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Found 13 results

  1. Kenneth

    Skilled Visa Psychology

    Hi everybody! Since I studied in Australia for half a year I have the desire to move there. The last couple of years I studied psychology in my home country Belgium and before I get assessed by the APS I would like to know what my changes are for getting accredited. I will outline my trajectory to give you guys an idea of my situation: 2012 - 2016 (4 years of studying, including half a year in Australia at UTS): studied Bachelor and Master in Communication Sciences 2017 (februari) - 2019 (1,5 years of studying): Preparation program in Psychology (in Belgium it is possible to obtain the bachelor in psychology after communication sciences by doing a preparation program) 2019-2021 (2 years of studying): Masters in psychology which included 1000 hours of supervised practice with 70% of client focused work I'm accredited in my home country now and already working a couple of months as a clinical psychologist. In total I studied around 7,5 years, but I might not have enough supervised experience. Hope some of you can help me! Thanks a lot! :) 2021-Pathways-to-Registration.pdf
  2. Hi, We are Lee and Fiona, new to this blog and currently in Maidstone UK but we have been granted Family Sponsored Visas for Regional NSW, so basically we have the whole state we can live/work in, but not Sydney itself. Fiona is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience and would like some sort of lead on finding a job before we move out. We are looking Woolongong/Illawarra region ideally, but would also be happy Newcastle/Central Coast etc. We are happy to go where work is most available. Does anyone in any of these regions have any advice/details of recruiters/companies she could get in touch with? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hey everyone, just trying to find people that been through a similar situation or has any advice. I've received the response from APS for a psychology skill assessment and it was recognised only 5 years (6 years is the requirement for a positive skill assessment). They considered only 1 year of my Master, even though it was a full-time 2-year program in Europe (like 90% of the Masters in Europe). According to APS, they only recognised 1 year because my Master required 500h of practice, and APS says the Master must require 1000h of practice in order for them to recognise the full 2 years. I find this very unreasonable, especially because I have 2 years of experience post degree. Please, does anyone have any advice or experience to share?
  4. RMiles

    Psychology 189 Visa

    Hi all, I have two questions regarding my psychology qualifications. Firstly I understand I’ll get 15 points for my BSc (Hons) in Psychology as “A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor qualification, from another educational institution that is of a recognised standard”. Would I also get a further 10 points for my MSc in Forensic Psychology as an “award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation” ? If so, it would be the difference between 65 and 75 points on my application. Secondly has anyone had any experience of having their assessment done by the APS and do you know how many years of Australian study a BSc (Hons) and an MSc masters equate to? I need the equivalent of 6 years of Australian study to qualify. Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hey all! Very new here and trying to, but ultimately failing, settle back in the UK after two years working holiday in Australia. Though I would have been kicked out of the country in September anyway, I did come back here to start my MSc in Forensic Psychology with the goal of being able to apply for skilled independent visa at the end of it. Not sure where my head was at when I figured this would work but after three days religious researching, it seems I am highly unlikely to even be considered if I don't have sufficient work experience, even though I have a 2:1 with honours and will hopefully have my MSc degree at the end of September. There is no question about moving to Australia. It is now considered home and my New Zealand boyfriend of a year (why could he not have been an Aussie?!) resides there, so I have to go back! My question therefore is whether I proceed with my original plan and apply for skilled independent, taking the IELTS test to gain extra points and trying to get experience during my MSc, or whether to take on another masters in Australia focusing on professional psychology which would then give me another year of experience before I could apply for general registration in Aus. Seems like a hell of a lot of work and with a loan being taken out for my MSc this year, another 50,000 pounds to study in Australia seems to be something that I can only see in my dreams. Even if I did go this route, would it even be possible for me to stay after my degree is finished? Would I find employers to sponsor me for residence? I'm feeling very stuck and very lonely over here with my partner on the other side of the world, so any help or advice would be incredibly useful! Thanks all :unsure:
  6. Guest


