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Found 38 results

  1. ravimodiz

    South Australia

    Generally to which places in South Australia, an immigrant is Invited for Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) ?
  2. villainrage

    489 Visa Question

    Hello, So after a few months I finally got a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489). However, I've been having difficulty finding work due to my lack of local experience. I have a relative who might be willing to offer me some help with training or apprenticeship so I can get some local experience for better employability, however my relative is in another state. My question is, since this is not going to be a paid job but more of a training, would this be allowed with my visa type? According to http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/pages/489.aspx - I should "live, work and study in a specified regional area of Australia specified regional area of Australia". There is no mention prohibiting me from going to another state for training, so I wonder if this is allowed. I do not plan to stay there for a long while, just for a couple of months to train if the visa allows me to. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, hope all Visa lodgements are going well for you all! I applied for my Partner Subclass 309 visa back in March 2009, which was granted by June 2009 and I moved out here in July 2009, it was all fairly straightforward, we didnt hire a migration officer and I double & triple checked everything before it was sent. All that seemed to go through fine, and like I said I was on my way by July. No one seems to really tell you much information about the second stage of this visa, I was advised to contact Immigration 22months after I lodged the application, so that I could continue with the next stage, I have done that and I am waiting on the paperwork arriving, hopefully any day now. When I asked the lady on the phone what it actually is, she said just more paperwork to show that you are still together (which we are, and getting married in July!) :biggrin: Does anyone know what the paperwork is/what kind of questions? is it basically just the first process all over agian? How long does it take to come back? do you get interviewed? And is there another cost involved? Its quite confusing, as you sort of forget after being here for 2 years that you are STILL only a temporary resident! But it does present a few obstacles with things such as loans, insurance etc. Any help would be very much appreciated, sorry for the long post , thanks :wink:
  4. Hi guys... I've been doing some research on the visa options and found the following link regarding processing time (Client Service Charter). After the law change we are left with less options .. i want to get as much information as possible before making a decision... What are the pros/cons of "Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475)" vs "Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176)" Processing time differance between Priority & Non Priority ?? Obligations ?? Points ?? Any other hidden Pros/Cons Best Regards Chris
  5. Friends, As most of you know about my case. I had applied for Designated - Area Sponsored( Skilled) 496 application on August 2007. I had submitted my medical and PCC tewice once in 2009 when it was asked to do so by the case officer. Secondly when my agent told me that I should be prepared with the medical in 2010... But till date, no assurance was given by the DIAC that whether my application will be processed in near future or not. According to some emails sent to various category 5 applicants it was told that cat 5 will be processed at the end of this financial year.. THis is the end of the financial year. Now what...? I am tired guys of listening to fake promises. I do not think we will be ever processed in near future...
  6. Hello, Finally received confirmation of my subclass 309 provisional spouse visa. The visa was approved on August 3rd and have to enter by January 4th. Flights booked for December 31st at 10pm. Woohoo! Bookedwormuk
  7. Hi all Not been on here for ages, but read the posts everyday. I have been here in Victoria for nearly two years on a subclass regional sponsored 496 and can be elgible to apply for PR in October. I have been told that this could cost me another $4000.00. Is this right? Would love some one to help, thanks for reading :jiggy:
  8. Hi, Can anyone help please, just wondering how this 3 year visa works if you don't meet the required criteria. Had a look at the government website, but it doesn't state what criteria? Anyone in the same boat? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/475/
  9. Hi alll I am expecting my 475 visa shortly. Will the three year validation date will start from the date of visa approval or it will start from our entry date? Do I can apply for partner visa same as permanent visa holders or any other difference ( not yet married)? Hope someone can shed some light on my questions. Rex
  10. Is booking one way flights when on provisional visa (subclass 475) okay? A visa subclass 475 has a pathway to PR but it is an inital 3 year visa with restriction to live in designated state for 2 years and work there for 1 year. I do not think it is normally acceptable to enter a country when you are only in the country on a temporary basis, but considering visas 475 is on a PR pathway, would entering Australia with only a one way airline ticket acceptable? Thanks
  11. Wanted to know if the Skilled Sponsored (Migrant) Visa 176 is a provisional visa? -Sid:smile:
