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Found 23 results

  1. Visa conditions that myself and husband both have functional English for this visa, we both are uk born with English as our first language. The notes state if you have a uk passport and speak English this is enough but worried they will want some other evidence. I have my AHPRA reg which I had to prove English for but we haven't done IELTS as we havebeen told we don't need to. Just wondering what others have done if anything Thanks
  2. Please can anyone help..I have twin boys who I want to put on my 457 visa..I am a qualified midwife..I have two younger sons who will qualify to go on my visa but my twin boys are now 20 and in part time work..They are unable to get full time positions where they work and have been unsuccessful in gaining full time employment elsewhere as this is so difficult in the UK at the minute..What do I have to do to prove that they are still dependant on me..they only earn about £400-600 per month and so could not possibly afford to live alone..does this qualify them as being dependant
  3. rainyc

    Proving child is dependent

    hi guys, I know this has been discussed before but here is our situation and am wondering if anyone has been in a similar one. Case officer has asked for form 47a, and financial and residential proof for our 19 year old. She is at college studying a full time course, since sept 10 but when we originally lodged the visa in Sept 09 she was at college but actually only did the course for a month or two and dropped out, she then just carried on with her part time job until she could enrol again for this new one. What Im concerned about is will the case officer see it as a problem that she was not in full time education for most of 2010, even though she is at college now and has been since September ?? We have residential proof as she is on our tenancy so thats ok and with regards to the financial proof we only have a direct debit as proof that we pay her car insurance, nothing else officially on paper. My husband has wrote that he pays for her food, roof over her head etc but she does work part time and earns approx £120 pw. Does anyone know if we will be ok, as she is at college but its the big gap in 2010 that she wasnt at college that worries me. Any advise would be really appreciated before we submit everything. Thank you to anyone who can help
  4. Guest

    proving being with partner

    Hi would like help as aye dont have any letters joint bank account or anthing to prove she stays with me only thing i have is car insurance dating 09/09 till 09/10 and this years renewal is that enough also have visa stamps on passports last holidays one to oz last christmas is any of these any good could some one help please
  5. Guest

    Proving experience

    Hi now that AHPRA are moving I hope to be registered soon. Can anybody please inform me how you can prove your previous years experience? I have 13 years post registration and don't want to start at bottom of salary scale. Thanks
  6. Guest

    Proving recent work experience

    Hi, we are in the process of filling in our Vetassess forms for my partner, he is a self employed joiner, and we are concerned about the recent work experience part. Last October he was involved in a car accident, the man behind him didn't leave a large enough gap, and when my partner slammed on as the car in front of him decided to stop dead to let another car out (on a 60 road), the car behind went into the back of his van. He was on his way to a new contract (should have lasted at least 12 months), and because he was unable to start the contract (hospitalised with whiplash), he lost the contract. He was unable to work from november until february (save for a few small jobs) had a new contract from february until the end of April, was unable to work due to ill health for a month, and has been struggling to find work since. He's had a few small jobs, but as he always used to contract out to sites, he hasn't really got a large client base, and the people he used to get the contracts off have found someone to replace him following his accident and have no work for another Joiner. Is this going to cause us huge problems?? We can provide references for all the other jobs he has done (including some jobs he did for friends and family and never charged for). Also, if he was able to secure a job over there (this might be a possibility as he has family over there who have links to construction and joinery businesses), would he still need to obtain the vetassess certification? Thanks in advance Karen
  7. Hi..i have been told that my requirements to get on the family visa are: full time education living at home only part time job Just wondering if anyone knows of any different? Im nearly 22, finished uni last year, and went to local tech for the last school year to fulfill the requirement, and due to the visas getting prolonged, I have to do another year, and told recently might be another year on top of that??!! As u can guess, I reali dont wana be stuck in education for another two years, want to get out and work so can get some savings together for Australia. Any advice or help? Thanks Roxanne
  8. Guest