    A husband and wife were sitting watching a TV program about psychology when he turned to his wife and said. "Honey, I bet you can't tell me something that will make me happy and sad at the same time." She replied. "You have a bigger dick than all your mates."
  7. hello, I wonder how this demand of professionals specifically in the area of community psychology and sports psychology, already searched but not found much. I appreciate any help.
  8. Hi Guys, been reading the childcare debate and got me thinking. Nowadays new mums and dads have a lot of literature available to them about parenting--there are books for mums, for dads, for terrible two's , teething troubles, adolescence, disciplining and psycholgy etc etc etc. cant say I am a fan of them but occasionally skim a few pages when I come across them. SO just wondering if we are any better parents than our parents or our grand parents or even their parents were. Does molly coddling/ no caning/ positve reinforcement etc etc strategies really make our kids better people? This forum has a wide age range of subscribers so it would be interesting if you could share your expereinces --both as a kid and as a parent about parenting styles. To make it interesting also give your age range if you may--e.g (10-19, 20-29,30-39.40-49 etc etc)
  9. Guest

    Would I be eligible?

    Hi folks, I am just looking for some advice really. I have just finished a 4 year uni course where I gained a BA hons in psychology. I have work experience working with people with special needs but would like to come to Oz to work as a psychology assistant and maybe continue my studies to gain my PhD and continue my career as a psychologist. I have relatives in Perth and have sat a mock visa questionnaire to find out if we had enough points to come over, the we being my wife and daughter. Apparently I have enough points, my question for now is, how accurate are these questionnaires? It was from the migration expert website if that makes a difference. I have always wanted to move to Oz as there is no prospects for my daughter here. I would also be grateful for advice on where to look for employers, if any, who may sponser. I apologise if I sound as if Im rambling, my head if full of web pages and information overload lol. And then I found this site that may be able to steer me in the right direction instead of me going around in circles Thank you in advance for any advice at all. As you may already have worked out, I am just starting on this journey that hopefully will end up with me in Oz Gary
  10. Occupational Therapy which is also known as OT, is mainly Focused on the ability to understand the physical and mental disabilities of a person. By this a patients will improve there motor function and reasoning abilities. This program is very useful how can enjoy working with peoples and help them to solve there problems... As part of OT, therapies examine and understand the patient condition thoroughly before designing treatment plans. Thereon treatment plans are created and these are implemented through aides and assistants. The applications of OT are enormous. An example is working with developmentally challenged children or those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Source:-PsychologySchoolsU.com
  11. This time next year I will either have my upper 2:1 or 1st in Psychology in the UK. I plan on a PhD if I get the first but will apply also if I get the upper 2:1, and if that fails go on and study a Msc in applied behaviour. My question is; What kinda of jobs can I apply for using only my honours degree. I seen a jobs website that looked for councillors and psychologists and the only qualification was a degree, much to my surprise; as in the UK one has to have a clinical PhD which is stunningly hard to get into. And heres a hypothetical question: If you were me in my shoes (ignoring all other factors, family etc) and looking to emigrate, would you go to further education as I plan or head off with just my degree? kind regards D.
  12. Guest


    I am thinking about taking Psychology at university, most probably Clinical Psychology and maybe, later on, Child Psychology.. I was just hoping someone could give me some of their experience and advice, and maybe tell me more about it as a career. :wink: I would really appreciate it, as I'm a lost soul at the moment. Thanks.
  13. Hi All After getting over the shock of hubbys occ ( Systems Architect / IT manger ) dropping off the MODL list and us losing 20 points, we have regrouped and decided to take the ELTS test which will bring us back up to 115 points. We have looked at State sponsorship but only Victoria has him on their priority list. We will go down that roue if we need to but if I can get the 5 spouse points it will give us the 120 and open more options to us. The problem is I changed jobs a couple of years ago. After 18 years in the Civil Service I started working at a high school supporting teenagers with Educational / Emotional and Social Problems. I have a diploma in Child Psychology. Could anyone please advise how or if I can apply for the extra 5 points as I am not sure where my job is on the list / if I need a full skills assestment and if so who does it? Many, Many thanks for any help. Jen