  12. I've been looking for work in my local area for some months now. Vacancies in my line of work are few and far between where I live so I have widened my search to include anything local that I think I might get. I always send a cover letter written especially for that vacancy; I check my resume regularly to see if I can find anything else to improve but it's been... quiet. Until last week I have only received responses to jobs that match my skills but I don't receive responses to those that don't. Fair enough but with so few jobs to match, I don't hear a lot from anyone! Last week I received that long-awaited magic phone call with an offer for a job in the CBD. Great! :smile: Not my dream job but but it was a job so I gladly accepted. In the next breath I was asked whether I was an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. I am neither of those so the offer was withdrawn with the explanation that they can only give permanent jobs to permanent residents or citizens. :cry: I explained that my visa has no restrictions but she said that the rule was not to be broken so we simply agreed that they would contact me again if a short-term contract or casual work became available. Is this a hard rule set by every employer or is this a requirement of just some? Am I looking at naught but casual work for two years? I'm not normally one to let a set-back get to me but this one happened to bite. Any advice gratefully received.
  13. >>>>Here is the broad history and journey of Skilled – Designated Area Sponsored( Provisional) Visa( Subclass 496) Introduction of Two-stage Skilled - Designated Area-sponsored Visa 1 July 2006 - Legislation change Client summary From 1 July 2006, the Migration Regulations 1994 will be amended so that valid applications can no longer be made for a Subclass 139, Skilled - Designated Area-sponsored (SDAS) visa. That subclass will be replaced with a two-stage SDAS visa process. To be eligible for the grant of a Subclass 496, SDAS (Provisional) visa an applicant for that visa will need to: be under 45 years of age; have good English skills; have recent skilled work experience; be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area of Australia; and have skills and qualifications assessed by a relevant assessing authority as suitable for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This visa is not points tested. To apply for a Subclass 883 SDAS (Residence) visa, an applicant for that visa must hold a SDAS (Provisional) visa and have held a SDAS (Provisional) visa for at least two years. The applicant must have also complied with the conditions of the SDAS (Provisional) visa. SDAS (Provisional) visa holders should apply for a SDAS (Residence) visa on or before the expiry date of their SDAS (Provisional) visa. To apply for a SDAS (Residence) visa the applicant must: have held a SDAS (Provisional) visa for at least two years; be sponsored by an eligible relative; have lived for two years in a designated area in the same State or Territory in which the holder's sponsor lived when the holder was first granted a Subclass 496, SDAS (Provisional) visa; have worked full-time for at least 12 months in a designated area in the same State or Territory in which the holder's sponsor lived when the holder was first granted a Subclass 496, SDAS (Provisional) visa; and have good English skills. The applicant may be inside or outside Australia when applying for and granted a SDAS (Residence) visa. Technical details The following provisions of the Regulations will be amended/inserted: Schedule 1: Item 1128B - no applications from 1 July 2006 from applicants seeking to satisfy the criteria for the grant of a Subclass 139 visa Item 1134 - requirements to make a valid application for new SDAS (Residence) (Class CC) visa Item 1226 - requirements to make a valid application for new SDAS (Provisional) (Class UZ) visa Schedule 2: Part 139 - requirement that the application be made before 1 July 2006 Part 496 - criteria for grant of new Subclass 496 SDAS (Provisional) visa Part 883 - criteria for grant of new Subclass 883 SDAS (Residence) visa Additional information: Nil Transitional arrangements: Nil Forms: 47ST Instructions: PAM3 The relevant policy documents have been updated to reflect these amendments Effect on delegations: Nil Effect on systems: ICSE will be updated to reflect these amendments >>>>And now the journey through which it has to go through to reach the residence status.... To apply for a SDAS (Residence) visa the applicant must: have held a SDAS (Provisional) visa for at least two years; be sponsored by an eligible relative; have lived for two years in a designated area in the same State or Territory in which the holder's sponsor lived when the holder was first granted a Subclass 496, SDAS (Provisional) visa; have worked full-time for at least 12 months in a designated area in the same State or Territory in which the holder's sponsor lived when the holder was first granted a Subclass 496, SDAS (Provisional) visa; and have good English skills. The applicant may be inside or outside Australia when applying for and granted a SDAS (Residence) visa.
  14. hello all, does anyone have any idea of the processing time for a visa subclass 475, thanks Claire
  15. Hi There, I am a newby to this forum, please could you give me some advise. My husband and are thinking about applying for the regional sponsered visa (475).Moving to Adelaide. We were wondering how you go about getting nominated by a participating State or Territory government ? Any tips or advise would be fantastic Many Thanks Wolfys :wink:
  16. Hi I am from the UK I applied for PR based on my 1 year relationship with an Australia i recently got my provisional resident visa which means after 2 years I am assesed and then should hopefully get PR. I have developed some mental health problems. I have a medicare (interim) card. I am scared to go and see a psychologist.. on medicare because I am worried the government will say i am in poor health and reject my visa Is part of their assesment, after the 2 year provisional period, to check with my doctors to find out about my medical problems. If I am claiming from medicare is that going to "go against me" since I am using public funds? Something tells me, since I already passed the health checks for the current visa they wont be able to consider and recent health problems.. perhaps they are not allowed to descriminate against me for that... or not. I hope someone can advise!!
  17. hi everyone! im looking to go to perth with my girlfriend in december on a working holiday visa. my only problem is getting a plumbing provisional licence, i have contacted the WA licencing board and all i get is 'do the vetassess test before you migrate' (but im not migrating) I have NVQ Level 2, 3, unvented, oil, water regs, water fittings and a.c.s gas (basically everything exept for my gas safe card). does anyone know if i can just turn up in oz with my certificates, 2 references with 4 years experience and my cib police check and do a corse there? or do i need to do a corse? is it a case of filling a form in and paying the fees and thats it you have a provisional licence or is it really a case of doing the vetassess and then geeting there and doing the 1 day corse and fimilliarisation course? help!! i just want to plumb in oz!!! :arghh:
  18. Hi !! I've been reading the forums and it's a great community out here! And now I've got a simple query too. I have a 309 sub class visa (Spouse, provisional resident). I understand that this will be converted to a permanent resident typically after 2 years. I believe this 'waiting' period is to confirm genuineness of the spousal relationship. Question: What evidence of relationship or procedures will be required after the period of 2 years for my visa to be converted to a permanent resident visa? Or is an interview with my wife and I be sufficient? Any advice of experience to share? Thank you in advance. Ryan
  19. Hi all, Big day today for the family. We got our 475 SA SS visa. The thoughts of leaving Ireland fill us with joy, hope and hapiness! I am one of those people who do not consider they know enough about the migration process to engage too much on this forum but believe me when I say that this forum has kept me sane over the last few months. The fact that I knew there were similar people out there going through what we were helped our stress levels and assisted me in particular in keeping sane (just about)! I do appreciate that our timelines are short compared with a lot of people who were in the process well before us and for whom no end is in sight. To all of you, we offer our sincere wish that all will end well sooner rather than later. I have outlined our full timelines below in the hope it will help other people in a small way. If anybody feels they want to elaborate on anything, I will try my damnest to help out. Engaged agent in May 2008. Job listed on SOL. Sent off AIM assessment application in July 2008 approx More information required 11th August 2008. AIM positive assessment on 24/9/08. Applied for 176 PR family sponsored visa on 14/10/08. Priority lists change significantly 1/1/09. Down to bottom of pile. After much consideration, and agents advice, applied for 475 regional provisional SA SS 17/3/09, lodged 24/3/09. SA SS approved 8/5/09. Lodged DIAC application 22/5/09 Medicals and PCC's done late May. Request for more job information from DIAC 10/6/09. Sent 11/6/09. Medicals and PCC's received 14/6/09 Medicals finalised 26/6/09. Applicants approved online 23/7/09 Visa approval letter 28/7/09 31/10/2009 MODL points approved Visa applied for on 18 Nov 2008 Case Officer appointed 4th May (by now on CSL) Police Checks done on the 18th May Meds done on 15th June Meds finalised on 7th July Visa granted 22nd July Best Regards to all. Michael (44), Denise (38), Jake (11), Jenna (2). Adelaide here we come!:biggrin:
  20. Hi All, Can anyone state with 100% certainty if I need to take the IELTS test? Would my wife have to take it? Why would I need to take it if I am British born and bred? It would seem a bit of a waste of time and money if we had to take it. Thanks in advance, Nick.
  21. Hi all, Don't post a whole lot but find this site excellent for keeping me sane! My family and I have SA SS for a 475 Provisional visa and a CO who requested medicals, PCC's and furher proof of employment at the start of June. I replied with additional documentation at the time (through my agent), did the medicals and obtained PCC's. Until today, my online documentation checklist reflected this as all documents were met except the 3 above. Today, I have found that my medicals and PCC's have been changed to met but proof of employment remains required. Of course, my natural pessimism means I am wondering is there something wrong? Do they require further information again? I am trying to second guess all of the hundreds of reasons as to why this may be so! It drives me bonkers! Should I be worried?? Should I be thrilled? Any thoughts? Good luck to all on the visa trail.
  22. Hi, we're have just got our regional proviosnal sponsorship for a region in NSW. My daughter will be incuded on our visa and will want to go to University in Australia during the time of our visa. Is it right that she can only apply to a university in the region that sponsored us ? If they don't offer the course she wants to do, would she better with her own student visa? Any clues? :unsure:
  23. kuching

