talked about what a great place this Melbourne was. We were on a three-year holiday!' Then one jar at the Windsor Castle in suburban Windsor led to another.. 'And we started a singalong. I had this routine.' Juventas team star, Sean Lane, remembers: 'We'd had our mandatory whinge, then Brooksey would feel a song coming on. "I am the Music Man! I can play the..." It's a schoolkids' song that goes :"I can play the piccolo, or the piano, or whatever." 'But Brooksy changed it to "I can do the Groucho Marx", and we'd all horse about doing Groucho, or Gladstone Small or Malcolm Fraser (ex-Australian Prime Minister). "Brooksy", curly-haired and cheery face in a perpetual grin, takes up the story... 'Inevitably they'd throw us out of the pub. Then one night we saw a segment called "Red Faces" on a television show. It was a spot where appalling amateur entertainers came on and had the mickey taken out of them.' The Music Men decided to go on for a bit of a laugh. Dressed sombrely in suits, but wearing Groucho specs and noses, they "played the Groucho Marx." They were a sensation. The host was so amazed he scored them an unheard-of nine. But that was that. Until a high-powered advertising agency creative director lowered himself into his First Class Qantas seat on a flight from Auckland to Sydney. He had an important client: Toohey's beer, and he was planning a campaign. The television show, "Hey, Hey It's Saturday," had made a video of the best and worst of its Red Faces segment and Qantas had bought it. There, up on the in-flight screen were the Music Men. 'The advertising man suddenly called out "YES!", said David, 'probably startling the other passengers. We were just right for his commercial.' But there was a snag. No agent the ad-man called when he landed in Australia, had ever heard of the Music Men. Then Saatchi & Saatchi, in desperation, called a casting agent. 'Wait a minute,' he said, 'I once met this crazy guy in a pub and he gave me his card...' Said Dave: 'Thank goodness he'd kept it!' The rest is now dizzy history. Saatchi & Saatchi made the commercial: the football team being told to have an early night...Dave doing the "I am the Sherlock Holmes" as he raids the refrigerator for a Toohey's Gold during the night.' 'It gave us huge exposure, but when the money was divided into 10, not a huge fortune. We'd by now got an agent and we were inundated with television and stage offers. Then Mushroom Records approached us to make a CD before last Christmas and it quickly sold 15,000. 'We have been on tour around Australia and average two functions a week. We brought out another CD a month ago and cut a single called "I am a football fan", which was launched before the Australian Rules grand final. In its third week on the charts it reached Number 10. We've been on all the television shows and in the week before the Grand Final did 11 performances.' The hectic pace has been too much for two of the original music men trying to juggle sales jobs with fame. They've dropped out. Why has the success been so phenomenal? 'It's about having a go, having a drink or two, sport and taking the mickey,' explains David. 'All of which the Aussies really enjoy. 'Now we're doing our thing on English soccer players for the UK CD market. What happens with that nobody knows...'
  13. Guest

    ex pat pubs

    hi there everyone was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any ex pat pubs in perth where they show english football ?? in perth next week and dont want to miss semi finals of champions league !! cheers dudes.
  14. Howdo all, Arriving in Brisbane Mid June. Pretty scared, I have to admit. On partners visa, girlfriend is from Brisbane. Will be living in New Farm/Valley. Financial Adviser (Mortgages) here in London. From Nottingham originally. Very keen to get my own network of friends etc as don't want to be reliant entirely on g/f. Watching football in middle of night is gonna be strange. How does that work ?? Are pubs open etc ?? Any advice etc greatly appreciated. In a bit .........