    Proving State Sponsorship funds

    When we first applied for our WA SS, back in April 09 we thought we'd have alot more money to take with us. And told WA that we'd be bringing approx $100k. However, things haven't quite worked out as we've expected, exchange rate has dropped dramatically, we've dropped our house price again in an attempt to sell it (still waiting, but that's a completely new thread!!), and now we're having to do a validation trip as we're not ready to go (because of not selling the house) which is going to drain even more funds. So basically, we're be lucky to be taking $30-40k. Is this going to affect our declaration on our SS? Do they actually check that you have the funds as stated on the application form?? Or will we be ok??? Has anyone else been in the same position? Much appreciate any help Jules
  9. BigM

    Proving Seasonal Work

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here. Basically I'm really confused about the whole second year working holiday visa. I'm currently in my first year WHV expiring in november this year. I havent done my seasonal work yet and am arranging it in the next few days. After consulting the immigration website for the facts I still find the requirments stated to be very vauge. For example it says that too apply for the second I have to complete 3 months/88 days seasonal work in the specified postcodes, but does this mean that I have to work that amount of days or just be with the employer for that long. I mean it would be really great to know if anyone could tell me how you prove that you've done the work, because if its a case of showin payslips then usually they are marked 'week ending' and therefore there is no way of trackin how many days out of that week have actually been worked. I just cant get my head around it because if I have to work 88days then working a 5 day week will take more than 3 months to complete if it is actual days worked that count. Hope this makes sense, any advise will be appreciated. Thanks BigM
  10. Hiya, I'm not strictly a POM, so apologies for crashing. I'm here on a 457 visa and would like my parents to visit me in Australia. We're from a country that has had a fair number of people come on tourist visas and claim asylum, which makes Aus immigration leery. My parents have two properties at home but they're retired. My brother lives in the U.S. and I'm in Australia. As such, my parents can't show any family or job ties there. We're worried that they will be rejected due to insufficient proof that they will go back (even though they will!) I know that on the family sponsorship visa, the sponsor can provide a notarized affidavit claiming responsibility for the visitor's return. I'm wondering if the same thing would be an option for us, even though they are applying on their own? Or any other way that we can prove they will go back?
  11. Hi all, First post as we have only recently decided to make the move :yes: Which form would I need in order to prove my 10 years of Software Testing despite not having a degree/diploma etc...? I have looked at the PASA General and PASA 1.2 without any joy. I have also read the Key Areas of Knowledge PDF and believe I satisfy Topic 6 (and a few others). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich.
  12. I am from Brazil. I am applying through the General Skilled Migration program for the VISA 175 (CSL) with my de facto partner. We have been living together since 2005 and we are currently employed by IBM Brazil. My de facto partner not only also has the skill assessment document validating her profession, but also had a band score of 7 on the IELTS exam - like me - on each of the four components. She is also less than 29 years old like me. From my point of view, both of us are in very good shape regarding our profession and English level. However, she has two children from another relationship. One girl is 10 and one boy is 8. Although the children live with us, my de facto partner does not have the formal documents proving the formal custody of them and these documents normally take a long time to get ready here in Brazil. In order to take advantage of the current Australian immigration requirements, my partner and I decided to apply for us immediately and, as soon as we get our visa, we will apply for children - supposing that we will already have their custody documents. I applied on March 2, 2010. The stepchildren were added as non-migrating applicants. For my surprise, on March 25, a Case Officer sent me an e-mail requesting the medicals. The process is going much faster than expected. My questions are: 1 - Considering that we get the custody documents, could we take them to Australia as students and apply for their permanent residency from Australia? Would it be faster than applying for their permanent residency while they are still in Brazil? 2 - Even if we get stepdchildren's visa before going to Australia, my de facto partner and I plan to go first to get a job, a house, and prepare everything for the children. During this period of time, their grandmother will look after them in Brazil. Is it important to let the immigration aware of it? Thank you all! Carlos
  13. Hi Has anybody come across problems with the above. My daughter is 16 nearly 17 and in full time education - been informed she will be ok to emigrate as long as she stays in education. My son is 20, unfortuantley completed 2 year college course in plumbing but has been unable to get apprenticeship to finish his last year. The last 2 years he has spent working part time whilst looking for apprenticeship. Hes finally given up and decided to go back to college and try another trade. Been told cos he is not in education now and dependent on me he wont get visa with us? He may work part time but is fully dependent on us for home, monies etc please can someone help cos I cant go without him. Someone suggested he would have to follow a year later as a student or family visa but I cant do that I wouldnt settle leaving him behind.
  14. Emma78