    Anyone on Provisional Visa 475 ?

    Hi all, my husband and I a looking in applying for SA state sponsored provisional visa 475. Does anyone here has any experience on Visa 475 (please note this is not 457) ? Do you face any problem when applying for job because of the visa you are holding? and, anyone is on the pathway to permanent visa, is there any difficulties? Please help, we are quite worry .. :confused: thank you so much.
  24. Dear all - hope someone can help. My wife and I have now received positive skills assessments from the appropriate bodies in Australia. She's a Primary School deputy principal, and I'm categorised as Psychologist (nec). We can apply for family sponsored permanent migration (176) but are aware of how long the wait is at present. Another possibility for us is to apply for the regional state sponsored provisional. We want to go to Queensland and intend to live in a regional area anyway. My job features on the QLD list for this visa, but not state sponsored 176. We are aware that this is a three year visa and that in order to apply for PR you'll need to have lived in a regional area for 2 years and worked in one for 12 months. Our question is this. During the period of the visa would I still be allowed to apply for jobs in the Brisbane metropolitan area to tide us over if when we arrived I couldn't immediately get something in the regional area (we're planning on living in Sunshine Coast as family are there). Or alternatively, under this visa are you actively prohibited from working outside of regional areas. We know I'd need the twelve months to get PR - but recognise there are more opportunities within Brisbane if job hunting becomes difficult. Thanks Andy
  25. Guest

    Priorities - Provisional Visas

    Please someone explaine this to me. I just came across this on this site: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...on/pdf/faq.pdf "Q2 What are the processing priorities? The priority processing direction gives priority processing to permanent applications in the following order: 1. Employer sponsorship. 2. State or territory sponsorship. 3. An occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL). 4. An occupation on the MODL. 5. All other applications. The new priority processing direction gives priority processing to provisional applications in the following order: 1. State or territory sponsorship. 2. Family sponsorship where the applicant’s occupation is listed on the CSL. 3. All other applications. What do they mean by NEW PRIORITY PROCESSING FOR PROVISIONAL VISAS!! Off2oz (maybe one day)