    Proving defacto relationship

    Hi all, For the 457 visa application what evidence did everyone send to prove their relationship? Also what information did everyone include in their statements? :wacko: Thanks Emma
  15. Guest

    Proving Childs Dependant

    Hi there, would like to know once child reaches 18 what we need as evidence to prove shes dependant on us? Our visa as of 11th Dec are all docs MET, so hoping to get visa grant soon but her 18th birthday is this thursday and it looks like we may not get visa on time. So she has to fill in form 47A? at present due to recession there aren't any jobs for her so she will have to sign on once she reaches 18. But what other evidence can we provide? obviously she lives with us, and we buy all the food for the family, she dosn't have a long term boyfriend. Any help would be much appreciated. Gillian:hug:
  16. Hi. First time to PomsInOz, hope someone can help. My son's 417 working holiday visa runs out on Friday and he's been trying to get sponsored to stay here. He hasn't done any work in regional Aus and so can't extend his 417 for the second year. We've looked into ENS, subclass 121 and he falls short of the experience requirement. He's been doing plastering over here on his 417 and has someone who will sponsor him, we were going to take a chance but but they're worried they'll get into trouble if my son doesn't meet the requirements. He's got a plastering certioficate from the UK but no experience there, only the ~12mths here. We've looked into family sponsors, subclass 176 and 475, and he just falls short of the 12 months minimum experience requirement (both) and isn't in regional Aus (475). Also I've been told there's no bridging with these visas so he'll have to leave the country on Friday to get a tourist visa, then, if he's successful, leave and return again to get the sponsored visa activated. He's running out of time and is facing up to having to return to the UK and start again when he's got more experience. But he doesn't want to leave! Anybody and ideas? Thanks in anticipation, Kymosabi.
  17. Just noticed that the 2 Australian people who fill in the 888's about your relationship need to have proof they are Australian...? One of the people doing it for us is the OH's mum... she's a bit of a stress puppy and just getting the form signed will be enough of a big deal. She doesn't even have a computer let alone a scanner or printer so god knows how she's going to get a copy of her passport (which she only got for the first time last year) or get it certified. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks, Lx
  18. Hi all, As a first poster to this forum, I would firstly like to thank y'all for the great info that is available here. I will be submitting our 175 applicaiton later this month under the occupation of an accountant. Since qualifying I have not worked as an accountant but I have over 4 years experience as a financial advisor ( which I believe is a 'closely related field'), which I think counts as work experience. My rather long-winded question is will a copy of my cv and a reference from my employer stating the role that I have been in over the past 4 years be sufficient to prove my work experience? Any suggestions would be welcome thanks K
  19. Guest

    Proving citizenship

    is a certified copy of my australia passport enough to prove my australin citizenship along with date citizenship was granted or do i need to get a certified copy of the certificate?
  20. my son is 19 and has just started an apprenticeship this week to be a carpenter part of his course is at college and partly working on site his wage is below the minimal wage expected for a 19year old. however we need to get him on our visa as we beleive he is dependant on us. We had an email from an agent today who said it may be possible to get him on our visa if he is on the minimal wage stated by the Australian immigration, however we dont know what the minimal wage is in order for application. can any one help with this may be your going through a similar process. would appreciate any info which may help. tracy n john
  21. Guest

    Proving return flight details

    We're flying out tomorrow on a whv on a one way ticket. I'm sure i read somewhere you have to prove means of being able to purchase a return flight. Anyone know what you have to show as i've put all my money into a aussie account which i cant get access to till i go into the branch. cheers:wacko:
  22. Anyone had trouble proving 30 days supervised teacher placement? I am desperately trying to find records either from the college where I trained or the school where I was for a term. No-one has any records claiming its too far back -1991. Help Where do I go from here!!??? Help me - its the only thing holding us back from the skills assessment! Caroline
  23. Guest

    difficulty proving skill

    Has anyone out there had any trouble proving their skill? I've got enough points and my job's on the SOL, but I don't have a qualification so it's back to school for me! :roll: Hope to apply in a year or so...